Afterlife Of The Party : Movie Reviews - by Alfred


Afterlife Of The Party : Movie Reviews - by Alfred


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A social butterfly who dies during her birthday week is given a second chance to right her wrongs on Earth.


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the movie after life of the party now based on what i understand from this trailer this is basically a story about you know a female who likes to party she dies and she's given a second chance by her so-called guardian angel and based on the storyline she has to fix certain um problems and if she doesn't she'll go to hell you know if she succeeds in fixing those problems as a ghost who is returning you know um giving a second chance then she can move on to heaven now the problem with this kind of storylines is that when people play games with the concepts of you know deaths what happens when someone passes on you know heaven and hell you know when people play games in plots with what the bible actually says happens you know they make everything look like a game and up to people's imaginations and creativity because this promotes the concept of you can believe what you want you know there are various beliefs that the bible just was some people's beliefs you can have your own beliefs about what happens you know like there are people who say they believe in heaven but they don't believe in hell i mean why would you believe in heaven and not believe in hell the same book that told you about heaven today about hell and will heaven be heaven if everybody goes to heaven if you go to heaven and you find out of hitler day will it be heaven if you go to heaven and you see all the terrorists and all the um crazy people there will it be heaven and now you may say perhaps they all their evil desires and all of that will be removed why then wasn't that done on it social sin is more important on earth than in heaven the reality of the matter is that understand something the angels were in heaven when lucifer convinced them to rebel against god

being in heaven doesn't make you automatically good it is not like the atmosphere will make you good if you are evil even remember in the book of job you know when satan went to present himself to god you know in heaven in one of the heavens not the particular heaven that he was cast down from because when you look at the baby you'll see that there's not one heaven there's there's more than one heaven but satan walked into heaven to have that discussion with god about job you can open to the book of job and read it that was where that conversation happened god did not come down to it for satan to start discussing with job you see um that's your servant um the reason why his faithful is because of what you're blessing with if you remember all those blessings he will stop being faithful no satan went there so you have to understand that you can be 100 evil in heaven so that is why there is a policy of you have to be good to enter

you see that is what it means right there is that policy you you have to understand that you know if you are whatever desires and evil um things that you have in you you have to take it out of your own heads otherwise you are not entering the gates of heaven that is why jesus said you know he's coming back for a church without wrinkling treasuries without spot of blemish so don't think that you know you are going to have flaws on ed there are a lot of people who say things like i'm not perfect nobody's perfect that is of the devil that is satanic to think that we you know the scripture tells us jesus tells us you know when you read as a matter of fact even in the old testament you see god saying things like be perfect walk before me and be perfect you know the the the concept of perfection god actually wanted man and he has always said be perfect be perfect if god is telling to be perfect are you going to listen to men are men's opinion who say nobody can be perfect let god be true and let every man a liar you have to be perfect here on it strive for perfection and get it god says that you can't so that is all you need you have christ in you so learn to kill the flesh you know the desires of the flesh is of the world and one of the ways to do that is for you to be renewed for your mind is very new the bible says that is the way to do it so you have to believe god's word stop um trying to make up your own concepts and your own um reasonings of why certain things are god says that you know the way for you to actually live a life where you don't sin is being transformed by the renewing of your mind in the book of john is written he is born of god does not sin because he seed remains in him for god seek to remain in you and to manifest you now and to for you to walk in what you are you are supposed to be you are supposed to live a life where you cannot sin it is not a matter of you will not sin but you cannot you just cannot sin is impossible with you and you have to understand the definition of sin based on god's definition not on people's definition of people's opinions not only just opinions but based on the bible's opinions now sin is disobedience it's good sin is knowing what is right and you're choosing to do what is wrong sin is whatever is not of faith

and love when faith and love are exempt from your thoughts or what is in your hearts or the things that you do that is sin so um this might be um strange for you but if you say you are broke that is a sin it's a sin to say that you are broke because god's word says that you are rich say let the let the prophet say i am rich it is a sin to say that you are weak because god's word says you are strong so it doesn't matter how you feel faith is believing that what god says is is if god says that you can fly then you can fly

