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Crime Story : Movie Reviews - by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk to you about the movie crime story i've just seen the trailer and you know it's when an actual movie um trilla i suppose should be you know but you know it leaves out the extraordinary wish you know i would have preferred kind of like um knights and dawn you know the tom cruise movie that's to me is like um

something that should be used as a hallmark for you know an actual movie you know that's kind of thing you know um of course there are a lot of um interesting great actual movies you know as far as actual movies go but this has a very interesting twist to it when it comes to the age you know this is just basically a revenge story this guy was a mob boss he decided to settle down and when he settled down you know someone came after him and apparently um hurts his um family you know and you know he is going after whoever did it and of course his daughter is in the picture but his daughter has all grown up understand that this is now an elderly man not so elderly that he needs a he came to work or you know um or needs supports to work but this is a a really elderly man he's not as young as he used to be and he goes after all these people so that is an interesting twist tweet but unfortunately it does not go that far because we don't see the limitations of his age that's more soon in the action you know of course it shows in the fighting and the attacking but there are many things that goes into it and if this is a more boss why is he acting like a foot soldier a mob boss thinks differently from a foot soldier a mob boss doesn't do anything himself when you do your history and study criminals and criminology those at the top of crime families never get their hands dirty they have so many layers of people so a lot of times a hits can be pulled and people don't even know people within the same criminal organization don't even know that the order for the heat came from the boss they just knew that it came from this person this person gave it to this person and this person so they assumed it must have come from the boss because otherwise you know it's not good it must have had clearance so it is assumed you know and that is um as first assumptions go but it is done in such a way that if the police investigates the top guy does not cannot be touched and that is the reality of a lot of the biggest crime families is the terrible ones that you know are poorly done and the people often find themselves in jail where they themselves um do um dirty work with their own hands you know a lot of the biggest um crime loads don't do anything themselves then for this guy to be old and to be able to really do all this that he can be translating people that are young enough to be his grandchild you know as old as he is he's he's going up against um young people and beating them up it doesn't make any sense going on no gone you know and of course he's getting into physical tassels with them it doesn't make any sense you know what kind of move boss was he was he a more boss actually active on the ground then he's not the boss you know he's basically a foot soldier an enforcer you know even lieutenants and people on hierarchies don't even do that kind of um work you know so that is the um one aspect of the thing when it comes to the realisticness of this you know so that was rob then when it comes to the revenge story revenge stories are overdone it's done so much you know so um this is really nothing unique but for someone who is bored and wants to watch something um an actual movie i guess they can't put this on you know and of course you know there's not enough to differentiate it from the typical um this guy is going for revenge you know this blessing hunting but let us understand something he saw what he ripped if you lived a life of crime and you decide to change even if you become a christian you know which is not in this case um it would have been perfect it would have added a new dimension a fresh dimension if it was um unexpected something happened he became a christian and all of that that would have been more realistic because that is actually what makes people like this change people who live a life of crime the number one cause why they turn away from crime is christ you know so that would have been perfect but in any case this is hollywood and they don't want to promote christ so they did it this week but that being said you know this guy you know he ripped what he saw if you even if you become a christian and you live the life of crime how people have your hearts why are you surprised that somebody came after you you know you should you should be happy that they did not come after you and ensure that they did not just kill your entire family including the daughter and then also and come after him you know so um what you say is what you reap there should be no surprise so that aspect obviously is lost in this story you know um ever since mariposa's the last donor you know the godfather and you know movies like that scarface where they put a bad guy as the protagonists you know it has created a great deal of confusion note that in such movies they should still at the end that the wages of sin is death you know that crime doesn't pay scarface died at the end you know when you look at the godfather um he died you know with so much insecurity around his children and look at the the chaos that was around that so it still showed that in spite of all the crime crime crime and the so-called rewards it still ended badly but now it has gone to the point where when people make movies it's like crime peace and it's too much about you know focusing on crime and this is something that people need to understand it's like superman superman um was good now we have versions of superman where in addition so i won't even go into them wanting to change the race of superman you know i'm not even talking about an alternate version of superman like an alternate universe kind of explanation like they did with spiderman which is also wrong because we know what they are really trying to do you know we are we are talking about with um um the the the changing of the character clark kent into another race you know which that being said is crazy i won't go into that but the aspect of you know the one of the recent um superman movies where superman was actually a bad guy you know he was not clear about you know this this is not really a good guy trying to see good in bad people is not what movies are for t should be black and white this is a good guy this is a bad guy when you try to write complex characters and then produce a movie or a novel or a story where the good guy has as much bad in him as the bad guy and the bad guy has elements of good in him you know like john wick which is after somebody going on revenge to kill those who killed his dog that