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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the movie playing god you see this movie basically makes it plain what i've always been saying

entertainment has to be taken over by christians all of entertainment because you see it is all about propaganda it is not about entertaining you it is all about controlling what you think because you see those who have money want to make more money and how does one make more money by

selling products to customers and what better insurance do you have than being able to control the minds of customers and also when you have personal ideologies on what will make the world a better

collection of slaves for you you have to use entertainment and this is what entertainment is basically doing this movie is just

to make people think

that anybody who believes in god and anybody who prays is crazy that is what this movie is it just basically pushes that idea and this is what a lot of people who are untrusted a lot of people who have never heard from a christian who have who have felt these kinds of ideologies they will never listening to a christian speak just like a lot of people never heard donald trump speak the way they were put in a position where they hated donald trump they were told that they they can't follow donald trump so how the good things that he was doing all the good things that ivanka trump was doing they didn't follow them so they do not know every single day that the trump administration was creating milestones where doing things unlike other politicians and other administrations that just hold their hands and sit back they once knew why they do they make one disastrous move president trump was doing something every single day it was always something different that was for the advancement of america and for the worker you know in a day who meets with multiple people from different industries and was creating great masses that is why the job growth was so exponential and you could see it clearly if you were following ivanka trump her twitter page was actually full of that she did not go into politics or arguments you know she just was outlining it so you could see every day each milestone and what president trump was doing for the nation which no other person did on a daily basis what was obama doing every day for the nation could he say okay today i helped farmers or the next day after that i i broke out this piece to do well i did this or did that that was not what it was it was only president trump's presidency that has been that way but in spite of every single milestone that he he accomplished it was never talked about you know the ones that it was difficult to not talk about you know fox news was focusing is his time um

going against what cnn was saying that cnn was basically focusing his time distracting people and since a lot of these people were not following trump or ivanka trump though did not know what trump was doing

you know they did not see any of the good things that he was doing in the same way a lot of people have never heard from christianity they have never heard from christians so their ideas of christianity is what the world thinks their definition of faith is what the world what they are it is teacher told them in school that faith means they are what they look at what they see when they look at the christians what their atheists parents or teachers told them that christians are it's what the movies are telling them that christians are this movie is basically the plot is just basically you know about a billionaire you know who does not um um he does not put his money in a bank you know he keeps his money on his property and you know according to the movie he's crazy because he wants to talk to god so he's actually traveling around the world trying to search for god you know so that he can speak to god who believes that nonsense which belief system or which religion actually believes that that is the way to talk to god but you see this is what they are selling you know and people who watch this this is what it creates that those who believe they can talk to god are crazy men i are you hearing voices or you know you're putting yourself in a food that can easily become so these um fellows basically pull a con and pretend to be angels and then link them up to another con artists you know link the blue nail to another con artist who pretends to be good and then all in a an elaborate scheme to steal the the money of this billionaire you know so that is basically what this movie is about and of course the repercussions and them being um all of that so um that is what it is but you can see the danger and this is why i emphasize things like this about the importance of christians taking over entertainment but people you know who listen to the devil do not see the wisdom in this they don't see the the importance of christians having the wealth in this world it is not um like we are going to take it with us anyway it is so that we can do good but when it is the evil people that are the wealthiest people in this world when is the evil people that are in charge of communications that are in charge of the media what do you expect the world to be you see this is something that everyone would end up suffering for so you have to

do all that you can to ensure that the gospel is preached and we christians control all of entertainment all of it we must control it all there should be no sustenance non-christian entertainment because these people are building a world where there is not only only going to be no such thing as non-christian entertainment i mean where they are trying to be the world where there is no such thing as christian entertainment but also no stressness entertainment where there isn't um that that says anything that is not politically correct that does not put foot idealists that they want and also there are no actors that say things in their private life that are not um in line with what they want to be said that are not in line with their political correctness which is their own religion their own bible their own book of beliefs upon every issue a lot of beliefs therein which are against the bible which are things that are not going to be for the good of mankind that is what they want to push forth so it is better we do this you know some of you may be thinking what about um the persecution am i am i trying to fight against the tribulation no i'm not fighting against the tribulation because all things said and done when the rapture takes place will all be gone so there will be a lot of time for satan to carry out the tribulation how he wants but before the tribulation the level of persecution and the level of satan's release depends on what we do right now so that's that thank you and god bless you you

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