Malignant : Movie Reviews - by Alfred

Malignant : Movie Reviews - by Alfred


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Madison is paralyzed by shocking visions of grisly murders, and her torment worsens as she discovers that these waking dreams are in fact terrifying realities.

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the movie malignant let me just read the official synopsis medicine is paralyzed by shocking visions of grizzly mothers and her comments worsens as he discovers that these working dreams are in fact terrifying realities now i just saw the trailer and this is basically a horror you know and a supernatural horror interestingly the name of the villain is a spirit named gabriel now understand that in satanism you know the church of satan they like to twist things around like in satanism the good person is lucifer and the bad person is jesus and of course these are the same people who like to turn the cross upside down and even christian hymns they will sing the same christian hymns but turn it upside down to make it have the opposite meaning so that is actually something that um satanists do and the church of satan um they do it a lot that is part of um their system is one of the things that um they do now they have a spirit who is a killer basically a demon who is named gabriel after in and joe gabriel now this spirit is tormenting um this little girl and you know it's creating chaos and you know an environment for modern and all of that from a supernatural human aspect so that is what um this movie puts forth i have often said you know entertainment is about putting forth a message out there this is a fact and you know the values and the principles of the people who have the money and the people who are making the movies is what is going to be in that movie if we allow sexual predators to make movies like look at people like harvey weinstein a lot of people talk about having weinstein but they do not realize that a lot of the biggest hollywood blockbusters came from harvey weinstein

and this is a guy that is hands-on he he is actually the one that actually um he influenced the storylines and also the directing of the movies and what the movie is about he is the guy of when because this was the head of mary max you know the founding um one of the founders of merrimack studios where you know jason bourne and a lot of all the hit movies especially from the 2000s came from merrimack studios and this guy who everybody is now saying oh he's a sexual predator what do you think would be coming out of the mind of a sacral prelittle

you cannot say that well good things were coming out of his mind but he's such a terrible and such a bad person let him lock him up in prison oh look at what he was doing look at what he was creating what what if he is a terrible person and oh he's such a bad person oh look at how he was taking advantage of of women and all of this then what do you think of his creations what do you think about the movies he's making you cannot approve of the movies and disapprove of the man who created it you know good does not come out of

an evil you know faucets you know you cannot expect clean water to come out of a dirty faucet or a dirty drone you know so this is the reality everybody ignores the movies that he made and a lot of the movies that are still being made are still in this vein so these are what these people believe a lot of people underestimate the influence of satanism in hollywood how many people are actually satanists are members of the church of satan understand that the founder of the church of city and hanson loving you know when tv was invented he said that see television has the potential to be the new god of the world and to be even more powerful than christianity in that day christianity was the was the was the um

the guiding principle it was the foundation the platform for society and for culture but television the fact that christians did not get television at that time christians thought that um television was wrong you know that television was bad and all of that we did not go into creating programs on tv even to today when it comes to movies it's only putting summons on tv that we are doing you know there is only um folks like the fellows from pure flicks that actually are doing something when it comes to the movie studios you know christian movies and even at that you know there is the aspect of um creativity quality and so many other factors that need to go into um things to actually um make that studio actually meet up but of course look at the competition you know and we have to understand that this is actually war because the devil knows what he's doing this movie is going to put satanic ideologies and ideologies and mindsets that are in line with the church of satan into people's minds keep in mind that we are not living in a day where people know few things about christianity and people wanted that to be they are branded christians a certain way they bring them with all kinds of things and make sure that a christian is shut down so that christians and do not speak but people are allowed to talk about christianity and about jesus so it's only what the devil has to say about christianity and about jesus that people are actually getting into actually get into here rather you know and that is how satan wants it we thank god for those who are still going around preaching the gospel and are still using different means but we must intensify the efforts now that we still have the opportunity and now that we are still allowed to if christianity you know was preached in its true form and god's word was christian is true from and christians were going into political positions all the people that would that died because of this locked down and this um fiasco of coving would not have happened because let's look at it the reality of the matter is that it is not clear that the vaccines that they are giving does not stop the spread of coffee so how come many people died of covets if the vaccines that they are given does not spread stop the spread of kovid if clearly scientifically it is proven that marks do not stop the spread of covet because even when you cough you see molecules pass through that mask and end up on the other side you are the fact that you are able to breathe the the covey itself is smaller you see the the that the molecules of the virus are very small so that they can pass through masks so the max is pointless it's completely pointless you see so all these things you know these are things that people are not are not um realizing you know this is the science when and when people now that it has been said that the the virus came from a lab in wuhan okay if the virus came from a lab in wuhan where are all these different strains of the virus coming from the newer are they also being released are they now actually being sent to nations and countries intentionally and locations intentionally you see so these are things that you have to access so far okay in a place like america where they take impulse of deaths what happened to all the people who used to die of the flu what happened during the era of kovid why didn't any of them die of of of of of the flu all these um the deaths of people who normally came from the few were not attributed to kovid why was it that when people wanted to come out to protest black lives matter and all of that there was no worry about um kovis spreading but when donald trump wanted to want to hold a rally it is now oh it is a super spreader event all these things you see people are stupid and this is a result of a lack of dependence on god when you the more you fear away from the word of god the more stupid you become you can read books but when you are reading books minus the bible and the books that you are reading you know is not based on the bible you will keep on getting stupid and stupider the more you read the more idiotic you become look at the way the world is now there are people who are making all kinds of arguments saying that um that men can give birth now there are people offended by the term breastfeeding and they say that it should be chest feeling we now have um people men who are biological men who do surgery to become women who think they can breastfeed their baby they cannot breastfeed their babies they cannot produce milk you can draw the surgery you want but that is on the outside now you have put a padding on your chest to make it look like breasts but it's still not going to produce any milk you cannot breastfeed a baby

