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Stay - The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber : Music Reviews - by Alfred


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{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hey everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about a song st by justin bieber and the kid la roy

well that's an interesting name the kid la roy in any case the song um it has a lot of british files i get british advice from the song and the song basically relationship stuff from um typical um what the media keeps on putting out as a guy perspective you know it's kind of like in a box what guys think about you know and a lot of it is because of sales but there is another problem when there's a consistency message and it becomes propaganda you know it becomes something that frames how people think about certain subjects you know for example there is no diversity of thoughts when it comes to the approach that people take in relationships when it comes to entertainment that is mainstream you know a lot has changed a lot is like put it into this box you can't do this you can't do this you can't do that and that is why we have people like kevin samwell's blog because kevin samus is somebody that nobody has seen that kind of thing before you know and you know people can relate to it at least men can relate to it because you know kevin samwell's um reflects how many men think regarding women and relationships but they never see and this is something that um i guess is part of an underlining um factor between women who call in on his shoe you know there are other reasons but the the reality of the matter is that it is a man talking to them about how men um look at women you know which you will not get in the real world you know even though it is something that every man knows every man can understand you know what kevin sanbos is saying it's kind of like having a discussion with the heart of a man you know that is what a woman is basically doing but keep in mind that that being said it is the heart of some men that is how some men are and there is one thing that um applies with the whole relationship game and when people are giving um relationship advice they never consider the fact that people are different you know there are people who say things like what men want or what women want the thing is that men and women are different and people want different things you know you can't start breaking things down when you look at all these shoes you know from the teeth steve harvey sessions where and women are asking advice and they're saying this is what may want or this is what to do in a relationship whatever advice you are given he's not a one-size-fits-all because people are different people want different things people have different views people what what's the correct thing you have to know is that you yourself have to figure out the solutions for your own relationship first of all it starts with you know you who are you and then from who you are you'll find out what will fit you so you'll know what to look for you know what properties what collection of properties in a in a spouse you look for and then you go you you go for that and it works out for you and understand that trial that you have to isolate all that advice from elsewhere this is how to treat a woman this is what the woman wanted or if your woman you know tell me this what a man wants and all of that you know but um there's a universality and of course this um song for example what i'm saying is that this song just like any other mainstream song relationship they are not going to bring a news perspective on relationship that you've never had before you know everything they will say about relationships or love and all of that you know there's no song that is mainstream that says something that you have never had before you know it's just all in the box so the the same thing applies with the stay you know i'm so unfortunate that i'm here questioning the song you know i don't know if that's a good look justin bieber you know unfortunately as he's distancing himself from christians you know and from church you know like with the hillsong um thing you know the the question is what kind of impact would we have on him because you know some people may look at some a lot of people don't realize the advantages and the setting helps that come to them from people even though those people may be flawed or have certain issues you know that person or that support system helps you so much and you know one of the things that a devil does when he wants to attack you is to isolate you and it's kind of like what lions do when a lion sees a a a a stampede you know like a head of book of um you know sheep or ram or whatever the lions want to attack they look for the one that strays they they aura to scare them and wait for the one that that strays you know because it is very risky for the lion to jump into the stampede of those whether it's running buffalos or whatever it is it becomes very risky so it is the one that is at the edge that strays away from that straight stream in which all the buffalos are running you know that one is um very is a very easy target and satan does that too when people isolate your themselves from a supporting church body you know the question is um where does justin bieber have this christian support system around him because if he doesn't he will easily go back to the world and he will lose his relationship because you see the foundation why he was even able to marry and even go into that was because of the christian aspects you know that impact you know we cannot um nego um neglect the importance of um christian support systems around us you know if he doesn't want to be around hillsong you know which you know it's not to his advantage you know since they have helped him so far and you know he knows that that works you know um but if he doesn't want he should get another good christian support system and you know who you spend the most time with is what is going to reflect on you but the fact that i can see that he's you know because this thing starts small he's now in a song because now it's it's a soon be a song that that you know um keeps on keep on string you know what next is going to be a song with um pimping and love that so this somebody that publicly kind of became a christian you know um wanted to work on that and we could see the advantages of how you know through the influence of certain pastors his life changed now he finds out that one of the pastor has been living a secret life and all of that he's left the church but you've also led the support system it's kind of like if you find out that um you're a student you know you are studying you know and you have a great professor let's say that that professor makes advances towards your makes advances towards someone else and is now you know on trial for pedophilia are you going to stop taking that course are you going to or are you going to lose interest in your education or in going to school you know if you because of that you know lose that you know lose interest in education all that look at how you you have lost you have done that to yourself and that's what a lot of people do they go to a church you know they are members of your church and because they find out later that the pastor does something or a leader does something or requirement by sleeping around then they cut off their relationship with god you know they not only leave the shots but they end up leaving their relationship with god you know so this is something that is um very um um careful people have to be careful about i know that you don't have to be in a trust to have a relationship with gold you know and there's really no middleman but it just serves as a support system and it's for most people more than others you know a lot of people really need that and for someone like him you know this is um unfortunate because anything goes wrong it's not end up in him um and then you know the more because for example a lot of people don't see the relationship between people strengthening their relationship with god and things of god reading the bible spending more time with christensen you know this causing godly topic and who's on topic the impact that that has on a man's faithfulness and keeping him from you know being promised also you know influencing you know feeling in his marriage are cheating on his wife people don't see that but it it has a great thing because it's building you such things are building you stronger you know and it it's making you a better person so that you won't actually fall it's more difficult for you to fall into temptation and you won't even meet a lot of situations of temptation if you have um the building of your of your relationship with god so um hopefully justin bieber gets that in tact and also become somebody that you know actually is pushing for the gospel i don't like certain things he said like you know him talking about hillsong using him for fame understand you know

