Simone Biles The Quitter Is Celebrated As A Hero Because Of Her Skin Color In A Wussified BLM Cuddling America


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk about the simone bells situation you know simone baus de quita you know apparently this female this african-american athlete you know she quits in the middle of the olympics you know after

her gymnasts move and you know getting such a low score she just quits in the middle of the competition you know and of course just like naomi osaka you know who was on their mental health rampage will you know and is um saying she takes a bridge from the spots it goes a long way to see how woke culture and librause and that liberal ideology is destroying everything in america now germany you know i what what are germany or russia i believe i think it was russia now won that competition because simon bells their star player quits now

this is not surprising but these kinds of things are going to continue because women are now held to a different standard and externally when you know when somebody still female african-american and perhaps if they are lgbt tweets you know it is not like they have more privileges and can get away with more and you know every they cannot be criticized you know everything they do is right imagine if michael jordan in the middle of the olympics just quit and said that um he could not play because of stress or mental issues mental health issues or so-called understand something about sports as an athlete you should be mentally equipped to handle your job and understand that an athlete should be able to stand preacher simon bounce was not this way to the best of my understanding until she started getting into all this um woke culture because there is a lot of sensitivity training no of course i'm sure she's one of the people who supported naomi osaka you know when you support this weakness this promotion of weakness you know they destroy and i told you that they want to destroy everything that is perceived white everything that is western civilization everything that would make white people look um great or aspire you know think um highly of themselves or have any good self-esteem which is part of the reason why they have advanced as they do however other people are allowed to have um self-esteem except african americans who you know you have to believe you are um a low body and you are less privileged and if you're african-american or you have african descent if your skin is dark and you don't believe you are less privileged because of your wrists then you are suffering from self-hate you know you are yeah where the cloud chaser and all of that kind of nonsense you know that they try to trump people like candice owens but you see this is what the left does you know and this is something that is an engine in itself it's unfortunate that it only continues my bars before when athletes wet were meant to push one of the most inspirational um videos of an athlete it was something i saw as a child i don't know what um competition that was but it was um running and this guy broke his leg his leg broke

and you could see the tears in his eyes but he kept running with one broken leg and you could see like his dreams were just was just shattered this was a guy which broke with a broken it was visibly broken and everybody just opened their mouths maybe um if you know what i'm talking about you can actually send me um a link or actually um specify what event that was but this is something that actually happened there's something that you could say about an athlete just like people are saying that the mba is soft when you watch old games like um they are harvesting games how many times did allen iverson fall during the game you would think when you watch someone like alan iverson in the old nba games you would think that somebody threatens to kill his family if he doesn't win you know athletes put their own in what they do but now when it comes to america you know and all this um you are oppressed you are suffering from a pass down of slavery slavery and um depression syndrome or whatever nonsense you know that they are trying to survive i heard something like that from the the fellow called shalamendi you know who is best called he's accurately to be called charlemagne the racist from you know the breakfast club because you know that guy just straight up erases he hates white people brings um my needs jazz you know and you know those shows like what guess what race is this just everything is about white man bad we look at how white people are this and all of that you know and that is on radio you know and imagine if um a show existed where a white guy brought a a a bunch of bananas and put it on the table or the radio show on the tv show and said oh instead talking about african americans or africans and then making fun of them and using the banana as you know a parody you know of course linking that with monkeys how would that flow but it is okay for charlemagne the racists to be bringing jazz of male knees and be making all kinds of jokes and racist jokes against white people apparently that is okay just like it is okay to insult christians it's okay to insult jesus there's no repercussions for that look at the nonsense that lithuania's ex is doing you and even snl encouraged that britney spears came out from nowhere to encourage that nonsense you know to make fun of jesus it's okay but they won't make fun of muhammad and the same people that would fight and say that you shouldn't make fun of muhammad and i'm talking about now the world and the leftists they are okay with making fun of jesus why is there a difference

