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Rushed : Movie Reviews - by Alfred


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Siobhan Fallon Hogan & Robert Patrick star in this thriller with Jake Weary.

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the movie rushed now you know this goes into what i've been saying about the importance of using entertainment to preach the gospel because the reality of the matter is that all entertainment all media all communication is all about um pushing for the narrative it's all about a big picture it's all about in many ways propaganda you know it's about what a certain group of people wants to ensure you know the program into the mass population now this um movie is basically um what you recall putting a protest into a movie you know it's about you know hazing culture it's like trying to um protest against hazing culture like um make people turn against hazing culture of course hazen culture is something that is um negative it is not good it is not nice but the point is that of course this is something that is not done from a christian perspective and this is all under weakness now we are living in the work era where propaganda and people trying to put messages political messages and you know social um justice messages into movies you know that's what this is but this is you know like we had the me too movement this is um um about hazing culture but it does several crazy things number one in as much as hidden culture is negative this movie makes it about this okay he the guy wants to join a fraternity you know in a school in america and there is the hazen initiation whatever that goes on before that and in that there is drinking and all of that and of course in this case it goes crazy it ends up sending her son to the hospital now she is now on a mission of revenge there's the aspect of her going about it trying to go about legally and of course going about it um the more strict justice kind of way you know to go after um what happened to us when you know those who are responsible understand that the son has his own responsibility because he is the one who wanted to join that fraternity and he knows about his in culture he knows that that is what it is the fact that he took it too far on his case and he was not able to stand um what they did the drinking and the abuse and all of that that is something understand that even the hazing control because hollywood is heavily into it even the entertainment industry look at the wnb why is it that many people who are in the wnba end up being becoming lesbians they were not lesbians before they started playing basketball but after they started playing they became lesbians you see the hazing culture and the traditions between in certain um phase you know behind the scenes that everybody knows about this everybody knows that there is the hazing culture in the double amp everybody knows that in the a lot of canadian sports teams they do a lot of weird stuff this positive behind these things do you know about that and you know all these things are not um new so there's the aspect of the boy's responsibility and of course the parents you know based on what i saw from the trailer the mother encourages why would you want your son to join a fraternity in the first place what is the purpose of going to a university to learn you know it is supposed not to land but you you want to have that fraternity also sorority and culture and tradition continued and now okay this is very unfortunate but this is what um he has a hand in it and when it comes to her seeking justice how many people were there in that fraternity is she going to go after everybody's um child and start killing them or what you know what what is that you know and when it comes to the legal aspect the the legal aspect should bring up his own responsibility of involving himself there you know he signed up for it you know that there is going to be haze in here agreed to the hazy now or in the in the midst of the you know if somebody wants to join a gank and part of the initiation is that they will beat you up if in the in the cause of beating you up they almost kill you or you die whose fault is it we cannot take away the blame from you you put yourself in that you are the one who went you are the one who agreed to the beating you know now you you now want to complain that there's injustice though because you almost died in the beating or you or you got or you know in the case um you know speaking in um in ifs you know if the person gets killed you know the like the family wants to put the blame on the president just like the judge floyd nonsense you know where the family of george floyd is there crying the mother of george floyd and the family are saying oh that's oh derek chevron um the cop you know who who put his knee on um um george floyd's neck and you know basically show that blitz and he's kept switching to his neck you know and going back and forth you know the parents are there like justice is being said what about you who raised your son to be a criminal how many times have droid floyd gone in and out of jail what kind of prince are you you raised your son to be a criminal and if he was not let us say that george fled was not killed you know or did not die as a result of all the drugs he put in his system and that encounter he had with um director evan let's say that he did not die wouldn't he have continued a life of crime this is what he was doing this is his and stupid crimes you know who who actually decides to go and buy stuff with counterfeits money and stays there you know and then fills himself with so much drugs you know so yeah there are so many things there but this is a guy that's you know put a gun to a pregnant woman you know robbed robbed her that is george floyd and now people want to iconize him and make him a hero and say that oh racism his debt had nothing to do with racism his death was a mixture of you know basically that technically his that was a mixture was if direct results of the drugs in his system because copper no cop with that amount of drugs the likelihood that he would have died is very high you know and secondly um derek shelvin was an incompetent cop you know he handled the mata wrongly that is not how to handle the case when you know someone has that much drugs in the in in their system when you know that um when when you see how things are going you have to react differently there's a difference between how you arrest somebody who who is on drugs and is very high versus somebody who is not you know you cannot treat them they say it's it's like treating you know if a crippled you know somebody that has one leg or you know he's in a wheelchair carries a gun and robs his door the way you are to apprehend them let's say that they have given up you cannot do the same thing as though it is the person can walk you have to recognize those differences you know so um these are just um simple basics but this entire movie the entire setup the story that is being sold and of course this is what forms opinion and this is what really influences people because you see abraham lincoln said that to control the future um generations you you control the educational system you know he said that the mindset of a classroom in one generation is the mindset of the nation and the next you know and even when you look at communist nations in their case they make it clear you know like philo clastro say that there is no difference between revolution and education so the education is a means of propaganda