it doesn't matter if you don't have wings so you look around you and it seems you know what god's word says is what god's word says you accept the time believe it that is what fits if you you may have eyes that you know your eyes do not see you know you may be physically blind god's word says or the the man of god or perhaps you are in the word of god and the word of and the spirit of god ministers healing to you you receive it you believe it you get that word you can see you can see you see you believe that above the physical elements of this world so it is your your belief and your understanding and your relationship with the spiritual world you are taken from that which is within you the kingdom of god between you i'm manifesting it that i'm bringing it out you know in the world you first of all um see before you believe you know they say sin is believing but in the kingdom of god you believe before you see do you want to see it you have to believe it first you have to believe that you are healed fresh that by his stripes you are healed before you see your healing you have to believe that the lord is your provider that you shall not want before you see yourself working in financial sufficiency where you do not lack you do not want you have to believe it first before you see it that is how it is in the kingdom of god and you know that is how you have to move now you know to get back to this movie this movie and movies like this you know they push forth fake concepts i understand that um just made it clear with the story of the rich man and you know the poor man you know that's that's um one went to abraham's bosom the other one went to hell you see god jesus made it very clear there's no second chances you know if you if you if you die without repentance so you know you die without you know um um knowing god and that is what it's about you are lost forever you know it is not about you know and there is no um coming back and there is no um it's a matter of you have to fix this problem and fix this problem and fix this problem all those things are crazy especially for somebody to die move on to the other side and be thinking of romantic and entanglements to people that you need on it understand that jesus made it clear when they were asking jesus about you know if a man um if a man dies and his junior brother takes his wife that one dies the other brother takes his wife you know in the resurrection who's whose wife would the woman be you know just made it clear i said that he'd look on the other side in the direction in that life you know after that when i are going to have no help there is no such thing as marriage you know all of that is for this earth you see so these are things you have to understand even um um there's much going to but let me just leave it there you see movies like this

interestingly the world is making a lot of moves like this especially movies about magic and the same world that is pushing movies where there is the supernatural like harry potter you can just go on netflix and see a lot of movies or see concert magics stranger things is about magic and the supernatural you know a lot of the big movies that water pushing they are pushing magic and therefore pushing the satanism and you know the church of satan ideologies the satan nick ideologies witchcraft you know how many movies have you seen that have vampires and we are witches they are now putting wishes in a good light they are promoting witchcraft and understand that witchcraft is a religion it is a registered religion in the uk in america in canada in most of the western world they are they are coverings you know where people actually go just like the way people enter churches or people enter mosques they are open covens where people can where people you know go and you know subscribe to the religion of witchcraft and all of that you know and they do their incantations and things of that nature you know there's even a wishes against trump um um convention or meeting or something like that that um got media attention when president trump was in office um last last year the one of one of within that four year period that he was in office you know those those which is against trump meeting that the witches came out and we're like yes that we are going to put a course on president trump blah blah blah blah blah so those people are there the world is promoting certain religions and shifting away christianity recently you know the dhs under biden just released a list of things that are considered terrorists among them are people who think you know that president trump can come back you know but the one that really got my attention is religious holidays

those who want religious holidays you know those you know they want to use this lockdowns and all of that to end religious holidays understand that the number one priority for satan and his children is to attack the truth these same people that now have pride months they have a entire month for celebrating homosexuality and pseudome an entire month to celebrate they are fighting against christmas and they want christmas to be gone as a holiday they started with don't say merry christmas say x mass from say x masses went to happy holidays you know that um everybody's not celebrating christmas that everybody's not a christian so what and think about um

um other um religious holidays like the ones that the muslims have and the ones that um the jews have and the ones that different religions have do you say that they should stop saying like idiot cabrini you know stop saying inaudib something else because not everybody is a muslim no there are now people say oh they are hidden cabrilla ill this and either that or or whatever holy day it is but it's only christmas that they attack and say that not everybody is a christian so don't stop saying merry christmas and a lot of companies a lot of people in the corporate world brought into that they're saying happy holidays now they want to seriously attack it yeah going against you not now it's like remove nativity scenes and anything that that reminds people of jesus at christmas several celebrations the only one santa claus and the reindeer rudolph the redness during the what does that mean to anybody that is what they want to put and of course santa claus comes from a satanic culture see and settings satanic beliefs i don't have time to go into it now but that concept of santa claus you know someone bringing gifts you know it was actually a spirits you know and it's from an ancient pagan religion that that concept came and it was celebrated during that time but the catholics when the catholics were swallowing up everything the catholics had to swallow up every religion so that was part of their strategy so they replaced what was there with christmas you see and understand that that pagan religion and that pregnant practice was not that big it was just a few people in certain parts of england that that did that um um the original christmas culture with a message and all of that you know um the the from where it is rooted in paganism but when the catholics was swallowed it was part of their strategy they swallowed up everything and then they you know overrode one team with another you know to put their influence and now we are now in a situation where the devil and his new world order folks want to override christmas and override and supine post their own things on every single thing that looks christian keep in mind that they will eventually go after different uh religions and they will only accept a version of christianity that aligns with them just like during nazi germany the churches had to give submit their sermons to the nazi ministers of information so that they can approve of it so the churches stopped being real churches they started becoming arms of propaganda it stopped being about jesus instead of being about another avenue to push for nazis ideology which is also what is going to happen to a lot of churches a lot of churches will now be government approved diameters because we are proof to in the sake of social um in the sake of um we want to make make sure that nobody starts the call to nobody starts um um to put forth the message that we discriminate and against another group and all of that so there will now be a even the education for pastors will now be linked with this the same education that psychologists and psychiatrists receive that can make them overnight all agree that homosexuality makes sense and transgenderism makes sense just the same way there are a lot of doctors who are now pushing for danger natural language and they are now doctors who agree that on people's best certificate you should not write male or female you should allow that person to grow up and choose whether he wants to be male female or binary or non-binary or whatever nonsense they come up with you see so all this um foolishness this is a plan to destroy the fabric of civilization so everything will not have to you know when everything is falls into disaster then there will now be this the the civilians that will now build something and what they are going to build is a new world order which does not have any provision for god and you know puts everyone to worship them and at the end of it they worship the devil or the antichrist you know who when you understand the bible the devil doesn't need to come out personally and say this is me i am in this physical location all of you worship me the antichrist is not satan himself the bible does not say that the antichrist and satan are one the antichrist is probably a human being or in nephilim but we know that he has you know a claim of humanity

