Facebook Partners With Churches & Religious Orgs To Create & Control A Politically Correct One World Religion



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hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk about facebook you know which is owned by mark zuckerberg their partnership with churches you know it's very unfortunate that this is happening and i have said it many times before i have talked about facebook and their censorship facebook is the same company that flagged bible verses and took down bible verses because the bible verses where against homosexuality facebook is the same company that has president trump still banned today this is a company that has a political agenda this is a company that ban setting posts and promotes setting posts and basically this is almost every social media company you know

facebook is so obvious with it look at what they have done on instagram

this is a company that is obsessed with controlling how people think so why would josh's partner exit and based on what i hear these are reputable tragedies even i believe assemblies of god you know for denominations to partner with facebook we have denominations partnering with facebook we we have mosques muslim organizations partner with facebook understand that the the new world order one of the things about it is the one world tradition this is the building they're trying to match every religion together there is nothing that is more politically correct than facebook facebook is so about political correctness and you know and it is so about propaganda and the hypocrisy is clear these are people that antifa still has pages on facebook when um the riots you know before the killing of george floyd or i would say the suicide of george floyd because he was the one who decided to live become a criminal he was the one who decided to not go peacefully with the police he was the one who decided to stuff his own body with all those drugs you know that would kill an army that was his his decision so you you could call it suicide the suicide so before the suicide of judge floyd when they were doing riots in new york against the police anti-police rights and of course um leading to the defund the police which has not led to many debts now the left is now backing away from the police they are now backing away from that movement but in any case unless even will smith was probably from the police and the video is still there you know he posted his vid the video you know where he was pro-defending police i was like saying that well by defining the police we are going to take away most of the money that is going towards um the police it is it's not like we are against police that we are going to take some of the money and then put it into providing health care and give it to health care water so people will not um receive mental health you know advice and um infrastructure for people who have mental health issues to come come and listen and get advice or improve themselves that is nonsense if you put mental health whatever it's not going to make criminals say oh let me not be a criminal and get quick money from killing people or selling drugs and doing whatever and let me go and receive mental health advice if you believed in that kind of thing why didn't why don't you put your money in churches and why do you have to take the money away from the police you see bet this is so funny you know and you have to be careful about all these celebrities because all these celebrities are untie the people they are anti-common sense and anti-god you know so this um same facebook allowed all this um the the meeting places the arrangement that um oh we are going to meet here and protest and this was violent this was showing up and destroying property and fighting with the police this was before the blm protests this was before that facebook was aligned those pages but it was burning um people like red ice and all those um learn southern you know and all of um people like that for saying that um there is a a plan to decrease the population of americans and replace them with immigrants you know all those kinds of things you know which is a fact which is true there's no denying it you see look at america how many people look at the influx of people apart from the fact that white people are not having children you know this generation of white people are not being are committing abortion like like nothing anyone has ever seen they are being told that it's environmentally friendly and it is kind not to have children that why would he bring a child to this kind of wicked world and that it is better to adopt a child when all this is happening you're adopting children of other races and you know a lot of them are not even adopting children they rather adopt dogs you know there are those who are who are even like i know that um some time ago a celebrity was scolded for buying a dog that he should have that day a lot of street dogs now why didn't he adopt a stray dog rather than buy a dog you know so all of that nonsense so many of them are even not even interested in humans but you can see that there is clearly every replacements going on like i said there's a one white people and you know my people are actually willingly compliant to playing their parts in being eliminated because they have been tricked into making any moves against that is racist so they are being forced into becoming a minority but i won't even say that they are false because they are willingly heading towards it while people abortions the marriage is something else you know but before people married they are already talking about print up and of course the prenup is a protection for the pre-print that the government puts to incentivize a woman leaving a man to incentivize divorce because it is more profitable for a woman to leave her husband when you know the government has created a law that whenever the woman decides to do it she will take half of everything he owns

why she why wouldn't she divorce him so of course there will be a higher rate of divorce and naturally thanks to people who lobby politicians and of course you know many of these people who probably own law firms

they would have their their a lot of money to be made that is why divorce now takes in america some divorces take two years why ca why is the legal process of divorce taking two years for them to finalize the divorce the two people say that they are going to get a divorce they have come to the law system but for the law system to go do this and do that and all of that is taking two years and in that two-year period the lawyers on both sides are eating so it's funny how americans do not open their eyes to see what is being done to them

