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VSkit Takes Down My Videos & Messages Me That They Don't Want Christian Praying Content On Their Platform Despite Over 120,000 Likes From Users : Alfred Speaks


VSkit Takes Down My Videos & Messages Me That They Don't Want Christian Praying Content

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Click Here To Download: VSkit Takes Down My Videos & Messages Me That They Don't Want Christian Praying Content On Their Platform Despite Over 120,000 Likes From Users : Alfred Speaks

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about censorship now project veritas has highlighted so many things you know about um the mainstream media and their control on what actually goes out most people have been paying attention some people have not been paying attention

the censorship is ridiculous when you have conservative views and christian views project veritas thanks to them we saw that they specifically target christians in their list of tennessee targets you know there are some sites even a lot of times google categorizes um christianity in the same category as porn you know the reality of that of the matter that a lot of people don't understand what it takes to be on the side of somebody who owns a web 2.0 site and a web 2.0 site is basically a website where um users can put up their content you know it has user generated contents like um facebook twitter and all of that and that is actually um the concept behind social media you know it actually came from um you being the user the person who visits the site's been able to add their content to the site you know and then of course they brought about the aspect of bringing um creatine profile because many people don't know there wasn't comments there was no question as comments on websites when you visited websites it was just the page you know there weren't even videos it was later on that um the ability of websites to have to stream videos conveniently was added you know first of all it was buffering with um windows media um video wmv um file format which is part of the windows media player you know um that was actually how it started but buffering took a lot of time then later when someone came up with flash video when flash video came out that actually now made it possible for um people to more easily upload conversions to flv formats and watch flat video those are the days of adobe flash and it was during that period that youtube was created you know and of course during that time there was also um wikipedia you know which actually was the concept of an encyclopedia that people can add content to so that was kind of like the best of web 2.0 which is basically user um generated content content on site so sites like um wordpress myspace and you know which came out then you know and all this facebook and you know all these things it has grown on from um giving people who visit the site the opportunity to actually create their own content on the same sites you know which wasn't the way it was before but the reality of the mata is that as this is supposed to make things free and open especially with the social media which is before the expansion of web 2.0 you know

this entire world of user-generated content is being controlled by the sites on a very terrible level and that is why i have emphasized you know just like um facebook does not allow porn you know even instagram even though there are um run sheet photos on instagram if someone starts um showing like if a female shows nipples or it starts going towards the direction of born their account gets deleted that is their policy but what you are not seeing is what i think is about their policy because understand that they have their targets audience they have what they want to push forth you see they have their um idea of the kind of contents they want on their site and once we bring people and how they want to shape the world it's just like if a christian owns um a web 2.0 sites where people can put up content he's certainly not going to allow porn but he's also not going to allow people to insult jesus you can't post things that are um anti-christian even if the the fellow is um pros free speech what he will do is he will limit the views of those kind of content because he doesn't want when people visit his site he sees things that are insulting jesus you know he doesn't want his side to promote that and he doesn't want that to be the user experience so you see websites has their content the content they prefer that is why on youtube if you are going into setting um content they are setting parameters that um would this favor you when it comes to um your videos being recommended and the algorithms are working in that way thereby selling people are more favored than others you know and this is something that a lot of people don't know if the strategy of preaching the gospel is dependent on these platforms we are in soup because these people don't want to push it forth do you know how many things that people post you'll be amazed you may not be told but there are a lot of things that are crazy and i'm not talking about christian country i'm talking about crazy kind like um weird really weird stuff that will be posted to the facebooks and all of this other sites that they will have to take down to maintain you know the a certain type of quality you know of the sites so it's kind of like behind the scenes they are creating content and this is strongly done on uh a website like pinterest pinterest is just photos so naturally there are humans behind the scenes who are actually making certain things favorable and when certain things um setting levels even for sites that have algorithms when it reaches a certain number of views there's a user that's actually um that is a normal human being not a robot that looks at it and sees if this is the kind of content they want promoted and this is why you see a lot of christian channels not growing they will not grow on this side but they grow on these sites they will not grow on this side where they grow on this site on this platform why this is because of these differentiations in censorship for example i've been posting um prayers on youtube and on several sites on youtube most of those prayers gets like the majority of them get zero views zero it doesn't get any views but on on the app this skits does s k i t one video gets like 10 000 views i don't have any video any prayer video on that app that has less than 500 views not one and i post a lot of prayers yet none of them is less than 500 views majority of them are 10 000 15 000 people who view the videos like and commenting

