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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the movie hotel transylvania 4. now this movie is very interesting that they have decided to make it the franchise but let's understand something you know you have to understand that nephilim exists and you know the scriptures make it very clear that as it was in the days of noah so shall it be you know in the end in the days of noah angels you know fallen angels basically demons masqueraded as humans and went in with human women and reproduced and they created new creatures that were basically half demon have they have humor so they had um both sides and that is actually the main motivation for god using the flow to destroy the eggs because of this pollution you know of humanity you know this um attempts to change or transform the human race and that is exactly what is happening again in the end you can see that sweet things like this vaccine you know they are attempts to alter the human dna and of course there are you know things that electrons talked about um years ago like the human shamers and all of that you know that um they were trying to clone peaks and you know put um human embryos and pigs and all those kinds of experience now it has come to light you know of course people like alex are not giving credit now this movie hotel transylvania is actually painting the picture i'm making light of the concept of transforming humans into monsters and monsters into humans you know we are living in a day where humanity people don't value human life that is why you have things like planned parenthood with um all the abortions even the people who claim to be for human lives like black lives matter because of them how many people who have dark skin have been killed black lives matter supports abortion they support the african-americans being killed in planned parenthood in the name of abortion they they are all flights they fight for that black lives matter fights for introducing lgbt into um the african-american community how does that work it has been on record and it is clear like when you look at cabernet green and in chicago when you remove the father from the home especially an african-american home that home under society collapsed what happened in cabrini green in chicago you know where the men were actually incentivized to leave the home because the government was paying um welfare if the man was not at home so what happened was that the men started dodging you know so when the welfare officer comes they won't find the man at home until the father just left permanently because you know most of those sex were under and you see that intensifies of um a broken marriage which is what the pre-print is for those of you who don't know what the pre-print up is a pre-print is a print up that exists that you didn't sign it was written by the government on your behalf to make sure that your marriage does not work to make sure that the wife is incentivized to leave the husband you know to make sure that though if the woman leaves she will take half of everything so she is incentivized she has the financial benefits to living him and those kinds of things people don't realize it that is actually one of the things that makes marriages not work before such laws were passed women were careful women never said yes to a man they never said yes to marriage and to do a show about the man's character now there are a lot of people who are saying that um men sheets and um the woman leaves apart from the fact that it is clear that the major reason for divorce is finances not cheating not infidelity you have to understand that in the case of infidelity you see when that's um laws we're not there we may we're more careful if a man is a cheater if a man is unfaithful during the marriage you know it is not like he transformed the way he got married he was the same man before the marriage so why didn't you know why didn't you have the cement back in the day women women recessed character they didn't just look at the man's bank account you know and social status and understanding but now why is it that a lot of women are in situations where their husbands are unfaithful it is because they do not bother they do not bother to do the research that they used to do you know all the um pricing of character above finances now if a lady has to suit us one is wealthy and another one is you know um well adjusted you know we everybody knows where he's from everybody knows his history he's known as the man of integrity he's a man who has more money that we that we win then at the end of the day when that marriage goes south you know when he's beaten high in the marriage or um he has so many different sugar babies left right and center you know there will not be complaints but you see you can see that the the power of that incentivizing you know has worked because when when that woman finally gets divorced from that match she lives with half of everything he has you know so for countries that have that look at countries that don't have that law that pre-prenup law you know it may not be called the pre-print or better killing you i'm the one who is naming it preparing up you know that pre-print law look at nations that don't have it what is the divorce race day you know when when women marry in such nations especially like when you look at muslim nations or nations in like africa and asia where social laws don't exist look at what happens women make sure that when they are married somebody they actually marry based on character so they don't have all these divorce problems in america they are divorce lawyers who make their living from divorce in places like the philippines nigeria um um

uae places like that there's no such thing like a divorce lawyer there's no divorce lawyer in iran iraq all those kind of places because of those laws if the laws were changed to incentivize divorce even in a place like iraq or iran in spite of their huge muslim whatever you may think that is because they are muslim let them make provision for it in the law that even though you're a muslim a woman can leave any time she wants and she lives with her and let us see what will happen in that place you see so um these are things you have to look at now this movie um by glorifying and making people think of it's kind of like what x-men did making people think of the aspect of turning into from a human changing into a different creature and i'm not any creature that the bible says not segregated five something being crisis a new creation holding surpass we knew all things are becoming not that new creation but turning into a new um mutation a mutant a a different creature which is what those abominations that god wiped away in the days of noah where that is what this movie does and it makes it um fun and understandable you know something that um people have been so programmed that they won't really um be open arms about this you know they just made a plot about you know um a scientist you know created a machine you know and you know it turned the mustache into humans and the human into monsters now they have to go and um on a journey on a trip to somewhere perhaps in the amazon or in one and we had location and then there and only there can they be transformed back to what we they wear so that the transformation will not remain permanent you know that kind of plot it looks nice but look at the underlying teaching because there we come you can see it on the scientific side apart from the the aspect of um demons the masquerading as humans sleeping with human women which is why you have to be careful who you sleep with you can't you can't do that you know god has made it clear that you should not commit adultery you know you should not even look at the woman and lost after nowadays you can look at the woman and lost after later to find out that it was a man that was this that was that has taken how many surgeries and you know taking how many hormones you know so what of that say you see you is best to stick to god's word you know people who sleep around you don't know where where your sperm is going to end up you know and then you end up having some kind of um half half human half demon children that you do not know about who you are technically their father you know so you don't know the people that you are meeting and where they are coming from it is so unfortunate that people are so obsessed with premarital sex and you know um sex on the first date and all those kinds of things you know this is strategic satan knows what he's doing so apart from that aspect there's the aspect of the changing of the humor you know with technology and all of that it went from um the technology went from something we carry with us like laptops and smartphones to variables you know like for example this is a smart watch i'm wearing you know now from wearables the next step is now to implant the technology into the human and that is what the mark of the beast is you know we cannot accept that measure and that is how the government is going to be control people and that is what it is it is about and understand that the government is just a cartel of people a group of the same people who have lied to you and deceived you that you have democracy you do not have democracy if you are outside of the cartel in every government every every nation is ruled by a cartel that disguises itself as a government where of the people by the people for the people it's a lie it is the same people that are doing that are in the positions of power that is why when you see somebody that is not in that who comes on they destroy him look at trump trump was the person that is not in that when it comes to the american cartel that is actually ruling that and it is not the faces that you see it is the phases that you don't see that you should be careful of those are the ones that are dangerous the ones that you do not know the ones that control inflation deflation by choice you know a lot of people don't know that this is artificially manipulated you know this is why you can hear someone actually going to the extent of saying that money does not exist that money is just a lie that's the risk used to control the poor you know and and you know with each passing day the more once looks at things it seems to be more true you know so that being said that is what this movie does and this is why it's very important for us to go into all this because this movie is targeted as children and it's ha it goes a long way to teaching a lot of ideologies to children you know and this is from the same companies that teach lgbt nonsense to children that being said you know um if you like to be a part of making christian movies and movies that will really take over the movie industry and the damage industry you know video games and all of that you like to be a part of what we plan to do and what we are planning to do you know reach out to us on alfredo vip we are looking forward to hearing from you and if you haven't given your life to christ good also to alfred or vip click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu when doing that a page of commander has a proof of salvation say that prayer and give your life to christ thank you and god bless you

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