you see so all these issues you know it's clear days that move to basically eliminates white people and facebook is a globalist organization that is all happy with it which is interesting because mark zuckerberg is white you know but a lot of all these things are championed by a lot of white people like look at bill gates and all the people that he has killed there is somebody that has protection for the vaccine so if the vaccine kills anybody he cannot be bill gates and friends farsi and friends found she is making billions upon billions of dollars from lying to americans and killing americans and giving americans vaccines and the foolish leftists are applauding him and then they are condemning donald trump these are people who who who are buying their own debts from a debt dealer and are applauding evil and causing that which is good that is what america is you know that is what it has turned into it is unfortunate but this company facebook why would they chose and they are going after as many churches as possible and of course thanks to the lockdown and you know a lot of people not going to church you know this um has created you know it is a situation where you know mark zuckerberg wants to reach to that market but you have to ask yourself how can he really set that market you know how can you say you are pro christian when you are banning christians why donald trump is still bad of course now all those churches they are cements we have to be politically correct it's just like if you post videos to only youtube for example anytime i post a video to youtube that i mention the vaccine or coronavirus or anything of that nature that video gets taken down and i get a flag so i have multiple youtube channels but the thing is that i also have um channels on rumble and big shoots which interestingly have more views than i could ever get on youtube even though there are more people on youtube which shows the shadow burning on youtube you see so it goes without saying these things are actually happening now the churches they heal songs and the rest of them that are partnering with facebook are you not going to be in competition with one another it is online it is the same website facebook where uh where what is facebook actually going to allow you to reach out to non-christians on facebook

so or is it just only your members and now only your members now have to now become politically correct because facebook is not going to put anything that is not politically correct on any issue

on facebook as long as it is you know coming from a christian or from somebody on the right you know when it's from the left you know people complain about the post of donald trump and say oh donald trump was tweeting this and switching that but when you look at the left look at bernie sanders look at aoc did you go to their twitter page did you see all the things they were tweeting donald trump was mild people complained about his switch that oh his twitch was not presidential blah blah blah blah blah blah what about other people's streets and when you were always attacking him you know and actually that is even why people voted for trump because he was not a politician and probably that is why he even performed as he did because he's not a politician he's a true patron that loves his country but unfortunately now with realities that polit um someone said that politicians are interested in only two things the number one thing politicians are interested in is getting elected and the second thing that is most important to politicians is getting re-elected so that is all that matters to politicians getting elected and then getting re-elected that is all that matters to them you know any of that scene um is like is it is a ted thoughts you know which is basically two thoughts too late you know their first priorities to get elected their second priorities to get reelected then you know whatever interests that comes dead or thoughts you know that is already too late and it's probably the dead the third one probably ensuring a future for themselves and their families ensuring that they are financially secure you know when they leave their political positions and of course you know what that means you know so um there is so unfortunate there's corruption in every country but in some countries some countries are more corrupt than others and some countries you know like like someone said um some countries are corrupt but things still work but some countries are corrupt and nothing is working you know so it's like um it depends on how greedy the corrupt people are some people are corrupt and they don't even bother to like to to do the job let's say that they are put in charge of the um making sure the environment is clean in some countries they just eat all the money and don't care about they leave the people you you clean you you manage they can already swear and all of that and the service and all of that yourself but in some countries what's um some people do is that they take majority of the money but they still you know or sometimes they just take a portion that is above what they should take you know or lobby for it to be legal to take more than what actually makes sense the lobby for higher salaries or pull strings so that they can legally be robbing the people you know and then the the country's still functioning they are still cleaning and doing their job so they are still doing their job but they are corrupt you know so um there are countries like that and those are probably a lot of the first world countries you know the politicians are still corrupt and are pocketing a lot of money but things are still running but in countries like nigeria or countries like haiti the politicians are pocketing money and are not doing anything at all while in america the politicians are pocketing money and at least doing something to some degree you know so um it is so interesting and i've said it before on many occasions until the people control the policies um you are just fooling yourself it's not democracy democracy in itself is a scam you know it is not good there's no certainty as government of the people for the people by the people you know it is an ideal that and and for want to even go close to that idea the people have to be in involved in voting for the policies not for the for the for the man who vote for the policies you see so um and that that in itself um says a lot you know so it is unfortunate i have said it before that christians we should have our own facebook and we should think of swallowing up facebook that is what i have always been saying but sadly now we now have big churches we now have giant mosques now partnering with facebook and the social media companies you are making them bigger and stronger and you are decreasing the impact of whatever it is that you believe

