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A young woman unleashes terrifying demons when supernatural forces at the root of a decades-old rift between mother and daughter are ruthlessly revealed.

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the movie demonic now let me just read the official synopsis a young woman unleashes terrifying demons when supernatural forces at the roots of a decades-old rift between mother and daughter are ruthlessly revealed you know this is very interesting and interestingly you know i didn't notice it from the trailer but apparently the synopsis is suggesting that the demons are actually between the rifts between you know the mother and daughter you know they are the reason that actually that they

basically and have conflict and issues between them based on the trailer you know it would appear that the model went on a killing spree you know basically serial killer cycle stuff you know demonically influenced obviously based on this storyline and now she was caught and she was being used for recessions puts together with tubes and of course you know calm down and they gave the doctor an opportunity to ask the mother why you know why she did it so they puts her in a simulation environment where she would go into the modest mind you know of course so this is missing mixing sci-fi with horror and the supernatural you know that is basically three different genres mixed together you know of course you you could say it's just to horror and um sci-fi since a lot of the supernatural is also in horror even though not all horrors have those supernatural you know in them like for example the resident evil series you know that doesn't have the supernatural it's just um based on science and suggestions about mutations from viruses and all of that but in any case this situation now gives because apparently the demon in the mothers might now transfers itself to the or i would say some transfer themselves to the daughter in that stimulation and when she comes out of the stimulation later on you know she has those kinds of manifestations manifestations systematic and there's apparently from the trailer there is now the question of you know whether she'll also go on a skating spree but of course there's the battle with all of this keep in mind that in these kinds of things especially with the creation of this genre you know the horror genre and all this dealing with topics that deal with scenes from the bible because let us understand something the idea of demon possession if it wasn't for the bible you know it wouldn't be a thing you know that is one of the key places where that act that concept comes from now we have a situation where the world is making movies and are trying to control the rhetoric about spiritual things and things that are from the bible things that the bible tells us about things that the bible gives us insights on and it's also putting it in a fiction um plain of all this unreal therefore putting the bible in the realm of it is unreal when you pick out so many things from the bible and post them and push them out as unreal and fake and fiction you are actually discounting the entire bible because you know by classifying demon possession as fiction as and as crazy you are also making the book that references it and actually um is the book that originated and gave you know the understanding of all this you know the devil the money possession and love that you know you are discounting that book as well we are making it a fairy tale you know a collection of freighters that is what is being done so we must be mindful of this and this is part of the reason why we christians must have the money we must be the ones who control hollywood we must be the ones who control the entertainment industry we must be the ones making the movies and buying off studios and creating a system where christianity is protected you see how gays did their own thing to make sure that um if someone speaks out against gays oh it is now a criminal offense it is a hate crime you know wish there's so much to be said about the legalities of that because if um the government decides what you can and cannot hate it is automatically deciding what you must love because hate and love are two sides of the same coin for example if you love your children that means you hate anything that will try to destroy your children and if you hit someone it means that you would automatically love those who are trying to hurt that person or thing that you hate so hate and love are easily two sides of the same coin if the government controls who you know you are allowed to hit and who you are not allowed to hit oh you have to hit this group of these people this group you have to hit maga supporters you have to hit trump supporters you have to hate this you have to hate that but oh you can't hate gays you can't hate this it's the government is now controlling also not just who you hate or who you cannot hit but who you love and who you cannot love you see so um these are things you have to understand about power and what is actually happening this movie demonic there are a lot of people who have not read the bible and a lot of people have been told oh the bible is an old fashioned book and oh the bible um it's for bigots and it's for you know it is is for people who hates you you know but they would watch this kind of movie and they would think that this is what um the bible says or this is um you know the the concepts in it is what they would attribute to demon possession

you see and this is why demon possession we keep on being rampant because people don't understand it and that's why people are going to psychiatrists and psychologists and they are you know they now talk about multiple and personality disorder no there's no such thing as multiple personality disorder it is demons different demons that are the same person that are manifested in different places ways and that is why the person is acting in two or more different disconnected ways like if there are three different individuals in the same body cast out those devils but since it's like oh you can't cast out there's no such thing as demon possession so it gives demons free range to just be demon possessing people if people don't believe in jesus and the power of jesus who is going to cast out devils they won't they won't even try it it's not an option so when the person has their so-called multiple personality disorder which is clear manifestation of multiple demons legion in one person you know they will give that person drugs to just basically weaken the person's body and reflexes or calm the mind will say dates to the person but the demons are there so they are just weakening the body for the for the demons to manifest him so the demons cannot quite manifest as uh as they could because the body has not been weakened by drugs the person has not been sedated by drugs by pharmaceutical drugs so that is not cure in anything that is not helping matters

you know and this is why i warned you about psychologists and psychiatrists you know especially people who practice science aside from god when people are in a position where they believe that sense and god are two separate things

be one of those people those people are crazy because science is the story of what god created simple science is the story of life natural life human life on this you know physical dimension this physical red

that is what science is you are studying and understanding what god created if you say there is no god then what is there to study how can you see oda in what's nobody created

how can you see so much order and precision i'm have so much faith in the other precision this is what the bible says when it is written they worship the creation are not the creator you know this is part of it how can you believe in so much in you believe in mother nature you believe in the earth you believe in all of that you know you believe in so much structure in life you believe in karma and all this but you don't believe in god how is that possible how can you believe that molecules are molecules how can you believe that if someone takes um this drug which is a combination of this element that element and that element but if you have this reaction and if you know this disease is there that this drug will do that um approach a matter in this way how can you believe in concerns like two times two circles to four and yet not believe in god how can you believe in structure without believing that someone created destruction you don't have to see the architects who built the brooklyn bridge or who designed the brooklyn bridge but you know that they had to be an architect so these are things that you have to look into and realize you know that being said you know we as christians we must take over this all this um kind of movies that are being made because they have their parts to play they they are intentionally trying to um redefine biblical concepts and actually change what bible says and actually also make the bible itself look like a compilation of fairy tales you know so we must change that if you like to be a part of what we are doing to transform the entertainment industry reach out to us on we are looking forward to hearing from you and if you want to start your own studio simply go to you know and you know details are there or you know you could just take take the first step when you take a first step you'll see you can take another and another and all that it's that simple don't bother with the how just take the first step so that's that thank you and god bless you

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