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 hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about arnold schwarzenegger saying screw your freedom you know recently he gave

a speech which says a lot now this is a guy whose biological father was you know basically a nazi sympathizer and arnold grew up with a nazi propaganda and prophetic around him in his home in austria and that is something that is in his book you know also when he arrives in america he had to be protected you know because there were links you know the people who are bringing up links that his father was linked to nazis and all of that and you know some um um folks you know stood up to protect and also as you can see that no arnold is not a nazi and you know arnold thanked him in his um autobiography which i believe is called total recall you know after a movie that's actually also um he starred in you know taking the lead in that movie now arnold is saying screw your freedom you know telling you know this to trump supporters are you know those who don't want to take the vaccine he's saying that um people need to take the facts and at the same time where max and the same time special distance if the vox works if there's a point to the vox why do you still need to wear the max and why do you still need to search our distance and he was using an analogy of someone driving you know and stop signs that when someone obeys the stop sign that is that you know and linking that to a violation of freedom look when someone obeys a stop style that person is not violating their own freedom the stop sign is not violating the individual's freedom you cannot use that analogy on the wax that clearly doesn't has no purpose which relates to the virus because people who get it back still get the the virus and are still transmitting the virus so what is the point of the box so if the stop sign whether people uh obeyed it or not did not influence accidents you know as in the sense of whether or not people obey the stop sign you know the outcome that was trying to be prevented by the stop sign was still carried out then there will be no point of the stop sign so in that case why would that be a stop sign so you'd see in the case of substance substance actually function to help you know when there's a stop sign on this and you know it prevents you know it does the people on the other end they can go on you know it creates a situation where there is safety so we can see that it is working that is one thing that you have really [ __ ] not involving in your explanation and in the way that you are actually interpreting situations which is quite terrible you know so um it's unfortunate that arnold feels this way you know but of course you know perhaps at the end of the day the apple didn't fall very far from the tree but you know now he's telling people that they have to take the the vox that the government is forcing them to take you know and and it's um um serving no purpose which relates to the um the virus that it is supposed to be about so what is the real purpose you know it's unfortunate that he is actually um being you know what people feared his dad was with an actual nazi and he said screw your freedom so what else is this going is this crew of freedom analogy going to apply so when the government comes up with any lie that doesn't make sense you can also apply degree of freedom and analogy it is the same thing with go to concentration cramps screw your freedom you know it's unfortunate and this is the kind of mentality that a lot of these celebrities have all these celebrities globalists people who are pro-abortion pro-lgbt pro-anything that is against humanity you can stick you know um your money on it that these celebrities and this globalist will always be for it it is very unfortunate that this is what an also as [ __ ] you know clearly is and has become you know that being said you know um first of all we must stop making idols out of men you know i know there's a show called american idol and there are people who seem to not link that with the bible the bible when the bible says to them do not make idols you know you shall have no idols before me you know in the ten commandments the idols does not refer to just images when you make an idol out of pharaoh why you make an idol out of caesar when you make an idol out of a human being when you make an idol out of even a pastor which is why apostle paul said all things are yours whether paul or siva's apology was against that when you make an idol out of the high priests which a lot of jews did that they were blinded to the truth that they could not recognize jesus as the messiah when he showed up the messiah that you are waiting for came and because the high priest was what would say that ah this is not the messiah if the high priest said that jesus was the messiah the people would have believed that jesus was the messiah a lot of people would have if the high priest and you know the leaders of the jew of the of the pharisees and the services if they said that jesus was the messiah they would have all believed so who were they following us they were they were not following god again they had made these um religious leaders they are god just the same way some people have made pastors and general vasiya their god a pastor is just a babysitter for baby christians he is to help you these gifts you know pastors apostle prophets for the um a refined of the sense for the work of the ministry apostle paul is the inventor of that office he is the first one who mentioned that office he is the creator of that office he's the one who brought that office of pastor evangelist and all of that into existence and he also said the person who created those offices on record there is nobody who talked about those offices before apostle paul and the apostle paul who created and defined those offices say that it is for the edification of the church and you know for the beauty of our sense for the work of the ministry so when you have built built up you don't you don't need pastors evangelists all these people jesus said that in that day you will need no man to teach you anything you would not need a pastor to teach you anything you don't need an evangelist to teach you anything you will not need a prophet to teach you you will not need a high priest or the or or any of the pharisees and all of that the holy spirit will guide you into all truth the holy spirit is your teacher some people have not given the pastor the place of the holy spirit as the teacher you know that being said now that your pastor is the one guiding you into all truths you have made a night out of your pastor and in the same way shoot like american idol and the concept of a celebrity we are making idols out of celebrities and when you have made idols out of celebrities

you have yourself to blame there you you you have already seen you have already seen so people need to stop making idols out of celebrities they and also has [ __ ] and the rest of them the justin biebers and the rest of them it doesn't matter if they may seem godly you know it doesn't matter if they may see something once upon a time or you know in the future about oh god or something that seems to favor god be careful you know um that being said put god first put the bible first let your relationship and your growth in god be based on your discipleship with the holy spirit the holy spirit guiding you let him guide you into all truth let him be your teacher

the the what we have made of the military of the pastor is actually the ministry of the holy ghost you know so we need we need to um ensure that you know we have things right now we have not made idols of men and we don't we don't subscribe to shows like american idol which is clearly about creating idols of men people that people aspire to and admire and look up to we do not look up to in christianity there is only one person we look up to it is god it is jesus every other person is an equal one thing catherine coleman did in her day which i really love and i ensure that i do my best to do is that when kathryn kuhlman met political leaders she treated them the same way she treated you know the average poor elderly lady that did not have money you know a political leader once talked about it and said that you know she kept him basically she kept him written and was attending to somebody that was off you know in his eyes of a lower class and you know um did not have money and old other lady that you know treated her with the same love and consent probably even more you know we need to do that we need to stop um admiring and putting people on pedestals in christianity we do not do that many people don't understand that if there's anybody that should be put on a pedestal it should be past us or especially apostles like apostle paul an apostle peter you know those guys those are the people that if anybody should be put on a pedestal we should put them but he said no all things are yours then why do we put presidents and leaders or celebrities or because somebody is a popular musician why do we put them on the pedestal treats them like everybody else if someone comes to your house and you know you cannot entertain them you know um perhaps somebody like just enabled or just um somebody from the streets you are too busy to entertain them you don't have that if the president comes you should give the president the same treatment as i don't have time to entertain you give the president that same treatment you know that is how we behave in christianity if you want to end attending present and attend that poor fellow who doesn't have any sins with your name you know that being said make sure you check out alfred dot vip if you haven't given your life surprise click salvation prayer link in the main menu you're not afraid of vip and you know you paid your commander as the proud salvation senate prayer and begin your journey with god thank you and god bless you



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