you know now they are not trying to use the term betting people that's saying and women that now um anybody can be a woman you know if a man says that he's a woman and does the social and take all the um pills and you know all the hormone whatever but now he is now a woman we have people who are biological men who are now winning awards and breaking records in women's sports and of course this is where feminism has led you to this is this is the thing the feminist when you are doing all this your feminist nonsense did you think that it will reach this point now where now we are women you know what does it mean to be a woman now you know if if i can pick up any piece of paper and say that this is a hundred dollar notes and everybody has to believe that it is a hundred dollar notes then what is a real 100 notes

if anybody can open their mouth and say a woman or any woman can open their mouth and say that they are a man then what does it mean to be a man and what does it mean to be a woman and we now have medical doctors who are saying this this is why i warned you about all these people these so-called professionals medical doctors are now on board and are now using attempts like betting people why is a medical doctor doing that is how stupid you see the more educated they are the more they read the more stupid they get how can a medical doctor look at somebody who is biologically a man then call him a woman because it is politically correct this is why i i warn you about medical doctors and all these um shrinks all these psych psychiatrists i have warned you those people are of the devil those people are the means that they are the priests of the new world order they are the priests of the religion where the government is the god

and they tell you they redefine what morals are and tell you what is right and wrong you see you have to be careful gone are the days when it will be ridiculous for american doctor to actually look at somebody who is a biological male and call them a woman but now it is what it is because if the medical doctor dares to say the truth they will revoke their license because that license is controlled by the government the government has said that now you should give people advice if a boy comes to you who is 13 years old 12 years old and says that he wants to become a woman and he identifies as a woman you know if you're a doctor a psychiatrist you have to advise them that yes that it is possible that such things happen it doesn't matter what you personally believe and a lot of these people they have gone through um so-called sensitivity training sensitivity training is programming is programming in psychological programming it is basically propaganda office of of the worst kind it is you know it is um

concentration camp

programming that is done in the open that has been intrigued so much into society that is why you know they don't they look at the whole world as a prison and that is why they could put people in lockdown where everybody was under house arrest in their own homes they did not care of where people will get money and food from and these people want to do all they can't because there will be another virus or claim of another virus

that is the fact the same bill gates who was prophesying before it shows you that he's planning another one and of course there are the financial their dream to make sure that they reclaim of course they call the computers in this world majority of the contests in this order either microsoft or apple and bill gates is the father of microsoft and he's one of the largest shareholders of apple and these are him and his um colleagues with with the world economic forum these are the richest people in the world including aliko dangote and the founder of uba so africa is already on it you know there's antonio mendul he's part of that you know world economic forum they have united the most powerful and the worldiest people in the world these are private individuals with all this money and who have a vision for the world an ungodly vision if the gospel has been preached as it should have and you know unfortunately there are still those who are not prisoners as it should be we would have understand and understood the importance of going after acquiring and retaining money

