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hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk to everyone in nigeria and every everyone on the piece of land that is called nigeria you know about the states of nigeria right now and what needs to be done you know this is specifically about the southern governors what they did they are gathering together and their proposition for basically nigeria being ruled in rotation you know

by saying that nigeria should be ruled in rotation understand that there are over 100 different tribes in nigeria so by saying nigeria should be ruled in rotation you have exempted certain tribes from your system of nigeria should be ruled in rotation and now you have put

a situation in place which basically means what you are suggesting that the situation be put in place which basically means that nigeria is not one because if nigeria can only function based on rotation oh it is now this once turned to rule from we need a present from this tribe oh we need a president from that this tribe you have by doing that you have said that there is a need for succession

you know you can't have it both ways you know you are admitting that there is a necessity that the only way for nigeria is succession you know for um it's for nature to be broken up because that is what you are saying by saying that um the nation has to be ruled in rotation and another thing that that is going to bring about is that by saying the nation is going to be ruled on rotation you are taking away merits so it is not whoever is the best you know at the very best they are saying whoever is the best opponent in certain tribes you know and that is not even the case it's it's because um when you have a greater pool of talent or a greater pool to choose from why restricted to oh the person must have this qualification it's kind of like with um

um it's kind of like racism of oh you have to be disconcorder and and but it this is a matter of rotation this one is in rotation oh for this period someone with this king color should rule they're from this period song with the solar skin color rule that is what you are suggesting you see and it goes back to something i said before which no governor has done so far a lot of people who consider themselves leaders never listen before you lead you must listen and while leading you must continue listening and when you are through leading you still have to listen the biggest part of leadership is listening to the people that you are leading that is what majority of leadership is all about but because people don't understand this this is why there is so much trouble look at the disconnect between buhari and the nigerian people bohari imagines he's doing a great job in his mind he believes he's doing a great job who who who who in their right mind would look at the nigerian situation and commend and say wow this president has done really well and has outperformed other president but because of this disconnect that buhari has he believes he's doing a great job because he does not listen to the people and this is the same thing that all these governors are doing i have said before first of all ask the people what do you want do you want secession or do you want one nigeria there has to be a valid way of you know this simple this is something that you can start a site and give people a time frame that people who you know they prove they are from nigeria you know it can be easily done via verification of nins or vivians or whatever but create a situation where you can actually ask nigerians what they want so that you will know what everybody on this piece of land called nigeria once the issue with the nigerian presidency if you listen to undercarlo and you listen to ibuy especially the unadical and those who are saying biafra they do not want in an evil president evil presidency is not what they are looking for

