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Habit : Movie Reviews - by Alfred

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the movie habits now this movie

is basically an abomination you know it solidifies what i've always been saying you know it's very important that as christians we finally be smart and do certain things that need to be done you know the world

apparently you know uh most smarter than the than the church unfortunately you know that is um not technically accurate but when you look at how we act with the church we don't do simple things like lobbying politicians we don't do simple things like lobbying companies you see the lgbt community just you know something that started with just a few people you know it grows into something that they are like straight up we won't vote for you unless you pass this law in our favor that is how the gays the um lesbians and all of that that is what they did to the point of that they have created a world where anybody that they don't like or anybody that's you know goes against them they brand that person as hateful hate speech they have made it a crime to be against them they have made it a crime you know for anyone to exist who they do not like they can tell any lies they want they can get away with anything they want they can make sure that you know um anyone that is voted has their interests any any company that plans to go forward has their interests but christians when right now we have greater numbers we are doing everything we can to be silent we believe all kinds of lives that the devil has told us we believe lies like you know don't try to force your christianity down people's truths you know um a lot of people be like and and they're proud of things like that like i'm not trying to i'm not the kind of person who tells people what i believe you know i i don't try to force my belief system you know and they call it religion you know because that is what those people see christianity as those kinds of people who call themselves christians they also see christianity as religion you know even though christianity is far from religion african science is not a religion in any ship way or form you know but they would be the same ones you know who are so proud of keeping quiet just told us to speak up look at the gays lgbt and all of that they are boldly telling you that they want to force down their belief system down your truth and they are doing it country by country look at what barack obama did with african nations we won't give you aid until you have um and we call it gay rights because that's the way to do evil teams what you want to do if you call it good what you want to kill innocent babies in in women's womb you call it women's rights what about the the the babies that are female what about their rights to live how how does the greatest genocide that has been ever carried out in by in any era of humanity abortion the greater genocide how can that be women's rights how many women how many females have been killed as a result of abortion but you see that is what all these people do but we we have the lights we have the gospel we have love we are the only people that actually have the real definition of love god is other people look at how they have messed things up they say love is love and look at how crazy everything has gone on they are on their end look at how their relationships are dating and marriage and all of that and the only times christians falter in marriage and relationship is when the christian decides to do things according to how the world does it when the christian ignores the word of god and is listening to advice on relationships and marriage from the world then they have ups and downs and crazy kinds of marriages that you know you had the solution but you did not apply now this movie makes fun of christians makes fun of god makes fun of people who believe in god and there's there seems to be an increase in this style of movies but this is what hollywood is about can't we lobby these studios and make it clear we are not going to protonize your movies we are not going to watch your movies until they promote christianity and they show christianity in a good light we never do it but the gays and the rest of the world the people of the world do such things and that is why they have their way the people of the world agree we are going to vote for this person but christians to get christian to vote for a candidate to even pick out the candidates a problem everyone brings up some kind of weird theology that um you they should be a separation of church and states is that in the bible or they will bring up nonsense like christians should not be involved in voting that pastor should not tell people who to vote for when you study the bible is there any person that became a king or a leader in israel that wasn't first anointed by the prophet it is the church that shall first of all say this is who wrong this is who we are choosing we are more than anybody else you know