Women Now To Be Forced To Join The Army In Times Of War Just Like Men Thanks To Feminism : Alfred Reacts


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk to you about

women now you know to be signed up for drafts well this is where feminism has led you so enjoy you know there used to be a saying be careful what you wish for because you just might have it

a lot of feminists have been pushing this madness that women and men are equal now thanks to your we are equal

now you now also in case of war women not have to be forced you know women can now be forced to join the military i hope you are happy with it you know and this is the equality that you wanted right you know this is what you claimed you believed you know it goes without seeing the foolishness of those people these are the same people who are like they support the lgbt and citizens like it doesn't matter what somebody else does in their bedroom that is the same mentality with it doesn't matter if somebody else makes somebody else's live in your own country it is their business let them live their life you see we are in the world and we are in a society what other people do and what society accepts society accepts it affects you just like every law that is past whether you are aware of it or not it affects you you see so what people are doing in their bedroom if men are sleeping with men that concerns you because society accepting that now means that you also

now have to accept that also or be regarded as evil or outside of society or anti-society or outside or anti-peace or anti-unity it also means that now your kids now can go in that direction if your kid wants to and you said no you are now against society and of course in most countries they can now come and take your kid from you you are being a bad parent you are being an abusive parent they are preventing a child from being who they are you see that is the the reality of sins so don't be a fool when people tell you silly things like this don't worry let us make this great change it will not affect you it affects you it does you see understand something about homosexuality for example homosexuality a lot of people went for it because of among other reasons it is forbidding or it was forbidden there are people who have a fetish for the forbidden but now that we are now living in a world where homosexuality is no longer forbidden it is not allowed lesbianism is no longer forbidden it's not allowed it is now normalized the people who crave for you know something bad for something naughty for something you know they have that fetish for the forbidden they have now moved on and that is why when you look at um the the way that fantasy especially central fantasy has gone to the area of incest

you see now you see um taglines you know in ads and on sites you know especially sites that you know push you know um explicit content the ads are step brother stepsister step mother step right that is now the direction of majority of the pawn for example that is being made is now step brother steps in the steps step this step uncle it has moved to the incest because that is now the next forbidden but is using the word step very soon they will remove that step and they be further further and daughter

and of course this is how it starts it starts with the fantasy area then soon it will now start becoming people pushing for it in real life and saying oh that if you are not for it you are begotten and then and of course they can bring up the bible and say that in the olden days you know even in the bible you know the people who are doing this and that with their cousins and their nephews and all of that you know so they will use that to attack christians you know who um might be the predictable people to to always attack you know and say is the opposition but in any case after that guess what is the next um forbidden thing it is bestality when that area of fame incest becomes normalized which is where it is going to

which is where it is going to you know it started with lesbianism and all of that but now it's going towards incest and that is where one place there's also the pedophilia of course love is love means also because as especially when you see a situation where there are a lot of 19 years old look at the sugar babies you have many 20 year olds sleeping with rich and in relationships with rich men that are 90 80. so why wouldn't the age gap even widely more why if a if it is not normal for an 18 year old female to be the sugar baby of a 90 year old man why can't the age also calm down a little bit do like 16 15 14 13 12 years old understand that they are fatigued for this and and know something about sex and sexual desires if you do not cop it it's like overeating and people it's interesting that people understand this with overeating you have to cub your appetite people will watch what they eat they calm their appetites when it comes to food because they can see if they make their fat or create certain problems but when it comes to sexual disaster people don't know that they should cope that also if you begin to have sexual desires that are running a mock and are going in a certain direction you need to stop that you need you need to cop yourself bring yourself back in and keep things simple the way the bible wants you to to to keep it one man and one woman you just you and your spouse if that is it don't look outside and you know have fun that is it but when you your you you do not have limits your sexual appetites will keep on evolving and it will keep on changing what you'll be interested in sexually we keep on changing and growing and a lot of people that say they are gay today they did not start there they started by perhaps watching um porn or getting involved in all kinds of things and of course being told all kinds of things that are anti the bible and anti-common sense that are pro-lgbt all these kinds of things yes when the desire came up you should have caught that desire and stop that desire it's like if you have a desire to join a gang it is your best interest to cop that desire and you know desires can be controlled in the same way if at one point as a young person because of something you were exposed to you started having desire for the same sex you should have caught that if desires are not called they will strangle you they will keep on growing and changing into something else now what used to satisfy you before would no longer satisfy you you now want something more it's just like drugs there are people who start with one drug next thing perhaps they started with um one light version of a draw next thing you know they it was not getting them high enough they kept saying they they moved on to another drug another drug another next thing they are on one kind of crazy drug you know they are now on full-fledged volcanoes or on heroin or something like that and you know it is there it's basically over for them they are now basically the living dead you know and they lose everything that they have you see because that desire was not called and there is one thing that the bible teaches about the discovery of desires when it comes to food we call disaster when it comes to sex it's like um the world has put it out there that just lets it run amok so people are starting to have all kinds of desires there become if this is not stopped you know it's the same way that most men you know all the women in the world they are not interested in it is to find another man that they are looking for in the same way they will start looking for animals all the women in the world will not be good all the men in the world no they will now go to animals you know probably after going to um children