you see so um you have to be wise and understand what is happening and who is really um your friend and who is really your enemy you know um you know of course we are going to do our best to win these people to christ you know but we are not going to put ourselves in a situation where christianity is disadvantaged because it is very easy for things to go back to persecution in the sense of during christians to lions you know we are already in a situation where many aspects of christianity if you were to practice it in many parts of the world you will be thrown in jail you know so that justice don't stroke away from being thrown to the lions for being a christian you know we cannot let that happen we cannot see it coming and then let it happen realize that just like the jews which have said many times you know before the jews were thrown into concentration camp by adolf hitler the jews were being persecuted on an increasing basis if you were to plot a map of how jews were executed right from the days of the roshanza the jews were persecuted and the persecution was increasing and increasing and increasing where did you think it would end up going later when they started throwing them into concentration camp and they killed millions of them that is that's when it was everybody realized that it's a disaster when you can see an upward trend of persecution that is bad stop it in time because there is only one direction that it will go to the complete demonization of a group or a race of people which will lead to their extermination on sites

so um these are things that you have to understand that and this is what the bible tells us you know these clearly the plans that the devil has you know the devil wants this for christians so we have to fight and do that we can't now we must open our eyes to distance you know it's funny that this mobile's issue if it was a white man that quit in the middle of a competition the story would have been different all the leftists would sing a different song and there are a lot of silly people who are saying things like well when you can be a gymnast that can win medals like her and some assault and all of that like her that you sh you end the right to criticize her if that is the biggest um

display of foolishness you know you should also use that theory with anybody else you know you should have used that with donald trump when you can win an election like donald trump and rule a country like donald trump and create so much success and advancements you know for the economy you know like donald trump did then you can criticize him if you want to you know apply that theory you know it and if you want to really go with that theory then you shouldn't shout at any basketball game since you cannot shoot the drum shots like any of the um basketballers in the mb you know it's like saying that you cannot say that susan so you don't like this nba player or this nba player is not that good because you yourself are not in the mba you're not qualified to be in the mba or saying that oh um this person is not your he's not a good um american football player that you like this guy or this guy but you don't like this guy you shouldn't be able to say that because you never got into the nfl it's that same kind of thinking it's it's basically um silly as and you know insane you should also as well apply that to movies and say you should never criticize the movie or say you don't like a movie because you are not capable of making a movie like that until you have made a movie that is like that then you are now qualified to criticize and say that you do not like the movie you might also apply that to music as well so it goes on and on it's it's crazy but you see it has turned into a it's enough this side are the racists and this side are not the racists so whatever thing that is on the left i have to make sense of it and agree with it so that i am not a racist you know so a lot of the things that the people on the left are doing is crazy because even though um a lot has changed you know times have changed i know for a fact that if it was a white guy that quits in this olympics in the middle of a competition the story would be different she didn't wound there was no injury nothing she just quits in the middle of his so-called mental health issues i understand something about all these mental health nonsense just like depression when you believe in all these mental health nonsense that they are teaching that every mental health this and all this mental health awareness and all these um mental issues and oh all this passed down slavery oh because your ancestors and so yes this also you there's um um a past down depression that you could you know encounter and there's a pass down um drama from the slavery that you did not experience you know that's that has now been passed down to you you know when you believe in all that kind of nonsense it makes you weak and guess what is making every other country stronger because they are not buying into your foolishness now the russians have walked away with medals that you know if this female has not bought into the leftist ideology and all of that you know would not have gone for but the reality of the matter is that you know in addition to that there is also the financial end because now um simon bars is now more popular than ever if she had just won that award she would not have had the endorsements and the media farm fed that is around her that she now has and she cannot expand that to a lot of um endorsement deals and make a lot of money just like the african-american you know um with a very strange saudi name who smoked to read and was not allowed to perform in the olympics and people wanted to make an issue about it but let's understand something that true was for everybody you see that rule was for everybody people want to bring racing to that matter you know why would somebody who you know is competing in the olympics you know quality is supposed to compete in the olympics why would she take drugs why don't you smoke weed you know don't bring all this topic off um well wheat slows you down that's weed is not the performance enhancing drug that is not the point and that rule applies to everybody what about the white people you know if they also you know they had to comply to it if they had smoked weed they too they would have been put to the side you know this rhetoric um there a lot of things that african americans believe are just um

