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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the book cinderella or mask now this book is by susanna erwin and let me read the official description will have deeper secrets be exposed a midnight kiss with her nemesis is only the beginning nestle lacing can't believe she fell into the arms of the infamous grayson monk and enjoyed it and when the marks come off the bitter war between their families seem to mean nothing to him when he offers a much needed boost to her career nails suspicious but accepts he is using is he using her as a fake girlfriend how outrageous and how very very tempting so this actually plays on romeo and juliet you know two opposing families and you know apparently in this case um they had um premarital sex and you know that seems to be how they they it's their meeting began you know so whatever happened it seems also based on the cover it is probable that they didn't know who ishwarda was so it's kind of like a romeo and juliet sitting kind of about saying where they are masked so sleeping like with a stranger what does that say about integrity on the woman's parts and on the mouse but sleeping with somebody that you don't know who that person is you know so having premarital sex time with somebody that you are not you don't know and then later you find out that that person belongs to a family that your own family has a misunderstanding with and then according to this story the man still goes after the woman of course this kind of stories can only be written by women you know when a woman writes a novel it's so obvious because there is a way that women think that men think when you see men acting in a certain or realistic way ways that we know that a man will know that no other man or another male we act in that we you know um but apparently it fits um a woman's um vanity you know it's so obvious to tell that the book was written by a woman because this is not realistic first of all if a man is sleeping with a female you know and he you know it's a situation where it's a max ball kind of thing first of all it shows that it does not even have respect so where did they even do it you know is it standing somewhere in one dark corner somewhere that kind of woman is not ranked high in that man's mind and the last thing he'll be thinking of is making that female a girlfriend or you know or or a wife you know that is not how any male thinks you know it's like a guy who sleeps with the female at the backseat of his car you know or just randomly that he met in that same day that is not somebody that is planning to make his future wife you know so that in itself is crazy you know putting this kind of thing and the the aspect of serial motifs of whether he has an ultra motive you know that he's going after and all of that you know the whole um situation is very unfortunate and it does not really go into um the drama or the disagreement between you know what's really the feel between the two families from a male perspective you know so there's various factors there you know when it comes to having suspicious why shouldn't she be suspicious you know at the end you know after the she has finished um clearly showing that she has no values and she has no class you know so there are so many things wrong with with even the um entire premise of the plots you know and this is why it's very important for christians to be in charge of entertainment also writing the romance novels every novel everything entertainment movies cartoons um sports everything entertainment we should be in charge and the reason why is because

we are the only ones that are the light of the world it's not possible for anyone else to be and anything outside of light is darkness so if we leave the novels if we leave the tv shows if we leave the spots and all these things to be in the hands of people who do not have light to govern and to create the entertainment for us and to create the educational systems for us and the political systems and the rest of the systems of the world what do you think they are going to create they are going to create darkness that will bring forth more darkness and that is why the world is in a lot of issues you know unfortunately there has never been a situation where true christians who follow christ in such a long time to actually rule and to have total control of any one nation because if that was done that nation would be um powerful and untouchable for all for all for all time it will never fall any nation that dedicates itself to god and to god's principles not in the way that america did it just in technicalities but we're not feeling like for example they still allowed um slavery even though they were writing um godly documents which in in the year of our lord and they wrote you know declaration of um a lot of the things that wrote the declaration of the independence actually had positive sense there's nothing negative in a lot of those documents but in the application of it it was not applied to certain groups of people you know it was not real you know it was not um it was an ideal that was not quite followed you know and that is one big problem with the founding of america you know they had an opportunity to build a nation on god you know and they did not go all the way they just dabbled with it and look at how far they have come but now that they have completely decided to you know there's so many people who are pushing against code look at all the crazy problems that are rising up but they cannot see the link you know and it's one problem after the order and they can't see how there's a progression of the madness there's a progression of the danger you know they accept this they accept all kinds of ungodly things and things keep getting worse and they can't see that look at the link you guys turned away from god you know no nation has been built in human history on god even israel was was not you know faithful to god such that even when jesus came they did not recognize him they hung him on the cross so um that is very important you know that um the donations have in different um areas of power and you know the captains of industries are christians who have a relationship with god and are dedicated and loyal and devoted to god they are perfect perfect perfect in obeying the word of following the word of god to the letter following the holy spirit that he's leading if that is done any soft nation that does that will be number one for on and on on to the rapture you know even post the rapture probably those who will be left behind if there will be any you know will find that land to be a kind of haven because it will probably be prepared to be kind of like you know us act during that time that being said you know if you would like to be a part of working with um us you know you like to be part of transforming the entertainment landscape with the gospel reach out to us and alfredo's vip we are looking forward to hearing from you also if you've not given a life to christ click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu when do that they paid you come on that has a prayer of salvation say that prayer and give your life to jesus christ that's it thank you and god bless you

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