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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the masters of the universe situation you know the he-man situation now for those who do not know human was a cartoon that you know

i was born in the late 80s so my childhood was basically in the 90s and in the 90s hema was still known but you know with cartoons like that most of them came out in the 80s you know but of course we still um got the reruns and reruns in the 90s you know even um cartoons like the hannah barbara flingstones and tom and jerry is older than a lot of people really realize you see most of those cartoons go way back you know and i mean really way back and if you look at some of the con the the scenes that some topics of those helicopters deal with you will see that it's actually is based around starts from that era you know like like cesar romero you know who is a great influence on popular pew you know when you watch cesar romero's um movies and that's old school you know that's in the classic era and that's basically in the 20s and 30s you know he was a big star in that um era there were very few leading men and you know it goes um to say about all the people who are talking nonsense about women in entertainment and are like oh that's there there are very few women lead rules that's nonsense hollywood was built on the back of female lead rules you see when you look at all the old movies they had the concept of leading ladies and alfred hitchcock used them a lot because it's like if you put a beautiful woman as the lead of the movie it is going to do well because women are going to see men are going to want to see it and look at sound of music it's based on the female you know she's deleted he's not captain bone trap that is the lead look at all the movies of that era and that was the concept of the you know the leading ladies they were quite they brought women who were extraordinarily beautiful and this was before plastic surgery and all of that so this was natural beauty you know so it was a mixture of beauty and planet and the studio gave them contracts in other words it's not like now where you an actor you know makes him makes a movie and then they get paid for that movie and then it's on to the next movie that you know they get paid for it you know back then it was kind of like a seller written you know the studio we will like get a contract with them like a five-year contract or a 10-year contract or a 15-year contract and in that contract there is flexibility for increasing what they are being paid so as a matter of fact even if they do not work they still get paid but in that kind of situation the studio will always have work for them so they were always working and you know the way like i have to play the league it was compulsory for the leading ladies the leading ladies never starred in any movie where they were not playing the lead character and when you look at you can go on youtube and just search classic movies you know and you see all those old movies there were very few leading men you know and that is just the way it is the nature of the cinema you know it is just like when um when you look at super plus a lot of people don't understand the the name soap opera soap opera came from the era when you know this was um a few years after television had been invented and had become a household item there were a lot of soup companies companies that needed to sell soup so they advertised soup and you know when you are advertising because it has been said that even though like back in the day right from time you know of course there are a lot of feminist women who talk a lot of nonsense and say that um men dominate their men control are men half of the power but the reality of the matter is that women have always controlled the finances and the purchasing power that is why marketing is all for towards women you know marketing is towards women who decides if you want to get kids to go to your school you have to sell your product to mothers if you want kids to dress a certain way of course this was um especially before the days of all the peer pressure and all of that you know that's that is not intensified and you know all of that but the way to control the home the household items how the house looks how the home is designed you know if the kid gets a car at what age and all of that all of that all of that decision we're making was on the woman so a lot of companies advertise products to the woman even though they knew the men the man was the one making the money they knew that you have to sell it to the woman if you sell it to the woman the man will buy it but if you make a product and you sell it to the men the men want it but a woman wants something else let us say that men want a man wants to buy if a let's say a man wants to buy mercedes-benz but women like men who are in limousines guess what will happen to these sales even though the man wants the mercedes-benz the fact that women want men in limousines or ferraris the sales of the ferrari even though it is not the woman that that may be driving the ferrari or maybe buying it men will bend towards what the woman wants to see him driving so that is why a lot of advertising especially back then you know was towards the women and that is actually where superpowers came from because in between these two they sell soup commercials they started showing shorts um

shoes that were in series that appealed to women that is why so um super plus you know traditionally their content was targeted strongly as women and they would play a lot of soap commercials in those early days in between them so that is when it now came up the name came up soup operas so when they show a part of it you know and that time they will have cliffhanger so it's like when something exciting is about to happen do we do a break and then they will show an advertisement and you can see that format in a lot of old shoes where they just break and that is actually how the name superpowers came about but in any case you see these um concepts of workness that is trying to change history you know they have brought it out with now it's uh of course and you know walk hollywood never learns you saw what happened with the batsman supergirl you know all these things you know when you bring wokeness into um entertainment and you're forcing things on people like making all white people bad or making all men bad like the childish angel disaster when you do that who wants to watch it are you going to enjoy a movie that from the beginning of the movie to the end of the movie yeah they are assaulting your own mother you won't like that movie you know your friends say that you you're a fan of like the flintstones and you hear that there's a new flamestones um reboot that is coming and next thing you watch it and let's say you're a christian and throughout the flintstones they're just insulting christians so how are you going to feel well let's say you're a muslim and surely they are just insulting muslims how are you going to feel i'm um and are you going to keep watching it even if you you really really like um the flame stones at the point you just turn it off and you it it will get to you and you you won't want anything to do with it now this um he man follows the trend of transforming and changing everything they killed him in the first episode of the series

the whole thing is about hima they killed him in the first episode and then shifted the main character to be a female and then they made her more muscular and masculine and you know it's funny because it's interesting how an independent strong woman now means a masculine woman they want women to be masculine and when a man is masculine they call it toxic masculinity they want men to be feminine the ones meant to be more bitter and this is the um psychological colonization that is in entertainment that the um the western society now wants to push and it's for a reason this weakening of men you know when a man is being a man you know there is to be a saying boys would be boys now it's now boys should be girls you know a boy a boy should get in touch with his feminine side and all of that nonsense a man does not have a feminine side a man is a man you do not have the feminine side if you are talking about something like emotions what's what makes emotions feminine why would you assume that you know there's so much injustice against men that is getting ridiculous and it's unfortunate that a lot of people are not above it's you know there are those who when people talk like they say oh yeah trump supporter oh you are a bigot or you are this and all of that this deafness you know there's something that i believe um

