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Devoted family man Ray Cooper (Jason Momoa), vows justice against the pharmaceutical company responsible for pulling a potentially life saving drug from the market just before his wife (Adria Arjona) dies from cancer. But when his search for the truth leads to a deadly encounter that puts Ray and his daughter Rachel (Isabela Merced) in harm's way, Ray's mission turns into a quest for vengeance in order to protect the only family he has left.

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hello everybody i'm alfred i would like to talk to you about the movie sweet girl now first of all the name is wrong you know let me just receive the official synopsis for the movie a man vows to bring justice to those responsible for his wife's debts while protecting the only family he has left his daughter you know this is a movie starring jason malmo or something you know the guy that's played aquaman with number head but in any case you know this guy you know it's a typical revenge movie you know seeking revenge you know the actual movie with that revenge line because someone hot voice or by some you know some will form responsible for um someone's um the debtors that is close to someone then he goes out on out on a limb basically eventually is male or female but in any case this um is on big pharma you know and it's interesting obviously a lot of people on the internet and a lot of people basically you know who i would say from that alex jones angle you know anybody that is around that um alex jones angle when it comes to um political denis is not a big fan of big farmer then again even the left a lot of people on the left are not a big fa are not big sound fans or big farmer you know and by that i'm talking about the medical industry and you know big pharmaceutical corporations who make a lot of money you know of course on the left a lot of times it's all about um because they are powerful because they hate institutions you know and you can see that it's um anti-fun they also hate the welding but on the right there's most of that as a motivation which is also a problem but you know in some cases it goes down into certain details of um many other things that are under the alley of the alex jones you know what alexander says you know so once interestingly see that alex jones makes the truth sound like a conspiracy theory you know and that is something that is hard to argue with you know it's it's it's just it will seem to be that way you know he does has a way of making the truth sound like a conspiracy theory which doesn't look good and which is not good in the long run but in any case that being said you know this movie it's i guess it's okay but plot wise you know it's something that is overdone you know that revenge line you know he blames a pharmaceutical company for the death of his wife because you know um they in here in his estimate they put profit over human lives but that's what a company does you know the company's first objective is not to be charitable even if they are a medical firm you know there is no such thing as human life saves number of human life seeds the number of people helped on a balance sheet you know that has to translate to money yes a business creates products or services available to help people but understand the importance of profits and you know if um one wants to go into balancing things out to make sure that even though the company is running you know it's all about the company being not being in the red and you know all of that you know there are so many things that goes into it but understand that the purpose of the company is to make profits so yeah they are going to be card routes you know in a company's quest to make profit if it is profitable for a company and liga for it to fire employees it will do so and that is what is called you know laying off employees you know for um corporate re-adjusting and all of that um um stuff that they do you know it's it's it saves the company money and the more i take the technology that man has available you know keeps improving though the less physical human labor is needed you know the same amount of human labor can accomplish you know way more you know so if the market the demand for the products is not expanding at the same pace with the technology then that means that the a lot of the humans in the production machines become unnecessary they become deadweights and they become costs to the company they are not helping the profits of the company you know so there is that and also when it comes to making products a lot of companies you've known about a lot of companies who like they say we are no longer offering this service so these products you know even if a lot of people millions of people are using it it's just that it's more profitable for it to channel its energies and its resources and its existing employees towards something else that is making more money for it you know so if that is a matter that wants to be addressed because of the casualties and the level of casualties that take place that is good but i would say a bigger problem is um um universal healthcare you know social um healthcare they're trying to make healthcare available for everybody so many people are greater categories of that and it's more important to actually make a movie on that you know there are many people who are dead in in the united kingdom and in canada you know because of this because you know now that um the government wants to take care of everybody's health and you know everybody is basically um unbeknownst to them they think it is free but it is not free because once you are paying taxes for it once you know the government keeps increasing the taxes that you pay and you still need to work but giving you you know so-called free stuff you are just they all they are doing is they are they are moving things that will be on your bill you know for example things that would have been on your bill if you had gotten sick or you had needed to go and see a doctor or whatever it is not permanently inside the taxes and then the service that the government is giving you is not up to what the service that you would have been rendered if you know they let you keep the money you know because now it's now a one-size-fits-all nonsense that is why there are a lot of people who need surgeries and shake up in canada who are placed on a waiting list so a lot of people who need medical attention in canada travel to other countries you see and this is actually helping industries and hospitals in other countries because now you know you you have a witness because it's not the government in charge of of things you know and it's everybody so this is now according to them health care human rights so the issues that come from that is more important than attacking big farmer you know on the on the topic of oh they are making profit they are placing profit over human life that is what the hospital does you know if you do not have money does it not occur to you that if you cannot pay your hospital bill what do you think is going to happen to you do you think you will still be giving a medical aid so it is the same thing across all hospitals it's not like it's the hospital's fault but the hospital needs your money to run you know that is how the hospital is that is how the pharmaceutical industry is don't look at them and say well they are making billions yes they may be making billions but understand that they are also putting billions into research most of which they don't get back any money from because after they put all those business into research if not a good enough product comes true you know there's that issue you know i'm not to defend um big farmer totally because obviously they are behind this corolla virus you know which is also a topic that could have been dealt with you know the way they so-called broad vaccines you know with all these vaccines that they are distributing pfizer is getting trillions pfizer is turning into it is making a lot of its owners multi-billionaires that is what is happening with fizer and all these different companies that have given vaccines because these vaccines are not free these vaccines you may be taking it for free quote unquote but it is not free because the government is paying from it for it and the government is taking money from you the government does not make money so the government takes money from you so you are actually paying for it you are forced to pay for it and forced to you know take a a drug that is or that is going to kill you that is going to destroy that is not for your benefits you know so um there is that aspect there are many things to deal with when it comes to big farm but at least this is a step in a positive direction you know it's kind of unusual that someone who is um staring you know in hollywood it's actually even interested in this kind of topic you know it is political but it is something that you know it seems more right-leaning than left-leaning but the left also has a great interest in these kinds of things you know because of big formal being an institution and all of that so that being said um if you like to be a part of making better movies good movies great movies reach out to us on alfred.vip are looking forward to hearing from you even if you want to start your own company also reach out to us you know we could work together it's very important that you do so you know because it's very important that the gospel goes forth and um the gospel conquers and occupies the entire space the entire space of movies and you know entertainment video games and everything music the whole nine years you know so that's that if you haven't given life to christ go to salvation prayer dot alfredo's vip god bless you 

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