you see this is the same thing like when um the governor i believe of anambra streets was was giving away free money you know to a sector of evils you know so that they would um take their mind off of cessation and all of that that bribery you know all these little things that politicians do you're you you don't listen to the people you don't care about what the people are saying you are just you come up with your own idea of this is the solution and you carry it out you see this is the thing that kills nations this is what bohari is doing he's doing what he feels is the best without listening to anybody other people imagine going to a restaurant to order food and the waitress does not listen to what you say you want to eat the waitress does not care you talk the waitress is not interested then the waitress goes and comes back with food that she wants that to give you that she believes is best for you and puts it before you then you talk and talk and talk and say no this is not she doesn't listen you have to eat that that is what basically almost every politician does they do not listen to the people they do not care about the people they do not understand that they are civil servants they do not understand that they are in a position of service it's not about what they want it is not about your vision it's not about your great vision for the people it's about what the people want you are hired by the people you are under the employ of the people the people are the boss you are the employee if you are a president you are the employee the people are the boss it is not the other way around and this is something that jesus made clear that in the world you know people who aspire for leadership positions and leadership you know they want to load into value but in the kingdom of god and this is how it is with people you know you have to model if you want something to be lasting you have to model it after the kingdom of god said in the kingdom of god to be the greatest you must be the one who saved the most you must be the one who bends down what she saw at people's feet that is what leadership is you are the servant not the um that is not you it is the people that are the boss you are the servants you see these things that the people in politics are doing you know it may seem plausible that um a an evil presidency might quell um talk of succession but guess what it will create another problem which is now they're not on us complaining so you are shifting the agitation of oh we must rule or or we want to have representation from the ebooks we have shifted it to the note so you just turn the tables around you did not solve the problem that is what you have that is what you are suggesting to be done you see and by also creating a rotation system what you are doing is that when it is each person's stone there will be pressure to pick the person that will be the most tribalistic in other words when it is imposed on the ebolas we want ah other people have their tongue now let us pick somebody that we really focus on us so there will be favorable treatments for eboost and ignoring every other person then when it goes back to the northerners there will be favorable teachment for the northerners and ignore the evils and every other person so it should just be a matter of leapfrogging you know and you're suggesting that this is the only way that nigeria can function just means that that there has to be association so um this begins the most important step here is you have to know what the people want and what steps to take one big um problem with politics is that people are too obsessed with voting for a person but people have no power over the policies that is why you can vote for somebody that says all kinds of good things then he becomes the president of the leader and he's doing all kinds of nonsense because you don't have power over the policies and this is how secret societies and cartels rule because the cartels have the money and the backing to put for presidents to put for um senators and all of that and the cartels and all these um shadow governments that are behind the scenes the people who are putting on all these people because understand something you cannot win a presidency without a lot of money if you all you have is 50 million and somebody has 5 billion to spend on an election in spite of qualifications that person that has 5 billion is most likely going to win then imagine somebody that has only one hundred thousand you're not going anywhere you're going to be at best you are the very best a local champion you're not going anywhere with that how can you spend only 100 000 versus the one that is spending billions and understand that the people who are providing those billions we want favors and return favors that will be for their advantage and the disadvantage of the nation and this applies for every nation and also understand something very important the majority of the wealth in this world are under the control of a handful of people how many people in this world are billionaires how many people in this world are multi millionaires you you can't you can see that so when a collective group of two or three billionaires wants this person to be president and they are willing to give their financial backing everybody else should forget it and i'm saying this so that you understand the power of cartels and shadow government there are people who like who are like they hate all this kind of talk they say oh it goes into all this illuminati and conspiracy theory no it is common sense it is not it is this has nothing to do with conspiracy theory it is common sense election is about money and who has money the people who have the most money are just a few and who they want to back if aliko dangote did not back buhari will harry ever be president

let me say that again if aliko dangote did not back buhari would buhari ever be president he would never have been president if aliko dangote with his money put his money behind someone else

how would buhari be president

so this these are facts these are facts you know this is a

reality and this this is something that um you need to know

you know there is also the issue of there has to be a law that balance um i would say and that i would say that creates a universal pool for donations and it and there has to be a universal um expose on everybody that is running because there are a lot of people who run for president that people don't even know because they don't even have that much money so the the ads and the revenue behind some other people are many others many people don't realize how many people were running for president in nigeria and in so many other nations many people don't realize all the people there are many people who have run for president that when you look at it you ask a lot of people in their country have you heard this name before they don't know but that person has run for president you know like for example in america this popular figure um john mcafee you know who is responsible for makavi antivirus do you know that he wants ran for president and recently understand that this is somewhere that is popular you know he's popular in pop culture and of course he um he's um he he's allegedly now passed away from you know whatever reason that they said it was you know there are so many things around the bets the thing is that

there are so many other people this is somebody that is popular bet yes many people don't even know here you know there are so many other people who run but they do not know so there has to be a uniform pool that no matter who you are if you are qualified to run and you are proof to run you cannot have your own independent funds there has to be a universal pool so it is not a matter of people who are who puts money behind this party or that party you put money towards a universal pool and each person you know it has to become illegal to donate money to a particular campaign so each person who is qualified to run should be given an equal amount of money from what is given to to that universal pool of donations and then with that they can run whatever campaign they want because think about it let us be real if people are managing marginal lives and the power marginalized in a world where even to be elected you need money then the poor will never have a voice use your brain the poor will never have a voice look at all the people that are running and how much are they how much are they spending on running so that is one problem and i've and i've addressed to you what the solution should be there should be around the world no no such thing as um this person can donate to this campaign i know it it makes things more fair because it also make people stop worrying about how much they donate or put because it's not a matter of oh i want this person to win so i'm going to put some more over here or put some over there you see so all of that and you know all these special interest groups and lobbyists who are like oh you have to do this if you want me to give you this much money for it to run you have to do this fifa for me return well you have to pass this bill or you have to do this and you have to do that you know so all of those actors will now be forced to go out of the picture because they have no they have no leverage you know they are now they are now put on the same plane no matter how well they they are with the same plane with somebody who has little money and then it's a true democracy as long as you are qualified to run you know of course that will now bring the the the question of those who will now try to make it difficult for people to be qualified but let us start from here and we'll make sure that it is it has to make sure that anybody can run you know based on um certain um reasonable um stipulations you know anybody can run from any s part of the ladder and then you know there has to be at least a body that oversees and ensures that everyone is well informed the people who are voting are well informed about the candidates there are a lot of people who vote who don't know a lot of things about the candidates and if they knew about those things about that candidate the other candidate they would not have voted how they voted and now after that voting what happens is that

