Racial Equity Group Tells White Parents To Stop Sending Their Kids To Ivy League Schools To Fight Racism : Alfred Reacts


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Racial Equity Group Tells White Parents To Stop Sending Their Kids To Ivy League Schools To Fight Racism : Alfred Reacts

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk to you about the organization i believe called dallas justice now you know the blm type group you know the that's reality type group and the message is sent out you know that's why it's parents should not send their kids to ivy league schools you know don't send your kids to have a real princeton or to any prestigious schools because by sending your kids day those are sports that could have been filled by african-americans and minorities so to me this is funny and you know this is what i've warned about this is what i've said this is not about helping african americans this has always been about hating white people this has always been about attacking and demonizing white people now you are now a racist you know because act you you have to be anti-racist and that means you have to be on the bandwagon and actively doing the nonsense of the blm types which is the same thing that was done in nazi germany it was like if you are not on the bandwagon of the nazis you are anti-german you are not patriotic a lot of people don't know that you know and that is one part of history that people do not understand they had to the first victims of propaganda were the germans themselves the first victims of nazi germany were the germans themselves they had to be programmed those among them who were married to jews had to hate their wives they had to condemn their wives and hate their own children because of that jewish bloodline they had to hate anything that was not purely german they had to turn away friends who were married to jews they were the first victims of it they were the first victims of the nazi german ideology the germans themselves you see now a lot of

white people are actually in that same space history is repeating itself again you now see this move and hatred towards all things that are all white people here who let us replace it with african-americans and all that it is not enough that harvard yale and all these schools have a quota system that is deliberately rejecting white people in the name of quota so they don't want it to be a majority white they know that if it's based on merit and academic performance that's harvard yale princeton and the other big schools they are going to be filled with white people so what they did is they increase the standards for white people to get into those schools and they decrease the sun standards for other races primarily the african-americans an african-american in havat is basically doma and has a poor academic performance a poorer academic performance than a student in a community college that nobody has heard about

and people seem to think this is a good idea you see this thing and this diversity hiring system it has decreased and demolished you know the success of african americans because now when you see an african-american in a prestigious position let's say that he's a soldier or let's say that he's a lawyer in a big firm or he's a banker in a big firm your mind now defaults to diversity higher he got a job because of diversity quota back then it was not like this because those diversity quotas and those affirmative actions did not exist so when you saw an african-american day he really could hold his head up with pride but now when an african-american is in such positions nobody looks up to him they look at him like he got that position because of the color of his skin and of course that is what is going to be as long as this quota system remains then it is not like if the quota system is not even enough they want you to make sure that your children you know lower their chances of success don't want to make make sure that you do not allow your children to succeed because if your children are succeeding that means that an african-american child will not succeed i mean what is that and it's so unfortunate that some people can think that someone else's success means their failure no you have to understand that in reality success is helping others the more you push up orders that is what success is how many people have you lifted how many people have you helped that is what success is you see your parameters for judging success and defining success is very important this war on white people is foolishness and it will only end badly it has to stop you know and naturally most people are on board with this you know this is what the crt the blm and all these folks want you know and the explanation is that if white people apply to these colleges you know yeah taking away opportunities from african americans no that is a lie that is foolishness that is like saying if lebron james plays basketball he's taking opportunities from those who do not have talents

or those who like to play in the mba bits you know don't have the opportunity that he has you can't say that you know if you say that about lebron james or about an african-american athlete you you see all hell will be raised you know but why can't you say that about schooling that white people should stop sending their kids to ivy league schools because by doing that they are taking up positions that will be filled by african-americans if the african-americans were smart enough it's a matter of the best they are receiving admission from the best so they will do that and all of that aside educational the educational system is highly overrated knowledge is knowledge what you learn is what you learn what school did the greatest thinkers go to what school did the the people who you read about the isaac newtons and the the inventors you know the disciples of jesus even the caesars those who made a great impact in this world and changed the direction of this world what university did they go to what iv league they go to it is not about the degree it is about the knowledge that is how this this world has turned into a world where we have people with degrees but they have no skill and then they fail in life that is why majority of the billionaires in this world are high school dropouts there are those who went back to school you know but even among those who went back to school they up they became billionaires before before they went back to school think about it it is the knowledge that matters it is not the degree it is the knowledge but a lot of people have now you know is about this school they are thinking about the school it's not about the school so even this you know nobody has an excuse you know whether you went to school or not you have access to books you have access to internet why they need to read and why they need to do it is by doing you will get the skills your skills will develop if you have all the degrees in the world in any subject or any field but don't have the skills you can read books about how to build a car that is good you can memorize all the books on how to build a car but until you have gotten down to it and have designed a car yourself or gotten down to it and used your hand to start working on building a car yourself your skill level is zero and in the workforce your value is zero a lot of companies are failing because they put degree over scale somebody who does not have all that knowledge but have the skills on building cars or the skills of designing cars they have the knowledge the skills they may not have the degree those ones will make more money for the company and the companies that hire such people would make more progress than the ones that are suffocating themselves with people with degrees

you see if you want to get all the degrees in the world that is your cup of tea but understand that skill and knowledge is what matters that is what will be translated into financial you know increase that is what is going to be translated into advancements and actually value that people you know wants you know so that is that nobody is going to go to a hospital and then see um well because there's a phd on the wall therefore all the diseases will leave the people all the sicknesses will leave the people no it is the skill that is that is going to count what does the doctor know what is the doctor's knowledge level about dealing with those sicknesses and illnesses and what is his skill is he a skilled soldier you know because surgeons are different he surgeon can read all the books that he wants and be very super intelligent but if he's not as skilled as another surgeon that has had the experience that has put his hands you know to the walk you know the difference is going to be clear so um these are things you have to understand and if people don't stand up against all this now it will only get worse

you know it only gets was from not from here it will soon go to white people need to start paying taxes to african americans so you know all of that otherwise they are racists you see so for those of you who were anti-trump and all of you who are insulting people like candice owens and you know brandon tatum and all of that how do you feel now and keep in mind it only gets worse and the funny thing is that these people you know these are people who want to walk the fence the people who are you know that that is the white people who support bla when things happen you know it is when the devil keeps pushing and pushing and taking ground then some of them yeah i start opening up a little bit now i guess this is shocking you that this is the direction this is going that they are not telling you that you should not enroll your children in good schools so what you for for the sake of you you know of what you should now put your your stu your kids in bad schools you so you should now plan for your children to be failures because if you are planning for your children to be um successful you know or to have um higher platforms if you are making good plans for your children and for the advancement that means that you are taking any opportunities for from african-americans you know what do you mean and what does that say about what the setting folks thinks of african-americans you think that all african-americans are automatically punished stupid you think they cannot take exams and and pass exams they need white people to fail so that they will will now be recognized will now be seen you think that all african americans are a people that are just f students all of them are f so now i am white people need to stop getting a's and b's and c's you know so they have to come down to the f level so african americans you have a chance look at how you are thinking

anyway enough has been said i would like you to go to alfred vip you know and you know also subscribe if you like to be a part of um transform the world with the gospel reach out to us and alfredo vip the contact information is there and if you've not given life to christ go to salvation prayer daughter alfredo vip thank you and God bless you


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