You Need European Role Models, Icons & Mentors From Other Races In Your Life : One America - by Alfred

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Scriptures Referenced In This Broadcast:

Proverbs 11:14 KJV
Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.

Proverbs 4:5 KJV
Get wisdom, get understanding: forget it not; neither decline from the words of my mouth.

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hello everybody i'm alfred i am listening to one america family called black america you know of course you know why i had to change that you know black is not a word that is positive and should not be used to refer to any race of people because black means darkness it means evil black means unwanted you know undesired you know so it is something that is dirty and it's something that was actually created as a racial slow but a lot of people are ignorant of that they are not aware of the origins of that they have not bothered to open a dictionary and look at the meaning of the word black especially when you know that what was used to refer to a race of people you know what was the dictionary definition of black den you know so you can't look at any more new oban dictionary definition of black you have to be realistic and look at it when the word was created to use to refer to a race of people what was the meaning of the word black you know versus what is the meaning of the world white you can see i know it was chosen to give a great distinction a color-based distinction and a way to condemn one race of people because of their color versus the other you know but that being said i've gone into that lots of times when i explained that you can listen to past broadcast or past works or projects and get more on that but in any case today's broadcast the topic of today's broadcast is you need european role models icons and mentors from other races in your life you know one issue with a lot of african-americans you know of people of african descents you know

especially in america is that you see them saying things like um finally there's somebody that looks like me that's in this position or finally there's somebody that looks like me that i can look up to you know there are a lot of people that didn't believe that an african-american or someone their skin color could be presidents until barack obama and that is why you never achieve because you are waiting for somebody else to achieve when somebody else achieves that has your skin color then you believe it is possible for you to achieve that is why you are behind you see and this attitude of when you look at a lot of african-americans it is so cliche for them to admire to pack or a notorious big how can you become successful or great how can you expect the future of a race to be great when all your role models is either to park b.i.g or own basketball play or the other when you interview a lot of young african-americans so many of them they either want to be a rapper or a basketball player why won't african americans dominate the nba when and it's an entire race that is actually trying to get in there so any person of european descent to any place that is light-skinned that made it into the nba it means that you are better than an entire race of people within a specific country because basketball is the primary game that all african americans just go to either that or american football you know the majority aspect is basketball how many african-americans look at what are things like kayaking look at tiger woods you know he'll be remembered because of the color of his king