so my saying pray for me so my saying people keep this up so my saying god will bless you all all those kinds of things but yet i'm posting the same video on youtube and i'm getting zero views is it not the same human beings so why is this it's because the algorithm on one side is not sensory and the other one is sensory now just so you know i recently just um some hours ago on the same biscuit i got a notification from them and they they said this is for some of the videos because they apparently want to start censoring me on this kit so the notification said unfortunately your video has failed for v skates content review you see and this is um a prayer for bahrain you know and another one the prayer for the bahamas you know the same kind of content you know they say this is not the kind of content they want on their sites this is videos that have received ten thousand over ten thousand views with all the likes human beings have commented and said that they like the prayers but they are saying this is not what we want this is not the kind of content we want they want me to be posting um um videos of people you know doing comedy skits or women shaking their bone because that is what you know all this um i would say um tick tock type sites is because that is basically what this kit is you know on tick tock previously i was getting zero views but recently i get like a 100 200 on the prayer each prayer is like um 200 that is 200 150 that is the average range of the prayers but before it was zero views you know and it's only a matter of time before i don't know what will happen next you know when it comes to the censorship but i'm just letting you know this it is not um about um

me and it is not about um these platforms opening their arms to us because i don't expect it they are people who you know expect satan and his children to advance the gospel it is not so you see all these people have their agendas so i am not surprised and what i'm saying is that it also applies to you because if the censorship was not there if if all this um censorship was not there if i start posting the kind of videos that other people post on youtube if you start getting multiple views it will start getting a lot of views but it's because of the the type of content that i post and the kinds of things that i see you know they are they are platform that has already marked me like um facebook you know mark zuckerberg and his um um facebook instagram ownership and all of that so even what's up you know um one of the reasons why i'm i don't even bother with using whatsapp is because it recognizes my voice and my phone number you see so even when i call people this is something that does not happen to others but when i call people there is always feedback and static

you know it's plea there are so many games that are played with my own you know if i create a profile on whatsapp but the reality of the method is that this kind of thing is not only happening to me and the fact that it may not have been happening to you right now you know it's like when um you have a view that they do not like or if you or when people lie about what view you have it will shock you look at president trump who they took off twitter and facebook is still burning and postponing bunny to show you what kind of authoritarians and evil people they are these are the same people that that censored and took down profiles and videos and content of anyone who posted anything against the vaccine now you can see how the vaccine is actually causing a lot of problem

you know the reports are now coming out even when um um the orientation of the virus it was clear that it was came from a lab it was like oh it's a conspiracy theory how can you say it came from a lab that it came from bats now it has been revealed that the person the doctor found she was telling you that it came from you know a bat that it came from national causes he actually was sending emails acknowledging that this thing came from a lab and since this thing came from a lab people need to use their brains and the stupid um unfo unfortunate to put it out to but the kind of leaders that we have around this world you know we have succeeded in in in and throwing terrorists over the nations you know and allowing them to rule and do whatever they want you know bill gate is a different matter but i'm talking about the um the political leaders all around the world who these things are obvious you it is now clear undesirable that this va this environs was created in a lab that it is it does not come from nation it is not something that came from a bad this was something that was actually created as a weapon in a lab so number one nobody in that lab has been brought to justice the owners of the lab have not been brought to justice that why are you creating a virus that is this dangerous or that is said to be this dangerous why are you why did you have a lab there are many such labs there are still more labs like this when you people are talking about um other kinds of people there are those who are into um bioweaponry and that is what a lot of militaries use and plan to use this is obvious so okay if this thing came from a lab ask yourself this spreading if if it's origin is not natural what makes you think it's spreading it's also natural and okay where are these new violence coming from if they are even truly new violence

because nowadays anybody sneeze anybody has a qatar they say this movie in in most countries you see what evidence and what proof do you have you can be feeling well you have you're feeling great you've never felt so great then you you you out of your silliness and because you've not been listening to people like me you go and take um a test they say yeah covet policy then the fear comes and worry comes you know and now you are taking vaccine that you do not know what is inside and what is the end goal of all this

