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Modern Love : Series Reviews - by Alfred


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TV series based on the New York Times' column that explores relationships, love and the human connection.

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about this series modern love now modern love is just straight up propaganda you know on this matter of love it's a series that focuses around the life of you know eight different people in eight different relationships you know and it's trying to redefine the concept of love which is something that the lgbt crowd is known for these are people who just popped up their head yesterday and they are influencing so much christians have been here for so long but yet we can't make disney to make you know a series of movies for christians there are billions of christians around the world but what is for us what is made for us you know this is all about this or um aspect of let us change the word i give these people a voice oh this group of people are oppressed blah blah blah blah blah blah but in the reality it is not so it is about a bigger picture of trying to change the world and trying to change the way things are done you know the one interesting line in this um series you know i just saw the trailer you know is that love comes in different forms when you say things like that that sounds just like love is love you know which is what this lgbt folks say when you say things like that and say a man can fall in love with a man a woman can fall in love with a woman oh love is love or love comes in different forms that also includes you know incest for example you know that also includes pedophilia because you have said love comes in different forms so two people in the same family a brother and a sister a sister a sister a brother and a you know can now in this your new definition of love can now have relationship and even get married in this crazy um setting that is trying to be created and you can see the problems that we arise from that you can see how godly and how evil that is what about pedophilia and there are those who are actually pushing to now call it minor attracted persons a lot of people don't know that when the lgbt started pedophilia was among among one of the groups that was inside but they later removed it because of fear of um um that being a big stumbling block to the overall movement but now they have brought it back you know they are trying to bring it back actually you know look at all the drag queens story hours grow men dressed as women reading stories to little children about a boy can marry a boy or a girl can grow up to to marry a girl or can't realize that she's actually a boy trapped in the woman's or in a femoral body you know all this nonsense this is from the pit of hell this is from the devil and the devil is doing this look at how you know how many people are going to watch this um series you know in in my day i grew up watching them stuff like fresh prince of bel-air but guess what force a lot of young people growing up this is their own fresh prince of belle this is their own sitcom you know we have our own shows you know like some folks grew up you know with like in the cartoon aspects the scooby-doos you know the batman's and all of that the of course they keep rebooting that but even spider-man now has the gay aspect to it even the ashy comics now has a gay character in it you know so they are using all these different things to preach forth a message to push for the message what about our own message is actually my importance you know and of course this is something that amazon prime is actually behind amazon prime is that is come you know he's behind it that is a lot of money you know so we now have corporations which i have emphasized we have corporations preaching their own message that is counter to the gospel how can the gospel stand up when we are relying on charities and just building churches when you have facebook having its own message you have pink choice having some message you have all these multi-billion dollar companies even trillion dollar companies that have their own message and their own agenda they have their own gospel from the pit of hell they have their own message they have their own their own mission to colonize the minds of the world to colonize cultures because when people like barack obama is you know like when he was in office and these kinds of things still continue you know he was sending african presidents in a letter that if you want to continue receiving it from america you should embrace you know lgbt policies and enact lbs lgbt policies and all of that you know all these gay prizes that they are doing what are the machine against what are they who how many people are opposing them they are matching to mark their territory that is why they want to put their emblem and their logo everywhere they are taken over everywhere just like the nazis did in germany the nazis put their logos everywhere to mark their spot that we are here we have arrived so everywhere you saw a swastika left right and center that is the same strategy that the lgbt is doing and they are colonizing the world and you have to understand who is behind it because when the average lgbt person the average individual on the streets who is gay thinks he's been empowered but that is not him that is a force that is bigger than him he thinks that he has a voice that people listen to him why is it that people don't listen to him on any other thing look at black lives matter why is it that your voice is not head on other things it is only on the things that your overlords who you do not see wants that they are pushing that is why black lives matter has to be messed with um lgbt what relationship does the affairs of african americans have to do with the lgbt the african-american community is actually opposed to the lgbt community saying that you are gay among a bunch of african-americans you know or in a strongly african-american neighborhood is is a ticket to a good beating that is a fact so why do do do they match it because you see you you have to realize when you are being used and that is what it is you are being used the the that is why you are deceiving yourself that you have a voice and that people are listening to you no they are using your your image to follow their agenda that is why when you apply your voice to other issues nothing wrongs after barack obama entered office and wanted the the nonsense social justice and miracle this and that that he did on how many peop what policies were made what change came the only changes came to to advance lgbt but nothing happened among african americans and all the other african-american people today who are black lives matter decent they feel like they have a voice and people are listening to them why is it that your voice is not working regarding any other thing that is outside what's those overloads right for you why is it that your voice is not working when it comes to things that are considered politically incorrect look at ice cube here we talk and talk and talk let him keep talking he thinks he's empowered he's not empowered you see so it's that illusion you know those everyday gay people they have no power and the time it comes that they are overloads we will return against them and if that happens you know of course they serve the greater people the thing is that it's it's only um be obvious when they turn against their overload so when they have an opposing view just like um um caitlyn general college you know whatever you know that guy that is um somewhat related to the kardashian family that shifted from male to female whatever you know that guy look at what happened everybody supported him all the lgbt whatever supported him when he was transforming from male to female but when he started supporting trump look at what happened everybody turned against him that is the same way it is with a lot of these people do you think that everybody is supporting you and it is your voice that you are causing change but it is not you you see and that is you are just used as a front to pass other policies and to do other things that are helping other people look at all the bills that are being passed to help uh man to advance african-american companies who are the people behind it white people who are the people behind um bt mtv all these so-called black businesses white people who where is this sponsoring coming from where who is putting up the money