not because of the quality of his game now his game is extraordinary to go fast to people who play golf they will look at tiger woods because of his game but outside that his fame the the film of tiger woods because of the color of his skin and that is a problem you know when um your skin color has now been used in your mind it is something that you are being proud of but it is creating a stumbling block for yourself you are creating this advantage for yourself you know there are moves to actually take away people of european descent from so much of education there are moves to take away shakespeare oh yeah artist to european literature is to european we need more africa why can't you learn from everybody you see let's go to the bible proverbs chapter 11 verse 14 the kingdom version of the bible says where no counsel is the people for but in the multitude of counselors their safety is the multitude of counselors so you have to have mentors from different places you have to learn from different places understand something and when it comes to phrases like raw models i consume mentos you know in christianity you know even though i used this as the name of the broadcast you know you need european role models eye contaminants from other races um in your life in reality in christianity our only role model is christ you know but raw model as i'm using it here i'm referring to people who you admire people you learn from you know more of mentors and life coaches you know somebody wants to have business advice from a jay-z how stupid is that jay-z does not have a business degree jay-z is not who who is he when it comes to finances why can't you they are already um what are financial experts but because of their skin color you would rather listen to jay-z is the one that is giving wisdom this is somebody that went from drug dealing to you know his strategy of growth you know marrying um as a strategy marrying somebody who is more famous than him or or famous on a different level and is accepted in a different world to get accepted for him to increase his assessment his acceptance and his brand that is his own strategy for success somebody that everybody who has ever dealt with him has is a negative story to tell but that aside you know this is not even about his presence but the point is that why are you looking at that that is not a jay-z on the list of businessmen he's nowhere he doesn't even have a degree in business he does not even have apart from the fact that you know the degree is not the point but the knowledge is the point what knowledge does he have on business you know it's not because someone has invested and he has listened to to counsel that has helped him he has listened to advice that has been of great help to him that does not mean that you should now put him in a position where he shouldn't be you know when to you you you receive your advice you know your financial wisdom is more from jay-z just because of his skin color danny warren buffets you know then he peter lynch or all the rest of different people you know you look down on other people because of the color of their skin you don't listen to them and you know it goes without saying there seems to be a language that is being created in an african-american society of course there was the days of um um i can't quite remember what it's called you know but the the language first of all as a result of african americans being slaves and not being allowed to read and write the way they spoke english was broken and it was it was crazy then there's the top of a language that kind of evolved out of trying to speak and not let the white man understand what was being said and the reality of that language is that there's actually a different version where white people among themselves spoke a version of english where um watching even watching an old alfred hitchcock um interview alfred hitchcock talked about it where they were speaking it was kind of like idiomatic expressions but a broken down version of idiomatic expression that only them can understand you know and it was it was a type of urban you know the type of uh idiomatic expressions you know for those of you who do not understand what i mean by idiomatic expression i may experience like it's raining cats and dogs you know or that's the business of course that also gives ways for you know because language people will always use different ways to address this it gives ways to slangs and all of that and you know when it comes to the african-american um community language has often changed there was an era when african americans were allowed to read and all of that there was a great change there was a great movement you know in spite of the jim crow laws which was not even all over america but you know during that era that um was difficult and you know different standards were set for people of african descent and you know white people of europe and essence the standards were different but the the reality of the matter is that the language right now among the young people the young african-americans when you listen to their music or you when you hear them talk when they say they speak english it is so broken and it makes you look so illiterate and apparently those are the kind of people that a lot of african americans want to listen to here and now you don't have phrases like talking white you know and talking what it means not speaking in all that kind of language if as a matter of fact if you listen to steve harvey there are some things he says that are just it falls into that bracket there's a way he pronounces certain words and there are some ways he uses pronouns and you know adjectives are verbs wrongly and you know finna i i you know what is finna finna is not english you know this words you may think it is good but it is making you look like an illiterates it is making you look unlearned you are speaking english if you want to learn an african language please learn and then speak that but don't take an established language like english language and try to create your own broken version of it and think it makes you look dignified it is the same thing with nigerians a lot of nigerians love to speak pigeon do you know how illiterate that makes you look to white people and to all people of different nations do you within your your nation and with those who you speak it's you know it may be it may be accepted and it may not um downgrade you which is not really the case because you will not shoot the somebody who is speaking the same person in nigeria somebody who is speaking with phonetics you know and pronouncing what's correctly or with an european accent or with an american accent you he won't be looked upon and treated the same way that somebody will be treated if they are speaking pigeon english or broken english you know there are people who have discovered thanks to bbc pigeon which is a disgrace by doing bb bbc pigeon and things like wazubia which is a nigerian radio um empire you know which is expanding into tv and the internet and all of that by trying to formalize fishing they are making it look like africans are incapable of of learning and understanding english so you brought so a dumb version of english had to be created for africans to understand and that is broken english and visual english so this madness needs to stop that's version of english you know all this and and all of that this um combined version of english language in the african-american community and people say oh when i'm with my white friends i speak white but when i'm with my friends i am myself so it is yourself to be speaking pigeon english or broken english or will be speaking finna finna you know this is crazy you know so that needs to change you know the bible um has made it clear you know the the importance of um the facts you know that we should grow in knowledge and wisdom you know proverbs 4 5 the kingdom pattern says gets wisdom gets understanding forget it not need a decline from the words of my mouth you know in getting wisdom you know there are people who pray for wisdom when you pray for wisdom yes wisdom is granted to you you know if you want to pray for it but as a christian you don't need to pray for it because jesus is made wisdom to you but it can only be realized when you believe in it by faith it's just like ananias when um paul met him anonymous didn't pray for him he knew that nurse was a christian so he told him he gave him a revelation and i asked jesus makes you well get up and he got up so it is telling that christ in you the hope of lord christ in you you cannot have christ the christ that is in you is your license to live in divine health so that is what he told him in the same way christ in you it's your license for wisdom you don't need to pray for wisdom our hearts god for israel christ is already made wisdom to you have you received christ you have received wisdom and you if you do not believe it by faith you'll be like ananias who was who had christ but was still sick he did not know that christ makes him well

