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The East : Movie Reviews - by Alfred


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A young Dutch soldier deployed to suppress post-WWII independence efforts in the Netherlands' colony of Indonesia finds himself torn between duty and conscience when he joins an increasingly ruthless commander's elite squad.

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred i'd like to talk to you about the movie the east let me just read the stenosis a young dutch soldier deployed to suppress post world war ii independence efforts in the netherlands colony of indonesia finds himself done between duty and conscience when he joins an increasing lee rootless commander's elite squad you see like i've always said this is what's um is the reality movies are all about propaganda this is just pure politics and this is to change a political rhetoric and to create you know a message you know it's it's interesting how a lot of entertainment now and a lot of people are trying to change history and reality to make everything fit a narrative for their own political aims and ambitions for the population you know this is what movies are about if you are out there thinking that a movie is just about entertainment or entertainment itself is just about entertainment no no no you know use your brain entertainment is a great way to get into people's minds and it's a great way to transform you know a people you see this movie just since it's purely you know a political message and you know a political view of a moment in time in history in order to create a rhetoric for present actions and to inspire people in a present direction that will aid certain political objectives that is exactly what all of this is and it is disguised as an action you know one movie and of course when you bring the human aspects into it and um the people you know that is what it will look like but understand something the reality of the matter is that the morals of a lot of people come from television it comes from the movies that they see you see morals

for a society has to be that of the entire society if your morals are only unique to you in other words if you believe something is right but nobody else believes that is right you are on your own that is that is not immoral you know a serial killer can believe that what he's doing is right but that is his own opinion that is only him out of that fits into first of all what everybody else in that society believes about what he's doing do they believe it is right or it is wrong then of course there is the reality of um what is the truth which is what god thinks that supersedes every other thing does god say that it is right to be spherical or not you see so um these are things you have to understand you know and you can create and manipulate the morality of an entire nation from movies and actually council culture and work culture and political correctness is about this also it's about creating a morality creating a uniform standard of morality this is okay this is okay if you do not believe this you're a bigot in other words you're a sinner so it's basically a religion you see but the religion built by man and for propaganda for setting games this is why you know we must put our money in this some of you you are christians here yeah busy building mansion left right and center what have you done for the kingdom of god you know what have you done for the kingdom of god aside from building churches if there's anything that lockdowns have shown us it is that we must move majority of our money from building churches left right and center into other things

also you know when it comes to education the lockdowns and all that should have shown you the importance of online schooling

and you know improving that and working in that direction there are some schools that you know it's taking them a fortune to run and that's why they are struggling you know my people pay for lack of knowledge when you lack knowledge that is why you suffer you see you can teach so many people um online they are making videos and all of that many people are learning this there are schools that just a few schools 100 online but sadly some schools you know that are even online because of their offering activities they have to make their online education very expensive because if they make it cheap nobody will enter their physical campuses education as it is without the government aid can be free thanks to technology is it not let me put it this way when you go to school the textbook that you are reading is it is it that day that you wrote it some of you are reading textbooks that were written seven years ago ten years ago five years ago

you see so what is the point you know a lot of the teaching materials you are getting is fixed it's the same thing that your ancestors read you know when it comes to the new one they are just new alterations if you write a new book on economics you cannot write a book on economics that defines the theory of demand and supply different from what your ancestors read you cannot write a book on economics that defines you know division of labor different from what your ancestors read that it was so even in that case the new books are just adding little additions to what was always there so the reality of the matter is that you are just being recycled the same thing and you have to pay for it if you just get the textbooks or the video material let us say that because you know your record the teacher recorded you know himself teaching and you know they actually added visual effects and all of the other things they help with explanations and the visuals to make um kids really understand and remember it that is enough to teach those particular concepts because we understand the reality of the method in certain subjects quite frankly a lot of the subjects we learn in school the things that we learn are constants one plus one is always going to be close to two

that is what your father lent in school that is what his father learned in school and that is what his father's father lent in school that one plus one is going to be close to two there is no new textbook that you comment and now see any textbook that tries to say that one plus one is equals to something else that ah this is the new something that is madness you know so you understand that the constants are the same so what is the justification for the high school fees when it is the same thing you see you can pick up your parents books on economics and you know maths and calculus you know and if you have learnt it you have learned calculus if you have learned what what is there in algebra algebra is algebra 20 years from now algebra will still be algebra you are not adding anything new to algebra you know so all the new textbooks is just editing and you know adding a little thing you know making a different packaging it's just repackaging the same thing you know so um what is the news for paying for all that repackage