look at tyler who put up the money for title you know with jay-z and all of that see these are things that people don't want to be honest about you see so all these laws have been passed for some white people to have an edge over some other white people you are not a monk and and um as i'm saying my people i love white people you know i don't you know i don't look at color you know i don't judge people by by the color of their skin the content of the character you know that is just reality and i'm i'm pointing out the racial differences just for you to know that behind the scenes your pro your black lives matterness is not about you have no power it's not about you it's about you being a pawn for a greater purpose the black lives matter where did all the donations to black house matter go why is black lives matter not being prosecuted not a dime has gone to any of the single chapters that have that were receiving donations from why because it has gone to the democratic party you cannot prosecute the democratic party they are part of the law they are part of those who make the law and there is something that candice owens was trying to point out but people were laughing and saying all kinds of things where is all that money which grain of cereal has been put in the mouth of any african-american because of black lives matter blind matter has done nothing and it doesn't plan to do anything you know and the co-founder is that busy buying houses and people are saying that it's because of um she has deal here dear how much is those deals she's just like barack obama and the house he now lives in ham and people are saying that well the reason he had he was able to buy a 50 million dollar house you know even though the presidential you know solar is not up to that the reason why he was able to buy it was because of netflix deal and book deal blah blah blah lie how much was the next big deal and how much was the book deal and does barack obama look like the kind of person that he puts majority of his money in just a house that is a leftover the majority of his money is in stocks and bonds and in other countries that is a fact you see so that 50 million is just small how did he have that how did he go into politics you know barely getting by then come out a multi-millionaire you know he might even be a billionaire because that is the truth you don't you never know these days because you can't look at folks folks is nonsense barack obama may be a billionaire you know and especially when people make money via um you know cricket means you know they are not going to announce it and it is not going to be forbes you know was um the drug dealer that bonds um um escobar i believe he bounced was it to two million dollars or five million whatever it was that he just bought for the sake of it he said he wanted to keep himself warm so he just bumped it was he ever in forbes now how much money do you have that you can have a dragon player and even the criminals around you find it funny that you are burning two million dollars the criminals did not even stop you to say ah please please sir don't burn it's gig rather than bonnie just give me so you mean to tell me that even to the the bodyguards his bodyguard criminals two million were justice such a joke that they they saw their boss burning it to keep himself woman it was formed for them so how much money did he have

you know and all the other and people who are doing very back here things to make money all those things are not in folks you know people would think that forbes is the gospel you know ah this person indirect person in the world because this is what is forbes says you know that is nonsense we don't know who the richest person in the world is i have said it many times do you realize that there are people who make money for every dollar that is printed and they have always been there so how can you guys be the richest man in the world at any time in in history he was never the richest man in the world at any time in history jeff business was never in your minds never because there are people even the companies that they own microsoft dude whose money did he use do you think he's the only shareholder and the other shareholders that were there before him what about the shares and other companies it is the people that you do not see that you should really be mindful of not the faces of the companies those ones are expendable you see it it's not bill gates that i should be worried about if the people that are behind him that have given him you know that that kind of ability and power you see but you you see um all these things can you when we understand these things we need to go against this since you know um prayer on the prayer aspect of it and on the action aspect of it so that we can have control over this world we can restore order in this world this is very important because these people their plans are evil and they keep on increasing in evil look at the world economic forum saying that you own martin and you'll be happy and that is what they are trying to inspire people don't worry the government will provide for you