later when you discover that your dna and all different parts of you have been altered and you yourself have become a robot you are no longer human you are not being controlled it's not it's not be it it should not be something that is um what's to you understand something about the mark of the beast you see the people who are going to be giving the mark of the beast are not going to be giving it like oh this is the mark of the beast this is loyalty to satan understand that the bible says there is going to be a great falling movie a version of the church is going to strongly back the mark of the beast and when the eruption happens there are those who are going to be left behind and there are those who are going to stand with their explanations they are really a setup for great explanations like for example the u.s military just admitted that they had a ufo sighting why would they do that this is something that they did not admit ever since all the talk of aliens these aliens that is one with which they can say they were adopted by aliens they can say that there was a technology that one radical christian created and killed a lot of christians you know vaporize them so that you to make it look like it was ruptured there are so many different explanations to use but there are there's going to be a fake version of the trust and those who are deceived you know understand that the devil works with the seats a lot of people who receive the mark of the beast will not be knowing that they are receiving the mark of the beast you see that is part of the reason why they will receive it but it is those who are wise who will be able to recognize that this is the mark of the beast look anything that looks or resembles in any way shape or form the mark of the beast stay away from it

you see so um do that since you have to realize these are things you have to understand you know and when it comes to the rapture one thing you have to know apart from the fact that the rapture um is a general um um transportation from this world into you know um being with god in heaven and all of that there's something you have to know there's a fixed state for that of course you have to look at previous times when similar things happened and the status around that this um fellow um mercury it was written he walked with god and he was perfect and he was no more he just that is a sort of rapture elijah he was picked up by a charitable fire this guy you know without faith it is impossible to please god and in the book of hebrews you know when you read the writings of paul he said that this men you know they they receive righteousness by faith so that is how elijah was righteous even though it was before the coming of christ the death and burial of of jesus christ you see so you can see his own rapture he did not die in the same way that similar conditions walking before god and being perfect wherever that happens mixed with the time that is set there will be a universal rapture and understand something the same way

the same way that um elijah went and um mercuzadek wins in the same way what makes you think that after the rapture the general rapture those who can walk in that level who have fulfilled their purpose wouldn't go that way because that is how they should go even upper support apple so power was not meant to go in the way of his head being shot off that was his choice the right way that he would have went is basically as a man of revelation the same way with um elijah as melchizedek mark really mercury because understand that this is about transportation by the spirits and there is something that philip did it happened to philip when he was on his own he was teleported by the spirit to you know when he preached to basically the man who you know the utopian eunuch you know phillip was was transported he drove this he disappeared from one place and appeared in another place it is that same thing that is the rapture in a twinkle of an eye if that same move of god that is behind the rapture is by that same spirit and is that same walking of the spirits so such things are possible they are going to be an increase of the miraculous and visitation from angels and the activities of angels even in that tribulation period but of course these things are not going to be on the mainstream media just like it is not now you see um great crusades by men of god you know from pastor chris to pastor benihin to um evangelist um bonke when he was around look at all the miracles that happen yes when has cnn ever admitted it one miracle and look at the people around you know why is it that the mainstream news even the media in many countries like the media in nigeria the ntas the arrests the aits why don't they admit the distance why do they always pirates the talking points from americans and from such organizations like the world health organization and all of that when you look at the flow of money you'll be amazed because these people are being paid and you know a lot of these leaders a lot of all these presidents you know which is dangerous a lot of people who go into politics poor with the aim of getting rich like barack obama and then they are paid by lobbyists and all kinds of criminals and they destroy the entire country in exchange for them having money in their pockets that is the thing it's like there should be a law banning you know poor people from running for office because they are more susceptible you know it's not just poppy pop pop people and people who are um financially ambitious and look at politics as a way to get rich you know especially people who do not have money or anything like that they are the ones that always are bribed because they see money that they have never seen in their life before they pay them millions to do this and do that and they sell out their countries look at the foolish um leaders that are still giving out vaccines up in spite of all the reports in spite of the fact that you have seen that the person that has given the vaccine is the same person that is complaining about over population it is the same person that is behind the the virus that was sponsored you know that was peaceful it has seen it scale bill gates and dr faushi they were making payments to that same lab in warhammer where the virus came from and they are the same ones that are giving you the vaccine don't you have any brain to look at this link and say that this person is not in my best interest this person this vaccine i should not take it the same person that wants to depopulate the world the same person that created the virus that finance the the creation of the virus is not the same person that is financing giving you the vaccine and has also indemnified himself all around the world that no matter what the side effect is he cannot be sued who does that and then they are forcing people to take this vaccine that the person has already made it clear that no matter what happens to you if you take this vaccine you cannot be sued as a matter of fact on the official documents of most of these vaccines it is written that you are participating in a test you are actually participating in a virus in a study rather you know you are participating in an experiment by taking the vaccine that is actually what is written in the official documents of most of this um companies that create this um vaccines that is what they look at you as and that is what some leaders so many natures are forcing people to take and then we have ignorance men who you know because of their ownership of companies are forcing their employees to take it there's actually reports of people saying that if you want to get paid you must take the vaccine if the vaccine is that important why would you allow the people to come and be working and be mingling with everybody if the if the vaccine is really the the antidote for this virus and there is this great terrible virus that you are worried about wouldn't you stop the people from coming to work why is it that you have attached the vaccine to them receiving salary you have to take the vaccine to receive your salary but you are allowed to come to the workplace and work with everybody else are they not afraid that the person might have the virus and pass it out so you can see it is not about the person of the virus you see this is about control