like what do you think his song is so what do you think a church is you know you have to understand that a church is about telling people about christ spreading the gospel that is what is about so yes they are supposed to use any means to expand the knowledge of course of the gospel if it wasn't for churches before now and pastors and all of that and preachers and all these ministries that you are now opening your mouth and you know going against like um trying to say that um trust is not necessary you know and that's you know nobody needs church or pastor to have relationship with god yes that is true but the church and the pastor has its place its place is not for you to have a relationship with god but its place is to create the support system for to build you any things of god the scripture says you know pastors evangelists you know for the um building up of the sense for the work of the ministry you know that is in the new testament so this is that is one of the things that the church is for for helping creating that support system and also for creating a system in this world because this world is all about systems you know it has to create a system for the winning of source and to spreading the gospel there's nothing that does like your trust if you yourself are a christian and you keep it to yourself so you mean that only you will be saved only you will go to heaven only you will benefit from the gospel you know because god says that you're applying the bible the principles of the bible to in your daily life are helping you with so only you now knows it what about creating system where other people know it and what better system than that than a church it is same thing with giving in a church a lot of people condem um and this giving is just like um why this does the pastor ask for money the question is what is the pastor doing with the money what is the money being used for if the money is for preaching the gospel why not how many people donated 100 billions and millions to black lives matter or how many people donate to lgbt you know gay questions and all of that what is the money being used for for example when somebody gets to the lgbt united are they giving it for people to be to to for lesbian people to to or for women to sleep women are meant to see people where they're not already doing that you know so what is the purpose of the money you know even black lives matter all the money that is being generated where is it going which grain of cereal has its puts into the has which grain of syria has black lives matter you know put in the amount of any hungry african american no where's all this money going you know um but people don't ask us questions you know people don't ask those questions but when it comes to pastors and ministries they're like why why are they asking for money what is the money being used for they have to you have to know this money is used for the running of the church or for winning more source or putting them on tv because anytime you see a person on tv he's losing money pressure is pay to be on tv they don't run ads they don't get paid like oh your show is on our tv you know yeah you're preaching this on our was it's on our tv station so with the tv station we pay because people because of the viewers even though they pay orders they don't pay pastors they don't pay preachers preachers lose money when you see a pressure on tv that is millions of dollars that they are losing when you see other people on tv that is millions of dollars that somebody else is making and they themselves are getting paid people on tv are getting paid but when you see a picture i said totally a different story and that is a different topic because that system has to change but in in any case you see what is the money being used for churches so on that date needs to be transparent with what the money is useful because obviously the pastor also has to eat so it has to be clear and arranged and agreed upon this is what percentage or this is the fee that is going to be passed to you know and then the rest is going for the gospel the majority this is what peter did and by the way the world does this all the time whatever organizations they do you know and they they they eat a lot of money but you know nobody ever talks about this but the church you know that is what people um complain about so you have to be careful and wise you know about you know this distance you know because the devil is on the prowl so what i'll say is that people need to pray for justin bieber and people um and celebrities and all of that who are in similar situations and you know would also be in a similar situation in the future you know you know that being said let's just say brief prayer for justin bieber in in jesus name will lord foreign and for your love for your kindness for all you've done in our lives father bring before you justin bieber we prove us father that his relationship with you will be strengthened his relationship with you will be empowered in the name of jesus christ he will get to know you more he'll get to love you more in the name of jesus christ i pray allah that he will be safe he will be kept in a support system and grow in the things of god and he will not stray in the name of jesus christ i prolose father that he will be an instrument for the spreading of this gospel he'll realize that the purpose of every christian is to change the world with the gospel he will realize and it will become a conviction in his heart that the gospel is the only salvation that by no other name can anyone be saved and that anyone that is kept away from the gospel is being done and injustice anyone that he neglects to preach the gospel when he has new channels and platforms of communication he's holding back on the gospel he's not doing them a service but he's actually doing them as this service because he's putting them in his position where they had an opportunity to be reached but at the end if they continue without grabbing on to salvation and getting to know christ they will end up in hell i prove a lot further that he would have his priorities re-examined i pray love for that for his relationship for his wife i pray that father will get strengthened they will get built in the world and they will get to increase in the knowledge of god you know since in the name of jesus i pray lord father for the right christian support system to be built around him and he's going to grow him and his wife and they are going to do greater mighty things for god in the name of jesus amen let's also pray for kid the kid la roy larroy yeah in jesus name oh lord father we thank you lord father for the kid larry we pray lord father in the name of jesus christ that he will receive the gospel i pray father that his heart will be hungry for the gospel he will be filled he will deliver loop a love and a passion for you in the name of jesus and he's going to go forth and win souls and lead people to christ in the name of jesus christ he's going to be a soldier in the army of the lord in the name of jesus thank you lord father in jesus name amen thanks for joining me with that prayer remember to check out and if you've not given your life to christ go to alfredo vip click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu when do that the page will come out that has a prior salvation say that prayer and give your life to jesus christ so that is it for today thank you and god bless you

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