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Jupiter Hell is a classic, turn-based roguelike set in a 90's flavored sci-fi universe. Set on the moons of Jupiter, the game pits a lone space marine against overwhelming demonic forces. Rip and tear zombies, demons and unmentionable monstrosities, using classic weaponry such as shotguns, chainguns, railguns and the trusty chainsaw. All to the shine of CRT monitors and the tune of heavy metal!

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'm like to talk to you about a video game jupiter hell now this game you know it's called a tom based roguelike game now which is very interesting you know this is not my cup of tea at all and it's not going to be many people's cup of tea but you know the trailer the celebrity the trailer they put forth an animated cinematic trailer it really looks very interesting you know and it's 2d you know violence with a lot of questions which is very unfortunate because expertly since you know this is what a lot of kids are going to play you know even um that aside you know one thing that really bugs me i should bug you about the word adults when it comes to um this um age-based racing written system for video games or movies like oh 18 plus can watch this or for men's format show all the audiences look if it is if you need to put that sticker only an entertainment product that means it's also harmful for an adult you know pawn causing violence and all that negativity it's also a harmful for an adult don't say that oh well this is um for doctor it has a dis written or that written or who will um because um adults can wash it just like drinking for example if drinking is not advisable for people under the age of 13 then it is also not helpful for people over the age of 30. that is a fact if there is nothing wrong with it over with people who are over the age of 30 then why would you say it is wrong for people who are under the age of 10

you see has there been any medical test to prove that when you pass a certain age that's um this is no longer harmful to your body but at this setting age you know this is going to be harmful to your body no you know those restrictions drinking restrictions are put because of addiction and responsibility they are afraid that people will get addicted to drinking and you know if the person is younger the person is more susceptible to get addicted but guess what if the person is older the person is also successful to getting addicted so why don't you just avoid drinking as a whole you know all these rating systems is terrible this video game is supposed to be rated for a mature audience you know or it will be whenever the written board gets to it or it submits itself to esrb or whatever you know but um this would have been much better as a christian movie you know ah sorry as a christian video game and you know christian shooters will be interesting because when it comes to shooting games there's the aspect of giving life you know that could actually be the um topic and of course um capturing and you know com apprehending you know not killing people because um there's so much to be said about video games of course playing a video game where somebody shoots a million people you know every day may not make someone go out on the street get it going and start shooting people but it's doing something to your psyche

you see in spite of the fact that it's entertainment but look at the problem in your world of entertainment when you order fantasy it's just like somebody may watch um some kind of like for example um porn a kind of fetish might interest them on the internet but in real life they are not going to try it you know so um like the busy bdsm and all those kinds of things they may not want to have anything to do with that in real life but the fact that that is in your fantasies and that is what you are enjoying your fantasies is a huge problem and we should not be surprised when that now shows up in your real life in the same way when um kids are being programmed to actually love the idea of shooting people in a video game on a repeated basis there is something happening within that person that even though it has not shown up on the surface i may not show we are building something on the inside of you you see this is why the bible tells us you know in the book of philippians we should mind what we put in us in our bodies what to put in our minds you know whatever is wholesome whatever is lovely whatever is pure you know telling us the kind of things think on these things those are the kind of things that should be in your mind is for a reason god who designed you god who created you is telling you that you should be mindful of the kinds of things you put into your mind your subconscious is very important you know so all these things matter we as christians need to do something to change the entire atmosphere and approach towards violence that people have you know it's just like movies for example you know there's so much violence in movies and people have become non-streets because we've been watching those kinds of movies from childhood but that creates a certain kind of um spirits within us that we may not be aware of until it manifests until we meet situations that we bring out that spirit within us that we put or developed within ourselves and such things are doorways and end chances for devils and demons to have operations and walk into people's lives you know that being said if you like to be a part of taking over the entertainment industry for jesus go to alfredo vip and reach out to us we're looking forward to hearing from you you know also if you want to start your video game studio your music studio your animation studio whatever you know for the gospel that will take over the world with the gospel take the first step you know when you take the first step you'll find out that you can take a second step after i take a second step you will take a third step you will see that there is an opportunity well after i take that test step you'll see there's an opportunity to take the fourth step you know so that's how it it is on and on just keep going forth you know and that is how a lot of great companies we actually built you know don't ask god how just take the first step you know so that being said if you haven't given your life to christ also go to alfred of vip click the salvation prayer link in the main menu and do that the page will come out that has the prayer salvation say that prayer you know that prayer it is a um it's a template for you to tell god you want to have god in your life a lot of people look down on the salvation prayer but no it's a starting point you have to tell god you have to introduce yourself to god you have to tell god god i want you in my life i want to walk away from sin i want to walk away from this i want to receive you you have to do that that is something you have to do and you know there are a lot of people who look down on it and say ah that people are always preaching the salvation prayer that they is they are preaching like when you say it that is all no that is not all that is just the beginning when you come to god you have to first of all come to god that salvation prayer is you coming to god you're telling god you know you have to answer the quote of the cross you have to say yes god i want to have you in my life then from there your journey begins you know and you walk out to salvation with free and trembling you know as scripture says and of course fear trembling doesn't mean you will fear it's just like there are people who misunderstand the meaning of fear and of go fear of god you know fearing god they say i don't understand um um why somebody should fear god why why would you fear god you know that if god is love life god cares about you why does he want you to fear him god doesn't want you to fear him in the way that you are interpreting fear of god any time you look at the world or the phrase fear of god in the bible is not talking about fear the bible says the fear of god is the beginning of wisdom you know it's it's also said the fear of god is to hate the evil way

those are the things that fear of god means fear of god is not talking about fearing god you know this does not mean being afraid of god it is a phrase that means something just like raining cats and dogs raining cats and dogs doesn't mean that cats and dogs are just falling from the sky you know falling out of the out of the clouds cats are just falling dogs are falling that is not the meaning of raining cats and dogs in the same way fear of god does not mean being afraid of god you know so um does that thank you and god bless you

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