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Young Royals : Movie Reviews - by Alfred


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{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i like to talk about young royals now young royals is a netflix production and as you know netflix is work first of all you have to understand something about next netflix as a business you know netflix is basically an investor and a platform many people don't really understand certain aspects of the structure of netflix and the movie industry individuals make their movies you know you can get um you it starts with the scripts you know from the aspect of a writer but in reality you know um there are small companies you know you can start a production company you know and you know you have to know what it takes to make a movie i'm not talking about the financing yet

if you need to partner with other companies that is one thing if you need to um um just be on your own you know and you have all the equipment and the access to agents and you know casting and all of that and you know you can make a movie on your own that is nice but the financing is important of course what you have to do on that stage is you get a good script the script you believe in but that's scripts for you to get the financing you know you take that script to a company like an mgn a disney or for example um a netflix and if the companies like the scripts a lot of times they have their own team that we look into the script they look into tons of scripts and of course they also would um put their inputs and have their men change things in the scripts when they get a script that um when they have worked the script in a way that they like which means taking out things editing they could not start adding a lot of lgbt things and a lot of different nonsense that was not there before to the scripts that is their aspect of the exchange of we will alter the script and we'll make it short safer investment for us the netflix will give that production company the money to make the movie that is why when you see movies for example mgm movies paramount movies and all of that you in spite of seeing the paramount logo or the netflix logo you will now see a something like asus and so film you know you will see the name of a different of another company is not as large as as the paramount or the netflix when it comes to how it is presented but you would see that there is another name there of a different company sometimes you could see multiple companies that is in case that company you know that's originally um really put for the film how to partner up to other companies to really do the groundwork you know so netflix itself does not make movies disney itself no longer make movies it stopped making movies a long time ago they're just working producers but they have to approve of the scripts and in their approval of the script is is they have their policies of what they believe in and what is going to make it a safer investment which basically means them altering the scripture adding what they want to descript so it is going to eventually be different from the original draft sometimes it will they will make so many changes that the the original writer will not be able to recognize it really but the writer if as long as he copyrights the original idea he'll be he'll be getting paid for it and if he's a member of uh american writer's guild that is also an advantage for his career and all those kind of things but that is how the movie business works so i say that so that you understand that these companies like netflix and the mgs and all of that

if they have a principle like we want susan percentage of our movie to show favorably um gay people or to highlight gay people or we want it to have criticality theory that means that the scripts and the movies that we receive we all have this many of these companies the mgs the netflix especially netflix netflix is the workest company ever there is no company as work as netflix all it stands at work now this young world house incorporates a lot of wokeness we have a swedish royal who is attracted to and you know and is young in a relationship trying to get into a relationship with a with uh with a woman of african descent who is fat a young girl of five countries and which is first that is pure wokeness that is not real you know fat african girls are not in the sights of wealthy white boys but that is what is work now you know as the so-called fighting beauty standards and whatever nonsense so that is how you see this nonsense and they have ended up creating a movie where there is only one person whose skin is dark in an entire school you know it is not real you mean to tell me that the whole thing is just crazy you know it is it's like all these um walk movies where they have to say okay we need a girl we need somebody he's asian we need somebody who is of african descent we need somebody who is right we need and then we need somebody who is gay then you see a group of friends of so many different people it's not possible people are attracted to people who are like them you see that's why gang members are attracted to gang members people who are into a style of music into that they attract them so people attract people who are like them you cannot have a peer group or group of close friends that are so mixed and diverse it may make a good movie but it's not real you know and now it is not even about using it as a way to create to bring different characters that there must be a clash because of this one is coming from this one this one has come from this world you know so it's not even about that for the advancing of making an exciting story it's about wokeness so that's also the truth the truth the lgbt nonsense so we don't even know if the prince is gay or whatever like where where is he or is it his friends you know what is really happening he's just a jumble of um a lot of um vote nonsense and actually also he plays into the mecca mccool and prince harry or i should say simpari nonsense you know because they are trying to show create sentiments for a class of people who normally will be disliked by those who also um um are socialist communists and you know basically a lot of people do not like fancy the wealthy and royals so this is something different and of course they are dealing with a different set of realities not the british reality but the swedish reality so this is a different kind of craziness and of course um interestingly enough based on the trailer it's like the whole destination sweden then with english subtitles the whole thing is crazy but we can see how it's all about mind control and you know the goal to control people's minds understand something about netflix and youtube when it comes to movies they don't put the number of people who watched it some people in countries like nigeria may not know that youtube um actually has its own official um netflix office sorts you know it's not really a netflix subscription but you can pay is you it's kind of like apple what apple did with apple um their apple tv whatever you know you can pay and watch any movie on youtube um as well as you know sitcoms or you know either you can buy it or rent it then it will be part of your account you know youtube has that but it does not have that for people in certain countries you know if you use a vpn you will see that future if you use a vpn and then search for full movies you will see that there are official movies from youtube now those movies you don't see the number the viewership number whether it is one billion or two billion you know you don't see the real number of people who are watching all those movies and the same thing with netflix netflix does not show you the real number of people who are watching its movies so you don't know the impact that this is having on society you know abraham lincoln once said that to control or no you know a

you know basically um i'm putting things in in my own in my own words kind of bit you know what what he said is you know the the mindset of a classroom in one generation is the mindset of the nation in the next you know and you know in that same way to control the mindset of the nation you have to control what is being taught in schools today but what about outside the school system there comes the play for media if you can control the school systems and the media you control entertainment you control everything people see so even though you you do not have a shin over people's necks and you do not have a shin around people's arms if you can control all that they see and the the on all that delay you you you don't need you don't need a shin around them just like a dog that doesn't need a shin around this that has been trained properly and it is subject to the uh its owner when it works outside with this owner it obeys the owner it's it's it looks to the owner before it does anything you know it doesn't just back at random people it just follows the owner and does you know for before it even um appears it has to give a signal to the owner you know it's is if that subject that kind of training can be done to humans and you know apparently um there are it is being tried on a mass skill you know and that is what the media is doing so it is very unfortunate we need to be careful and you know be the ones that actually have this power you know let the sense of god let the christians have this power we need to take over the school systems the school boards as well as all media without exception keep in mind that the world are trying to take over all media and they actually currently have it but right now it is not owned by the same um people in the world at least 100 of it is not owned by um virtually the same people with the same vision it is owned by different worldly people with different visions on them skills control over media shout out and thank god for all those who have their own christian tv channels you know who regardless of whether people with this theme at least it is something that shows the light that shows the gospel that puts christianity you know um in the media to occupy space but we have to ensure that those of us in christ you know those of you who listen to me alfred you know who have been schooled in the world who lend the world actually um uh the ones who are putting that pure gospel in all through media and up what people see you know at the end of the day a lot of lives will be saved you know that being said make sure you go to and subscribe also if you've not given your life to christ click the salvation prayer link in the main menu a page of comments that will has a prayer service say that prayer and give your life to christ you know so that is very important if you like to make christian movies reach out to us you know if you like to invest in crystal movies or christian entertainment movies games whatever reach out source we are looking forward to hear from you thank you and god bless you


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