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A collection of stories that show how people's uncontrolled impulses are fueled in the age of social media.

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the movie clickbaits now let me just read the official synopsis a collection of stories that show how people's uncontrolled impulses are filled in the age of social media

based on the trailer you know the trailer shows a fellow you know who basically has the name is clickbait you know apparently this is a guy who had a family wife friends you know all of that and then the question is is his whole life alive because you know it's like it would seem like he was kidnapped and in the video he was um putting up like um placards you know showing you know the kind of placards that when you pull over it reveals another word you know trying to say that he's a sex offender you know so it's like

is it's a revenge thing like perhaps he abused somebody you know and then the person he and somebody who's related to the person kidnapping and is making him like come out like this is the truth and of course this being done on social media you know um the video gets a lot of views so there's also the issue of is it clickbait whether he himself is behind it and all of that you know that is what i get from the trailer and of course his relationship with the name you know clickbait now it's interesting that this is coming from netflix but in any case the trailer was well put together and the concept is well put together however this entire thing would have been better as a christian production because for one thing netflix is one of the key benefactors of social media and the people who are behind netflix also the people who are you know the investors behind all the major social media platforms you know so what exactly are you complaining about are you complaining about your own creation and what you use for your own games look at how social media was has been used and it's still being used to alter rhetoric you know to change and manipulate the way people think when it comes to lies about viral outbreaks you know the one i'm talking about and log dance and all of that the social media agents don't mind censoring when it comes to putting people out of the presidency that they do not like the social media giant don't mind um kicking out political figures they don't like and it's not just america they have done this kind of things with other presidents you see this sensor and of course even if you don't think you're saying so there's such a thing called shadow bunny so you can post something you know and apart from the rich being restricted and you seeing it what if they allow you to think that you're reach is actually high when you post the video on youtube or on on twitter on facebook and it says 1 million views or 10 million views what really makes you think that is 10 million views after all for example if you post content on blogger at the stats for those who um still use blogger are they start accurate the stats that blogger gives you is it the same thing that google analytics gives you and it is the same thing that google adsense gives you if you use adsense you know and even your own common sense are those that's real so what makes you think that the same company that lies the same google that lies when it comes to the stats that it shows you when it comes to blogger which they own what makes you think that they are telling the truth with youtube and remember that every once in a while this they often push um accounts of these those there have been two different instances where there were major projects of um views you know especially musicians who had billions of views they came up and said that well it was just algorithms that gave them these views that the actual visit social assuming you're not he didn't reach billions in some cases so these are the things a lot of times we deceive ourselves what if the social media companies are deceiving you and are lying about the stats of what you are posting you know so it gives them a lot of control to manipulate for political purposes but of course when it comes to individual things like people um altering their behavior which is what social media is for social media is built towards it is not about fit it's about um studying what makes you react i'm feeling you with what will make you react and want to make you spend more time on their site so that they will make more money this is the fact so the issue is the same people that are behind the netflix they are the ones to blame the same people who are you know behind the making of this movie they are the ones that should be blamed for the problems that this movie is trying to portray and of course it's going to leave out that aspect and it's going to leave out you know quite a lot of important things a lot of political things like of course the banning of donald trump and all the other current um political things that are being done a lot of people um that hates different races people of different races it is swelled by what social media you know companies are choosing to put in people's feeds that they didn't ask for and it is chosen by what they want to be trending what they want to include in the trending section the trending sector is not it's not really the training section anymore it is what they want you to think is trending so it should be called what's the social media companies want you to think is trending section that is what you should be called not the training section you know so that that is the facts you know so um this movie is obviously would have been better and it would have been more honest under um a christian production you know and christine a christian who would tell the truth as it is you know if you would like to be a part of making crystal movies you know what we are doing you know with our friend and friends to make crystal movies and you know really changing the entertainment landscape movies video games everything starting from where we are to where we know will be reach out to us on we are looking forward to hearing from you and know that if you want to start your own entertainment studio you want to start your own video games to do your own cartoon studio your own crystal movie studio just start it don't bother with the how just take your first step if god tells you how good if you can't figure out how still just take the first step when you take the first step you'll see you can take a second step when you take a second step you'll see that i can take a step step and just keep on on and on and that's how it is done now if you haven't given your life to christ go to click the salvation prayer link in the main menu when you are the page your commander has a prayer salvation say that pray and give your life to christ thank you and god bless you

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