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hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk to you about the brandy love situation with turning points first of all we have to define what a conservative is and have an agreed definition of what a conservative is the fact is conservatism is basically christian values it's values that are based on judeo-christian principles therefore we cannot pretend that it is something else or that we would embrace things that go against judeo-christian values brandy love has to be realistic about this and she has to understand that you know as well as though supporting her i'm sure she has been kicked out of different events because of what she choose to do for a living and none of all this nonsense of she's just trying to make a living you know she's making millions you know one thing that a lot of people want to give us an excuse for criminals is that you know they have no choice that's um they are trying to put food on their table for for their family that is not the truth you see a lot of criminals and prostitutes you see and sugar babies and all these people they are doing it because that is how they choose to get money they already have me a lot of money some of them have millions you see they are already getting money if it was about food on the table with the millions that they have even for example most sugar babies own one ounce thing they can get a guy that gives them a broken bag if if you can get a bottom bag for 50 000 you know that is she's she's working around with the bag that is fifty thousand how much money did you think it took in your most to start his own comp his first company how much money do you think it took the founders of hp to start hp how much money do you think it will get to start microsoft you see how much money do you think it takes the average businessman to start a successful business a lot of the fortune 500 companies were started with 50 000 or less some empires like warren buffet you know was started with far less than that so it is not like that they are trying to feed their family they have no choice that is what they chose to do you know so there used to be a time when prostitutes were people where um it was because of you know situations or because of um poverty or whatever that is a light i'm going to do poverty just like the people who are kidnapping people you know they have a lot of money some of them have already kidnapped and have gotten billions you know in their criminal enterprise but they are still kidnapping people it is not about they are trying to put food on the table or it is not about poverty it is about the fact that that is what their heart is their heart is dark you see so these are realities that people need to take into consideration now brandy not being kicked out of turning points you know people have to be real if she was kicked out of a restaurant for example for wearing a mega hats the people who are supporting her will keep quiet they will actually support it but now you know it's because a lot of this these people look at the people that are making noise and it says not about branding love herself what is her intention you know why did she go there it's like going to a church you know if you are going to a church and you are a known monster or you a known criminal you have to understand the dynamics of what is happening there is the aspect of being accepted under the aspect of you know the friction of your your being dead there are some who will say um silly things like um jesus hung out with prostitutes that is a lie there is no portion of the bible where jesus hung out with prostitutes jesus never hung out with prostitutes you see that is something you have to understand does a doctor hang out with patients a doctor may spend more time with his patients than he does with his wife and kids as a matter of fact most businessmen spend more time in the office than they do with their own wife and kids but does that mean that

they are hanging out with their employees or with their clients does that mean that they are hanging out with their customers when somebody is attending to customers or you know they work in for example a shop or you know they are dealing with clients all day and customers are coming and they are sending things to them they may hang out with those people or be around those people not hang out they may be around those people more than they are around their their own friends and family but those doesn't make them friends so you have to understand that jesus when he encountered prostitutes he preached to them you see for you to preach to a prostitute in that time when there was no television and all of that you had to be in proximity you had to be near the person and talk to the person the jews and the pharisees didn't even want to associate with such people they were like you know go away and clean you know they didn't want to talk or discuss with the tax collectors but jesus talked to the tax collector he visited the tax collector's house you know so that he would talk to him and lead him into salvation the guy changed the tax collector repented and stopped [ __ ] people he now became an honest tax collector and stopped [ __ ] people because of that encounter with jesus and all those people benefited because now they were not being ripped off by the tax collector you see so these are things you um need to look into and take into consideration when you look at that brandy love turning point issue you know and like i said it says a lot about brandy love her attention she just went on her twitter you know i started saying all kinds of things about um turning points which has actually caused more damage you know than anything that antifa you know has done and and when i say antifa has i would say that antifa has said regarding turning points you know but you you have to look at she's comparing um antifa to tony poija because tony point um told her to go away how can you compare people that are beating up people because of their political beliefs people that are burning down buildings people that are doing all of this without impunity how can you compare turning point to um antifa

