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The Colony : Movie Reviews - by Alfred


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Set in the distant future, a female astronaut, shipwrecked on the long-decimated Earth, must decide the fate of the wasteland's remaining populace.

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk to you about the movie the colony now this is a remake you know at least they're like two or more other movies with that same name let me read the official synopsis it says set in the distant future if female astronauts ship wrecked on the long decimated it must decide the fit of the waste lands remaining populist now you see this movie

fits into you know all the propaganda of global women and nonsense like that you know you know how the world will be destroyed you know if we don't fall in line into compliance with all the global warming lies on nonsense that they tell you know so there is that you know that aspect of the case is always there and you know it's interesting how satan has actually created um the sci-fi to meet his agenda the sci-fi genre so what is always in this sci-fi genre is things like this about the future future apocalypse and um um wastelands you know so the entire teaching about the book of revelation and the international body apocalypse has been replaced by you know global warming hysteria you know that it will come to an end if you do not do all the global warming compliance nonsense not the eco-friendly compliance nonsense since which is unscientific you know things that are basically proven to be false so for example when certain prophecies in the book of revelation are coming to pass like you know the montana red and you know the sun and all of all the different things you can see happening in the book of revelation that has to do with the environment you know comets and all of that you know far from heaven and all of that all of that is going to be explained as part of global warming as oh this is the global warming we have we're telling you about you know and further enforcing compliance to anti-christian ideologies teachings and doctrines because when you look at eco-friendly madness you see you can see how it is packaged together with a whole bunch of differences we understand that this is a replacement of what was there before with the satanic ideology and that means every single team being replaced the entire world and culture that as we know it's been replaced by a new way of doing things in every aspect of life that is why we see blm mixed with lgbt what relationship does those do those two things have you see you see it also mixed with like democracy democratic party build back better you know economic forum you see it mixed with um eco-friendliness and all that nonsense of them going green you how do all these things match how do all these things form the whole and go together you see this is what satan is orchestrating he's replacing every single thing how does that merge with anti-christian ideologies why is it that when somebody is pro-eco-friendly they are most likely going to be against christianity and they are most likely going to be pro-lgbt how come all those things go together you see because the the feeling of those kinds of information are coming from the same sources and the same channels it's united you know so we as christians as well as people who have had the bible we have had the book of revelation but we did not prepare for it we do not prefer for a case scenario where the devil will do all these things we have seen that in the future there is persecuted there is going to be great persecution during the tribulation period have we made preparations for the saints who will be around during the tribulation period even though we will not be here what about them we can put things in place to safeguard them we can put things in place to make sure that the books the christian materials because christian materials are going to be banned it's all going to be under the aspect of this misinformation we do not want misinformation to spread well we do not want anything that is against the new world order the one word or anything that is against unity anything that's against peace you know just the same way president trump has called the racists all christians will be called racists all christians will be called begottes all christians will be called hate people you know they are full of hate they don't like anybody they believe that um everybody is going to go the hell apart from them they are full of hate and you can see that kind of rhetoric already starting you can see that kind of rhetoric already coming and spreading so you see satan has already planned and he is already executing you know he's an interesting project manager and his projects to kill steal and destroy you know with the bible as something he uses as a guide to know the future because he's no longer connected with god so he has no revelation and he has no um relationship or connection with the holy spirit so he has no way of knowing the future apart from what he has seen in the bible so he uses that we actually are in a better place to prophesy you know the devil can actually even listen to our prophecies you know to make certain plans you know to prepare for certain scenarios you know so there is that and of course you know as somebody who was a former angel you know they are saying things he knows way back then you know that um still safe to his advantage today you know but he has been stripped of authority and power you know but he still um has um tricks of his leaves but all his tricks are going to come to knots before us however if we do nothing his tricks are going to prevail know my people pray for lack of knowledge you know inaction is a result of lack of knowledge an inaction is going to land you in in in a in a very unfortunate situation there'll be no difference from you and the unbeliever you will suffer like don't believe that you will suffer like the one who has no god if you have a gun but you don't know how to eat it 20 scones you your goose is cooked just like somebody who has no gun because you don't know how to use what you have or you didn't use what you have so it is not enough to have christ it's not enough to have the word of god it's not enough to have prophecy are we using it

