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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the movie pink opaque now the official synopsis for the movie is a los angeles film student struggles to graduate while navigating a broadening romance and reconnecting with his entrenched uncle leading to a renewed uncertainty of his future

now a synopsis should be something that is basically a pitch it's kind of like when you turn the back of a book what should be written there is something that should sell to the reader so the person will buy the book that is what a synopsis is and it's something that if you if you were um planning to make a movie and you met an investor you you know you met a producer and you pissed him you gave him this idea just a brief sentence of what the movie is about you know it should be something that takes up a lot of interest and really sells it from this synopsis is so terrible like what is the point of this movie what is this you know it's it reads so boring and i just saw the trailer the trailer is boring and it also has a lot of social justice madness in the casting this is a movie that stars an african-american who is dating a chinese girl and the whole setting you know of the whole thing it's crazy of course um african-americans dates chinese girls but the reality of the mata is that there's a type of african-american that will look in that direction and there is a kind of chinese female that we resprocate being looked at from that direction you know these two races you know there are not many um interracial couples when it comes to african-american and agents and when that is you can see also the impact of the environment you know and where they are it is not um

something that is that you can see in this uh movie in other words the environments around the african-american industry and the environment around the asian industry do not collide in in any way you know the two people from this world would not have any romantic involvement you know it doesn't matter whether they met in school or they went to the same school or they oh no no no it just wouldn't happen so it looks off and um the aspect of what is the entire point of this movie you know where is the danger where is the intrigue where is the truth this is just a personal journey and this is what happens when a movie is all about um trying to adjust into social justice preaching which is what um hollywood is trying to address because it has seen that going full force into social justice um warrior uh mood when it comes to the delivery of what they want to put in their message it doesn't work out well so they are still experimenting with how to really level it and at the same time be um it will just seem um loud with it you know so um that in itself is terrible the movie is um it's the kind of movie that even if someone was watching for free halfway the person would stop and move to do something else it has no point you know someone finds out that um his uncle was a painter um his mother kept that from him so so so and so what and you know he's trying to figure out what to do with his life first of all the aspect of um someone that's old figuring out what he wants to do with his life is very sad you cannot be in college okay if you are still figuring out what you want to do in your life why are you in college what are you studying in college if you have not even decided what you want to do with your life how how were you able to pick a course in college

you know what is wrong with you you know this movie perhaps should have even touched on that aspect you know because there are a lot of um people who are in college who who are quote-unquote finding themselves you know even in high school you should at least know you should have a firm um direction of what you want to be how can you not know your purpose what have you been doing all this time you know and of course you have to understand that um everyone has one purpose which is to make the world better you know and the only way to truly make the world better is through the gospel and god has given everyone a mandate everyone who receives him a mandate which is the great commission to take the gospel to the world so that is our purpose now how we carry out that purpose is different and how can you not develop a relationship with god don't know enough about god for it to find out how you should know what you have to do is to you're here to improve this world to make this world better unless you're a selfish individual that is why you are because because of your selfishness you are spending all your time you don't know what you are here for you know even even a non-christian who has some heart should be able to know that they are here to make the world a better place you know are you are you are you so obsessed with living for yourself that you know you are so selfish you know there are people who they are ghosts i want to become the richest man in the world i want to become a multi-millionaire a billionaire what kind of goal is that that is not a goal that is just an expression of your selfishness and when you make that a goal where do you think that will lead you so uh to if i'm undesired and a life of ups and down with lifelong struggles that you should have and would have avoided if your life was geared towards making the world a better place and of course there's no true way to make the world a better place outside of the gospel because the gospel is light and anything outside of it is darkness so if you are trying to make the world a better place without the gospel you are only adding darkness to the world and thinking that you are making the world better everything you are doing will be destroyed look at organizations that um started without christ that started turning their back on christ for example um the when you look at nigeria with the coats that are in nigeria the pirates the vikings the buccaneers and all of that it all started with wally suica wally soeka started the pirates you know he started the pirates with um a goal of at the first at the instance you know or from fighting against colonialism and criminal um influence in nigeria but this is a man that does not love god does not like god and you know he sees um christianity as something that the white man brought so therefore it is there's something wrong with it which is another thing this racism is one of the key things that destroys african americans this um obsession to hate um the white man who look for something to to to make him out to be the enemy is self-destructive you know but in any case ulysses wake has started that organization which has now gone out of it went out of his power and turned into you know something that is responsible for more debt and more destruction than any white man could have ever brought to the piece of land called nigeria and of course it's what inspired every other different cult and cigarette society now there are many of them all over nigeria and they are responsible for so many deaths especially in the universities a lot of the young people who have been killed is thanks to the courts when it comes to nigeria you see and that is what happens when you start the foundation without god and in your mind you want to do something good you are starting it for a good reason you know um it's very important that you understand that um fact god is light christ is light the gospel is light anything outside of it anything outside of gold is darkness so when you are trying to help the world outside of christianity outside of god's word you are actually increasing the darkness you know you are setting up things for disaster and there is something that when you look through the sun glass of time when you look through the gaze of time at the world around you look at the history and look at how things have gone you will see what i'm saying is so you know that being said if you would like to be a part of changing the work of the world and the entertainment landscape for the gospel reach out to us on alfredo vip and if you haven't given your life to christ go to alfredo vip click the salvation prayer link in the main menu the page you come up with the prayer which is a guideline for you accessing god to you know telling god you want to have god in your life so just um go there say that prayer and give your life to christ thank you and god bless you

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