um the the fail one of the fellows behind this um this remake um said and and what he said was that

he he told the the producers you know he told those his bosses you know that look at what the internet is saying the internet is not happy with the direction that this is going you know and you know they told him that well we have some so subscribers that don't mind if thousands of people send you letters saying they want he-man to be more like how he was in jurisdictional understand this is a reboot you know it's like bringing fred flintstone back and making fred flintstone politically correct fred clinton is not politically correct at all and everybody has he's an established character there's no way you can make fred flintstone policy correct he cannot be politically correct

you know interestingly there's a comic book version of fred flintstone which is pro-feminism and preference is saying feminist nonsense and that is why it's not popular and that is why the um the original fans of the sea of the flintstones don't care about that comic book because it's crazy nobody wants to see that it's just like shafts you know when they brought back shaft i was looking i was like how are they going to do this but when they brought shaft and shaft was being shocked i was like of course what did you expect you know that is the correct way to do this and the on the rotten um tomatoes the official reviewers gave it a low score but the audience gave it a high reason because that is what they wanted that that is who they knew shaft to be it's like bringing back slash hammer sledgehammer is somebody that's you know it was made to actually be i would say an exaggerated version is super exaggerated it's like you know what let us make a guy that that is misogynistic in the worst way you know just has all kinds of crazy issues everything that anybody will want to protest about is inside slash hammer now people know him that is what he is if you want to bring him back and bring bring slash hammer to be politically correct it's going to be so crazy you know it is it is no longer sledgehammer you have created something new but this is what this um companies are doing and it's for a purpose you know there is a breakdown of society to create something new which is what i've been warning people about this is all by the new world order they know what they are doing they are breaking down every single fabric or society somebody may say this just a movie no movies help to shape our perceptions and what we believe something like superman you know you'll be amazed about the link between someone being a fan of superman and someone choosing to become a policeman it is just like santa claus i don't necessarily i i wouldn't advise people to tell their kids about that about santa claus from perspective or santa claus being real but i understand why such things are done it creates um and it teaches it creates an opportunity to to teach certain virtues which are important to teach it's just like teaching your kids to give offerings and tights you are creating a generosity a spirit of generosity and a spirit of giving within your kids you know it's like teaching your kids about you know um saving money and having a piggy bank you know it's as you know it may look like nothing but you're teaching them and giving them you're building in them a characteristic for them to actually be able to survive and to prosper when they grow up you are creating in them a nature of i don't i shouldn't spend everything you're giving them a new lifestyle a lifestyle that would help them in the future it is just like um animals for example lions and lion cubs when lion cops are playing it looks like especially with the the lioness their monitoring and all of that it looks like it is just plain but what they are doing is the lioness is using that game and those animals they are using that game to perfect hunting skills if you watch lion cubs playing those are hunting skills and fighting skills that they will need when they are older but to someone else it may just look like they are these these are those lion cops they are playing together in the world you know if you want discovery channel and those kinds of things it looks like they are playing but that is not played that is an intrigue that is necessary for their survivor they are learning very important skills that they need as lions you know the lioness is not always going to be there and they are not always going to be young cops they are going to grope and they will need to know how to fight and defend themselves do we need to know how to fight and hunt pre so all those games they are playing when you look at it closely they are actually emulating and stimulating you know it's like is its imitation of catching praise and you know fighting you know other other priests you know so that that is um something you have to realize you know best back to all this um nonsense on entertainment and how they are trying to change everything we have to make sure as christians we get the hold of it because things are going to get worse with remaking and changing of everything you know because they want to eliminate everything that we have known before it's part of the fact that we are not for everything that has always existed we are seeing before our very eyes the breaking down of society values morals and everything and the rebuilding of something new and if there's something new which is clearly going to not be you know christian you know you know that something is something that is obviously going to be a good platform for the antichrist you know it is obviously antichrist already you know it's obviously anti-christian already you know we have a problem and we need to as long as we are still on this it and the rapture has not happened we need to take the lead and take the reins of power so we need to ensure we control entertainment you can also understand the power of your your um

i i i would say in a sense i would say um the power of your money and you know but that is that doesn't really fly because clearly it is the a lot of these companies show that in spite of the fact that most of these um movies flop they still make them you know spider i mean super girl keeps on getting reboots look at a mouthful and they keep on dissing men and you know all men are evil men are the devil and all these feminist nonsense you know oh men the the problem of the world is men men did this and men did that they keep doing that in spite of the fact that the ratings are going down look at um the nba they are still pushing their black lives matter nonsense lebron james is still putting his black lives matter nonsense it's part of the fact that it is hurting seals the nfl in spite of all the people that were born in memorabilia when colin kaepernick started doing kneeling they kept going at it so it is not just about you know using your dollars in the sense of if you do not make a movie in this direction i'm not going to support your movie you know we should now come up with all kinds of plans including that you know we have to come up with all kinds of plans to ensure we eliminate

this nonsense we eliminate these kinds of movies these kinds of entertainment these kinds of movements in all phase of life you know if we do not do it um we are setting up ourselves for disaster that being said make sure you go to alfredo's vip you know reach out to us we're looking forward to hearing from you if you like to um be a part of changing the entertainment industry with the gospel and also

you know if you haven't given your life to christ go to thank you and God bless you


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