the people lose all their power if that person goes into power saying i'm going to let us say for example i'm going to unite nigeria i'm going to help this help that and a person gets into office and starts running amok

you know as long as that person stays within the boundary of what is not impeachable which means that the person can do anything they want the person can do what the other party you know said they would do which he was against and people voted for him because he was against it so people could be voting for him that he should do a and the other party was voting that they would do b when he gets into office saying that he will do it he starts doing b perhaps the people wanted him not to go and start new wars or to bring the troops home and things like that when he goes into office he gives wonderful excuses and then increases the numbers of troops out going out and then starts new wars and all of that and then the military industry compared to whatever system behind the scenes is making a lot of money from it thanks to the lobbyists that gave him the money to be going to to run and become the president so those things need to be addressed you know so um it's it's important that these things are done because there is little time you know agitation can come from anywhere if nigeria is such that the only way that it can run its own rotation which now brings into question the discrimination of other tribes over 100 tribes you know over 130 tribes does that mean that oh now so it would have to be like an ish um 10 is four years so let's multiply that the over 130 30 tribes by four so that is now how many years it might take for somebody stone to come again

wow so imagine being ignored for that many years that is almost a century for like oh this tribe ruled for this period so we now have to wait for the next century for diatom to come again

think about this house how unrealistic is that you know so there is that and also there is an importance you know

no in fact everything begins with the people shift the power away from your wise suggestions of how to rule nigeria and what is best for nigeria shift your suggestions away from whatever you as the waiter is trying to give the customer listen to the customer what does the customer want the people that are on this piece of land that's called nigeria what do they want and how do they like to be ruled how that is what should guide the steps now you know there are people who are talking about and redoing the constitution how many nigerians were were even told that the constitution was to be redone how many people in nigeria were actually asked we are about to reboot our constitution what would you like to be in the new constitution no such thing it is just the politicians because the politicians know everything these same politicians that have that are still bringing vaccines to give nigerians and are happy that they are they are doing this people don't see that these politicians are being paid by foreigners they are being paid by foreign organizations to do this nonsense we have seen all the problems with vaccines even when they are advertising the vaccines in nigeria they tell you that if you experience any side effects after taking this vaccine take panadol or take um um some drug or go and see your doctor if you experience side effects why how is your brain working how is your brain it's just like when somebody advertise cigarettes and and after the ending of the cigarette advertisement you see warning the federal ministry of health was that tobacco smokers are liable to die young after hearing that how can you now stupidly gun buy his cigarettes they are sending it to you then at the end they are putting one in one name the foreign minister of health wants that tobacco smokers are liable to die young and then you two you still carry yourself and take cigarettes to smoke in the same way this vaccine they are telling you after advertising the vaccine they are telling you well if you express any side effects don't worry about seeds just take panadol you know just take a drug or if the if problem passes just go and see your doctor it's a simple matter what kind of foolishness is that

and these are the leaders

you see if you are in a car and the driver is immoral in spite of the fact that you may be a sense you may be doing all the good things right