you know so and use it well so that that is very important that being said if you like to be a part of taking over the entertainment industry you know for christ for the gospel with the gospel richard's also afraid of those vip we're looking forward to hearing from you and if you have been dead you know you don't even have to be led you know you should do what you can do to start your own um movie company christian movie company that just makes christian movies movies that we change because change the world with the gospel you know make crystal movies make a movie um video game companies and the rest of them you don't ask god for advice before you invest from some of you bought apple stock some of you have bought bitcoin did you ask god for permission before he bought bitcoin you just bought it so in the same way why are you waiting for god to speak to you and tell you to start a movie studio why are you waiting for god to speak to you and tell tell you oh go here and win souls go here and preach the gospel or gift to this ministry isn't it written in in the in the word that this is your mission this is your purpose on it preach the gospel go therefore into all nations and and you know spreading the good news is what we are here for nothing else nothing else every other thing is just um something that is um an add-on that will pass away it is not important you know you are not on it to get married god did not put you on edge for the purpose of having children god did not put you on earth for the purpose of having a good job god god did not put you on the edge for the purpose of having a house so all these ones that you are concerned with your own business and of trivial things that will pass away put your mind on what is really important on what you are here for which is so winning now you have received the gospel pass that gospel across to someone else you don't have to wait and keep in mind that your inaction is going to give other people the opportunity like the lgbt and the rest of them to do all kinds of propaganda for your own slavery to be established look at how the people of cuba have been treated like slaves in their own country and this has always been look at nigeria for example the way that nigeria nigerians have been robbed by the government for decades upon decades things seem to have even been better during the colonization the real colonization era you know before 1960 than it is now you know most of the even the roads that are built in nigeria the ones that last longer you know the ones that are even you know that are still active most of them are the ones that were there before 1960 and have not even been touched you know people are building new roads in the modern time that belong to you know that that come from all kinds of old and a cake um um materials for example if when you look at patakot and you look at the flyovers that are being built in products those flyovers the quality of those flyovers are things that belong in the 80s and in the 50s that is what other nations were building in their own countries in the 50s and 1860s understand that this is the 2000s this is 2 20 21 you know this is centuries later you know this is a completely different you know time it can be a different generation you know this this is way different and look at what dubai is doing look at the things that are built in dubai look at the things that are built in other nations look at the projects that are being built then look at the ones that are the new product what kind of train are they building for example the president of nigeria wants to build a train for his own people in the north to aid only his own people because that is the only people that matter to him in nigeria what kind of train is he building it is the holding this kind of training other people in london are busy building speed trains they are trying to make trains that move as fast you know almost as fast as an aeroplane but it is a train and at the same time there is enough shock absorber within the entire system that you know people who are able to be comfortable have beds and all of that that is what they are building that is the kind of project you should be working on because keep in mind that nigeria has that kind of money they do because money is money nigeria has the money to build those kinds of speed trains here there is nothing you know majority of the things that are built in dubai can also be built in nigeria but when nigerians want to do a project they will build trash and nonsense where's majority of the money going into the pockets of different positions and you can see the people rejoicing over flyovers that belong to the 60s that other nations were building in their nation in the 60s and 50s

how can you rejoice over look at the quality of the nonsense when other nations are moved on other nations are building you you see nations that were deserts now have amusement parks and resort centers that are bigger and better than disneyland people who live near disneyland in orlando are flying over to dubai to see the theme parks in dubai which was a desert

