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Tracking A Killer : Movie Reviews - by Alfred


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A woman tries to prove her daughter's innocence after police accuse her of murdering her high school track-and-field teammate.


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the movie tracking a killer now this is basically the worst thing i have ever seen you know clearly whoever got the job to make this movie to direct the movie and to even maybe produce it got it as a result of um you know diversity that is a diversity higher drop and it's clearly the work of a woman you know and the woman who doesn't know anything about movie making the the whole thing is terrible i just saw the trailer and the trailer reveals the whole movie there's no point of watching the movie after seeing the trailer you understand the beginning middle and the end especially if it's a mystery when you are making a mystery because it's about tracking a killer you know finding out um a girl is um framed for killing her friend you know and she's you know in the track team and she's somebody that has um anger management issues so she's the perfect person to free but everybody believes that she's guilty and you know it is actually you know it is funny you have to understand something about this kind of um movies it's all about the reveal it's basically under the the tradition of who donates so the audience have to have it in their mind who did it who killed the fellow who died you know because this is in line with you know what was created from sherlock holmes and um basically i got that christian you know that's who donate british stuff you know even though this is an american movie you must understand that culture because when people are watching this movie they are like they are watching it carefully and part of it is like they are trying to guess who the who committed the mother of course at the end of the day the person the killer will be revealed but in this case in the trailer you see the entire plot and it is revealed that it is clearly actually the mother of the of another girl you know who actually did the killing so the mother knew that the daughter was the guilty party and she still framed another um person for it reframed the person who everybody who believed you know was capable of it for it you cannot reveal that kind of thing in a trailer you cannot even let such a team be revealed in any blog because that is the entire point of people watching the movie they want to know they want to discover it's about the reveal of who actually did it you know who actually committed the mother it's kind of like a football match where before the football match should tell everybody the score you know you can't tell everybody the score you know before the football match you have killed it for the people who are watching it you know there's such a thing called spoilers you know and it it is something that you would think that people would know but it's terrible you know those who saw the trailer are not going to see the movie the trailer just is terrible and even the pacing of it it's you know you're doing a mystery so it has to you have to do quick shots you know and just um um kind of like a music video a rap music video where um they don't show a scene for more than a particular shot it's never really in the scene for more than three seconds if you count one two three the shot has changed either they are showing another shots of another um from another angle at the same scene or from a different scene or from the same you know of the same person but from a different angle but it gives a fast-paced movement you know to what um people are saying so when you are trying to you know you are trying to raise anxiety and the person that is watching so you cannot treat it like if it's um um you know just a simple um documentary even a documentary is even even much better it's even much faster than this when it comes to the editing of a trailer it's so terrible you know so in any case this movie would have been much better as a crystal movie because there's a lot of angles that will be dealt with you know the revenge angle the mother you know going to the extent of killing to protect and you basically framing someone else to protect her daughter who killed someone you know the christian aspect to it as in the aspect of the god angle to it you know um what is she thinking you know where does her morality stand you know how does that play with her her guilt her you know her morale of um systems you know her belief in god and what god would do about that you know how is that justified and how does she still want to raise her child you know and you know what part of that does she actually have accountability because she is the one who is responsible for her child you know i've said it before that his tv and um the media and you know the the government that wants to and it's actually the ones that are raising their child you know the school system that are raising children is no longer parents but you know all of this school would actually play really well and you know um the aspect of framing heights would have been done better you know and you know there are there are different factors that could have been really put into it but of course when you bring together people who are getting jobs because of their skin color because they are women in the name of feminism you know it is not about talent for merit anymore so you we have these kinds of things you know so that being said if you like to be a part of taking over the entertainment industry movies video games whatever wits the gospel taking it over the gospel and you know using it to transform this world reach out to us on alfredo vip if you are done you want to start your movie studio you want to get involved in creating crystal movies just take the first step you know when you take the first step you will find out that you can take a second step and after i take a second step you find that you can take a test just keep on you know as they see where there's a real days a week you know descriptions make it very clear action you and you will receive so that's the formula for having do you want to have then acts you know so there's something to be said about people who actually stand up to get what they want versus people who sit down and do nothing or see them and just pray about it you know prayer without action is incomplete so remember to go to africa vip and reach out to us if you haven't given your life to christ go to alfredo vip click the salvation plan link in the main menu when doing that the pager commander has a prayer salvation say that prayer give your life to christ thank you and god bless you

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