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American Insurrection : Movie Reviews - by Alfred


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In this America, a civilian militia -- the self-proclaimed "Volunteers" -- have started tracking any person who is not white, straight and cisgender through a barcoding system. Desperate to escape the escalating violence and oppression, a group of friends try to escape over the border into Canada.


{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the movie american insurrection now this movie is a disgrace you know it's for those of you who wonder why i talk and i emphasize the importance of you know christians taking over entertainment taking over the media you know taking over the different religions of the world you know the political system and you know basically everything you know why emphasize is because other groups have that vision for their group and other groups have already taken over so much and then there are people who are behind the scenes controlling different groups and interest groups you know that they are using to push into different sense and to control now this movie american insurrection only the name will tell you what it is about you know the hypocrisy of this entire movie this is just a trump supporters evil movie and this movie is going to be coming out in october this year 2021 it is unfortunate you know the trailer is out and i just saw the trailer these same people want to call you know what happened on um you know general six an insurrection ignoring the fbi's involvement ignoring the fact that the police opened the doors of congress for the people to enter ignoring the fact that during the time of um um josh kavanagh when president trump um elected josh kavanaugh to to the supreme court you know to for the supreme court you know um this same thing was done a a a lady came out and said that george kavanaugh was involved in sexually assaulting her when she was in college this is a this joshua is now an elderly man who has been married for years college is like how many years behind him over 15 years behind it then she comes out now if it was not for trump or she has ever come out you know first of all it is a lie second of all look at the the funny thing about the timing and then the same thing that so-called happened you know but on a more controlled basis because you know in the first case let us be real the so-called um insurrection the police allowed them enter and the police you know push you know allows all of that to happen you know the the security was was not even that strong it was later when more um cops came and then it ended up being you know the only person that was killed was a trump supporter then the media went on with rhetoric that you know cops were killed and you know the senate was in distress all of that let's say that didn't care when people houses and homes and businesses were being bounced by black lives matter by antifa they did not care till today antifa is still burning antifa has burned several courts and tifa has bounced antifa mixed with blm have burnt police stations all of that is not an insurrection it is because they were afraid that the american people are going to rise up about the election results and refuse to let biolan get in so that was the concern of the globalist and that is why they push that you know they want to ensure this their fake system you know continues so that they can continue ruling you know it is bigger than the democrats because if you're a democrat i think you're powerful you're not as powerful are the people who are who actually allowed you i made it possible for you to so-called win you know the people that um made it possible that throughout the four years of president trump's presidency every single day trump trump you turn on the news every single news story on cnn and on nbc was it was criticizing trump now we see um biden not anything not one negative thing because president trump was not a puppet for the globalists he stood up against the globalists he stood up against people who were anti-american now we there is biden who just like obama was a puppet and he's happy to sell out the country for his own personal um bank account to get fats you know and you can see um barack obama is now um enjoying the fatness of his bank account with his expensive home near um the beach you know whatever happened to global warming and you know all the land around the sea is going to go that you know all of that does not apply barack obama is trying lavish parties you know where everyone is coming without max and you know they are doing whatever they want to do yet when people you know wanted to to bury their their dead parents last year or people wanted to go for weddings and all of that they were not allowed in the name of look down line in the name of it was spread covered but when it's it's time for a blm bryo to an antifa right they are loud you know so you say this nonsense now this is a full movie pushing that um oh that um gun owners uh trump or all trump supporters and whites racists that are organized hunters hunting down people from of um arabic descent to people who you know who are who are non-whites and wants to kill them what kind of foolishness is this and of course painting them also as rapists because you know based on the trailer you know it is clear that um um one of the um the white guys you know who is also a gun owner is doing some kind of security kind of reminiscent of the autonomous zone interestingly it was the left that did the autonomous zone thing it was the left that was doing all the blm riots it was the left that is blm this blm that it is the left that was the from the police but now it's funny how they are they are saying they are not part of it now the left you know has um

you know they have pushed forth the infrastructure bill which contains a lot of the nonsense in the green new deal the gr the infrastructure bill is just the repackaged green new deal and now the republican party without trump has gone back to being the same thing with the democrats