with regards to christianity we are decreasing the impact of christianity because now from the same people that are censoring bible verses who you are now partnering with you now have to see things that are politically correct this is nazi germany all over again like when preachers had to submit their cements to the nazi ministers of information and the summer had to be approved by the nazis before they could preach it this is what is happening again it's unfortunate that a lot of churches are going this route and you know from now on clearly i'm only going to be pushing forth and promoting my own ministry and my own church you know that is it i'm not pushing or promoting or advising anyone go anywhere else but just to the family of god christian church that is all you know because there are too many people who are blind

you see understand something the reality of the matter is that these people are they not already on facebook the christians that you know that you could assume that mark zuckerberg is trying to reach don't they already have facebook profiles but what he doesn't have is that you unity of all the different churches mosques buddhists and all these different organizations to unite and say the same thing and churches are just going in line you may be deceiving yourself and saying no you will say what you want to say that is impossible these are people that ban the president and donald trump is still banned till today he's so burned that anyone that is associated with him anyone that puts up an interview that donald trump is in gets banned from any social media platform then you want to partner with such people who clearly have their agenda with messaging they want only a message to a particular type of message to go forth and they want to destroy any other contrary message that is who the the the churches are boldly partnering with many choices you know and i'll advise a lot of you to leave your church and join the family of your christian trust that is what i'm that is the best advice i could give a lot of you you see that is just the fact because a lot of um pastors are blind they are churches who are advising people to wear face mask if you can listen to somebody that is so unintelligent to to have not done any research to be so blind to not see anything that is happening to not look into anything that is happening that is listening to what's world health organization and cdc or ndc all these health organizations telling them but they can't use their original faculty what makes you think that they are using their reasoning faculty when they appreciate the word of god

people so silly now now in america they are saying that people should um they will start wearing marks indoors they want to bring that back and among those who are vaccinated they are now stories you know before they say that you know and you can see how they switch and the some assaults they were banning people who said that the vaccines did not work now they have not allowed people to say that the vaccines don't work that is why you still now have to wear masks so they want to bring back the mask that mask you know i've explained it to you why they want it is this foolish global warming people who want to decrease the co2 in the atmosphere who want to decrease how much you know you breed in the name of seven the planets you know that is why they want you to wear that mask but the reality of the matter is that it had nothing to do with the covey and now it is clear they are now actually saying it's that um and they are now claiming that people who take the vaccine you know that um

they're actually in a position where a lot of them get more you know um they are more susceptible to getting the kovid after taking the vaccine so what is the point of the vaccine and why haven't you prosecuted the people who who who created the vaccines and why are you still encouraging people to take the vaccine when you are saying also that the people who are taking the vaccine are now at the higher risk of getting the covet therefore people should still wear masks how can you be flip flopping messages left right and center and people are so blind and there are many pastors and preachers who are going along with anything that is said because they believe that ah if i'm going against it it means that i don't believe in medicine it means you do not believe in common sense and you know you're going along with it actually means you do not believe in medicine you do not believe in sin because sense is not dependent on what the government says science is science science is based on facts you know you cannot just be flopping left and right you see so if the vaccine clearly now it is clear that it does not work so how what about that um um so-called cough and you know um um flattening the cover and all of that what about all those debts it means that either all those debts were lies or all those debts were intentionally brought about by the governments and by politics and that will also explain why although a lot of all those deaths were in places where there is high concentration of u.n and western influence like america even though they have the best medical services that is where majority of people died of coffee the places that have the best medical services where where they had the highest cardiologists places like africa how many people died of kovid in africa so few many countries zero

think about it so how can you believe a b c d and e at the same time but people are so stupid you see and it's because of this kind of foolishness that made um um the africans who were taken to you know america to be slaves for so long is is because of this kind of foolishness that you can see being played out again and with that being said you know make sure you go to alfredo vip subscribe and um tell your friends about this broadcast if you've not given life to christ go to salvation prayer alfredo vip a solution prayer will pop up you know say that prayer and give your life to christ thank you and god bless you 

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