Ability To Read & Write No Longer A Requirement To Graduate High School For African Americans & Mexicans Only : Alfred Speaks


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the governor of oregon signing a bill that suspends maths and reading you know from being requirement to graduates you know and this is targeted at african americans and mexicans you know this kind of wokeness um i have complained about it before i have i have said that such things are going to happen you know um and apparently it's happening faster than i imagined and you know taking worse ships then i imagine they just is saying that african americans are too unintelligent

that for them to pass exams for them to to to become graduates they they don't need to show that they know how to read our rights mass is no longer required and you know this attack on standardized tests it creates a situation where you have to know that schools have had their own issues with fraud and schools can forge anything and schools can do anything they want when create a situation where there is no national standardized tests you see every school would want all their students to graduate or to have high um graduation numbers so they can manipulate the books anyhow they want you are giving it to them they can say that oh this person is proficient and it also brings the situation where you can pay people you know you just pay the school you donate to the school library and you just pass and there's something that even with standardized tests and all of that still went on bet at least it was you know not like it was a good thing but it's only the superiors that could really take advantage of such things you know and now it is now apparently going to be in the hands of everybody you know because it's not obsolete school you know no more imagine a situation no standardized tests no nationalized tests so how can we even rate the intelligence or the abilities of an individual because that person never took a test to come for them to stand to compare um themselves and their abilities with other people from across the country or around the world keep in mind that other nations we still have their national standardized tests or even international tests and that is actually what is going to hold so and that is what is going to be important and that is what is um big companies are going to ask for you know when it comes to showing degrees and papers that is going to have more meaning that any local thing from just one school that is owned by an individual imagine the principles on taking an exam that means that no principal someone will ever feel or anybody that the principal likes so the owners of the school like they will will all graduate everybody does very well allegedly you know and and understand that there is also the situation of people sleeping with their teachers and teachers following um results or giving extra tests to like help students out now it is going to be amplified even before all this there were complaints that african-american students were being pushed you know and it's beyond um affirmative action because some schools want high numbers you could see an african-american student that only um showed up in class three times for an entire year they only showed up in class three times other times they skipped school or they hung they hung around the school premises but they didn't enter the classroom yet they are graduating and the principals are putting pressure on people to make this happen and you know the way african americans conduct themselves in schools is different from the way white kids conduct themselves that is a fact and this is now it is something that you know it has been that way for quite a while and you know if you bring this up it's like oh yeah racist why is so interesting so why are you you know doing doing this but that is the fact and that is why there is a push for private schools and the private schools keep increasing their prices because nobody wants to put up with african americans in public schools you know so um these kinds of issues

like i said it created a situation where an african-american showing you a degree would mean nothing i've said it many many years ago but you know it seems just keep getting worse you know so this is also an insult it's funny that people don't find these racists so now if you're an african-american or you're mexican you don't need to prove you now to read or write before graduating from high school see before you even advance in elementary school you should know how to read and write

you know their kids in kindergarten know how to read and write then is it when someone is graduating from high school they don't need to know how to read and write you know this is this is so funny and they don't they don't need to prove they have math skills or anything like that these kinds of nonsense you know um need to stop and you know i'll be i emphasize you know the importance of starting our own schools you know and schools that are free from the board of education and all the systems what is really important is the knowledge so i'll be kicking off my own kind of learning center a school where people would learn you know you can teach learn and people learn you know um different skills and acquire different skills at the end of the day what really will be used to judge people is you know there should be standardized tests or exams that people take if this person takes its um passes it means this person gets a degree that or a proof that they they have passed it or they pass it at this year you know because things change and the fact that you um right now if you graduate as a computer engineer today you still have that um certificate 10 years from now but computer engineering now is different from what you to be 10 years from now you see the same way with a lot of different fields you know computer engineering five years ago it's completely different from what it is now so what is your five-year-old degree it's still valid but in reality is is it it doesn't really translate into any use in the workforce today there are programming languages that existed five years ago that are not even in use today that many people don't even know about or have not even heard about today at least the people who are studying or in that field today you know so um it's a test that shows what time the person takes the time you know the person is updated but it updates us and take new tests like you just have to take one exam to prove that you are um qualified to be an engineer or do this or do that you know or have a setting and bunch of skill sets you know the the exam could be practical you know it is not that you have to sit in a in an at a table and then write things for example if you are a mechanic the test should be you fixing cards with different problems you go there as a mechanic and fix it not sitting down and then writing and checking objectification that this is not so you know because life life gives you practical problems life doesn't sit you down in front of a piece of paper and tell you to check um the correct answer out of abc or d and then have an automated machine and see if you got the right answer and all of that you know that is not life so you know we need to move things on and of course such a system you know where the books are free the learning is free but at the end of the day the person takes certain exams or tests and proves that you know those tests and exams prove that that person has proficiency or have lent this or that or have this skill set and that person can be employed you know that is the way the future has to be you know that is the way the schooling system as you know it has to be destroyed and dismantled because it is quite frankly outdated and it will always be there there's no point in trying to keep something at life when you have something better you know so that being said you know um you know as much as there will be more social justice since like this going on which will make african americans look dumb start moving now you know i'll be launching the entire system you know letting people be able to teach and also learn you know let the knowledge be free let it be like a joint library of knowledge and information where it can acquire skills then later they are setting tests and uh that are standardized you know if you if you pass this test it's you know serves as the proof that you are qualified who you are for and you have this range of skill sets you know and you can get a job in certain fields and all of that so that's that thank you and God bless you.


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