you know so during the trump era you know there was at least hope you know there was there was a group of people within the republican party republican party you know what would seem to be good but now they are reverting back to what they were before which is giving the american people the same outcome which is the globalist outcome even though the left and the rights may may see different things to get elected but at the end of the day they are doing the same thing just like the people who say that george bush is terrible but they prefer obama what is it that george bush did that obama didn't do and what is it that obama did that george bush didn't start these two people are from two different political parties people who do not think people who do not look at the evidence people who only listen to news media just like i feel sorry for a lot of nigerians who listen to just you know the niger news media the nigerian news media is the greatest fake news i have seen you know perhaps perhaps not like cnn but it is super fixed it is just controlled by the breeze administration at the the media house understand something about nigeria it is a super corrupt nation and if you say anything on the media outlets that the government does not like you can be fined

if you give any take so the government controls the take that you give it may not be as controlled as china is when it comes to the media but it is close you know at this point you know the the um la mohammed you know who is in charge of um um i would say um communication you know the communications minister under administration you know who is also a part of a big part of the banning of srita and nobody is talking about the banning of patreon because patreon is also banned in nigeria during the time that the twitter was banned patreon was also banned patreon is a way that most nigerians make money anybody that makes um content online you know you make content give it away for free patreon is a good way to make money patreon is not it's not doesn't work in nigeria you have to use a vpn just like twitter and it was during that same period to show you what these people are doing and these are this this is the same administration that banned nigerians from buying bitcoin or cryptocurrency they made it's illegal anything that stands a chance to lift nigerians out of poverty the brewery administration fights against it and when you look at different administrations in nigeria they have done the same thing now of course america the same issues the problem with this one and that's why i keep emphasizing when i talk about christians taking over um politics people who love god it is not people who call themselves christians who are christians in name you know i'm talking about you know christ people who jesus knew i'm not talking about popularity i don't know people who have a relationship with god people who god who have been built by god people are selected by god people who love god and therefore those people people who are willing to die for people because of god people who are willing to lay their life down for the good of the people because of god those are the people that need to be in political positions of office which is why i keep emphasizing this when we keep on having evil people you know when good people keep on folding their hands the same politics is that's your i don't get into politics so christians should not get into politics who else is going to be in politics when the good people have refused to be in politics it's going to be evil people so don't complain when the evil people do evil things evil people will do evil things you see so this is very unfortunate this movie you know it is a just it direct you know approach to the all white men are evil all white men are bad trump supporters are racists and rapists and you know the reason why they have assault rifle is that they want to hunt down on white people are shoots white people you know it's you know they are kkk blah blah that is the nonsense behind this and interestingly a lot of people who push for this ideologies are light-skinned people white people like the justin biebers they are the people who are and the uh justin symbolics are the people that are that have been pouring money towards billing blm out of jail when in the few cases that a few blm um realtors were put in jail you know the justin biebers and the justin timberlake and all these evil white people we are putting we're happily donating their money to to um organizations that will pull these people back into the streets you know that we pay their bill and these people get back into the streets and resume their rights and they just kept on happening and they were advertising it and they looked at us oh oh the police is just getting these people because of the color of their skin the reality of the matter the majority of those people were not even dark skinned you know they when it comes to um the people um who are doing a lot of the burning it was white people you know the antifa white people you know who are who are aligned with blm and of course the blm gives them the platform the african-americans do not want to disavow and disown blm and the nonsense of anti-fun the lgbt and all this nonsense that is going along with it so the the primary crime of african americans you know is anybody that is willing to shout out those people are racists african-americans join themselves to it you know the way to make african-americans supports you is for you to stand up and say that you are fighting racism and this person's racist that person raised that person's racist then you have a following of a lot of african americans who seem to think they are pro black um pro pro for them and all of that you know it is it is this madness and that's where race hustling comes from people don't even think it doesn't matter look at president trump nobody has helped african americans like president trump but nobody has been criticized to be more anti-african-american than president trump even abiding and it shows why would you think that anybody in their right mind will respect any any african american or respect their brain cells when pres when abiding if the person who has said the most anti african american since in history i have done the most african-americans and when it comes to everything that has been done to destroy african-americans or attack them bailey's name is on it and this is the same guy that's african-americans because of the media just believe so there's a there is and this is it shoots that nobody admits and like chinese women soon admits this i don't even know if she realizes this but you know it is african americans are the dumbest risk of people in the world you know as far as racist concerns they are the dumbest and and and i mean um

