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She Ball : Movie Reviews - by Alfred


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She Ball follows the love of the game through the struggles of Avery Watts, who enlists the baddest women's streetball league in the city to help him save the embattled Inglewood Community Center, which he manages, all while trying to raise his seven year old daughter.

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the movie shebo now first of all the movie has a terrible name shebold you know it's weird why that name you know and because of its similarity with gmail you know it's so weird that we choose that but in any case the movie starring in a canon and you know um it's also futures and appearance by chris brown it's the typical orban you know african-american story movie you know african-american you know the cliche stuff they are poor they are poor community and then you know trying to save the poor community you know via one individual's um effort you know him going out on a limb to save the community that kind of typical positive message that is very cliche for and typical for the african-american audience you know and putting them in that poverty-stricken um situation that they love so much in any case it's interesting he starts you know a white female who apparently can't really play basketball and she helps the character that nikon plays to um you know participate in a street ball tournament to win a competition and help his community you know um so it's all very typical and amusing you know there is something that will smith said one time he said that he made positive movies and movies that put um jackson people in worldly situations and you know outside of the cliche situations so let them see people in that um to let them see and asking people in that um kind of situation you know and of course he has gone back on that now and has said that it's important for the others and that was what he said before he started making a sleeve movie where he is starting as his sleeve but you see um

when it comes to trying to save the african-american community you know the people who are so i'm fond of calling themselves black because they haven't opened up a dictionary to look up the meaning of that word black you see it is a tax that is not um necessary save as many people as you can but if you think you receive all which is a mentality that many people have you know people like candice owens god bless countries women's but that mentality of i have not started that my mission is to save every african-american or every dark skinned person or every person of african descent in america understand that they are finnish people and foolish people they always exist in every race so the mere fact that you cannot save the foolish people in the african-american race means that you cannot save everyone so what about also the light-skinned people and people of other races and cultures you know so focus on helping everybody and stop all this cliche nonsense you know at the end of the day the target audience for this movie would like it especially since his future was nick cannon and you know um chris brown so that's that's that being said every movie would have will be better as a christian movie and you know that includes this movie you know so if you would like to be a part of actually making and creating entertainment that would change the world that will push the gospel out of via entertainment reach out to us and afraid of vip if you would like to perhaps go and get it on your hands on your heart to start your own company what are you waiting for stats you know put one foot in front of the other you know don't ask god how just take the first step you know so does that thank you and god bless you remember if you haven't given your life to christ go to salvation prayer does alfredo's vip god bless

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