pies in the skies ideas of oppression that are so to them that they eat up and you know it helps to keep them in place as perpetual victims and they fight against any african-american who does not see themselves as a victim you know you you you have silly people like um logan paul challenging khan is always you know he believes that and he's boldly he doesn't see how racist his comments are he believes that all african americans are under privilege if you're african american you are underprivileged and he's better off than you so he has to fight for you you know because he's white so he has more privileges than you how can you say that you are more privileged than me just because of the color of your skin and then say that you are not a racist the exact thing that you just said is just a depictment of racism you have said that no matter how much money i have no matter whatever i achieve because of the color of my skin i am underprivileged and you you are privileged and there are a lot of foolish african-americans who like this kind of ideology well i'd rather be the one that is privileged you know and you be the one that is underprivileged you can't see things that way you can't you you enjoy you fight to hold on to the idea that because of your skin color you are under privileged and i'm talking to a lot of these crazy african-americans it is weird you see and that is why you would remain where you are and no matter how much money is given to you you will never rise up because you believe that you are under privilege you believe in nobody if you believe that you cannot stand no matter how many people try to pull you up you will never get up if you believe that you cannot get up and you are not making any efforts to get up you believe that your your destiny is to lie on the ground no matter how many people try to pull you up

it will not work they may be so strong they may try to prop you up but you will just be like a rag and with any any little thing you will slow back down and eventually they will probably get tired and leave you where you have always wanted to be and understand that even them propping you up that is not standing that is still you that is just you being a ragdoll that is propped up

you see you are still in that situation because of you because of the nonsense you have been sold that you're a perpetual victim and you fight for for for holding up to your victimization you fight for this foolishness that's anywhere that um police are you know they are trying to um pull you over and shoot you you have ignorant people like lebron james saying that afghan americans are scared of coming out of their homes even barack obama say that kind of nonsense you know how him and his wife or whatever that is that he's married to you see this um um issues you know uh very um telling you know and it is obvious where all of this is going at the end of the day it will lead to using african-americans as a cancer to destroy all of western society and it will be an opportunity to build something new so in the meantime how personally you know you know as much as stuff should be done to open people's eyes and um lift people up you know and to stop um the disaster that is already impending you know plans i'll personally make plans so when the time comes for building something new i would actually um be able to kick the new other folks to the side you know but of course that in itself is a risky plan so that is just i would say plan b you know but you know what they are doing you know by destroying so since you already know what they plan to join the direction that they are successfully going into you know which would eventually for america to stand there will have to be a push back against african americans you know we should be interpreted as the most racist thing ever you know since the kkk bets you know it will the way things are going it will have to be probably actually racist you know i'm very forceful but then again african americans have been racist for so long and they don't recognize it that they and they have even redefined racism you know so to give them more leeway to be as racist as they can you know and now say that for somebody to be racist they have to have all the power in the world or whatever nonsense you know they have to have a systematic power compared to control systems like if anybody can control systems especially systems in the western world more than african-americans and lgbt folks you know who are making everybody bow and bend to their will but apparently the funny thing is that the blm and the lgbt organizations are just funds for people who actually use this as tools for their own agenda to destroy and then rebuild you know and those are the people who are whose slogan is boldly built back better that being said you know remember to check out alfredo's vip you know and you know don't be somebody that supports quitting and cause those who are quitters heroes or those who are quite as brave no those who are critics are quitters you know don't train your children in that way if you are in america western society i implore you to train your child yourself don't leave it to these schools the schools will destroy your child by the end of the day you will not be able to recognize your child and god will not accept your child because the the current system is leading people creating people that are destined for hell not only will they create hell on it they will end up in the actual hell that is hell you know so to give your life to christ go to salvation prayer don't afraid of vip god bless you

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