The Highlander's Inconvenient Bride - Terri Brisbin : Book Reviews - by Alfred


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Betrothed by duty

To his enemy!

To strengthen an alliance between their clans, future chieftain of the mighty Cameron Clan, Robbie Cameron, must marry Sheena MacLerie. Only, she is the last person he would have picked after her betrayal years ago. Now she is as infuriatingly elusive as ever—and, worse, seems intent on breaking their betrothal! Just what is his inconvenient bride hiding? Uncovering her secrets means earning her trust…but that also ignites a simmering passion!

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the book the highlanders inconvenience bride let me read the official synopsis betrothed by duty to his enemy to strengthen an alliance between their clans future chieftain of the mighty cameron clan robbie cameron must marry shilia mcleary only she is the last person he would have picked after her betrayal years ago now she is as infuriatingly elusive as ever and was seems intense on breaking the arbitral wow just what is his inconvenience bride hiding uncovering her secrets means earning her trust but that also ignites a simmering passion now this is the typical cliche stuff that you expect from the genre this um

highlander kind of thing you know is basically a mini genre of its own when it comes to romance novel you know highlander stories there's of course the vikings and you know celtics kind of sub genre of romance and all of that you know these different subjects now this um synopsis this the plot is is so typical so we have

a lack of creativity on the plot side and you know you can't really blame the auto because publishers like harley quinn a lot of people don't notice about a lot of book publishing they have their rules of you have to write for this genre and this is what we expect in this genre so that creates a lot of limitations of where one can go and one cannot go when it comes to creativity so it's like almost every book is a reproduction of a particular standard or prototype for that genre you know so that is what basically this is and unfortunately it is based on sensuality and sex which works against romance because romance and sex are two different things romance and sensuality are two very different things you know they are actually not the same there are a lot of people who confuse the two there are too many people who confuse it especially when it comes to um the so-called romance um movies and books these two things are different there's a difference between love and sex there are two very differences and these kinds of books you know the more kids read this book and especially them susceptible females because this is their audience you know and this is what most females grow up reading now that people are not as smart as they used to be and people don't read more it's not mostly um who are not necessarily young you know as young as they started reading before like um teenagers would have read these kinds of books in the 90s but now it is now mostly women in their late 20s and 30s but mostly older but the younger ones and the larger concentration we go to the movies of of this genre and with these storylines and some of the movies will be adaptation from books like this you know but books that actually serve well and our best sellers so they might end up being adopted into movies but you see this kind of story is uh terrible there are many things to say about um this and the aspect of the arranged marriage and for um a political you know benefits you know it's it's an interesting thing that's you know um thankfully they did not go too cliche with it you know with the um but i'm guessing that is because i'm looking at the surface you know i'm just reading the synopsis perhaps in the book they still also maintain all sorts of cliche with that you know this book would have been much better as a christian um book dealing with perhaps the same scenario and topics you know where um it will seem advantageous for a man to marry a woman to unite two different clans you know so there's a lot that goes into it and of course god jesus is the prince of peace so who better to include in a story that has to do with sending things straight and you know there being peace between two different um clans in this case you know because this um

it's something that really um

and interestingly enough it's also going to it seems like it's part of why it's actually going to end up becoming a mini series you know we just say totally different topic you know there's not much to go on in the plot in itself for it to actually become a ministry it's a mini book series you know because um the plot is just quite frankly blood but it is what it is i guess that being said if you like to be a part of transforming the entertainment landscape taping over the entertainment landscape with the gospel you know if you like to be part of what you are planning and if you like to be part of future plans reach out to us on we are looking forward to hearing from you also notes that you can start your own book publishing company you can start your own novel just that you know so um there's nothing keeping you write your own christian of your own christian story you can self-publish it and put it out there push the gospel out there you don't need anybody's approval you know you just need one person's approval god's approval get god on board and go ahead with it thank you and god bless you


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