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NBA 2K21 : Video Game Reviews - by Alfred


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hello everyone i'm alfred and i'm like to talk to you about a video game nba2k21 now i just saw the trailer for the video game it's cool it's okay but then again you know what new thing can you actually include in apart from the mechanics on you know how much of an improvement can you add to that because basketball and basketball is still the same thing you know after a while you know you you how do you really improve on new basketball games you know it's still the same basketball it's not like the way the play basketball is changing in the games even though it can you know there's a lot of aspects um of creativity there's so much that could be done that is not done but i'll leave all those ideas aside you know for when i'll do them myself you know so um that being said it's i guess it's it's an okay game you know but i would like to add something there is the aspect of subscription gaming you know adding um the aspect of bringing the aspect of subscription into gaming could actually be a great plus to the world of gaming you know rather than buying all these games and of course with google stadia you know which is the concept of you can play high quality console style games on any device that can connect to the internet especially with faster internet connections coming out you know with the 5g and the rest so you can actually just stream the game itself so you don't have to download anything the game remains on the server you know you've paid perhaps for a subscription or whatever or you pay for the game individually and then you can stream it so um that apparently puts a a i would say it pours sand in the gary you know that's an african technology you know um it's post sound in the gallery of the gaming console industry but gaming consoles if they are smart they can do the same thing of course tech is now such that um a company starts something in the tech space next thing it expands into other spaces you know so that is something one should watch for like google started as a session engine but now look at all the different things it does you know it's a threat to the gaming industry now with google stadia and you know um other consoles need to think about that aspect of things you can't just now in today's game ac i just make this look at companies that were like oh i just make pokemons we are day to day now everybody is listening to their music on their smartphones you know so these are things that you have to um think about and consider but in any case if you like to take over the um entertainment industry you know with the gospel if you'd like to be a part of it reach out to us and alfredo's vip and be a part of our plans you know also if you haven't given your life to christ click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu of and a page commenter has a proof of salvation say that prayer and give your life to jesus christ thank you and god bless you  

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