President Buhari Can Find Sunday Igboho & Nnamdi Kanu Hiding In Other Countries But Not Boko Haram Or Kidnapped Kids In His Own Country


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about you know buhari and you know right now nigeria basically about the situation with nandi kalu and sunday boho now first of all understand something that people like kunam ricardo and sunday boho would not have such a large audience if the nigerian government does not have such a large and outstanding

history of failure and corruption you see the nigerian governments do not care about the nigerian people and this is something that is clear and this is how it has always been so naturally any authentic plan will seem like an option you know if you are in a boiling pot of soup you know any plant to change your situation you know could be easily sold to you even if you may not realize that the plan that is being sold to you is actually for you to jump out of the pot of soup and enter into the fire you see i have expressed my issues with the

idea of succession and you know with that being linked to prosperity of course fundamentally on many levels it is a good idea because the reality of the matter is that nigerians are not one nigerian is currently a marriage between certain tribes that do not like each other and will never like each other and trust each other and work as wrong

is a clear representation of buhari is accurate proof of that you see bohari is willing to go to the ends of the earth to find sunday boho and bring him back to nigeria buhari is willing to go to the end of the earth no matter where unambi you know or anybody that he deems to be you know his enemy that is not from his tribe but that is not muslim or not buhari is willing to go to the ends of the head to find them and bring them to a courts but buhari cannot find boko haram that is in the bush you can go to the ends of the edge no matter what country these people go to boary and his um administration is willing to go to any length to bring um people like sunday boho and um to come and face a kangaroo cause in nigeria you know because it's obviously going to be one-sided because the reality of the matter is that sunday boho and nandi kalu has not committed any crime what crime have they committed by saying that nigeria you know that um nigeria should split up did they start anyone so neighborhood do not start anywhere he is not linked to any violence he has not done anything that has created violence even if that is a path that they might take but you see by fighting against a peaceful suggestion for succession you are creating a situation where the only other option will be a forceful

you know um advancement towards succession which is not good you know there's something that could be and should be talked about you know and settled you know i have said it many times first of all you have to um get a pull on what the nigerians the people that are on the piece of blanco nigeria wants do eboos want to leave nigeria that poll has to be taken to let us know what the majority of hebrews themselves not just what one popular person is saying what do the evils want and what do other people want do other people retain this piece of land called nigeria do they want the ebooks to leave the same thing should be done with the euro bus this thing should be made clear because the reality of the matter is that you know due to bad handling of since since we go in the wrong direction the reality is that right now i personally believe even though no paul has been taken i believe that the majority of europeans do not want to leave nigeria and the majority of igbos do not want to leave nigeria but you see this persecution and the way buhari is carrying things out he's increasing the number of people he will end up increasing the number of people who would want to leave who would want to see succession as the only way out you see i have made it clear that the reality of the thing is that if lara said that there is a succession a peaceful one is it not the same leaders that are leading ebu land now it's not the same leaders that are leading um yoruba land now that will be leading in that future of a succeeded states is not the same corruption that they will carry it over it's not the same not caring about people that they will carry over you see so these are things you have to look at but that aside i just want to make it very clear you know and the world is washing and this is why i said that bohari is in complete support of boko haram how can you be so powerful enough that no matter where anybody goes to hide in any other country you have the power to find them and bring them to stand in a court of law but you cannot find boko haram that is in a bush and a lot of times they because they don't live in the bush 247 they walk in the cities and all of that like normal people the people who are um boko haram members the people around them know that they are that is a that is a reality there is no way that people wouldn't know when you grow up with people you know them and when you see that they are not doing any job and oftentimes they go missing and perhaps they go into the bush you know what are they going to do in the bush you know you should know it's just like gang members or court members you know them you see it is not something that you can say that you don't know so the brokerage members are known by the police and mostly the immense you know a prominent imam that was a very big inspiration to boko haram because he preached their doctrine was just acquitted under buhari's administration this guy was found not guilty but it is sunday boho and nanda kalu that are the criminals

you see so this is so funny and no matter how many people book a haram kill later they will be given amnesty now there are people who will say that um well that um did not have suffered more than anywhere else you know when it comes to nigeria and the boko haram issue guarantee of the matter that that is a matter of karma and what they wanted back flying all the people who voted for buhari what did he come with to promise a lot of the um folks who voted for him the muslims and they know he just because he was in notana that he said let us have one of us that is the same thing with good luck jonathan you know not to say anything about his administration you know that is not the point of this video but the people who voted for himself because of the location he was from and this is why i'm saying that perhaps succession is the best idea because nigeria is so tribalistic it is not even about what a person has to deliver it is about oh the person is from here okay now they're not nice you voted for buhari just because he's not he comes from the knot there is no other reason there is no nothing else there is nothing that you can see that is your reason for voting football harry it is because he is not on so now you have another that has now aided and embedded the greatest ring of terror that you have seen in your lives he has given you uh he has shown you fire even though that is a part of what he's doing back firing i'm technically thanks to his love for boko haram and his secret hope that boko haram will help in the complete islamization of nigeria you see because of that you guys in the knot are suffering i won't even go into the number of intelligent people that have left nigeria now there are some people who are funny enough saying that um foreigners are no longer interested in investing in nigeria that the number of um inch the the amount of interest you know and a lot of data has been taken on it you know the amount of interest on investing in nigeria has decreased why wouldn't it decrease when you have somebody like bohari who is agent and a bet in boko haram giving them weapons giving them the training doing everything that he can to you know increase their numbers for his own affairs attack activities and even though he does not plan to run a third time he is strategically putting his own people in different positions of government so things don't look good you see and this is why i emphasize among christians you know christians over over the years have believed a lot of nonsense that have resulted in the continuous persecution and