but yet nigeria is a completely different topic people are rejoicing over building complete nonsense how can you be a leader and in 2021 you want to you want to build something that is so old-school you can look at the even the emphasis on trains building trains especially in a nation where there is high mandatory in a nation where you have seen how those kinds of things work isn't building more airports better isn't trying to make the the airports more convenient so that the number of people flying can increase the number of people flying eternally within the country can increase and then also it will decrea decrease the price because if the number of people flying every day increases the airplane companies can afford to decrease the price which would be a good thing for people in niger to actually more frequently fly by playing their goods their services and they themselves when they move rather than the risky journey of buses and all this a lot of money spent on routes at the end of the day airports will still need to be built so why don't you start there first why don't you start on trying to maintain when it comes to the quality of the planes look at the planes in in nigeria it was only in nigeria that you know a plane that was going to london the door started vibrating and shaking in the air they had to land it and it was after it landed and came out the door completely came off what if that door came off when that plane was in the air that is how everybody would have died you see look at the the terrible maintenance culture that is where the mentality that is where um products should be but there's a lot of people who are um incompetence and wicked who are filling up positions of authority and power all over the world especially in a lot of these so-called terrible countries these so-called third world countries are the richest countries in the world a lot of them have all the natural resources and it is nations that do not have natural resources that are richer than them when it comes to money like switzerland what else island has cheese you know what the which national resource does switzerland has is cheese what is cheese how many people what what is cheese and other other natures to uh have better cheese even chocolate sweet chocolate is not from chocolate is the chocolate is not from switzerland the chocolate is from ghana all the expensive sweet chocolate that every that switzerland is famous for its sweet chocolates that chocolate is not from there it is from ghana the raw materials the cocoa is from ghana not from swiss lad silang does not have nothing when it comes to natural resources but it is the people that have the most natural resources that are the poorest people because their minds are poor and they elect evil people to be their leaders and then in in most cases a lot of the evil people create systems where election does not matter because they are in charge of counting the votes and you can see that nonsense also with what happened with um donald trump in the second election you see where you know someone said it is not about um um who they vote for it is about who counts the votes and it is unfortunate but it is true you know so all these positions of authority we need to have active plants

strategic plants on taking all of them because you cannot leave them in the hands of evil men and expect good things to happen and then you just pray why didn't god tell the people of israel to pray that goliath will be a good person why didn't god tell the people of israel to pray that goliath will love the jews and help the jews

you see you you have to be smart you cannot leave evil people in power and expect evil people to do good things you know you when you reference things like apostle paul saying that you should pray for leaders in authority understand the times that apostle paul lived in also understand the fact that all those christians died they were praying for the leaders in authority and they died they all they were they were executed they were they were killed in the worst way possible including the apostle paul because prayer is not enough prayer without action you know and and different things require different kinds of action understand that the scripture says the the fervent heart felt prayer of a righteous man are very much how can you have a favorite heartfelt heart about something you are praying for if you are not willing to if you are not taking any action about it god is looking at that the the forces of the earth you know god has created things to function by principle so the principles of the earth that god has established determine on your or on your sincerity your sincerity in prayer is based on how you pray yourself what you are praying is it touching you if you are praying and it is just head or mouth is this lip service is just a show you are doing but it's not touching your heart it's not coming from your heart and also your actions are not in line with what you are praying for and you are not believing that you will receive you are not going to receive that is a fact so um that being said you know make sure you go to you know and you know reach out to us we are looking forward to hearing from you especially you know you have to be a part of doing all that we can to take over the entertainment industry for christ all entertainment movies video games music everything take it over everything because keep in mind they are planning to take everything over very soon to gospel music will be considered hate speech

if you do nothing a time you come with gospel music is surely going to be considered hate speech preaching sermons on tv will be considered wrong and even if you say uh everybody is not the christian why are you telling people that they should convert to christianity why why you know what is that you know a lot of people and it will be like oh um what you are saying is not in line with what the psychiatrist and the doctors say because keep in mind the doctors and the psychiatrists are the replacement for pastors they are replacements for imams they are replacements for buddhists all these buddhist monks in buddhist temple your replacement is the psychiatrists and their body of psychology of how people shall act and behave that is the new priests of the new world order the psychiatrists and the psychologists the shrink and they are all using books from the educational system and all of that that they they who who know themselves can't show and goes along with their lives those are the ones that that is what all psychologists and psychiatrists how did all psychologists and psychiatrists overnight agree that it is okay for people to be transgender that a man can automatically say that he's a woman and he's a woman all psychologists and psychiatrists just the same way with doctors how is it that all doctors all of a sudden believes that a mask can prevent a virus