you know the antichrist may be half human because obviously in that day like it was in the day of noah there are a lot of people that are already trans humanists you know there are a lot of people that are not 100 human anymore you know there are there are abominations roaming left right and center there are people who are um half human half whatever and of course you know there are people who are going to native doctors and wish doctors to get children you know the children that they get you know that those children they are they are not 100 human you see those children are not gotten via natural means those children most of them you know are not their names are not written in the book of life there is the aspect of a native doctor um deceiving pres deceiving someone with doctor deceiving someone and the person is still giving birth via natural means perhaps the name doctor does give the person a hebao cure but when the spiritual aspect goes into it and then people are having children people that are buying are having children from a spiritual um channel that is not god that is not christ you know what makes you think that that child even though they may look human who makes you think that that child is 100 human so there are a lot of creatures that are walking around that look human that are not even human understand that the same way that phone angels could have sex with the daughters of men and reproduce before you know what happened in the days of noah you know which actually gave right to what happened why which was the real reason why god destroyed the world with the flood because of that washing that attempts to change to alter all of humanity to change the entire system understand that um all of creation waited for the manifestation of the sons of god animals are not acting the way god created them this world that we live in is not how god created it to be you see all the animals that are fighting you know eating each other you know most of them you know that are um not friendly with humans that was not their defaults

that is not how god created them look at the snake this snake was not in enmity until after the course i see them um you they shall strike your head and you shall you know you shall strike their head you know with your feet so that um kind of um that enmity was created after the fall as well as the entire framework satan is obsessed with changing the entire framework of creation and mood in it re imagining or re imagining the word after his own evil image so things are not in in in the way that it wants god wants things to be that god the signs and that comes that's where you you see all this alteration of dna alteration of genes and that is one thing that this vaccine does we are sure that this vaccine that um the the new world other governments are pushing the governments that are under the influence of the new world order the government that are slaves to the new world order we are sure one thing we are sure of is that it does not help we recover it does it does not help those who take the vaccine still gets the virus and still pass it on so what is the real reason for this vaccine why are these two questions we are sure about the dna alteration um capacity capacities and you know capacity um abilities of that vex and that is why they are also telling vex one box to vex three all these facts you are altering your dna and your system and by the time somebody has sex with disordered human beings what they are creating

procreating with someone with an altered dream system god does not like that you know and for those of you who are doing surgeries to become transgender you are changing from one gender to another don't do that because god does not like that remember what god did to those who were you know half human half angel the nephilim son and the rest of them god wiped them out god is not um in the habits of tolerating what um satan creates out of his creation you know what um satan altars you know subterranes or alterational modifications of god's creation does not please god so you have to be smart and keep in mind that you know after the rap show and you know the second coming which will now be for judgment and all of that when the reign of the saints you know on the earth on the the new heaven and the new head as you know we'll see we'll get a glimpse of what god originally intended for it's the beauty that god wanted you know there are a lot of people that have a lot of false concepts of sins you know even like for example aramaic when you see pictures of aramaic clothed you see them created with leaves that is not what god did the bible makes it clear that god killed an animal so first of all they were not colluded with leaves you know and think about god god is a god of perfection this is the same god that created this world look at the beauty of the lilies the beauty of all of the things that are around us then think about a dress that god made himself think about an attire that god made himself god taylor himself look at the nice and cute things that you know we have taylor's making today you know look at the um designer clothing we have today that is made by man think about the clothing that was made by god himself then that should give a picture of how adam and eve left the garden it was not with some tattered nonsense kind of jagged leaves around their body or you know some kind of half um um tazon looking clothing around their body it was the best clothing that any man has ever won eve came out of there with the best clothing that any woman has ever won history because this is something that was still loved by god himself

there is no other clothing that was killed by god himself that was made by god himself even the the addresses that the high priests wore god gave the men instructions on how to build it on how to on what you should comprise of so that was at the hands of those men but what aramaic left the garden of eden with the clothes they left it was something that was killed by god himself so those clothes are more beautiful than anything that any man can ever design with his hands any designer so if the pictures are wrong you know and you know so you have to understand that a lot of things that you have been told you know um if it doesn't line up with the word of god um you know with what the spirit of god reveals to you from the word of god you know it is basically wrong you know that being said um make sure you shout to us on alfredo's vip if you like to be a part of transforming the entertainment industry and you know really taking it over for gold you know we would like to hear from you reach out to us on if you haven't given your life to christ go to thank you and God bless you.


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