their desire will keep on going in running amok because they do not understand that you have to call your desires if you have a desire to shoplift to steal perhaps you are hungry and you have it you see something that you like that somebody else has you have to cop that desire

you see a lot of people have seen things that other people like have that they would like but guess what they did not steal it they control themselves

you know you have to learn and move yourself so that you won't even you want you don't desire things that belong is it belongs to somebody else it is out of your heart even if you have the opportunity to take it and nobody knows you leave it you know you have to learn self-control and this is the thing that kills a lot of people you know so we have to um watch this and all this direction that things are going now look at how feminism has gone you know and they are now saying you know women to be drafted and this is because of a lot of um

ignorance on the part of women who are pro-feminism feminism used to be a good thing you know once upon a time when it was fight for women's rights to votes you know but it's ended up evolving into all men are evil and a political tool for all kinds of things that actually eventually work against women feminism has helped to create a world where a man can now dress up as a woman and say that he's a woman and then participate in female athletics um end up winning all the awards thanks to modern day feminism because modern day feminism lgbt building all of them have just been packed together in the same thing and it is going together you you know how if you if you if you go against any one of it you are going against war so if you are against gays or against the spread of homosexuality you are automatically against african americans what connection do they do they have you know if you are against for example um um african americans you know for those who are into that you know that i do not recommend and that is not good but if someone is not it does not want african americans to advance what relationship does that have with being um against women those are two different things the klu klux klan you know is not an anti-feminist organization it is just what it is it's against african-americans and africans that is what that is you see the uniting of all these things lgbt blm you know and all kinds of policies that are primarily pushed forth in the democratic party you know and i wouldn't be surprised if the republican party would obviously start having people that lean in that direction because the reality of mata that before trump the both parties were going in the same direction even though they were saying differences that's the reality you know it's trump that really changed he took over the republican party and brought about a different set of people you know a different kind of mentality and a different spirit into the republican party but that sense could actually change and return to just the the game the the game as usual but in any case just the same way women the feminists were supporting um the right of um the social right of people to you know go to bed with whoever you want to go to bed return anybody can wake up one and say that the woman and then it backfired and ended up being you know because the famous movement and the lgbt became one you know now we have women i mean men dressed up as women participating in female sports and are now breaking um records as females we also um now have this situation where women are now to be drafted have fun and enjoy what you created i have said it before that there's no true modern feminists there's no feminist that really believes in equality you know if you really believe in equality for example there'll be no such thing as domestic violence if a man slaps you you will slap him back after all if a man slaps another man what would the other man do he will snap him back there's no body or organization that's become there's no government move or anything that will come to protect him if a man slaps another man when two men fight in the same house it's called sibling rivalry what is called obi and john are fighting so in the same way if you really believe in equality women should be treated like men so when a man slaps a woman doma should slap him back there should be no such thing as domestic violence and then you should have fun with that and let us see how that will end for you since you believe in equality you know so um like i said it is so madness women will shout and say they wants to be managers of banks and all of that like that oh look at all the managers of banks they are men oh we wanted to be women so they will stop men from being promoted and then put themselves in this position why don't you do the same thing for bricklayers where are the female bricklayers where are the female chic packers you know the females that that will be packing the the physics you know and transporting me from point a to point b you know draining people suck away and taking it why are women not fighting for their rights for equality for for representation in that area