a virus that is many times smaller than each of the point that mask how do they believe that a virus is an effective of stopping it that a max is an effective of stopping it how do they ignore what about the skin what about okay let us say you are wearing a mask and coronavirus is really a deadly listen what about your skin what are you wearing to protect that and by when it marks you are actually exposing yourself more because not only are you in a situation where you're actually putting something around your face that way accommodates more viruses a more um more um those small viruses um diseases death and all kinds of gems that is what you are doing it has the the the exposure to gems has increased because of wearing a fixed mass all of these were things that were known scientifically

but how come that the entire medical community just goes along with anything that they are passed down from above that is the same thing with psychologists and psychiatrists tomorrow if they say that all problems come from the parents so everybody should wake up women and kill their parents that that is the way to to happiness all psychologists and psychiatrists we just agree the same way that all doctors just agreed whatever they are passed down about the coronavirus look at how um for example you know there are numerous cases of people who have taken the so-called vaccine and have been tested they at the test day before they took the vaccine they were they were um they tested negative for coffee nighting after they took the vaccine days later weeks later you know going about their life they got they tested policy for the vaccine now in some country countries and some cities they are saying that in spite of taking the vaccine they should still wear marks indoors they are not even talking about wearing max outdoors they are saying you should wear marks indoors in your own house you should wear masks to show you what this is really about

and yet doctors have all gone along with this it doesn't make any scientific sense this is the problem with people and you so and you see that is also because all doctors and all of that they are controlled if they go against the grain they have their medical license revoked just like if they the psychologists and psychiatrists go against the grain they will have their own licenses revoked so that is the means of control when it comes to controlling the church a lot of churches are controlled via taxes a lot of churches because they especially in the western world in america and um specifically in america that 501 tree and reservation you know that bounce and pastors from talking about politics or involving themselves in politics or talking about so many range of things you know the pastors cannot talk about what the government doesn't want them to talk about you know otherwise they will take their non-profit status away from them that is a way of intimidation that is a way of control and that is how a lot of tragedies have been controlled in america that is why the devil can make as much advancement as he has done because a lot of the churches in america especially the big ones they are all right and when you look at a lot of churches the churches are not about jesus anymore they are not about the word of god anymore they are they are building their own seniors their own community and their own thing that they are doing you know it's just like um a friendly and support system country club that most churches have become you know that in itself has some advantages but the point is that it is not about jesus jesus is taken away you know there are people who are twisting the message of jesus to be anything if tomorrow when tomorrow um

the the people say that oh that um um you can you know if a man can say that he's he he he's a girl and being like a relationship with 30 people and call it the marriage the atrocities who will jump on it and say that yes it's okay and they'll look for a way to twist the bible to say that it is so can say well look at david david had married how many wives i mean solomon had many wives and many concubines and yet god said that he was a man after his own heart you know that was in case of david you know god was pleased with sulaiman and you know solomon was wise if in his wisdom he saw it's wise to marry so many wives why can't a man you know marry many wives and then they will not add it and say and include um other men so you now have all kinds of nonsense it is whatever the world says you know it is just like you listen to opera today whatever nonsense opera is saying today is what the church in america will be saying five years from that day or ten years from that day you know the the church receives his instruction from the world the direction that the world goes it's where the church in america you know often goes you know so you need to be careful you know we need to do um things to change things you know and this does not mean that you will now start your own ministry of um starting your youtube channel and insulting churches and saying this church is not of god this is not don't do that rather than telling people all the things that are wrong tell people all the things that are right you know tell people all the things that are right you know i'm not mentioning the name of any choices that you may have observed you know tell people the way to please god the way to live a christian life don't go into the um the the realm of pointing out oh this church is wrong because of this distrust is wrong because of this this russia's strong people will figure it out themselves when you tell them to treat when you give them lights then darkness they were able to see the difference between light and darkness so just give them the lights so that is that you know that being said if you haven't given your life go to alfredo vip click the salvation prayer link in the main menu when do that page come out that has a prayer of savage and see that prayer and give your life to jesus christ you know that's it thank you and god bless you

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