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Why IPOB (Biafra) and Yoruba Nation Is A Foolish Strategy

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- IPOB Cannot Give Sit-At-Home Order In Rivers – Wike:

- IPOB Sit-At-Home: Order; Residents Comply In Southeast States:

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

the governor of river state's governor wiki for all his faults every once in a while see something that makes sense his comments about ipob giving a stat home order it's actually just common sense he did not go too far into it based on the clip that i watched but what he basically said was that river state is not part of ipob you know it is not part of basically the evil people you know it is not the south east you know it is the south south you know what he said is very interesting but you see for those who are ipob or biafra or you know basically those are the same thing or you know those who are saying urban nation they do not understand the the problem with all these things is that there is only one way for nigeria to to divide and that is to undo what was done in 1914 in 1914 lord lugar created nigeria by joining what we now currently call nuts in nigeria to what we now currently call southern nigeria he joined the northern projector rates with the certain projectors all those areas was actually under the control of britain

they were both joined into one under lord lugar that was actually a move that

can only work with both sides being under british rule for example if you are the reason why two people come together to work together and you are the only reason why that's happened and you know those two people never agreed but because you were there perhaps you were like the big dog you know so they listen to you if you are taken out of the picture since now revert back to the way it was and that is one key problem with nigeria we have those in the north though after the muslims wanted to continue their conquest downwards which they were doing before the british came and unfortunately for those on southern nigeria they are divided into so many different groups and too many different tribes that don't want to be mixed with the other tribes in the south so that division is actually what makes urban nation impossible and biafra impossible as a matter of fact what helped to destroy biafra the first time was that the euro bus did not join biafra and as well as the those in by elsa you and the reverse people and the people of river state you know that area called about all of that they did not join biafra you cannot pick just one isolated spots or one region within a nation and expect to be an independent nation you know and then all around you is another nation that you once broke away from so you are basically trying to create an island nation within another nation it is not possible even if you are at the edge and you are near the atlantic ocean understand that all of nigeria has functioned that sworn no group stands a chance in the splitting of nigeria by seeing just eurobase you know it is in the best interest of a lot of people for nigeria's current functioning and nigeria's current system which requires all the different states you know having money flow there is already an established cash flow and a established system of operation which people do not want interrupted especially the current governance they are operates within that current flow of power and system that the entire nation is recognized so a breakaway is a breakaway of their power and accords to their finances as well as a disruption to everybody else so unless you get everybody on board nobody is on board so first of all they cannot be any biafra and they cannot be any urban nation because the eurobanks are not going to have eboost joint europa nation and the ebolas are not going to have um euro bus join biafra they are not going to want to join so these are things you have to understand it may be true that these tribes existed as kingdoms before but that was then this is now if all of the south is not going to agree and separate themselves from the north keep in mind that the day you make that decision the most likely will be a war but the duration of that war is going to be most likely shortened if majority of people agree and we have to understand that this kind of situation it is best there is no war because war is something that nobody benefits from at the end of the day even those who make money from war you know who think the benefits you know they'll reap their own reward in you know in the hereafter some of them their children repeats in this life you know so these are things that you have to keep in perspective if first of all you are on the team biafra or ipub you need to understand the foolishness of it it is not is not going to work without everybody on the south being on your team you know those in caliber has to be on your team those rivers have to be on your team those illegals have to be on your team you know that is the only way if nigeria cannot split north and south then it is not going to split any other way you see it it's not going to become two separate nations and understand this

ipob is not the solution for those of you who are saying that um i probably the solution let me explain why who are going to be the leaders of ipob is it not the current governors that are there now look at all the politicians in igbo regions how are they ruling and for those of you who are thinking that urban nation is dissolution look at all the political leaders in europe ireland and in lagos and in you know places that um technically under the euroba kingdom had the politicians they're running since are they not the same politicians that will be in the new urban nation

how are the traditional leaders doing are they not part of the current problem what makes you think that there will be the solution there as a matter of fact for a lot of them they will no longer have the restrictions from the other parts of the nation and the other parts that have power constraining them they will actually become more evil that is the reality you know and it goes without saying when people do not pray and listen to god and walk in love this is one of the kinds of problems that results from that you know when you pray and you listen and you know unfortunately there hasn't been christian leaders that speak to politics you know when he started the bible in the old testament elijah was spoke up even john the baptist spoke up and he lost his head for it but the christian and the prophets there is that ministry of a minister or a man of god talking to politicians and leading them in the right way being the voice of god and being a directive that has been lost in today's day and age and that is primarily why it is only satan giving people advice and whispering in people's ears and there are all kinds of nefarious secret societies all around the world the build-a-bear group the freemasons the scotland bones all kinds of different groups and nigerians have their own groups you know their own orgonia and their own all kinds of different background groups there's the um sides to sever several conferences that actually have a lot of political power and some of the members of um these courts are currently governors so there is all of that and these are places where you know what they decided is what they now push on the people so all these problems are there it is just satan that is playing games with the people but the church and christians have left that now the church is surprised that the the people are suffering how why are you surprised when you ignore politics when you ignore taking power when you ignore making money it is the it is those who have money who control the world the bible says the wisdom of the poor is not head that is in the bible if you are poor better wise it does not matter how wise that you are you are not head nobody will hear what you are saying