it is only on high paying office jobs that you want that so-called representation you want it to be 50 50. now if you're a man you are working in a bank sorry for you because promotion is now based on quota system

if you're a man i advise you to be an entrepreneur start your own business and when you start your own business don't be a fool that brings in this madness even starting your own business now we have the new york stock exchange and people like that saying that um if they are not going to register a new company or list a new company unless they have minorities in their board of directors so they want to force a risk of people to to to to to you know automatically be in positions where they did not work for and and they did do not merit and they do not have the ability or the knowledge to maintain those positions so if these things are not fought against understand that it is not only the people that are calling trump's supporters that you hated it's not only the candidates owens and all of that that's you know you think that oh these people are racist so these people are on toms you don't even understand the meaning of uncle tom you know it is not only those people that behold yourself you behold now women are to be drafted and this this is something that people don't know when looks when you look at the women's rights movements you know a lot of the women's right movement a lot of people don't understand it was sponsored by men

when look at the early women's right movement it was sponsored by men women do not have money you are telling me that men had all the money and all of that so who gave you all the money and since women were not allowed to vote how were you able to change the law since you did not have the right to vote how were you able to change the law to be to be able to vote how were you able to be held in synods it's just because of men but none of these men are giving credit you're the same with the civil rights movements this is why martin luther king made great advances way more than malcolm x at that time because a lot of white people were supporting martin luther king the money that was behind martin luther king where did it come from was it from white people or from the african americans who was bailing him out of jail understand that billy graham was billing um martin luther king out of jail a lot of people don't know this and those who know it never talk about it but there is a fact the people who set um african-americans free from slavery in a slavery era it was white people not dark skinned people the people who fought for their freedom was white people it wasn't african-americans you see why someone is born a slave and all they know is slavery why would they seek freedom that they do not know they were comfortable with their slavery they were indoctrinated and they understood they were very very happy with us living it is they run away slaves where those who were newcomers who were free men in africa and then they have been brought on ships these are not people who were actually always slaves in africa those who are always slaves have always been slave they do not know what freedom is so they were happy to now be feeding three times a day or even more to have their own quarters where they live you know and all of that a lot about slavery that has been said is misinformation and you see um when you realize all these things you will see that there is a bigger problem now and that is the government is is actually structuring to make everybody sleep that is why they can put everybody under house arrest locked down because everybody's house is now in prison but people don't see that especially in that situation if you lock down everybody's house was a prison during that that period and you have to understand how the government sees you and controls you

you see so these are realities the bigger problem rather than talking blm and all of that we have the world economic forum who are openly saying saying things like you will you will not not be happy they are bringing our phrases and control it so much look at how powerful the united nations is how powerful the world health organization is these are unelected people that are controlling the direction the world goes and directing whoever becomes politician and these are the people that have the money to be given be putting behind what who they want to be the the leader of this nation and all of that they have the money to elect um politicians and they understand systems more than anybody and these are honor on unelected people this lockdown and this so-called pandemic that people are talking about and say nobody could have predicted it bill gate predicted it because he is one of the people that planned it now he has given another prediction and they have said and made another preparation just the same way they made um a simulation of a lockdown before they have done another one for a financial crisis of a virus going about a virus striking all the computer systems of the world and basically eliminating everybody's financial records they have they're already planning for that when it will happen we do not know but we know that they are planning for it and these are the some of the richest people and and the most powerful people later when it happens people say that oh we never saw it coming you can see these are since some of these things are happening in place sites this is not a secret they could what's happened at the last world economic forum is clear this is what they did this is what they talked about this is what they are preparing for the same way they prepared for this previous um sham of a of a pandemic you know so we need to be we need to be smart and realize these things that are happening

