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White Liberal ESPN Host & Workplace Diversity Supporter Complains When Affirmative Action/ Diversity Quota & Equity Takes Away Her Promotion : Alfred Reacts


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{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

a top espn personality is making a televised apology so the first thing they teach you in journalism school is don't be the story but rachel nichols became the story after a secretly recorded take was played in which she implied that her colleague maria taylor got a plum espn hosting gig because she's black i wish all the success in the world she covers football she covered basketball if you need to give her more things to do because you're feeling pressure about your like crappy long time record on diversity which by the way i myself like know personally from the female side of it like go for it just you know find it somewhere else like you're not going to find it with me and taking my thing away last night during the airing of her show the jump nichols who is diane sawyer's daughter-in-law tried to explain but i also don't want to let this moment pass without saying how much i respect how much i value our colleagues here at espn how deeply deeply sorry i am for disappointing those i hurt particularly maria taylor and how grateful i am to be part of this outstanding team well rachel i want to say thank you thank you for accepting responsibility for your actions cbs this morning's gail king is weighing in on the controversy i think she felt that something was being taken away from her that she normally gets but maria taylor was also very deserving of getting that job gail also spoke with former espn host jamel hill we get a little tired of somebody insinuating that the reason that we have a job is because we're black hello everybody this is alfred reacts and i would like to talk about the issue between rachel nichols and maria taylor now rachel nichols was recorded you know apparently um during a phone call a private conversation where she believes that maria taylor was given a promotion because of the color of her skin you know a promotion that she deserved and you know what i have to say about this is that it's funny what do you expect i mean what is the meaning of diversity quotas what is the meaning of equity what is the meaning of affirmative action what do you think blm is pushing for is pushing for giving people opportunities because of the color of their skin and taking opportunities away from other people because they are white that is what it is and interestingly a lot of white people support this but you know just like the democrats who supports uh um the founding the police but when the police is defunded they begin to want to recontact trade on another person that you know it is the republicans they want it you know when people push for something because when you listen to even in the conversation um you will see that she actually this is pnr she's for all she's all for diversity but apparently she she's against diversity when the diversity is taking away opportunities from her and giving it to somebody else because of the color of that person's skin when she's dissing espn are saying that they have a poor diversity and record you know what she's saying she's she's promoting it she believes in it you know so why she's surprised now and why is it upset upsetting for her that now it is from her that they are taking the opportunity we are giving it to someone else and sadly she has apologized and you know a lot of the african-americans and even people from other networks you know um that it does not consume you know the racehorse that's going around saying nonsense and saying that um um taylor also deserved it that maria taylor also deserved the the position did you look into it are you entirely inside the company do you are you human resource do you know and have you value the contributions and the advancements that is people are adding to espn to know who deserves it more you see you just support the person because of the dark skin you see this racism is only going to create um very dire consequences in the future because understand something all the silly light-skinned people all these silly white people that are supporting black lives matter and diversity quote and all of that when it hits home they are going to sing a different tune all the silly celebrities to justin bieber's and the rest of them who are supporting diversity quota when their own children and when they themselves will have opportunities taken away from them just because of the color of their skin and it's given to somebody who is dark skinned it's part of the fact that person might be losing money or may not be a headliner like them and be bringing in money for the company so it's not a matter of um you being paid or you're advancing based on what you are giving to the company it's not based on the color of your skin within the company you know so um people people need to um be smart you know you know understand the outcome and the you know the the what is going to result from the direction that you are hearing so um that is that you know we must do everything we can to stop blm stop diversity quotas you know let people see that it is evil let people see that affirmative action and equity is evil you know it is all for the destruction of western society and civilization and it will give rise to other nations that still reward people based on their contribution and based on merits it will make them greater than america the u.s and the uk and all of that and that is something that we have really seen happening so that's it remember to go to alfred vip and subscribe if you haven't given your life to christ click the salvation prayer link in the main menu when you do that the page you comment that has a prayer service and say that prayer and give your life to jesus christ god bless you

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