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Homecoming Heartbreaker : Book Reviews - by Alfred


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{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about another homecoming heartbreaker now let me read the existing you know description these ex-lovers are enemies hiding secrets that could change everything in this explosive moonlight-rich romance by joshua you are the one who left remember how could he ever forget celebrated entrepreneur mark holloway has come home to moonlight ridge to care for his foster dad and save his family's once luxurious results but accomplished either he must face his pasts the woman he left without the word resource manager molly haskell he's never admitted what drove him away and he's not ready to confess now even when walking in close quarters ignites a fiery passion that bones away everything else but molly is keeping secrets of her own that could bring them to the brink you know this is so typical

this story you know the this kind of plotline keeps on repeating itself but this is what is to be expected when um harley quinn has a set of guidelines you know and you know people don't know that a lot of the reason why a lot of entertainment looks the same is not necessarily from the creative aspects but the fact that those who have the money and those who own the companies put rules of you have to have your storyline abide by these rules so this rules ends up creating cliches and very similar plots you know and especially when the plot is something that does not work to the advantage of the gospel you know or does not have any common sense attached to it you know we see repeated nonsense which actually aims to program people in a certain direction now the storyline you know the plots the way that it is going is just too cliche you know and i'm guessing that she actually kept the secrets of you know perhaps a baby or perhaps a baby that was aborted from their previous rendezvous and of course this is supposed to um they are supposed to reignite um the relationship and of and sadly this relationship is based on sex and sensual feelings such relationships never prosper into blossoming marriages because marriage is not about how good someone is in bed or wants experience in bed you know that is not what marriage is about so this is not going to lead to point to happily ever after you know the genre of romance novels should actually contain a lot of educational truths on the aspects of relationships you know especially with male and female and you know with um marriage and all that's you know so unfortunately that is not a direction and you know with this all this nonsense about lgbt blah blah blah blah blah that is what this companies promote thankfully in this um

imprint on the harley queen they don't push force that's a line but you see it is from this same company that teaches nonsense that also teaches foolishness that does not um have any basis of common sense or bearing or common sense in different things that is what they actually bring forth and that is dangerous you know we as christians we must do what we can to take over every industry and all of entertainment including romance novels you know it is not a matter of like oh they are christian romance novels no we must take it such that there is no um social secular romance novel people won't even notice it it will disappear that is what we need to do you see that is something that has to be done it is compulsory that we do this you know so um

you have to be a part of what we are planning to do you know what we will do you know and re to do that reach out to us on i'm looking forward to hearing from you now if you haven't given your life to christ what's keeping what's stopping you you need to give your life to christ and start living for god immediately you know go to click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu when you're at the page you'll come out that has a proud salvation that prayer of salvation is a guideline on you um telling god you know that you want to have god in your life so just go there say that prayer and start your work with god thank you and god bless you

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