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A couple meets up with another couple while on vacation in Mexico, but their friendship takes an awkward turn when they get back home.

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the movie vacation friends let me just read the official synopsis marcus and emily enjoy an unusual week without inhibitions when they meet new friends on vacation but they are horrified when ron and kyla show up uninvited to their wedding now this is a comedy um because basically based on joke after joke after joke after joke bets um it is not really about the plots even though there is some semblance of your plots you know bits you know movies like this it is not really about the plot it's just about joke after joke after joke after joke so this couple apparently they went on a vacation before their wedding normally people do that the other way around you know which is the proper way to do it which is you go on your wedding fest you have a wedding before you know you go on the vacation we should be the holy moon and all of that but in this case they went on the vacation fest and then before their wedding and during the vacation they made friends and you know apparently the crazy type phrase that they made you know showed up at their better than a pregnant wants to you know be in their lives and as friends and you know there's a lot of clash that goes on there you know there's so much to be said about this but this movie would have been much better as a christian movie for a variety of different reasons obviously every movie or poster will be better you know from a christian perspective because there you can see the lights and the troops you know um presented you can see things through the eyes of ghost wars you know the aspect of they are deciding to go on a vacation before the wedding would have you know is that an issue in itself then the aspect that okay you are telling me the kind of person or the kind of people that you mingle with how you make friends with on a vacation i know the kind of people you want in your in your real life or your personal life i mean what is that about you know and what does that say about you and you know how far you you actually you're actually going to go in life you're not going to go far with that kind of attitude just like this is saying that what happens in vegas stays on vehicles that is not so because what you do follows you you are you you know the things that you commit follow you and the good things that you do also follows you there's no such thing as oh well we are over here while in rome let us be a rumor and then expect your roman attitude not to have consequences when you leave room it is still going to have consequences that follows you you know so um there is so much to be said about that and you know the idea of comedy is having not really a real plot because what is it about about these people finally agreeing to be in their lives as um couple friends so you know lifelong family friends so what is that is that what this is about going through the obstacles and then or actually changing their lives and whatever lessons they want they may have are they going to change and become more like their crazy friends you know and then you know introduce all the people that you that know them as you know calm um people as oh we are this um party loving crazy people and this is what um they are going to be you know what is the plot really about what is what is that about you know bets unfortunately comedies like this is not about plots you know so the movie is clearly going to sell actually to a certain kind of crowd you know and it stars john cena and it has king bash king bash is a youtube star you know he is appears in a lot of um le pawns you know youtube um skits you know that comedy skits that she does so kim but interestingly you know it's it's it's nice to see certain people from youtube going into movies you know but this is not a big role that he really plays and i also saw somebody who looks like dumb blizzarian in the trailer you know which is also an interesting thing down brazilian is a instagram personality that marketed himself as um a rich um multi-millionaire playboy you know but there are a lot of people you know who came out with a lot of this and that and that that was fake that he would just freaking being rich and all of that you know and that the mansion that he said is his own was actually rented and all of that but in any case he has been known of to actually buy his presence into a movie in other words he said he's going to put up swan su to help in the production of the movie in excess of giving in exchange for being given a line or two in the movie and um it has been said he has done that kind of thing there are some people that have rejected someone has accepted apparently seen him in this movie you know it would seem that perhaps he's one of the people who put up the money for it and in exchange he was like okay give me a non-speaking rule because that is apparently what he did here note that alfred hitchcock in his day alfred hitchcock was a movie director but he put himself in non-speaking roles in all his movies and a lot of his tv shows he's he's just a bypassing person you know even though he's behind the camera directing the movie and all of that he would put a pers a certain scenario where he is actually like one of the people in the crowd or in the background in the scene who has a non-speaking role who just you know caring about that day so you know there are actually compilations on youtube where you can see people trying to catch where alfred hitchcock is in his own movies so you know there are people who do that kind of say i think afraid hitchcock was the first person who actually did that putting himself in non-speaking roles inside his own movies you know so some people just um do that you know because they have the money but it's important that you know that we ask christians we need to really take charge of um the entertainment industry and be the ones that actually run this you know like comedies like this we need to actually change comedy because there's a lot there are a lot of dirty jokes and jokes that have um references to drugs and all kinds of things i know with this kind of thing being normalized it does so much to changing and transforming society there are a lot of people who have not had clean jobs there are a lot of people who have not seen a full comedy presentation that is 100 clean they have never seen it before you know and this is something that is needed i know especially increase christianity we are the only ones who can provide that a lot of comedy that the world puts out it's always dirty jokes you know especially when it comes to stand-up comedy and even the movies you know it's um things that are just not clean you know or things that are not to be promoted you know i'm making light of certain things that should not be you know so um we need to have that situation where a christian you know we christians as a whole take over that because that is a space that needs to be filled i'm sure people would like to take their family and kids to comedy shoes to stand up comedy issues but there's really no good one or anyone at all all comedians are doing dirty jokes and are doing all kinds of inappropriate stuff and all of that and their cancer culture has come along so it has made since crazy you know a lot of comedians are now condemning white people and all making fun of white people and all of that time it is it is weird because you see a lot of white people in the crowd who you know fake laughing to these jokes so you know it's like this this is a term you know this should not be what it's about you know comedy is now so politicized and crazy you know so we should um take advantage of this opportunity now now if you would like to be a part of taking over the entertainment industry with the gospel reach out to us if you like to be a part of what we are planning and what will continue to on the future plans we make you know reach out to us in africa vip now if you want to start your own crystal movie studio crazy cartoon studio music studio whatever just starts you know don't bother with the how just take the first step you know um you don't have to have all the money in the world or all the money to start your own disney you don't have to have the equal amount of money that disney or maramax or any of the other studios have just start when you take the first step you will see that i can take a second step when you take a second step you see that i can take a test step and on and on and on so that's how it works you know so thank you god bless you if you ever give me your life just go to salvation prayer dot alfredo vip have a nice day

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