you see it shows you where she is so let me put it this way so if antifa welcomed her and didn't kick highway and antifa says we wanted to be a part of it without automatically make antifa better so is her political beliefs based on who accepts her as in her profession of being choosing to be a poster you see so um you have to understand where does her beliefs lie and what was her original intentions and then she is now trying to put it on all conservatives tony point to just one conservative um organization if for example you know it was a situation of um one african-american walked into a bank and robbed the bank and then somebody said that all african americans are bank robbers everybody would be open arms about it then why is it because one conservative organization turned you back because of the profession that you choose then you are saying that uncle conservatives are this way so look at the hypocrisy and the intents of brandy love and keep in mind that she's advertising her whatever profession and you know what she's doing on her twitter so she's using this also as a means for advertising you know and she's getting a lot of publicity you know i follow so understand that aspect of things and just so that you can see the whole hypocrisy of the whole thing you know so we have to see things as they are you know and not be fooled on another note turning points probably should not have turned her around as soon as they heard that the poster was you know had come to their events you know they should have spoken to her first to really clarify her intentions and you know discuss with her you know first of all before they made that decision to turn them back and understand that an organization is an organization you can't put this on the leader of the organization charlie kirk because it's probably somebody within the system who is part of the organizing you know who is an employee who made that decision you know who made that call and i would say that that call is you know it's a wise call what i'll also say about turning point is that it should make itself clear that it's a christian organization you know it's a christian political organization issue it needs to do that because you are giving mixed messages by not making it upfront that you are a christian organization you are allowing people to come in and expect all kinds of things you know things need to be clear and people also need to be clear about conservatives sadly america has created this um rhetoric that the world is built the whole of america is built into two ideologies you are either on the right or you're on the left you are either a republican or a democrat but that is not so there are so many different belief systems you see there are so many differences so no matter what you you um um you know no matter what the situation is you have to understand something very important within conservatives the people who are voting for republican or the people who are voting for democrats there are people who do not agree with everything that democrats are doing you know so it's like for them it is who is closest to my priorities and my beliefs and in addition to that not everything that democrats are doing is clear to everybody who's dead voting democrats just the same way that not everything that republicans are doing is correct everybody who is voting republican and even among republicans there's there's also that differentiation so um that adjusts it but you have to be careful about such people as far as brandy love is um concert she's not serious because it's her political belief based on just accepting and conservatives cannot become the party of oh we accept gays we accept this we accept that when you accept all of that at the end of the day what are you what do you believe what are your principles by the time you make it a competition of oh these people are said that these people are saving these people accept this and you know us we accept everybody how does that make sense it's kind of like loving nazis and jews at the same time you cannot love nazis and love jews and work for the best interest of boats you know it is not possible because you know the the jews clearly don't want to die but the nazis want to kill jews so you can see that you know you cannot save two masters especially when the two masters are trying to kill each other you see so um these are realities the republican party cannot become that party that is it's all about oh we accept this oh we accept that if you are gay you are you can come if you are this you can come if you are that you are at the end of the day then what are you by the time you have accepted everybody you have also accepted probably the antifa folks you know so what are you at the end of the day and what change are you trying to bring it's all about you getting votes it's not about you creating change so this is a reality you must know and there's the aspect of conversion if brand love wants to become a conservative then there is the appropriate means of heart being converted it's just the same way if a criminal comes to your church you see yes it is a church he comes but there is the administration especially when you know he's a criminal or you know that she's a prostitute as administrator for her to change and transform because you cannot allow him or her to now join the choir while they are still doing their prostitution or they are still going around with gunks and killing people or robbing people and then you allow them to be active in the church you see they cannot become a part of the church now you can allow obviously you can allow them come and listen but you should be making moves to how to bring them in and let it be clear that they are not representative of the church you see so it is important you reach out to people but at the same time you do not destroy yourself in the process by the kind of people that you are allowing to come in you know so that is that i have always said that christians we need our own um groups even if you know in some nations it may not be um legal to put that this is a christian political party but it must be known it must be something that is clear that this is a christian political pattern you know whatever we choose to call ourselves we must have our alliance and let it be clear that this is a christian political party and we stand by christian principles and morals you know so this is facts you know no the people who are complaining you wouldn't want a poster to go to your child's school even if she may be well dressed and be reading books to your children you won't want it because obviously they will still they will go online and do research and they will talk about what is who is this what does she do you see and that is that is not what anybody wants so in the same way in a conservative meeting why would you want all these kinds of people to be a part of it if you want all these kinds of people to be a part of it you know then what is the point of conservatism if they want to repent and change and be a part of the conservative movement okay you see bets they are not going to come and remain as they are especially with this one who clearly had ulterior motifs from the beginning and now that she's saying that uh even going to the essence of saying that um turning points worships nick fuentes nick fuentes is somebody that is on record that everybody knows has beef returning points and the um nick fuentes and the leader of turning points has had you know their backup their they have had their drama online let me put it that way because i know charlie carrick did not want to respond to him but you see i'm just showing you the ridiculousness even how what she's saying is not backed by facts she's saying that turning points clear is is worship somebody that's you know they on record you know do not have anything to do it and they have you know they clearly have their their um dispute between them you see and when it comes to nick fuentes nick fuentes by his supporting white supremacy or allegedly you know the kind of things he sees what he's saying is just basically the same thing that blm sees but the race wished in other words if it is okay to say black power why is it not okay to say white's power if it is okay to fight for schools we are only people who are dark skinned only people are african-american to be educated if it is okay to do that why is it not also okay to fight for schools where only white people are educated if you can allow it on one end you should allow it on the other end if you want to fight for jobs for people who are who because of their skin color you know and you want to say ah it is a because of uh slavery and all of that so african americans should be given top-notch billion are jobs and you know they have to have quotas for them why is it not okay for somebody to say that white people should have quotas for them and they also you know should be given top billing when it comes to employment and other things so you see this is a reality keep in mind that with all these risks and what's that is going on you know it is all for one purpose the destruction of the current structure to rebuild something new we should be what is going to be in line with the new world order what only the new world order do what economic forum people can can sustain but that's being said this white people who are supporting black lives matter they will swish in the end because their self-preservation is going to come in they cannot continue to exist in a world where they have to pretend to be african-american there are a lot of white people like mega maco before now she was clearly somebody who never told anybody that her mother was dark skinned was was african-american she was somebody who was who came out and you know presented herself as a white person because of her skin color because of her face she's but now she wants to tell everybody that you know because of the situation that oh that she has an african-american mother and that she's not claiming that she's african-american when you look at her what about her we make you even suspect that she has any african-american in her ancestry she is as white as can be but because of the situation now she wants to claim that she is african-american just like a lot of white people are going in that direction