you are liable that is just by your virtue of being in that car it may not be your fault you may be a campus maybe a good person may be a reasonable person but because the driver is not well upstairs you are your life is in his hands you see there was um an incident where some fellows went to a christian conference on their way back they traveled for the christian conference on their way back the bus driver was you know one of these people that really wants to make money very fast and he was driving you know this james bond style of driving that they normally love to do in nigeria where you know they drive on the sidewalk they drive everywhere you know they try to maneuver and on a bridge he did the same thing maneuvering trying to because there was a hold up you know um of kazan because of the ghost slow he was maneuvering on the bridge and the boss with all the people inside fell over the bridge and this is a boss into the water and and the and the boss sunk with all the christians inside now those christians were good people wonderful people and many of them are probably going to be in paradise but they were all at the messy of the foolishness of the guy that is driving in the same way if you're in a country and the president is not all right upstairs you are at the mercy of the nonsense that he does why he goes out and starts a war it is you that we suffice it is you that you have to fight to defend yourself because of the foolishness of the president or the leader and this applies to every organization and this is something that you have to know about life there are a lot of people who say life is not fair oh it is it is not enough to be good they like to ask why do bad things happen to good people because it's not enough to be good you also have to be smart and you also have to be in charge you also have to um understand um the importance of having power over every aspect of your life to the best of your ability i'm making the right choices there are people who talk about being at the wrong place at the wrong at the wrong time you know they say being at the right place at the wrong time no you see you have a problem this is why the bible tells you in the book of psalms that you should not walk in the part of the ungodly there are people who misinterpret the bible and say that jesus was friends with sinner jesus was not friends with sinners jesus never hung out with sinners understand the meaning of the word friend jones was never friends with sinners that jesus said that when i was eating with touch collectors and said that that is not friendship you have to meet these people to talk to these people he was preaching to these people he was changing these people a doctor does not hang out with patients a doctor may be around patients and sick people more than he is around his own children a doctor may be around patients and stick with mother he is around his own wife but that is not friendship he is a doctor and they are the patients that is the relationship that god had with sin at that relationship that jesus had with sinners and you as a christian you know that is the relationship but when you want to be friends with lgbt with this and all of that now there is i will sharpen it i own it is not you that is just influencing them and because your relationship is based on friendship not on doctor patience your relationship is based on friendship so there are also things that they that they are doing and they are that is rubbing off on you

you see you have to understand this you know there are people who want to like um hang out to see they want to go to nightclubs they want to go to bus they look at places that are something that may be a little bit shady you know it looks a little bit shady but it's like well it's not like i'm going to commit anything or do anything of that nation so they still go and then at the end of the day when chaos breaks his problem some people they want to make friends with people who are cr who are in gangs but they are like i am not in a gang i am not going to do anything but i just want to make but i i'm a friendly person i will make friends with this person they did that the other gang members want to come and shoot your new gang member friend either you shoot you two whose fault is it you lived your life as a good person there may be nothing on this office wrong that you did but you have to understand the importance of being smart you are not smart you disobeyed a very important scripture you are not supposed to this is why sometimes parents do not want people to hang out with certain people and children are not wise they they look at it differently it is not about the problem it's not like the parent is um a racist or the parent is prejudiced about this person or the parents um may think that this person is bad and you know better that the person is good but some people any situation and they live their life in a way that it attracts problems it attracts dangers and when you associate yourself with those people it will also affect you there are people who have hot temper and they are always fighting any little thing can make them fight when you make friends with that kind of person you may goopy you may be a sense the day that you are around that person and that person starts a fight with somebody else you are indirectly involved

either whether you are on the side of separating it or trying to prevent your friend from beating up the person and all of that you and your friend came together and this is how most people end up in situations where they often find themselves in jail or they find themselves being so involved in a gang and then they are considered a gang member and then in their own mind they are like i was not officially jumped into the gang i was not officially made a member but the issue is that you are always around these gang members so in the eyes of every other person including most of the other gang members you are one of them even though you may see it as you may not see that way you see when the uh when karma is coming karma will come and pick you up too because of your association the same thing will go into certain places there are places that i should not go there are people who love to go to night clubs now people who like to go to bus you see a place for example it may even be a park

but if if it's a park and it's a shady it may not even be a starbucks it might be a starbucks but the kind of people that come there is setting me you know stay away

stay away because when trouble comes you may be good and all of that the day that there will be drama you will also be a victim and then you will and people will look at at your corpse and wonder why do bad things happen to good people because you you do not understand it is not about just being good being good extends to obeying the scripture about working not in the way of the young god don't associate yourself with ungodly people

don't be one of them don't bring their company

evil communication corrupts good manners

you see even if you are like don't worry my manager is not corrupted your involvement your your hanging out around them is attracting danger anyway that's um it's a lot make sure you go to and subscribe you know if you haven't given your life to christ go to salvation prayer alfredo vip you know there's also a salvation prayer link in the main menu i'm afraid of vip so that's it for today thank you and god bless you

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