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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the series hit and run now this is basically a revenge movie you know this is um

basically overdone but let me read to you the official synopsis a happily married man's life is turned upside down when his wife is killed in a mysterious hit-and-run accident in tel aviv so basically from the trailer you know his wife had dreams of you know being a um ballista or whatever it's you know this um kind of stage um type dancing you know and she was doing pretty well and you know she had a hit and run accidents and he started investigating you know going into it he's now on a revenge mission apparently it was actually more than not just a case of hit-and-run you know it was you know intentional actually so these kinds of stories you know there have been quite a number of movies this year that has this revenge team and understands something about hollywood hollywood moves with teams and the reason why it moves to it seems it's a matter of there are two aspects of it first of all they want to emphasize something and it's all part of when you look at the larger picture of programming when movies within a person sitting purely just like um during the era when you had the temp gear agenda when you had that term gear joined and of course they went against the gay folks and all of that during that era all movie all movies and all of entertainment and all of media seemed to be about that it had that thing of oh um people had the right to be gay you know just allow them live their life it would affect you of course now it has turned into something else you know which was always their plan just like also in the um trump era you know in the periods where trump was president it was there was a team of first of all um russian you know russian bots there was the russian bots in russia russia russia russia then it moved on to the foreign dossier team it was this door and all of these revolutions and all of that all from this guy did this does he so it kept on that was all the news media had it had that team so that the reason for such teams is so that nobody will miss it and everybody will think the same thing so they are actually giving everybody tunnel vision everybody in the nation so that even though many things are happening and different things are happening they are following a setting team so everybody is like in the same class of education then the same classroom receiving the same teaching the same thing over and over again and you know someone said that if you say something long enough you know it soon becomes the truth people people will perceive it to be the truth you know if you keep on saying something i believe when there is no opposition you know all the voice that is saying it is much much louder than the opposition and it keeps bombing emphasize it becomes the truth so you have to understand that aspect and that is why a lot of holy word of a lot of what hollywood does just like now they are in the work phase so all their team is going in line with wokeness and all of that and setting aspects of wokeness at the same time like you know there are different aspects of organization aspects and as much as the feminism aspect as the white men bad aspect of workness you know condemning uh as they say whiteness you know all things white is bad you know straight white smell so and then there's also the promotion of um dark skinned people and of course the black washing of characters you know so there are different aspects of it but you see it picks out certain things and it pushes at the same time and part of that is because of the propaganda for the propaganda to be effective everybody has to be listening to the same thing we have heard the same thing the same information has to be pushed out there so that is why it's already pretty supposed to be that another aspect is from a marketing perspective you know when people get the feel for something it is just basically trends when it trends that it's like okay this kind of movie still so let's make movies like this oh people are crazy about this category of movie like people are into vampire movies oh look at how vampire movies are doing let us make another vampire movie you know so there is also that aspect of trends so these two things combined you know uh skating there are other things but these are the two kittens that makes hollywood really move in the aspect of um having teams you know with um the message they put out there right now apparently there's a lot of emphasis that seems to be more than usual on revenge you know the soul guy you know the guy who um is going out for revenge you know it has been like this before but it's like it's coming back that team is returning but you have to see something that is problematic about revenge revenge is not good revenge is a cancer when you have in your heart a hunger or a passion to kill someone or to hurt someone for hurting you you yourself are being destroyed by the hatred you have you see it is true that they may have wronged you it is true that what they have done is evil bet by your bearing that desire and that passion and all of that planning to go after them you know you are destroying yourself there is the importance the more important thing of forgiveness what about that and that is why we as christians need to really make movies so that the team of forgiveness is going to be pushed forth things that are more consistent with god godliness now these kinds of movies you know it authenticates and verifies and justifies the idea of revenge people hurt you therefore yoga what's the what about forgiveness and of course this revenge because there's a lot of breaking of the law and there is now the turning of the guy into a mudra because how many people is he going to kill in the quest to avenge his wife all these people have families all these people have wives most of these people you know they have their kids so now because somebody killed somebody that is close to him now he's going after everybody in his way in between him and the person that is at the top responsible for giving that order for his wife to be killed and you know this is very disastrous this is something that should not be we as christians we must um make things to change the way people think because some people may not think that this is important but this helps to shape society's mind that revenge is logical that revenge is the if the logical thing that it is natural is the flow yes these are the finish is making people feed on negative feelings and the negative mindsets now for a lot of you may think that i'm going to find that know that it's just the movie that such things will not affect people why is it that you won't watch a movie promoting that season why wouldn't you watch a movie that is promoting making african-americans or people of african descent in america sleeps why won't you watch that kind of movie you see it it shows that this um the fact that you can watch this kind of movie but you can't watch that kind of movie you would watch a movie that is dedicated to insulting your own mother there's no way you will sit down and watch it and enjoy it a movie like dedicated to insulting your own mother then why would you watch this it shows you that you now have a desensitization and a tolerance for this and this is actually feeding into your belief system whether you know it or not and that is one of the great deceptions of entertainment and this is why we must be the ones with christians being the ones in charge of entertainment you know so um that is that if you would like to be a part of um what we are doing and what we plan to do to take over the entertainment industry movies video games everything for christ reach out to us when alfred.vip we are looking forward to hearing from you also if you want to start your own movie studio your own video game studio your own music studio for christ do it go ahead and do it you know don't wait don't ask god how just take the first step go ahead and do it that's it thank you god bless you if you haven't 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