and whatever you teach them in school look at all the people that today do not believe in god before there was no such thing as atheism nobody was an atheist when you look at the history of mankind there was no atheists there is no no who was and it is there's no there was no it is and understand that many people worship different gods many people believed in different gods it's only with christianity that there was that actually brought the concept of there is only one god that was considered crazy especially to the greeks that how can you say that there is only one god before that you know does the god of money which is mammal you know and that was a lot of people see jesus used the word mammon mama was the greek god of money that was the name of a god that people worship that was called that was the god of money you know so there was there were different gods and different idols many people in different tribes they were used to different they worship different things you know it was a christianity that we you know with um the bible with and judaism you know we see the the concept of one core you know and also the um the aspect of god loving man before that those all the different people who believed in god god did not love man there was no such thing as god loving man as a matter of fact many gods fought with each other when you look at greek mythology you know and a lot of times you had to do something for the god for the god to do something for you so it was not a love thing it was like a transaction you the god either told you kill this person kill this person like offer a sacrifice to 500 people to me then i'll do something for you you know so that was how it was of course we as christians knew what was actually behind it it was the devil you know it was demons that were actually posing as gods and using their supernatural you know abilities and power to actually make things happen in requests for people killing and doing on godliness you know doing things that is outside of the will of god and the setup of what god wants for mankind you know so we know we are wise we know those people were deceived when they were worshipping gods they were just worshipping basically demons posing as god or just worshiping nothing you know that had no that that was just um empty space you know that was just um nothing at all but that being said you know we need to ask christians you know be the ones that understand this and push our messages through all these different forms of media even address the his issue but address it from the right part even this one that it makes the model now you know with this work next and this feminist nonsense that you that's all the movies have the woman or the female as the wisest and the strongest person she is now the head of the family she's now the the the the figure or image of strength and that the men are weak so now her son is weak and hopeless he cannot help himself you know it is the mother that is stepping in you know and being the hero so the mother is basically being the man you know and of course when you read up in the book of revelation you see the the mother of hallows you know that is actually something we are seeing today with feminism an empowerment of women to a level that they are taking away all position and authority from man that is a destruction of the structure that god has retained and that is something that um it is very important for you to know and of course in the book of revelation it talks about um the mod of harass making hallows of all you know of of the nations and you can see that halachi in people turning away from god you can see britain and all these nations turning away from god you can also see that halal tree literally in the sense that you know so many women today you know more than before i now have lots and prostitutes they are selling their body online anybody can um open an only fans accounts you know even under age people you know anyone can forge an id and even outside of that on so many websites there are so many people now you know and they themselves that is what they are promoting us oh this is how you make money you know people are selling naked pictures of themselves online it is now so easy that is still prostitution but look at the number of people that are now involved in prostitution the number of women look at the number of females on sugar baby sites they are now quite the number of sugar baby sites where it is like there are certain countries where in the colleges like over 90 percent of the girls there are sugar babies they have a sugar that is somewhere in one country whether that is sending them money and all of that or is flying them out there are people now flying people from wherever they are to where they are so that they will have sex with them and all of that especially this so-called instagram models you know as sliding in people's dm is now a code word for that kind of um initiation of those kinds of activities mainly so you can see the increase in prostitution which the bible talks about in the book of revelation the interesting thing is that when a lot of things in the book of revelation is um being realized and being and you know are coming to pass a lot of people are so blind that they don't realize it you know they don't see that ah this is what the bible talks about that is happening we see that we know what it is in any case right now we still have time you know to um be ahead a time we come when they will do their best to you know really shuts down the voices of anything godly or anything christian you know that we call us hate speech for preaching jesus which is what they are already planning to do and we can see signs of that you know do we call that we make it in by making christianity hate speech just like recently we have seen facebook censoring bible verses bible verses that speak against homosexuality and all of that they are censored and banned from facebook so since posting anything like that from the bible you know on facebook equals to your accounts being deleted you see i and you see this this is what they want they push for their nonsense and it's all for the instruction of the world look at how people don't know different between here and now they have invented a new style of um pronouns you know all the people that are referring to them as see them you know they have come up with the concept of new pronouns which means you can make up your own you know the agenda that yeah you can create your own custom pronoun how stupid is that it's about the destruction of structure it's about the destruction of stability and all of this is built towards the destruction of the west but a lot of people don't see it and that's why there's a lot of mass migration from particularly um countries where people are not performing and they are bringing the worst from those countries into western countries and they are populating those western countries all for the destruction of the western countries which is going to be very profitable for organizations like the world economic forum and its members you know the people who are broadly telling you even in their unique selling proposition that they are all about controlling the economy of the world they are all about controlling the health and the pharmaceutical companies of the world you know look at the vaccine they are still forcing people to take it it is a scam for pharmaceutical companies they are also making a lot of money and making people buy for buy their own slavery you know you don't know what they are putting inside you

