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Not all heroes wear capes. Some of them wear collars.

A Dog’s Purpose meets The Happy Ever After Playlist in this charming, pitch-perfect take on relationships as seen through the eyes of a wise pug named Doug, who is determined to play cupid to fix his owner’s love life with his own four paws.

Doug wants his rescuer, Julie, to be happy. He is loyal and loves her unconditionally—two things that can’t be said about Julie’s married boss and lover, Luke. Yet Julie is reluctant to break up, afraid to end up like her eccentric cat-owning neighbor. It’s a prospect that horrifies Doug, too.

Newly divorced Tom, on the other hand, is perfect for Julie. Everyone can see it—except for Julie and Tom. Doug is confident that with his help they will get over their initial animosity toward each other.

As Doug humorously navigates the quirks of human relationships, he knows he can’t give up on Julie—after all, being a “rescue” works both ways.

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the book pork actually now pog is p-u-g and it has you know that's a dog it is a species of dog and it actually has a picture of a pope on the cover of the novel let me read the official synopsis

not all heroes wear capes some of them wear colors a dog's purples meets they happily ever after playlists in this charming peach perfect stick or relationships are centrally eyes of a wise pork named dog who is determined to play qubit to fix his owner's love life with his own forepost dog wants his rescuer drilling to be happy he is loyal and loves her unconditionally two things that can be said about really smart boss and lover look yes julie is reluctant to break up afraid to end up like her eccentric cats owning label it's a prospect that horrifies dogs developed storm on the other hand is perfect for julie everyone can see it except for julian tong dog is confident that he with his help they will get over their initial animosity towards each other as dog humorously navigates the cracks of human relationships he knows he can't give up on judy after being a rescue walks both ways now this is a very very interesting concept i've never seen anything like it you know when it comes to being unique and creative it's actually a first you know the problem with this which makes this weird is like this is a dog trying to fix relationships with humans a dog trying to be a mass maker and a dog how you know this is very interesting is is there other going to write from the perspective of the dog you know how is that going to work i know that there are a lot of disney movies where dogs can talk and dogs have intelligence you know i've never seen that or thought about you know that concept being taken into uh the romance fiction world you know so this is going to be interesting and what how how we are going to explain the intelligence of the dog keep in mind that there's something like for example the little less hobo if you if you don't know what the littlest hobo is it's basically a series it's a tv series from way back you know you can just go to youtube and search for um just the littlest hobo and just write season an episode and click enter and then see what comes up you see it's an interesting show it shows a dog helping humans to solve their problems which is very interesting but when you watch it it is actually realistic to some degree you can actually see yes this is an extraordinary smart dog but you did not take it to the extent of it's being cr crazy like how can the dog understand human beings to this level and be wiser than all the humans and be able to solve their problems you know it actually brings things in a way where the dog's presence and you know the dog can understand certain things that unique dog can understand and it's doing that to fix and to help to um humans out with problems that they have or problems you know that's you know show up in their lives and the dog moves on fr so another person um in the next episode and that is where the hobo comes from hobo actually means a homeless person that wonders a wondrous you know somebody that has no job and you know has no home they just wander from place to place so now the littlest hobo is basically about the dog moving like that but it's moving and solving problems so it's like it's with a new a different set of not necessarily owners but a different set of humans that you know want to be schoolness or or it's actually with or you know it's interferes in their lives or and comes and solves a problem so it just keeps on going but it's done in a so the closest to a realistic way that such a thing can be done you know which requires a lot of genius in writing but in this case you know i'll hold nothing against the auto if it got the disney routes of the dogs are very intelligent and can speak but no bringing that into play would mean bringing other dogs in that into that level of intelligence and perhaps even cuts and then it it should be appropriate if there's conflict perhaps a cat does not want the relationship that the dog is trying to mash to happen and you have to make it make sense how would it make sense for a dog that this person is perfect for this person you know so um what does the dog gain after i kill freud perhaps is there a female dog in that other person's compound or is is that person working for a a dog food company or somebody what exactly is it or does the dog like that person's house more whatever so there are um so many things that um ponders the mind when it comes to this kind of problem when it comes to creativity it's actually very interesting but you know if it is done wrongly to become spooky and super weird you know because of the bestiality you know um and all of that so that would not become a problem like why is a dog you know and you know it's it's it's become weird if it's done wrongly but that being said you know let me look at the name of this auto matt dawn you know that's very interesting you know it's a male auto you know at least from the name you know from the name matt don't matter it's a male name but that that's very interesting you know so normally this genre is dominated by females and it's normally females who writes you know roma so you know that being said this is going to be very interesting you know it's it's interesting the direction that it will take but it would have been better as a christian story like everything else because you know like i've um just said you know there are so many aspects and of course um the christian aspects you know and bringing a dog inside into this kind of and it's like remember i understand that once upon a time there's a bible story where god spoke trade donkey so and of course dog um god can use um anything or anyone as he pleases so there are so many things that you know you could actually mix you know a christian aspect to it you know so this plot and actually creates a very great um good and exciting story that everyone would like to be um interested in what you know would like to like read you know so that being said if we like to be a part of what we are doing to transform the entertainment industry we'd like to be part of what we plan to do to and what the future plans we will make in taking over the entitlement industry research was at alfred.vip we are looking forward to hear from you now if you'd like to start your own movie studio crystal movie studio christian video game studio christmas music studio or christian book publishing company or whatever just go ahead and do it if there's something you want to do for god do it make no small plans you know but understand that big things start small he does faithfully need to be faithful also emotion you know don't bother too much with the heart just take the first step and when you take the first step you'll see that i can take a second and then you can take it and then on and on and on so that's it thank you and god bless you


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