you see so you have to have faith i know that jesus is your wisdom but you have to understand something about wisdom wisdom itself makes you make the right choices it creates you a hunger for learning a hunger for knowledge so if you have wisdom you'll be buying books you'll be getting books you'll be reading books you'll be increasing your knowledge you'll be learning more you understand so wisdom itself its presence makes you go after more knowledge it makes you go after books they write books reading books it makes you meditate on the world it makes you hunger for knowledge and insights so you are growing so now some may look at it as since i have wisdom i already know everything no wisdom itself part of what it will do it will it creates in you you know that's desire and that that burning love for knowledge so you will keep on learning and learning you will have a hunger and appreciation it will be sweet to you it will be honey you know to your soul books reading and increasing your knowledge we've been horny to your soul that is what wisdom does you see so in doing that you cannot be somebody who limits your sources of information and learning to only people that are your wrists which is what a lot of african americans do the only all their role models you know it has to be a picture of martin luther king or malcolm x or it has to be to pack or big or you put obama you see that is why you are limited these are the only people that can be your role model it cannot go outside of to park biggie obama or you know um you know most of these folks you know if you are fortunate you can add bad casting bits the the point of the matter is that um you have to change you know you have to change stop being limited by this your obsession with your own skin color it is limiting you it is destroying you a lot of the answers that you need to help you move forward are in books that are written by people who have different races but since you are mr blm you know you only read books that that come from people that have your skin color people who want to blame white people in some way or fashion or to some degree about every situation you know since those are the only books that matter to you since you are now a member of the religion of um the white man is the devil you know you are you have you have decided to limit yourself and you are going to pay the price remember the scripture i write in the book of proverbs chapter 14 sorry proverbs 11 14 the kingdom veterans where it is written where no wisdom is the people fall but in the multitude of counselors there is safety so we learn from everywhere understand that just is our wisdom and we live by god's word but you have to have your ear open to the words and the information that is around you you know especially knowing that god can speak to different people and different sources it doesn't matter you know but everything has to be filtered by the world and you know some sources when some sources have proven to be of the devil you don't have to listen to them you know so you have to have a hunger for knowledge a desire for knowledge there are a lot of christians who only read the bible and they wonder why they are struggling in their life because you will not read a book like a um religious order or a delicious man in babylon because you won't read that the information the knowledge that is there which is actually consistent with the bible the knowledge that is there you wouldn't know

and who do you have to blame it is yourself it is not god you know god has already told you in the bible that you hunger for knowledge so by that hunger for knowledge you should have picked up the rich that product or the other um books that have to do with you know um knowledge or that offer knowledge and wisdom and keep in mind that you filter what is being said via the word of god and of course certain books if god tells you not to read you don't pick it up you know but you should have a hunger for knowledge you know and but anything that is not of god should not be accepted into your spirit you should you know you should be able to hear it and no reject this you know there are some ideas that that you could pick up and learn and be blessed and to be blessed to you you know you don't have to pick up everything you know you don't swallow everything just like apostle paul said you know to the people who went back you know and looked into the scriptures to see what he said was so you have to do that for everything you have to um not sure whatever you receive you have to you know really look into it and do your research and make sure that it is so you know so that being said i would like you to go to alfredo's and click on the salvation prayer link if you have not given your life to christ say that prayer that comes up there you know and also i'd like to be part of the investors club you know details for that are available on thank you and god bless you

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