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Beckett : Movie Reviews - by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the movie brackets now um the official synopsis for this movie is following a tragic car accident in greece beckett's and american tourists finds himself at the center of a dangerous political conspiracy and on the run for his life you know now i just saw the trailer and the interesting thing about this movie is putting an african-american in this situation and of course um it is just so out of place he apparently is the only african-american in this movie thanks to wokeness and this um meeting of quotas you know and and casting um according to quotas based on people's skin color and all of that it has created a lot of crazy mixes in in a real life situation this is hardly going to be the case it doesn't fit because an african-american in this situation you know he went overseas on a trip with his girlfriend who is white and everybody else in the entire movie is right and he finds himself in the middle of you know people trying to kill him he doesn't understand what is happening the police you know is also trying to get to him and you know there's the um attempt for him to get to the u.s embassy and you know um get some protection and even that you know who knows what is going to happen on the way there you know if he would even see you know the conspiracy contained there and him getting killed there so it's kind of like him being a wanted man so he's on the run this is a typical action movie setting but the interesting thing is that this is not an action character you know the guy is not a tough individual you know and when you do a movie with someone who is like alfred hitchcock said i've read his god said that you you take an ordinary person and puts them in an extraordinary situation you know as cute as and as wonderful as that is and it has worked for so many movies there's a way to do it especially in an action movie you know there has to be something to concentrate for the fact that the guy is not really um an action hero you can either put a side character that is going to be tough and you know kind of like a protector or you know it's complex you don't know whether he has his ulcer motive or she has her terror motive so that action component is still there you know there are different ways to do it but at the end of the day you know the character himself is not funny it's not like when dangerous things happens to him like chris rock was good with that you know when dangerous things happen the way he reacts to it so even though he's not a tough character in an actual movie it's still enjoyable so in those cases this um the plot does not work and of course it's because of that attempt of wokeness they have actually piped down on a lot of the wokeness but at least when it comes to the casting the casting choice i believe if um jason born you know the mad demon guy or many other light-skinned actors or actors of european descent they would have done a better uh job and it would have been a much better movie than whatever this is you know best um the sales will tell then again they did i guess an okay job from the theater because the trailer puts christians to some big people's minds but since i've been um i've watched action movies for such a long time it's typical how everything is going to go and how everything is going to end you know of course this is not going to end badly he's eventually going to make it and find out and discover the conspiracy is going to be vindicated on all of that there is also something like on the trailer which is a riot situation and of course with the black lives matter madness and all of that so you can see that social justice aspect trying to influence the script and the plot so that helps to destroy the entire thing you know that being said if you like to be part of taking over um the entertainment industry movies games sitcoms everything else you know with the gospel reach out to us on on our plans and and help also to be a part of our plan thank you god bless you if you haven't given your life to christ also go to alfredo vip click the salvation prayer link in the main menu you come out that has a profile of salvation say that prayer to you know and begin your journey with god god bless you

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