you know that is what they want to provide in people that is the best way to enslave enslave people african-americans are they busy delusional talking about white people white supremacy and say and talking about slavery they are not and it's a distraction from the bigger picture that somebody is busy trying to make everybody sleep and if they if they if if there's something that a lockdown should have thought you should have taught you this there are some people who are busy trying to make everybody in the world sleep trying to make everybody in the world their slave and in the same people that are talking you know

population reduction and then you will nothing and be happy and you know the great reset and all of that and equity how does equity make sense in your mind you know how can equity make sense in your mind and african americans are the perfect points to bring about these greeks evil that is what black lives matter is you see and because african-americans are uh and i say this to be honest they are basically fools you know they are the largest group of united fools that the world has ever seen and that is why they will be used to bring about their destruction and the destruction of others so the voices of of foolishness should be cast down now naturally they are um people who in spite of their skin color are reasonable because they have not decided to make themselves sleeves of their skin color you know those are the people that you know their mentality should be of course promoted and expanded upon but we should not uh make ourselves casualties of the foolishness of african americans on a large scale the foolishness of black lives matter because those people are being used as sponsors to bring forward you know a new world order that will be to the detriment of everyone you know so that is what it is about you see that is why you see african americans will always complain and nothing that they don't even know what should be done for them so even if something is done they won't even know what was done and they will always have a complaint of oh nothing has been done for us what do you want to be done and i'm not saying saying vague things like reparations when you say reparations what do you mean do you mean money do you mean a million dollars for everybody that has your skin color or do you need a million dollars for everybody you know that's um um can be proven that one of the ancestors were sleeves is that what you mean have you have you stated it you know are you talking about aid or special um um privileges no groups enjoys the gift of special privileges like african americans no group there is yes structural systematic racism but that systematic racism is against white people in america it is against asians who cannot go to harvard because yeah they have to you know because they are too smart and it's easier for them to go in versus the african-american so to make sure that asia you know harvard is not um over 50 asia you know they discriminate against agents you know when they applied to harvard and you know the other prestigious schools you know so-called prestigious procedures for no reason because those are propaganda schools those are those schools are overrated they are um evil basically when it comes to the ideologies and what they push maybe once upon a time doing good but now they are complete nonsense you know so harvard yale princeton overrated monster stanford overrated nonsense

one plus one you know if you read one plus one in harvard and you read it at home is this is the answer still not going to be true what is it that you can learn inside they have a building that you cannot learn outside then there are people who say that it's about connections what nonsense what do you mean by it is about connection that you're going to schools yeah spend the exhaustion school fees for connections if that is the case why don't you pay a much cheaper price and go and calm you and then talk to whatever celebrity you want or have to head off email haven't you heard of elevator pitch haven't you haven't you heard of you know going to people's offices and meeting them you know if it's about connections having to head off country clubs you see so um let us be realistic let us stop being fools you know if you do not have the connection to meet um the captain of industry you know to meet him personally what about his his his secretary what about his secretary secretary what about his um made his cleaner his butler you know there there are different levels so you can still have that access if you want you know and there's obviously official proposals didn't you know that that exists you can actually contact a company as a different company you know and make a proposal you know and have a meeting and discuss what you want if it's connections you're interested you know so that is it's talk about this nonsense of um you are going to have that you know that yes that um it is still the same thing you will learn in other schools but it is because of connections nonsense you are going to have a even if you meet the sons of all the religious people does that mean they will like you because you pay the same school fees that they paid you see and what makes you think that the sons of such people will also will inherit or even be reasonable you know or capable of running the companies that their parents are running you know so that being said you know we must draw that we can to stop this nonsense because this is something that they want to go on and on and on we must end it go to and reach out to us we are looking forward to hearing from you if you haven't given your life to christ create a salvation prayer link in the main menu of alfredo vip and a prayer comment that has a prayer of salvation you know a page commander has a persuasion say that prayer and give your life to christ so that's it if you want to start the movie company go ahead and start it don't ask code how just take the first step you know when you take step one you will see that i can say step two when you take step two you will see that i can see step three you know when god gives you an instruction don't bother with asking him how just take the first step you know if god tells you how great follow his instruction to the letter and do it and you will win it's that simple that is the life of faith we've been called to live you know it's it's unfortunate that the world is now moving in the realms of faith by you know they have um brought up the concept of um manifesting you know manifest sentence and that is just basically the initiation of its mindlessly jesus aspect minors the god aspects they steal from the church they make fun of christianity and they steal so much from christianity anyway thank you and god bless you

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