you know so it is very unfortunate that there are a lot of evil people in power a lot of ungodly people in power there are people that may have good intentions and understand something all these people who are looking up to a um like um a donald trump you know the problem with that keep in mind that this is donald trump that actually helped to speed up and bring about the vaccine the reality of matter that they always wanted to bring this vaccine the vaccine was even ready before the virus was released you know but of course they will give excuse and all of that so understand that um

a little bit good is not good enough surely trump would be better than biden surely trump would be better than you know a lot of all these globalists but that is still not good enough you know trump is not good enough trump is not somebody who is 100 listening to god and obeying god he may be inclined towards christians he may like christians but look at the things that he did he um gave a lot of support to the black lives matter people you know the african-american um um beggars of give us this give us that all this affirmative action money and affirmative action success he supported that more than anybody else even though the media does not talk about it and that is the wrong way to go because you are preferring a people you know you are treating a group of people especially and giving them more advantages and more money and more everything than any everybody else that is not the way forward for you for a country that has a diverse range of people you have to treat everybody equally think about homes where the parent has three or four or even twelve children and then one child thinks or or one or the children collectively think that one child is fulfilled more than others you know there's the aspect of the children having no opinion but there is the reality of is it so remember the bible and joseph what happened with joseph joseph was yes he was gifted you know he he was having dreams and interpreting dreams but because of the way jacob treated joseph that is what made the brother so jealous of him and sell him into slavery you know on the saturday they originally planned to kill him but he ended up deciding to send him into slavery you see so this idea of treating one group favorably than the others it is not wisdom you are actually turning everybody against that group by putting african americans and asking people in a special group of oh all jobs jobs are pre reserved for you just because of the colossal skin um accommodations um provisions in the law um you know school you know degrees and all of that affirmative action for just this group of people because of your skin color because you look like you you know um the people that once upon a time were sleeves understand that those slaves you know their descendants are also whites you know because you have to understand that the number one people who reproduced with those slaves we are white people not africans otherwise number one the africans will still be um the african um bloodline and the you know the african physique will still be preserved but and if when you look at an african-american they look very different from africans look at pictures of africans put pictures of africans what i'm talking about bone structure it's just like when you see somebody that is house from their face you know their house if you line up a lot of people who are house if you line up a lot of people who are yoruba it is easy to see distance but when there is a crossing you know and this is a matter of maintaining the tribe when the marriage is you know the descendants the ancestors and ancestors they married within their tribe you begin to see all these similarities it's just like chinese people you know when a chinese person reproduces with an american you know they look different they don't look quite chinese but you can see that asian influence but by the time it goes into another generation another generation it completely dissolves and even though it may retain some of the asian-ness it now has so many different things that you can't really pinpoint you see so you have to understand that's in itself i also have to understand something that i've explained on many um locations when the african females were taken were brought on slave ships to america who do you think was buying them and what was the prerequisite what was the motivation and reason for buying them you know what was buying them being judged upon and who was doing the buy what were people whether white man going oh my african slave needs somebody to be his wife so let me go that will now mean that the africans sleep the male african slave will pick the female african that he he wants to you know be with but that is not what happened that is clear you see every african in that slave market was created was treated like a slave and it was not a the all the africans there was leaves and all the um light-skinned people of european or people of europe and they said that they were either slave sellers or buyers so why was the wise man buying the african female slave