that is our right and authority as a matter of fact in the old days under the catholic church the king of britain and the queen you know the leaders of britain they had to be um confed that right by the at bishop or somebody within um the top levels of the catholic church the roman catholic church but now this generation of the church you know we have been sold so many lives to steal our lives about poverty that we are supposed to be poor that a christian being wealthy is bad we should not be making money so all the money is in the hands of the world therefore the world is moving in the direction that they want because the world moves in the direction the world spins in the direction that those who have the most money wanted to spin the systems of this world is built and maintained by money so whoever has the money controls it so when it is those that is in darkness those who have nefarious um ideas and ideologies that is what happens we see darkness imagine if adoption i was a christian he wouldn't have killed all those people imagine all the good that would have been done if just that one man was a christian or if you know someone started the ministry early and reached out to the nazis at that early stage you see imagine all the good that would have been done if um osama bin laden was a christian you know he would have killed all those people he would he wouldn't be involved in tourism and all that look at the terrorists around the world we have a message that changes lives other people have all kinds of stupid idiotic messages that would at the end of the little destruction meeting that don't even make any sense you see and you know this is unfortunate this movie just basically makes fun of christianity it's made fun of the catholic church obviously you know and believing in god because of course you have to understand about the world when they are making fun of catholics you may say well i'm not a catholic they are making fun of you too if they are making fun of baptist it's a way to make fun of everybody that is how they are saying it oh these are how people who believe in god think nobody is going to make a movie like this about muslims why because muslims stand up for themselves you can't insult muhammad and just go free you can't just assault islam and go for it but you can insult jesus and blaspheme jesus and blaspheme christianity and christians with god and still buy your movies by your music and all of that this is the problem you know the the synopsis of this movie is you know basically um based on a female who goes to l.a and you know she gets involved in drug trafficking you know and this is somebody who part of the work culture you know a lot of movies have been inspired by the harley quinn nonsense you know that's a harley quinn character you see it repeated you know that kind of crazy girl that is a tough girl uses guns and you know is kicking all the guys but which does not make sense you know that's a feminist madness of let us move away from the dance dancing in distress and then make the women more alpha than the males in the in the entire movie you know it is stupid you know it goes against a lot of laws of nature a lot of common sense you know but anyway she is now on the run from somebody who um um she put her you know put her in the position to do the drugs or whatever and you know she has to go undercover and all of that she disguises as a mom you know she joins the convent or whatever you know it's trying to start a convent and masquerina you know and doing all kinds of nonsense and there there's a play on her relationship with god and her conversations with god and this is um built to make fun of god and make fun of people who believe in god so just paint it as crazy and a matter of coincidences and you know um people not being smart enough to know that there's nobody listening to them and anything that seems to be an answer to a prayer is just a coincidence so people are interpreting events that we you know so this kind of nonsense and you know when christians you know are rather involved in insulting other preachers and insulting other churches the world is attacking the church then the church is busy attacking other other church members so all that other denominations and other um um pastors and oh this person is a popular pastor oh they must not be of god any time a pastor is a tv jam evangelist that has a large flow just like they were or mega churches why would you be angry with a mega church is it because the church is big so you want the trust to be small you see how you think because the church is big it is from the devil or because a pastor is rich or because you know they don't the people who go to church irish is of the devil you want them to be poor you want also the preacher to be preaching poverty yes you go to work five times in a week monday to friday some of you even go to work even on sunday so every single day you you are doing one kind of work for money then you are angry with a preacher who talks about money