you know a good even if um it is compulsory that somebody has to update the textbook how what is the cost of that just on an individual you know versus the entire school let us see that um one economic textbook that you know everybody agrees with the entire nation is using it you know when um everybody has written agrees you know with with what is in it because that is basically still what happens because you know that is just the reality of the of the matter you know there are government-approved books in many countries so it's still what i'm saying is still already happening but you see when you have read them what needs to be added you know you've read it you've known it wouldn't it be cheaper for people you know just let people and give um the parents that they have the freedom let's let everything go back to homeschooling you know people learning their houses there a lot of videos there's a lot of things you know people can interact then at the end of any set period depending on you you take an exam then if you pass the exam you pass to a different grade you ca you know you learn how you want you learn at your own pace and then you pass certain official exams general standardized tests there are people who are against that those are evil people you know that is a different matter those are racist people very racist you know there are a lot of um this segment of the black lives matter and crowd that is saying that standardized test is racist how is it racist a universal test that everybody is taking but african americans are feeling the tests more than white people but it is the same test that given to everybody and you say that it is racist so you want african-americans to be given a different test to be taking a different set than this sat down that's why people are taking is that what you want then when african-americans feel their own then you'll now see ahead that this is surely racism that they gave african-americans a harder test they are giving everybody the same standardized test the same test and african americans are performing poorly as those race hustlers who are the key reason for the destruction of you know any bad thing a lot of the evil and a lot of the destruction a lot of the lack of progress in among african americans is because of that crowd the race being crowd those who are always um trying to take advantage of um um race and make an issue out of a racial inequality this race this race that is that oh we are fighting for this and they use the word black we are fighting for black people you know people are not even even intelligent enough to open up the dictionary and look up the meaning of the word black if you were smart enough to open objection and look at the meaning of the word black you will never call yourself black if you are smart enough to research and understand why that word was chosen that is an english word that is a word that means darkness that is a word that means without color that is a word that means unwanted that is a word that is used to represent something that is terrible unpleasant that is what black means and that was used to call refer to a certain race of people to to actually um discriminate against them and to make them look less than human that was the purpose and now you are now proud of it and you are saying proud to be black you have not taken pride in an insult just the same way when you listen to a lot of um rap music they always call themselves the n-word before it was brought out how did african-americans go from calling themselves broader to the end watch left right and center now thanks to the fact that it is so popular and it doesn't you know african americans don't want to let go of it african americans never want to let go of the things that pull them down just the same way they never want to let go of always complaining about race so they have created this big boogeyman which will always keep them back because they'll always believe look at how can african-americans be performance poorly in sac and you say that is because of racism why don't you tell them to read why don't you tell them study why don't why don't why don't you put put them you know tell them the reality this is your fault if you get an f you know a maths it has nothing to do with racism it's you that did not study is you that did not read that is how there are a lot of african-americans in prison who they are saying is because of um um racism is because of white supremacy that there is a system they call it the um um prison pipeline or whatever um um whatever to prison pipeline you know school you know um that's that is what they they now call it whatever new name they have named it the population the over-representation the so-called over-representation of african-americans in prisons in america you should be ashamed of it you know did you were you put there without committing any crime why are you the ones that have become the icons and the poster boys and girls for crime

the more you blame the white supremacists so the ones that are in prison are just are feeling justified they they have no responsibility they don't take it upon themselves that is because of what i did because of the choices i made you choose to sell drugs so you choose to go into crime you chose to live a life of crime and you know sometimes you may see other people commenting crime and then you go ahead and when you go ahead it is it's when the police will come and i'll catch you you know so um don't don't be fooled don't live a life of crime don't go into crime leave crime alone and you will not find yourself injured it is only criminals that are afraid of police in a place like america maybe if you are in a third world country you will be singing a different tune about police you know because then you will know what real discrimination is you know when you will open your mouth and there is nobody to listen to you not that you are protesting left right and center and everybody is bending down for you you know and all your silly requests that you are making you know so it is sad but

all these issues have to be addressed quickly and if the church does not address it you know darkness cannot drive out darkness you cannot add darkness to darkness and then the result will be light darkness plus darkness does not equals to lights you see so only the church is the light of the world only the church is lights because christ is light everything outside of god everything outside of christ is darkness so why would they expect you know the world and they are so-called attempts fund a solution to make things better you know it results in in chaos it results in trouble you cannot trust them you cannot rely on them you know that being said make sure it goes to alfredo's vip you know richard was looking forward to hearing from you you know if you like to make movies you know christian entertainment make sure you do that you know just take the first step that's all it takes when you take the first step you will see that you can take a second step when you take a second step you say that you can take it that step when you take that step you'll see that i can take a first step and on and on and on you know don't ask god how just take the first step you know there is something that you have to do don't wait for the heavens to open up for god to speak out and say my son i want you to start the movie studio a lot of you before you bought bitcoin or invested in what you were investing did you wait for god to appear and say my son i want you to invest in bitcoin you just invested you know as risky as that is you know then when it comes to starting a a an empire for the gospel it's problematic for you you don't mind investing in disney you don't mind buying buying shares in disney in apple you don't mind investing in microsoft these companies these facebook companies that would use their money to to give billions to evil causes like black lives matter and the lgbt cause satanic causes that will result in destruction that are obviously causing destruction before ice and that plans to cause greater destruction you know recently america was i mean um blm was blaming america for the states in cuba you know and of course now that cuba is uh going through what they are going through the bernie sanders and the um aocs and the left you know this they are you know interestingly you know they are not coming to terms with the reality of look at what socialism does look at what um their so-called democratic socialism does it has never worked before and we never work you know that system of let us steal from the rich and give to the poor let us make sure that the government wants everything and controls everything and then you know will be all right you know we cannot allow um in the name of let us not allow let us fight against um rich powerful people who may use their money for evil you now want to take away money from all the people and then put all the power in the hands of the government who are already unreliable who have already proven themselves to all be nefarious people with ulterior motives that is now where you want to permanently recite power so turning places into communist china and north korea that is exactly what you are trying to do you know look at the the state of people in south nations that keep on fighting against people being rich if you want to make the poor richer yes that is an honorable thing you know but the way to do it is not by taking from the rich and giving to the poor it is not by stealing from direction giving and all these things that we are talking about it is just a create a uniform creation of poverty because at the end of the day nothing is really given to the poor you know they just take from the rich and keep for themselves in the in their political offices you know but and that is that make sure it goes if you've not given your life to christ click the salvation prayer link in the main menu when you enjoy the page you come out as a prayer of salvation say that prayer and give your life to christ thank you and god bless you you

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