in the totality you know when it comes to a mass you know the the majority that is just the reality there is no getting around it when it comes to making dumb and stupid decisions you know you can always count that the direction that the majority of african americans is going in the wrong direction as a matter of fact if you are ever at a crossroad and you don't know which way to go ask yourself what is the typical thing an african-american will do in this situation whatever your answer is do the opposite and you succeed you might thought you might as well um almost bets

perhaps bet something little on it but the point is that that is just the way it is you know uh but it is not um a law it is not something that that must continue it can be stopped by depression of the gospel and the acceptance of the gospel i don't know about you know a a non-christian you know giving wisdom or expecting wisdom of a non-christian is not something that i will that i i would ever do or tell you that you should you should do you know but i know that when christ becomes your wisdom that is it you know african americans you need to accept christ and i'm not talking about just um going to church or my parents were christians or well i i agree with one sermon where i just said the sufficient prime i mean no no no i mean it has to be deeper than that you know you have to go deep with god you have to be known by god you know you have to know god and you know this is deeper than um he knows my name you know a lot of people um might be thinking of that song you know he knows my name and he said that god knows everybody's name you see there are people that jesus will say i don't know you two you know and that is what i'm talking about you know and it is not just those who deny him it is you know those who are not in the kingdom of god those who do not love him those who do not walk with him you know god is not involved in your decisions you know you always acknowledge him so those of you who do not acknowledge god in all your ways you are living your own life you know you are not living the life that god has instructed or outlined for you to live you are the ones i'm talking about because you are you are you are the issue you are the problem you know and you know as long as african americans are so easily manipulated by the media and politicians look at kind west for example african african-americans have such low self-esteem you are complaining about being um oppressed you see kind west run for president why didn't you guys vote for him you may say he's unstable then is he abiding that i voted for that is stable now if you if you say that african americans did not vote for biden thank you for admitting that the election was read that is what you are saying you know because according to the so-called counting more people voted for biden than voted for obama you know the first time he ran more people voted for buying that basically the population of many you know more people voted in certain states than the population of those states and all those votes when to buy them you know so according to you even based on that you are saying that that is what and why people want and that is what um african americans wounds that is what you are claiming because the majority of america is not african-americans so but you know you put forth one rhetoric and the other one works is you know contradicts what you are saying you know so um it goes without saying this is unfortunate these kinds of movies and understand that other movies are also for propaganda but this one is just in your face american insurrection you know this is now the demonizing of um white people or white people are bad all white people are racist all trump supporters are racist you know this rhetoric all men bad and of course they good person and the victim is a female you know in this movie thing go go feminism you know and that is how people sign up for things that relate to their own destruction understand something that's the white people right now you know the true white racists are the justin beavers you know the justin timberlakes and all these people that feel that african-americans have no water no value no matter how much money they make and you know no matter how much um they achieve they are underprivileged and that is um who they are and everybody who thinks otherwise is wrong and you know they can only be successful um when a white person gives up or his position or a position is taken away from a white person that is the only time that an african-american can go up so you so the government has to be kicking away white people from positions of authority so that um african americans cannot have a chance otherwise they cannot compete and they cannot stand you know the people that are pushing this racism this is worse than the ku klux klan you know the racism of the justin biebers and the um justin timberlakes and all these folks that's uh all these white folks you know even the ex even the christian ones or the ones that say they are christians you know all these social justice churches you know um that are doing all these things that believe that the only way for the african-american to go forward it has to be when the white man helps them those are the biggest racists of all you know they discount and they describe and there's value any achievement of any african-american on his own