that is what you occupy your time with when the devil is busy doing all these kinds of things to create a future and a world that is against god this is an industry this is what hollywood is doing hollywood has shown that they are against god and they are against people believing in god and they are pushing this now how can you and your church that is busy trying to compete with other churches you know in church membership instead of understanding the bigger picture and seeing bigger things you know united we can do a great deal and there are a lot of things that that we could do look at the lockdown how many churches have closed down that will never open up a lot of churches that will unlock down now what what you know what ministry were you able to do when you were locked down

even as i'm talking there are some churches that you know they're in parts of the world where they still put the people on lockdown so what happens to ministry then because you left movies for the devil you left entertainment for the devil you left school systems for the devil everything else is under the devil so when people step out of church they are under the government ship of the devil and all that the devil wants to pour into people's minds what the devil is pointing into people's mind via radio their television via the internet everything else is just from the devil things that do not reflect god things that leads people outside of of a a christ-centered mind and when the bible clearly tells us the kinds of things that we should govern our mind we that we should put in our mind you know in the book of philippians you know whatever is good whatever is lovely whatever is good of good reports now all the things that are available to be put into our mind are created by the devil look at hollywood for example and these kinds of things they are going to push a lot in this direction so we have to be mindful we have to move fast and we must start our own lobby christians the churches we must come together and say well we are not going to vote for you unless you look out for the interests of the christians we must start passing laws that favor christians we must start passing laws that diminish anything that is anti-christian other people are doing the same if we do not soon it will be it's already illegal to practice certain aspects of christianity it will soon be illegal to to practice 90 percent of christianity in countries that you you once taught with three countries why because the christians are in the ministry of folding their arms and doing nothing some are some have believed another lie which is weight and uh and what god do you know god is on the front god is god is in control no god has given you control that is what it means when jesus said all power has been given to me in heaven and it's therefore he has given you the authority has given you the power he has given you don't control if you do nothing you will die if you do nothing you will die god has given you the control god has given you the power the power in this world right now is really sense is really trust very church is in the business of doing nothing because we have been federalized we have been told that we are meant to do nothing that god is in control no do you want god to be in control it has to be god can only be in control through us if somebody is sick think about the healing ministry think about people who are sick or think about somebody who has not heard the gospel why can't that person just hear the gospel and receive it without anybody preaching without any body you know that um any christian or anybody who knows the gospel any person preaching to them somebody has to do something if someone is sick and is dying in the hospital until if that person has a disease that medical that our minds understanding of medical um um solutions cannot cure right now that person is going to die if a christian doesn't bring that gospel to him you you can say how the god is in control that person will die you see because god has given you the authority you have to understand your path and god's path god has finished doing his own path it is up to you you know if we do not go to the hospitals and lay hands on the sick a lot of them especially those who are in who are going through things that the most knowledge of medical you know affairs cannot handle right now those people are going to die in spite of the fact that yes god is in heaven and yes god is is very real and yes very very away he has given you the the authority is up to you if you do nothing nothing will happen but if you do something something happen imagine if rambuncti decided not to be a mini missionary imagine if um smith wigglesworth decided not to push the gospel it might be pastor ben him pastor chris all these guys imagine if they kept quiet and decided to do nothing will god still do great things no no great thing will be done because god needs people to do such things if he has given the power to people to descend to the church if the church does not nothing is going to happen so we must be smart you know we must start the different churches you know we must start communicating with each other and have certain things we do as a body for the sake of our self-preservation if nothing else but even more so for our mission we have a mission you know so we have to do that it's very important this movie is an example of an abomination and there are many more moves like this you know netflix is full of this and this is what kids are watching you know of course why wouldn't they not believe in god when they have presented in the form of entertainment that there is no god that people who believe in god are crazy people who have something wrong with them upstairs

that being said if you like to be a part of making um christian movies or movie movies that will change the world you know movies that push will transform this world with the gospel you know impact entertainment reach out to us on alfredo vip you know if god is learning it in your heart even if you do not feel that it's in your heart to preach this gospel with your entertainment put your hand and do it you know before you um you you ate today did god speak to you and tell you to eat the god specially appeared to you and say eats no but you on your own you went and you ate so don't wait for god to tell you to be a part of supporting the gospel of moving the gospel you can start your own movie company you can start your own you know cartoon um animation studio you know your own video game company your own you know thing you can even buy existing crystal movies if you don't if you do not trust pastors or ministries buy the products and send it to people delivers you know they you can just get their addresses you can easily get people's addresses you can get addresses of different organizations you can get a raise of orphanages buy them books and clothes christian books and send it to them you don't have to meet them it doesn't matter what part of the world you are in or what part of the world they are in the same way that you are making deliveries they are receiving deliveries via amazon and the rest of them in the same way you can send deliveries to people and deliver the gospel to people and believe you me they really especially now since a lot of people are not sending magazines as much and you know books like that via mail it is not mostly via the internet so when they have something physical especially when you are complete with clothes and all of that you know it's been their house there are people who have testimonies that you know they had a christian book in their house it was it was a book they never opened but something happened one day and when the time came you know when something happened in their life that book was there for them to open up and read and then it led them to christ but they don't remember how they got that book somebody gave them that book a long time ago but it had just been in their bookshelf they had not opened it but something happened one day when they were in need of answers they saw that book they picked it up that book help them and solidify the relationship because so that is something that you should know thank you and god bless you

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