you know if we do not take um authority you know take political positions you know and you know restructure and begin to see through people when people are talking nonsense we know that a lot of times what politicians say is a smooth smokescreen all this blm and all this war against between men and women is not the most important thing right now the most important things right now the gospel having free course those who are fighting against freedom those who are trying to create laws in the name of safety to control people how did the government become so powerful that they can do basically almost anything they can tell you don't go to work even though you are you are hungry they don't care about you receiving any any money they do not give you any money they are telling you that you have to start home how do the governments get so powerful you know how does the government get so powerful that every email every phone call you get is recorded with the government how did the government get so powerful that they are suggesting that you have vaccine passports to go about your business which we have trackers so they will know everything about you everywhere you are going and all of that and keep records on you like if you are an animal this is worse than slavery the universal global slavery of everybody is what should be of people's concern not all this nonsense about black lives matter um this war war between white people um um dark skinned people war between men and women all these um feminism verses the man was manuscript all these things this is only destruction we should keep our mind at what is actually happening this great takeover of the world this great enslavement of the world that is what we should take up our mind and we should keep our mind on the fight against the true gospel of jesus christ spreading the fight against churches that is what we should keep in mind we should keep our mind on people using the government for their own purposes people using the government and schools for their own evil nefarious purposes that is what we should keep our mind on look at how schools are saying that in spite of what empress believes that they are going to teach critc you know critical race theory and all of that you know telling and why people they should be guilty for their skin color that they are bad because of their skin color and all of that you know claiming that it is teaching history wasn't history taught before you know and why is it that you must emphasize the slavery of african americans why don't you emphasize the slavery of other races because you know what it does to self-esteem if you tell somebody that he's a king and he has always been a king what's his behavior versus somebody you tell from childhood that you used to be a slave use your brain the more they keep telling you that the more they keep pushing crc and blm the less african americans should be able to achieve or become great that is the fact because now our responsibility is on oh because of your history because of your skin color you cannot achieve and because of the history you went through this that is what explains why you are where you are no responsibility no belief that you're on your own that if you put uh um your your hand to the grave you know if you work hard if you if you put in your all that you know your wisdom your knowledge your equip your acquisition and you're going after wisdom and knowledge and you know coupled with hard work can actually get you you know what you want to be and to get you to where you want to be you know so um that being said i hope women are not happy that they are now included in you know the draft the government if there is any war any case the government can now come and treat you like men and just force you to join the army i hope you now enjoy where your feminism has led you i hope also that you enjoy your feminism leading you into a situation where now a man can say he's a woman and you know win all the awards possible i also hope that you're you are happy that your feminism has led you into a situation where men cannot walk into women's bathroom and say that i identify as a woman or say that he's transgender or he's a female or whatever you know i hope you enjoy what you have done to yourself some of you your eyes are slowly opening some of you you know you are so programmed and you know this universal mind control is so strong upon you this global um psychological warfare on you that you do not want to be called out of here being called the racist story because you are doing foolish things that you walk to your own destruction you know i hope your eyes get opened you know let us pray in jesus name lord father we thank you for this still bless your holy name for that you've done before i pray a lot further for women all around the world i promise father that their brains will begin to work i pray lord father that their eyes begin to open up in the name of jesus this foolishness of modern feminism and the wickedness that it has brought forth to infect as a virus the minds of women this virus from the pit of hell calls feminism modern feminism i pray lord father that is holy is going to be broken over women i pray a lot father that women's eyes are going to be open the scales are going to be falling out of their eyes in the name of jesus and they will see foolishness for what it is in the name of jesus they will see that they are working against themselves by going into this fight of trying to create a world where it is men versus women all men are bad all men are this all men are dogs all men are trash all this nonsense i prolose for the lie to come to an end i promise so far that the men will stop going into the the the trap of hating women and putting all women into a box based on previous experience with one or two women you know that they have had relationships with i prove a lot further that people are going to realize that no species can function when one gender of the species is at war with the other gender and no species can actually make any sense or get any headway if people believe that gender does not exist you know and even going to the business of believing that gender doesn't exist which is binary then at the same time gender ex exists when it's time to be you know lesbian or gay because without you know if there's no gender there's no such they cannot be anything like your lesbian i pray a lot further that all this foolishness will come to an end as the light shines in the darkness in the name of jesus i pray a lot for that that voices that speak truth will be amplified they will grow louder and they will spread and they will dominate and break all the yoke and bondage of foolishness that the devil is planning to use as a distraction for all the nonsense that the devil is planning regarding the antichrist and the one world order and the one world religion i pray a lot further that eyes are opening up in jesus name amen thanks for joining me with that prayer remember to go to alfred.vip and reach out to us you know especially if you like to be a part of transforming the world you know you would like to have a discussion with you um also if you haven't given your life to christ go to salvation prayer. alfredo vip thank you and God bless you


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