no they teach critical race theory that you know white

people to be whatever i want to be because of systematic racism

the white man has to make a way for you otherwise all the money that you have all the employees that you have is nonsense you know it is not until the white man stamps it with his approval of him giving it to you unless the white man gives you handouts you have no value so your value is in the white smile giving your handouts you know so these justin bieber's types you know this um the madonnas you know these social justice white people that are that have the black squares on their instagram and i always hashtag blaming and um whites this this white savior complex you know they are always virtually those are the greatest races of all time i rather hang out and be in the company of the ku klux klan member because at least when the cougars can member sees that you achieve this you invent this you do this you know and you you make this morning and you are employing all these white people they respect you and a lot of them change but these other ones these justin bieber types their righteousness comes from thinking that you are in no body because of your risks that you can never become you can never be seen as anything you know and that your destiny you know you are just a perpetual um disprove or unprivileged person that's only the whites you you exist for the white man to give you something and to help you help you out and and that is the white man's justification and that is the white man's righteousness you know people have left jesus now they have replaced it with the justification from being a social justice warrior justification by going on twitter to say this person should be canceled because 30 years ago they said this and that about gay people i say what i want about gay people and i say the truth specifically i say what the bible says i don't care about anybody council or council this will counsel that no that does not apply to me i have said we christians must own the platforms we cannot let a secular company be owning facebook twitter and everything and think that you know these anti-christs this these organizations that do not have god at the forefront we walk to advantage do you want a version of the gospel that aligns with them that is why we now have a lot of churches that are pro-lgbt for example when listening to any hillsong pass to talk about homosexuality you begin to feel that god is unrighteous and they are more righteous than god they are more merciful than god

you see that is what this this people um push you know of course i love the music but you know as in the hillside music not the lyrics you know the composition of everything but when you look at that um you know this is something that is um spread is not just hillsong there are so many churches in america that are pro-gay and of course it makes the world look at you know those who are um smart to some degree or educated to some degree you know they look at the trust like these people just bow to the to the world you know they they don't believe what they believe they don't know what they stand for you know because a lot of the things that libras are saying today most sources will be said in 10 years from now a lot of the causes there are churches that fight against people who are against abortion and these are christian churches they fight against people who are against abortion say why are you against abortion why are you against planned parenthood so what are you even doing you know how is that even what relationship does somebody who who is supposed to be a pastor in a church what relationship does that have to do with pushing for women to kill their unborn children anything that the world says if the world says today stop eating bread that it is unhygienic you will soon see churches preaching sermons that's the bible i know that just don't um water the wine or and you know the five loaves of bread and two fishes but you see this and this there will be three scriptures here three he had three scriptures here and then say uh god does not want us to eat bread just like there are churches who are saying that it is a sin not to take the vaccine now if you do not take the vaccine you have committed a sin how is this you see um it is unfortunate you know it is not everybody that says that there is their trust or they are christians that actually have any relationship or anything to do with god you know learn to be wise that being said you know um go to you know check out um the stuff that if you've not given a life to christ when you get to alfredo's vip click the salvation prayer link in the menu

give your life to christ thank you god bless you and remember we must do everything we can to take over every

field of existence education entertainment the different religions of the world you know the media you must take it about the gospel look at president trump if president trump you know if the media was owned by a christian or somebody who was fair during president trump's ring you know when president trump was in office america will be a different place right now the people that divided america was not president trump it was the media's coverage of president trump that divided america it was cnn and msnbc and leftist media that divided america that father divided america it is them it is the blms the antifas those are the people that divided america but of course when you control the media you can make satan look like god and god look like satan

there are people who are same president trump should run again why so that he will run again and then he will meet who is still being in charge of the media who is still being charged of the facebook that banned him who will still be in charge of the twitter that was censoring on his tweets and has banned him for how long is it still is it's not still the same people so every single good thing he does will be said that it is bad it is that they can not twist to make it look bad they will ignore so that that is that you know it will be trained for us oh these guys racist this guy raises these guys based on things he did not see things that have been debunked that we keep on pushing and pushing and pushing now look at how the world is people are going around being forced to take vaccine that has been proven that doesn't work yet they are still forcing people to take something that is clear it doesn't work this is the slavery of the whole world an attempt to enslave the whole world

put people on the house repeat put people under control people are idiots putting all kinds of nonsense in your body this is how this is a prototype of what will happen in the days of the mark of the beast when they put the mark of the beast in people's foreheads and on the right hands anyway um remember to check out alfredo vip thank you and God bless you


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