having our hold on money shifting the wealth of the world into the house of the church not for any person that understands something there are many of you who look like and and say oh it is greed that why is a christian so interested in having money shame on you what could be bigger than being the son of the king what could be bigger than being a child of god what could be bigger than being joined as with christ you have already been given something much higher than all the money in the world together if you want to talk about your financial value on what it is only limited because the price of a of it of work of eating you know determines its value if a phone sells for half a million dollars that is the agreed value of the phone you jesus christ died for you so what is your value your value is the value of jesus the value of jesus and jesus is god god is the creator of the whole world understand that jesus the word and the word is by him you know everything was made and there's nothing that is that's that was made by the word and that is your value so if your value is the one who created everything they want is money no amount of money is too big for you so shifting the wall going after money you know it's not something it's not something it's a matter of lack of revelation for you to look at it and be afraid of oh it's a matter of pride it's a matter of greed oh it's a matter of oh um i'm chasing mama no i have letting me give you something that is bigger than all the money in the world combined is as a matter of fact what you have is bigger than because you have the one who created everything you have been paid for that has been shown to be of value you have been paid for by the one the one who created everything every kind of money that has existed from the beginning of the world to now so if you put all the money together put all the resources of the world together everything the one who created it is not bigger than all of it then that is the one who paid with his life for you so that is your value so money is too small all the money in the world that has ever existed and that will ever exist plus all the resources in the world the ones that used to exist the ones that have been replenished you know the ones that diminish the ones that have been replenished all of that add all of them together it is still small compared to your value when you have it and understand this you will know that money is not your problem you can you should never look at us oh i am you could you could ever have too much money or it could ever be wrong god has already given you something much more bigger so understand that it is very important when the money is in the hands of the bill gates and all the people that want to depopulate the world and want to play obvious tricks with the world like this entire sham of a lockdown the entire sham of kovid

people are still distributing vaccines that it has been proven that this vaccine does not stop the spread of kovid it has been proven that very much does not stop the spread of coffee then people are still distributing it giving it giving money to companies to be making vaccines and giving them vaccines that is putting god knows what's into their bodies and have nothing to do at all with the coffee it is not helping them in any way shape or form with regards to coffee

this foolishness the foolishness that doctors who would have ever thought that doctors would be so foolish that they would be looking at women and say that they are betting people and be calling um biological men women because the government tells them to otherwise their license will be revoked anything that the government comes up with if tomorrow now the government says that uh we want to blame every problem in this world on this political party that is how doctors and psychiatrists will say um you see it is because you are affiliated with this political party that you have this sickness in your body

look at how the world health organization just manipulated anything they say is what the doctors use the few doctors that come out and boldly speak and say well this is what is scientific fact they get attacked they get their they lose their jobs or their licenses are revoked on all kinds of things so may now end up apologizing so that they can retain their license and keep on paying so that they can um pay for their family and you know keep on providing for their family or maintain their high level of living and all of that you see but people you need to be smart you know if we as christians do not see this as what it is and ensure that we take out the reigns of power then we should not complain when the devil who is taking out the reigns of political power the reigns of economic power the race of you know leaders of thoughts controlling the ideology of the masses controlling social media controlling the the future all these little teenagers who are running around and are making tick-tock about this ideology and all of that that was created and given to them that they think that they are unique individuals when they are just spouting what somebody cooked up for them to become their their entire ideology and ident identity is a creation of somebody else's mind and plan to acquire power for themselves you see so we need to be smart that being said you know if you like to be a part of what we are doing to um really take over the entertainment once we plan you know our current plants and our future plants regarding um taking over the entertainment industry reach out to us at alfredo's vip and if you would like to start your own studio we strongly encourage you to do that if you want to start your cartoon studio christian cartoon studio crystal movie studio you know christian um video game you know company you know starts it's you know all it takes is that first step when you take a first step you will see that you can take a second step when you take a second step you see that you can take it a third step just keep on going don't wait till you have all the money in the world don't wait till you have a a clear path and you are and you are sure and all of that don't let analysis prices destroy you just take the first step and you will see that you can you will take um many more after that you know so want that attack that being said make sure you go to alfredo vip click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu and whenever they pay you come out that has a pro service and say that prayer and give your life to christ thank you and god bless you

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