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Safeguarding The Surrogate - Delores Fossen : Book Reviews - by Alfred


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Official Description: 

She’d brought him his greatest joy. Now he must save her life…

Rancher Kara Holland’s hot on the trail of a murderer who’s been killing surrogates — like she was for her ill sister. But when Kara’s trap goes terribly wrong, she’s thrust headlong into the killer’s crosshairs…along with her sister’s widower, Deputy Daniel Logan. And as she and Daniel stay one frantic step ahead of a deadly foe, the sparks igniting between them rival the danger they face.

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk to you about the book safeguarding the surrogates now the book is by delores flosson let me write you the official description she brought him his greatest joy now he must save her rancher carra who lands hots in the trail of a mudra who's been killing surrogates like she was for her ill sister but when kara's trap goes terribly wrong she's trust headlong into the killer's crosshairs along with her sister's widower deputy daniel logan and as she and daniel stay one frantic step ahead of a deadly fool this the sparks igniting between them rival the danger of the face you know now this is very interesting you know i haven't seen a plot that deals with a danger like this of course this is a line that you know the publishing line deals with their target audience is women and apparently um it deals with the fear of

something that will be a few of women you know like losing a child you know having a child kill but this is very interesting because this is children that are still in the womb you know there's a serial killer that is basically going after surrogates you know and um they are trying to sell the traffic and get killer so there is a lot of action but from a female perspective so it is not really action like one would expect action from you know email this thing but just a general office one that actually works quite well you know so if all things are done properly it would be a very good read you know at the end of the day apart from you know the fact that it would seem that there's a burden romance that might erupt you know i'm speculating you know it is not indicated from the description but it might erupt between the deputy and you know which is the sisters widow and the character you know so um that is very interesting you know that is an interesting thing but you know well it depends hopefully the writer you know puts everything together and you know basically from what the base work is for the target audience it's a very is well done you know however you know every story will be better if it was christian every story would be better if its focus was on spreading the gospel and leading people to christ so um if you like to be a part of

taking the gospel to the world of transformation transforming the world and you know taking over the entity industry of the gospel reach out to us on alfredo's vip you know imagine if the story you know put a christian aspect of you know where where where's the squirrel class mindset you know with relationship with god and you know you know he's basically taking away lies you know and what really gets into the crux of the matter of the issue that he has with surrogates you know and that would be an interesting aspect and also unless deputies um mindset you know him putting his life on his on the line to save people you know they have had you've had corpses stuff like and being a cop is a calling so that's a lot of that will fit into you know the christian aspect of you know his motivation he's risking his life and all of that also with her you know and what is she trying to get by you know going after the person who killed her sister you know who was a surrogate you know or trying to help women in similar similar situations what is that with relationship with redemption how relationship record no furnace forgiveness and you know satisfaction and you know purpose you know so there is a lot of that that could be explode you know that being said you know if you have not given your life to christ go to alfredo's vip click the salvation prayer link in the main menu we know that they paid you come out that has a professor we don't say that prayer and give your life to jesus christ so just go to salvation

so that being said god bless you

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