not just persecution of christians but a danger to non-christians too because when the devil comes he doesn't just come to destroy christians

the devil hates everybody he may attack christians first yes but the reason he's attacking christians first is because he knows that christians have the power to stop him he knows that if christians if god's people who are who are called by his name humble themselves pray and not just pray because prayer is one part of it prayer without action is the same thing as faith without action you know when you pray what does god tell you to do look at the instances that people met jesus just we tell them something like go and wash your gum washed by the poo or go and do this organ do that if they did not do it they would not have gotten a complete miracle if jesus told you rise up take up your mat and walk and you didn't you would stay there guess what that actually happened when you read about nazareth when just went to nazareth he the bible says that he could not do any mighty works there it is not like the power was not available it is not like the anointing was not a very very people did not respond to it they looked at him like who is this guy we know his brother we know his sisters i mean who is he so the bible says he could not do any mighty works today jesus talk to blind people oh open your eyes in your mind you're like it's not this guy that we know his sister and all of that no no no their eyes remain close when jesus saw people that were crippled rise up no no no we need this guy to tell us to rise up he's not this guy that he we know his family we know we know his brothers and his sisters and all of that who is he jews could not do any mighty work there you see so you you have to um be wise and smart you know when we christians begin to stand up in our authority and do practical things mix action without faith it is not enough to pray as a matter of fact prayer without action means that you do not believe in prayer you actually didn't pray if you pray to god god this issue i presented to you do something about it didn't don't you have enough common sense to know that prayer communication why didn't you have enough faith to hear god and listen to god were you patient enough wasn't your faith able to listen to god and if you listen to god and god gave you an instruction some of you you see visions when you pray some things come to your mind for some of you and then because of your lack of faith and your inexperience with the word of god and the fact that you have not fellowships with the word of god you are in the business of arguing with yourself is this from god no it's just my mind you you attributed to it just your mind you know and you don't act on it some of you even know that yes this is god but you still don't act on it you are not serious the bible says the factual favorite heartfelt prayer of a righteous man a very much your prayer has to be heartfelt how can it be heartfelt when you yourself are not willing to do anything about it if you are for example you have no food on your table and you are praying to god to give you food yet you have never stood up to go and look for a job you have never looked around you to help out somebody there a lot of silly people who say there's no job for you to say there's no job you are saying that nobody else has a job currently around you and you're also saying that all needs are made nobody has any need so including you you don't need a job because first of all if you need a job that means there are people who need jobs so you could start a business of giving people jobs or linking people who need jobs with jobs and getting paid in between by being the middle man in between you know you can look around you and see different problems that are to be solved and when you reach out to meet people's needs you will end up making money that is how money is made by creating value creating value for others giving people what they need somebody is tested they need water that is a bottled water company somebody is hungry they need food that is so many food companies restaurants you know that is not company that is food delivery companies you know someone needs to bump their hair you know that is a barber shop someone needs to mow the loan that is a loan-mowing business the landscape business you see so um for you to say there's no job you have an issue you should be ashamed to open your mouth and say that there's no job it means that you are wicked and selfish that is why you are opening your mouth to say there is no joke you see and keep in mind that the jobs that other people have the fact that somebody else has a job means that you can create a business to take that person's customer and that is okay all you have to do is create a better service because that is all companies do before

any airline company let's say somebody starts a new airline company wasn't the airline companies before so what is he trying to do he's trying to create a better airline company that will save customers better

so as far as there's an existing business at first somebody else has a job if a bank exists you can start your own bank now thanks to fintech you know the financial technology industry then there's now a space for a lot of people to start you know their own banks with just a thousand dollars or less because it's all about now building an app and then your app is doing the same thing that's you know a bank will do even much more thanks to the fintech industry so now you cannot compete with banks

you see so um though a lot of things have changed and you have to keep up to date with um what is happening and you have to be wise you know so um that being said make sure you reach out to us on alfredo's vip and do all that you can you know to get active in ensuring christians are put in every position of authority and they are accountable when they are there every single thing they do will have to be authorized by us the people the christian people thank you god bless you if you have given your life to christ go to salvation have a nice day


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