you don't know after they have put what they have put you know the antennas and the the the marks and you know the satellites in space you know plus the neurons they are adding you don't know what signals that they are now receiving from whatever modification has been done to your body which is now more effective to track you than just your cell phone you know even some people don't know that when your cell phone is off it is not off

the company that's you know that owns the same can still track and show where your cell phone is even when your cell phone is off so when your cell phone is off it is not off you see so um this is this is very interesting you know but you have to understand these are things that the bible wonders about some people hear these things and they think it's conspiracy to theories no people haven't changed mankind hasn't changed there will always be people who try to rule the world and there will always be different organizations who try to rule the world people trying to rule the world did not end with um adolf hitler you know it did not end there it's not like oh once once upon a time there were people like alexander the great or napoleon or hitler but now nobody's trying to rule the world there are many people who are behind the scenes this is what they live for they are sick and tired of having billions of making billions they are now about power and control that is now their own thing it is not about money anymore it is about how much do i control other human beings how much do i control this and that's what is the extent of my control i can control this disease but it's not enough i need more control when you have control control is more powerful than money

money excuse but who would you rather be the guy who has the power to print money the guy who works in the federal reserve who is actually deciding when there will be inflation and deflation you know by how he manipulates the markets buying and selling you know or or pumping money printing more money or decreasing the money he wants to print because of inflation deflation he's manipulating all these things would you rather be that guy or just be somebody who you know says is the richest man in the world you know do you know that there are people who make money for every one dollar that is printed and those people have always been then how can you say that jeff business is the richest man in the world or people like him what is his name um jeff um elomos and the bill gates and all of those how can you say those people are judicious men in the world they there's a whole world of people that are never in the forefront and then when people talk about this there are foolish people who would think that it is conspiracy theory you look at the lockdowns do you know how how many billions have been made from the lockdowns why is it that during the lockdowns in every nation some companies were allowed to continue operations but some were not and those companies that were allowed to continue operations how much money do you think they now have and why do you think that is what exempted them

look at the churches that have now been brought by businessmen why is a businessman who doesn't believe in god by a church

churches are being bought by businesses thanks to the locta many of those people who went with you know since they were not going to trust you know the and the pastor established you know the pastor did not have a tv ministry the pastor did not have a reader minister the pastor did not have an online ministry there are so many aspects of ministry that the pastor did not have the pastor relied on the fact that they inherited for four years a church building where people were coming to so when they banned people from coming to they did not even have enough outreach for them to reach out to the people who are visiting their church because now they know that those people were never really members they were just members in in in the name of this is where they repeatedly came every sunday there was no system in inside so the whole thing just collapsed

the whole thing's just collapsed these are the same people that that would champion the insulting of tv ministers and you know internet ministers and say oh look at this church they are doing this on facebook oh celebrities are going there blah blah blah blah blah blah now your church is no more because you did not do all those things your trust just had only one aspect you did not have tv ministry you did not have internet ministry you did not have any true follow-ups system or accounting system of people who come to your church and following them up and actually you know having a relationship with them you know so after they log down you know during the lockdown financial stress after they lock down many of them didn't even return you know and they are in so much depth because you are still a lot of justice that run on credit and are owing mortgage to the bank and all of that and they are relying on offering you know and now you are now forced to be asking for more offering than usual which is now chasing away more people even the little people that you have are now being chased away by you over asking for offering you see we we must be smart you know and not put ourselves in these situations you know that being said make sure you go to and subscribe you know and if you like to start your own movie company your own christian video game company whatever just starts take the first step when you take the first step you will see that you can take a second step and when you take a second step you will see that you can take a test step and when you take a text step you will see that you can take a first step on and on and on and on you know so that's how it's done you know if you've not given a life to christ click the salvation prayer link in the main menu of alfredo vip page comment as you pro salvation say that prayer and give your life to christ thank you and god bless you

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