that is that is what the bible tells you tells is is there people do not listen to the voice of the poor the poor we never have before is there a lot of people who are shouting that they want to give the poor a voice the poor will never have a voice you know they say um they talk about giving um speaking for the underdog but look at the person who is doing speaking is that person not rich is that person not famous look if you are not famous or you believe in not being famous and especially as christians have been deceived that pastor should not be celebrities or become famous and all of that people should not seek fame if you are not famous if you do not have fame and fortune you have no impact you are not one of the movers and shakers you are not one of the who is who it is the who is who that is controlling your destiny it is the movers and shakers that are controlling your destiny those are the ones that are shaping the policies that are that control whether it is legal for you to to pray in search or to pray in school it went from you you you could no longer pray in school tonight you cannot pray in church and of course the excuses because of social distance there are there are churches in los angeles where they say you cannot sing you cannot praise god they said you cannot do that in church during the lord that was one big push that you cannot sing but people were allowed to go to clubs people were allowed to go to bars people were allowed to go to street clubs where do we even have sex

you see the virus does not pass that way it is when people are praising god that the virus passes you see so when christians ignored all this once upon a time america had

over 99 percent christian it was 99 as in the ideology that was the order of the day was christian how did this move away from that it is it is as a result of christians over time and the churches and the preachers believing lies and engaging in foolishness the condemning of preachers is the condemning of christianity when you are in the business of constantly insulting preachers you are degrading christianity and decreasing its impact and as christians keep buying lives like oh a person should not teach about politics person should not be involved in politics but preachers um christians should not be involved in they say it's worldly listening get some money and all of that are you aware that jesus was the richest person on ets when he walked this hits and let me tell you how how simple that is proves who could feed 5 000 people over 5000 people men and women not counted multiple times with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes then you want to call that person poor no he did something that julius caesar could not do could julius caesar feed over five thousand people and it was not a matter of the number because there was even left over it was not a matter of number if there were 30 million people who showed up that day all of them would have been fed with five loaves of bread and two fishes let me explain something to you if everybody in the world at that time showed up there and as they were passing around the five loaves of bread and two fishes and it was multiplying if everybody in the world showed up there they would have been food they would have all been fed and they would have all been full so you are telling me that jesus had the ability to use five loaves of bread and two fishes to feed everybody in the world and you want to call him poor jesus is not the representative of poverty and understand something about jews jews do not listen to poor people and jesus ministry was was to the jews so there are a lot of people who have this mind said that jesus was poor jesus was not poor he did not walk poverty in poverty at all jews would never listen to the poor are you aware that job job in the bible everybody say god has departed for him why because he was becoming poor he was going from rich to poor so people say wow god has departed from you base not based on anything he had done nobody could find any fault in his life his friends came his wife came everybody found this man is a righteous man but he looked at his finances and said ah god is unhappy with you yeah you are doing something wrong so

to the true

undeniable proof of unholiness or poor standing with god is poverty so based on that alone you come how do you think that josh would have had a ministry to the jews when he was poor if he was poor it is it is impossible and i have very explained that this is jews who could use five lots of bread and to finish and this is something that he could do at any time and most importantly he was showing the disciples what to do understand that he was showing the disciples what to do it was not a one-off miracles he did not intended it to be a one-off miracle just like he did not want the reason of the dead lazarus he did not want it to be a one of miracle remember the time that um

apostle paul was preaching and somebody fell asleep and fell from you know the upstairs you know through the window and fell on the ground do you know how much internal bleeding in that would have cost how many bones would have broken and all of that damage that would have been done and that person was going to die but you know that is just deaths basically apostle paul raised up that guy from the dead do you know how common that is and that was john said many other miracles jesus did that all the books of the world could not contain there was there was an overflow all that as far as john's understanding of all the punishments and papers and books in the world at that time was could not contain the writing of all the miracles that jesus did so imagine the revelations that john had about jesus that was not included in the bible because there was no space imagine how much more that apostle paul knew about jesus opposed that peter knew understand that the letters of peter are letters they are not sermons imagine if apos paul or or peter knew that he would have the privilege to have his writings to be mixed with the old testament and distributed worldwide for a json ages to come imagine if he knew and then he decided to pan down for future christians all that he has lent from the holy spirit after the death of of jesus after he did the resurrection of jesus not just before imagine what would have been there imagine if paul also was privy to that

you know so these are things that you have to look into and you know understand you know there's much to be said about it but that being said let us pray in jesus name lord father we bless you holy name for everything you have done for us we pray lord father that your will will be done and will walk in the light of your word in the name of jesus amen thank you and god bless you

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