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Alfred Launches A Christians Only Stock Exchange For Private Companies Within The Investor's Club : Wall Street Blues - by Alfred


Alfred Launches A Christians Only Stock Exchange For Private Companies Within The Investor's Club : Wall Street Blues - by Alfred

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{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred i am listening to wall street blues now i would like to announce the creation of my own wall street you know which is going to be basically within the investors club and this is something that is perfectly legal

it is very important that these kinds of things are done you know recently the um new york stock exchange you know came out and said that you cannot register a company unless it has people of color on the board of dire of directors this is showing you politics and blm nonsense within um the business structure influencing the entire business world this is a replacement this is all this intentional um shift this is crazy you know this is wrong and this is something that should be in legal but of course it it's it also creates an opportunity and a need to not just create um a a market a stock exchange that don't have this limitation but a place that you can actually have freedom if you want to put so-called people of color in your board of directors that is up to you you know it it should not be something that you know this um reward based on skin color you know imagine becoming a billionaire or a millionaire because of your skin color not because of merit not because you you work for it that means you won't be able to maintain it you'll be able to get this but you will not be able to maintain it because it is not um something that is um really a part of you there's somebody that said if somebody gave you a million dollars it's best for you to become a millionaire very soon otherwise you will lose it all because you know it's the concept of welcome becoming not on heaven because with who you become you would have if you do not become a man of a certain quality and you do not have a setting um financial knowledge and working the setting financial principles even if you are giving millions of dollars you will lose it and of course these shifts creates a weaker america a weaker nation and of course the people who are not abiding by this will be the ones who end up swallowing up everything and who have the edge so all these things are intentional you know but in any case what i'm doing with the

investors club is that

companies that are still registered as private companies you know you can come and under our constitution within our own stock markets you know we operate as a stock market but it is going to be the buying and selling of private shares of private companies but it is all monitored and guided by the investors club we will have our own principles and of course for you to be in the investors club you have to be a christian if you are not a christian you are not allowed as a matter of fact even churches advice churches you know that churches should not allow people to give offerings or tithes if they are not christians stop allowing non-christians gift because then the blessing we go to that person is a spiritual principle and that person when that person is blessed they will use their money for working against the kingdom or doing things whether consciously unconsciously that are investing in a kingdom that is working against the kingdom of god because principles are principles principles are not respecter of presence you are triggering god's blessing it's just like if your churches are built by the people in the world there are a lot of churches that are built by people in the world you know worldly people they they don't they love to donate to churches and of course they stop tax exempt and all of that stop that because the blessing will not go to the people who are actually devoted and going to the church let your church be built by people who are actually christians so people who are actioning your congregation let the blessing be you know so in the same way when it comes to business it is in your best interest to only allow christians especially you know when you are serious about shifting the world of the world to the church let it be only christians who um benefit from you from the anointing that brings wealth upon you and so you know the investors club it's only for christians if you're not a christian you you cannot join you know and if you stop being a christian you will be kicked out you know and the money will remain the money only remains your property as long as you remain a christian so that is basically um um part of what will be in the investors club and you know our own stock market within the investors club you have the right as a private owner of your own private company to sell equities if you want we are just going to be that platform that enables christians to sell and buy shares of their private friends and we monitor it to make sure it is safe we are trying to shift out the government and eliminate you know put out the world's economic system we eventually have to buy up and swallow up the world's economic system it is something that is very important and it must be done thank you god bless you remember to check out alfredo's vip and you know if you haven't given your life to christ go to salvation prayer dota alfredo vip and see that prayer and give your life to christ


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