a time will come when it's they will not be able to take it and you know it will be um

something terrible and that is what most people want the people who are really behind this you see no but no organization has caused more debt and destruction and has set african-americans back like black lives matter and all these different movements this critical race theory and all of that you know teaching white people to hit themselves because they are according to you their ancestors wouldn't sleep thousands of years ago

and which is also a lie in many ways because you are not going into full detail less than one percent of white people in america own slaves

that is a fact it is not like all of them were involved in it and it is also them it is why people that fought against it and it's also why people who ended slavery before that slavery has always been in this world it's just was not erased it just recently it became a situation where it was primarily people of a certain race on the stand that even the word slave is actually a variation of the word slav which reflects to the slavish people they are all white people even the word slave itself is a word that actually is attributed to a tribe of white people in europe the slavs so the whole thing about this slavery israel attacking white people you know there are those who are wives who are using it to destroy the current fabric of every of everything in society so they can rebuild it with something which should be the new world hold on a perfect platform for the antichrist and of course there are people who are just super racists who like the war on white people are not you know supporting it you know then there's those who are who have the white guilt issues but all of this you have to be wise and understand what is happening you know if you are listening to this i haven't given your life to christ i would like you to go to alfred. click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu when doing that page you'll come out that has a prayer service and say that prayer and give your life to christ so that's it for today thank you and god bless you you

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