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hello everybody i'm alfred i would like to talk to you about the movie the toe let me just read the official synopsis a single toe boat on a road in the middle of nowhere a lone wolf house in the distance actually is probably a street dog but you get a picture brendon walks pseudo shifts in the quietest two boats and wheels hiding from a criminal past where nobody would ever look when he finally gets rumbled word of his whereabouts gets out and his enemies head west for revenge meanwhile local traffic cop cartrings investigation into a simple robbery fans are heading for the boots at exactly the wrong time so basically that is simply some interesting plots you know action plots so the guy decides to work as a toe boots in an obscure part of you know we also in the middle of nowhere you know so hide from his criminal past you know that is not the best way to hide because you are meeting strangers all the time i am meeting different people all the time you know for somebody who is trying to hide from a criminal past you know so there is that but of course the justification is that well it's in the middle of nowhere that is still not a good enough justification if you are hiding you are hiding you will not go and get a job in a place where you are basically going to be meeting anyone who passes through that area you know you might have a house in the middle of nowhere but not decide to work in a tour book you know you could work um perhaps as a manager of an obscure shop or perhaps perhaps you know just walk online you know leave in the middle of nowhere you know that would have been more logical but in any case that's along with a female dice investigating europa a female police officer investigating a robbery she's heading toward that direction when ward gets back about um the fellow's location and his past is not trying to catch up with him that is um somewhat different but based on the tree light has um quite a bit of dark humor at least that seems to be the scene behind the whole movie but in any case every movie would have been better and would be better as a christian movie this movie would have much more better because obviously we will talk we'll look at the redemption aspect and of course the restitution aspect and you know the people coming to meet him and you know in the relationship between the cup and all of that you know it seems to have been better even the comedy would have been better if this was a crystal movie you see we christians need to do all that we can to create great christian entertainment and put it out there as a matter of fact anything we put out to be better than whatever the world has to offer to be honest you know that you're the truth you know and for those of you who are in the world you know those of you who work for secular companies circular entertainment houses you need to start your own start thinking now or join us you know get on board because it is very important what did you do for jesus what did you do with the gospel you can't have the truth and hide it you can't have a light and hide it under a bushel that is not wise they will let people who are confused who do not know the left from their rights who are leading the world in a direction where people don't even know the difference between male and female i will now have people crazy putting all kinds of silly nonsense in their twitter bibles him heard them them day they and all those kinds of nonsense they don't even know who they are anymore they have lost their identity and they are now an open slate for satan to give them a new identity

terrible that being said if you like to be a part of what we are doing to take over the entertainment industry reach out to us on alfred dot vip if you like to start your own studio your home movie studio video game studio cartoon and you know animation studio go ahead and do it don't ask how just take the first step and when you take the first step you will see that you'll be able to take a second step and when you take a second step you will see that you'll be able to take the test step just move don't switch just do it you know so that being said if you're not giving your life to christ go to alfredo vip click the salvation prayer link in the main menu or just go to salvation prayer. alfredo vip thank you and god bless you

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