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hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk about the movie jets are saying j-e-t-t you know like a jet plane battery two t's now this movie is um culture it puts the female character as the action you know lead you know so it's one of those movies and this is actually a female character that you know it's super unrealistic because you can see this is somebody who is the age of being you know like a model of true a model for that kind of age and you want to put her in an action rule you know and this is also a movie that glorifies the criminal you know and tries to justify the storyline is one strange word the other you know and i've talked about such movies before you know when the protagonist is a is a criminal you know and you know it's like the movie is all about entertainment the messaging and what is being passed across is an encouragement to criminals there's a reason why a lot of criminals in jail when you ask them what their favorite movies are you will see that it is movies where the protagonist is a criminal and you know the ones that kind of recognize it movies like godfathers cafes and things like that you see this culture is not helpful you know people say that such things don't affect them but it does you know so um it's important that we as christians you know go into hollywood and create you know movies that actually reflect the gospel reflect christianity and put an end to all the nonsense that the world is putting out time even you know this work foolishness they have ended up making an unrealistic movie you know making putting a woman that is beating up all the guys i should know the guys who is you know at the age of you know she should have like four or five kids at this point you know and her issues she has no muscles whatsoever you know the whole thing doesn't make any sense you know but that is what they want to put on to you know um push forth the madness of feminism you know keep in mind that um female action heroes had been around you know even before the work movement of i know this walk madness but now um that is actually what drives a lot of females in these positions you know like um underworld with selling a cow you know that um whole thing that was not under the book movement but you see um that was a female in an action um leading position but now it is kind of like it's it's all has to be leaning towards that weakness and even the cast and it's so crazy but it is what it is that being said if you like to be a part of making better movies christian movies movies that will actually push for the ghost plan actually and all the different propagandas and all the different agendas that a lot of those worldly movies are trying to do and uh somewhat successfully doing and i've been doing for so long you know reach out to us on if you want to start your own studio you want to start making movies don't ask questions don't ask god how just take the first step you see and god will make a way for you to take the the next step and you will you will keep seeing opportunities you know when you take one step you will see that there's an opportunity to take another step and then you can take another step and you can take another step and you know that's how it's done so um that's it if you haven't given your life to christ go to salvation prayer with alfredo vip thank you and god bless you

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