common sense and what was his when they lined up different african females and he had to pick one and buy what was he looking for you cannot say that it was cooking ability because the kind of thing that africans cooked the african woman cooked and his and he was used to eating were two different things as a matter of fact they didn't speak his language so that is another thing they will have to learn the language so what was it based on it was based on her beauty so why was he interested in their beauty because he he really want to sleep with them that is a fact and understand that when even his children let us say that after he has finished or you know of course these are things that will be happening behind these things let us say that those um couple they have children you know they after he had slept you know with the woman and all of that now this african woman marries an african man you know bet in america of course and they have children understand that they and their children belong to the white man and his children so those daughters are the property of that white man's son therefore he has free reign to sleep with anyone he finds beautiful which was a common occurrence and you have to understand that that was part of the reason why the ku klux klans started the glucose started because of the fear of what is called the one drop theory the cholesterol was started it did not always exist during the slavery and all of that it was after slavery was banned and it saw the emergence of an issue the issue was that there was a fear that the white race would be eliminated because a lot of white people were sleeping and reproducing with african you know um who were fritz leaves and most of their children were coming out white they had white skin there were some that they would come out looking mixed and there's some that will come out looking you know with that we're really dark skinned but there were quite a number that we're coming out white and most of them you know with there is no way to tell and they were also marrying pure blooded um whites you know european people so that was part of the main motivation that was the primary motivation behind the ku klux klan when you research the kuruka scan you see that that is why they started they wanted to stop it because they were afraid that soon there will be such a mixing that there will really be no pure blooded whites person anymore so these are facts so what am i saying i'm saying that all these i am african-americans you have whites in your blood you have white ancestors it doesn't matter whether your your ancestor was legally married to them or not or it was just a one-time thing because out of all those relationships that were happening children were being born and many of those children are actually what's resulted in you being here so your ancestors are white so when you are talking reparations and all of that what about the white ancestors that you have when you want to say that white people are evil what about the white ancestors in your bloodline because you still have the white man's blood in you you are not 100 african what about that you see so um that line of that black lives matter and africa and the african-americans in america are going that is foolishness that is foolishness also keep in mind that the greater number of african-americans in um in america today a lot of them are immigrants who came after slavery had ended that is a reality you know so um these are things that you have to think about and understand and know when you are being manipulated and when people don't know these things they make such foolish decisions and destroy so many things you know when it comes to social media and you know basically the information that is put out they understand that

there are parts that be they are different um cults and they are different um cartels and they are different organizations they have different goals look at donald trump donald trump was the president but look at how what happened to him happened to him because certain people behind certain cartels were against him

if he had the approval of those people and he was doing their will he will be praised look at how abiding his praise for destroying america for making a fool of himself he goes to g g eight and g whatever and he's forgetting what he he's trying to see you know making such a bumbling you know off of himself and of america by being their representative look at how immediate as um binding took office look at what happened within israel and you know the people who call themselves palestine you know basically hamas you know within palestine and all the fighting that resumed before a ceasefire all that peace you know um planes from israel were allowed to fly over iran when president trump was in office as byron came that had to stop the peace has gone because these people the war is part of the agenda they have an end play an end game understand that the world war or world war was orchestrated it was successful because the goal of world war ii was not fair of hitler to win but it created a lot of changes which took place which they wanted to take place you see those who are really behind it understand those who sponsor us and what they really want the people who are sponsoring and are giving weapons to this side and that side they have their own will of who they would like to win or how the war would like to turn out it is not like they are blindly just giving and giving and giving they have their own long-term game and it is often their own long term game their wins because they are the ones that are behind the scenes who are not getting hot but are actually the ones that are they they fuel for the war

you have to ask yourself about the military-industrial complex why is so much money being spent on the manufacturing of weapons and you know certain countries don't know that they have sold themselves that is why it is difficult for you know britain to leave the eu you know they don't know it's bet you know your leaders have sold your country out they have sold your future and this is the problem with africa a lot of the african nations have been sold out you do not belong to yourself you belong to the chinese you belong to the un you belong to all this individual interests you belong to the world bank that is that that is your owner so slavery never really ended slavery you know it's just changed and now it is not it has nothing to do with risks as a matter of fact the slavery that's um always existed and it's in his nature is not about risk it's always about power but as evil people keep on ruling this is what um the kinds of things that will keep on happening you know so when it comes to the censorship and you know all this madness that we see you know it's not surprising it's not surprising at all you know we need to be smart i've said quite um enough bits

if you haven't given your life to christ go to alfred.jip click the salvation prayer link in the main menu and give your life to christ it's important that you do so you know it's important that you become a believer in christ jesus and you know that that's all you know that so thank you and god bless you


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