is just stupid and how can you you'll be rooting for that it's like the suicide um squad movies you know the harlequin stuff this actually goes deeper into programming and what um the objective really is because there's a lot of um psychological programming in this why would they want to reprogram an audience to be rooting for a criminal for a bad guy for a killer you know and put so-called elements of um good and you know puts a good side to them you may say that in real life that is how it is no he moves that is not how it should be black is black and white is white keep things in black and white keep things in perspective it is a movie you know when you tell the story tomorrow the moral of the story has to be clear you can't be in the name of chasing um being realistic the main fact that it's on camera the main fact that it is created by fiction the main fact that it's under the category of fictional non-fiction means that it is not realistic so you have to understand this aspect you destroy the fabric of society when you keep on doing things like this majority of the movies especially a lot of young people now you know most people they love gangster movies where the protagonist is the gangster and you wonder why especially in communities where people are this way why the crime rate is so high because they are taught to admire gangsters look at african americans look at um the gang um situation in chicago you know i believe it was only yesterday a baby was shot in the head during a gang shootout just yesterday someone shot a baby in the head and you know with crimes like this nobody ever talks now understand that's what are the favorite movies of these people you know you look you look at an african-american you go into his his bedroom who's posterized on the wall to park who wrote dog life on his shirts on his chest that is his start to talk life that is who you admire you admire to park biggie you you and you must admire somebody that has the same skin color as you so if somebody who has the same skin color as you have not achieved a certain level of greatness you you you never aspire to that you shun those people because of their skin you go to a white kid's room you know apart from the ones who are obsessed with pop stars you know in as much as their some are you know the rest whose pictures are there you know you see some with benjamin franklin you see some with you know um inventors or you know the um people who really changed the world and had an impact you know doctor ben carson once said something that i believe it was in japan that he saw his picture on the cover of a magazine he was shocked that is how they think that is who they had met they admired somebody because of his intellect wow this guy is a surgeon he's a successful brain surgeon that he's the first guy that successfully separated siamese and joined by the head but in america that has never happened you know apart from his running for president you know which you know i doubt he was even on the cover of a lot of magazines but african-americans don't put such people they don't push those kind of they don't want to push the little wins djz it is a talk and it is that kind of image then they are surprised that the crime rate is so high look at what you spend your time and look at who you grew up admiring it is the same thing with movies when the majority of movies you know when they are pushing for this gangster ideology look at people who listen to gangsta rap children who grew up on gangster lab look at how they they behave as opposed to children who grew up on classical music or gospel music you know the problem is what is the music glorifying it is making you glorified so you know that is what you admire when you admire talk life you will go for talk life and end up in jail or dead you know so in the center with movies this um tradition of making movies that glorify criminals you know i know it's an action movie but even if it's an action movie glorified the cop glorified the good guy and of course that is why you are not surprised when you see in today there's so much hatred for police because the police are not admired the movies that are coming out for so long do not put the police in the favorable light they actually praise the criminals look at all the heroes of a lot of african-americans george floyd a criminal you know the all the other people during this black lives matter movement that they have been saying said their name said their name all of them from a to z was a criminal some photo cops some shot back at cops all of them were criminals all and that is the people that um african-americans are happily fighting for now look at the death rate ever since black lives matter came out and all these deformed police the number of african-americans that have been killed is times 10 times 10 but nobody complains because the shooter does not have white skin you know they want to focus on the fiction of the whites the white boogeyman very soon that white boogeyman will become real because everything that black lives matter is doing is going to ensure that a generation will we rise a generation of white people who hates african americans and africans and anybody whose skin is dark they will have nothing but pure hatred and they will show you the real meaning of racism this racism that you are seeing everywhere that you look at milk and say milk is white sweat is racism you look at all kinds of things you know um usc is calling um climate change a result of racism that you know climate change disa disproportionately um affects um african americans and um there are more white people than african americans therefore you know when people are um breaking wind and all of that is more done by by white people than african-americans so they are actually causing of it all kinds of stupid explanations stretching things to make it look like every single thing in the world is white supremacy and every single thing in the world points to white people oppressing dark skinned people that word that you are that you are claiming now is will soon be it will soon be and you wouldn't like it when it happens you know because um if there is a reboot of that kind of racism you know if white people start retaliating towards dark skinned people um before it will ever stop again before there is a new martin luther king it will take so much time and there might never be another one it might never end so this is very unfortunate but these are um since you have to think about this aspect of glorifying criminals needs to stop and movies has to stop that you know that is why um you need to start your own movie studio you know or you can be a part of what we are doing you know if you are interested in taking over movies and entertainment for the gospel reach out to us on alfredo's vip we are looking forward to hearing from you thank you and god bless you

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