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Viral Video Shows Nigerans Running From Bandits On Niger Highway Before 200 Students Are Kidnapped

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- Video Shows Scores Running For Safety As Bandits Attack Niger Highway Before Kidnapping 200 Students:

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

a recent video circulating online shows nigerians running on the niger highway when a group of armed bandits showed up and that was right before the kidnapping of 200 students

these things happening when a continuous basis has led to nigeria bendable the third most terrorized nation in the world it wasn't too long ago that society would have been considered impossible before buhari's administration this would not have been possible but what do you expect when power is given to someone who shows special favoritism and obvious behind the scenes support for a terrorist group within the nation it is clear that buhari due to the fact that his fulani has shown so much leniency and supports for boko haram who are also fulani primarily and that has led to a great shift in power nobody talks about the facts that ever since buhari got into government everybody that he elected everybody that feels a high level position is now muslim or fulani it is always allah had this or somebody whose name is muhammad when you look at all the leaders in all across the board the places where there are a few exceptions a certain seats within the south that's naturally it is those that belong to those tribes there that will be favored in those high positions and that is very limited because the reality of the matter is when you look at the nigerian political landscape of power ever since buhari got into power over 90 percent of the people in political offices are all muslim or fulani are we surprised that the faithful boko haram keep in mind that boko haram represents

something that the quran talks about which is the holy war they are pushing for it just like osama bin laden push for it so when you have a book like the quran which tells people that it has to be holy war and tells people that one way to ensure you get to heaven is to kill christians or jews or persecute infidels and all of that when that is the case what do you expect when people who subscribe to that belief system see people doing what their belief system tells them to do they will support it it's just like a real christian is not going to see somebody performing miracles in the name of jesus and condemn them those who go against healing ministers and those who insult preachers who pray for the sick and they get healed and the people who are doing the insult and call themselves christians though they are not christians because they don't believe the bible you are saying those people are saying in fact that the bible is a lie they are saying that jesus is a liar because jesus said this sign shall follow them that belief if anything a christian will be asking why am i not doing the miracles also you know why am i not performing miracles also what am i missing and why is this not spread abroad they would not be on the wave of why are these people performing miracles it's strong it is not possible you know i mean at those christians now it is that is the kind of thing that an 80s should think but interestingly the number one critics of hidden ministers in christianity are people who call themselves christians and are people who often have their own churches or ministries you know so the same way true christian is not going to um criticize um healing ministers because the bible is clearly in support of it if you believe the bible you have to believe that yes people can pray and receive divine healing and the same way if you believe the quran you also have to believe in the holy war you see you also have to believe in jihad

i know they are muslims who call themselves you know passive muslims or muslims that don't do violence and all of that you know that it's clearly they are not they have never done anything um linked to terrorism themselves directly however we must not ignore the fact that when they see people who are fulfilling jihad which the quran talks about they keep quests you know i didn't know going to change the quran you know that of the thing and that creates a situation where when you put a lot of people in political positions of power who all have this view that they have to be a jihad understand that islam spread by force and by politics christianity spread thanks to missionaries and of course the reality of the matter is that christianity's major spread was because of politics it was because of the catholic church because understand what the catholic church is the catholic church was the religious arm of the roman empire and it is the last remaining relic and creation of the roman empire and by that i'm talking about julius caesar's roman empire you know of course after him during um constantine's time when constantine was emperor of rome and had all these colonies he made christianity the singular and belief system or actually called the tradition you know of the world and anyway that he had conquered christianity went forth so we cannot ignore that and that is the power of politics and why clearly christians cannot ignore politics when you mix that power of politics with a religion or a belief system is very powerful that is how the major spirit started and of course it was amplified or it continued and you know spread to us today thanks to when the the catholic church and the british monarchy you know was um working in tandem now things have gone away from that but back then you know thanks to king james and you know who who um translated the bible and pushed for the king james version of the bible you know and thanks to the monarchs of great britain every place that they conquered and anywhere that the british went they went with that you know christianity was the official religion or the official belief system of all of britain it was the guiding set of principles of the civilized world when it comes to that british you know that era of civilization and etiquette those two things were mixed keep in mind that this is not um true christianity as jesus expressed it but an altercation of it because that is where the catholic church gave the world the catholic church gave the world an addicted version of christianity which you know misses the points but at least they kept the text of the bible original so you can easily find the truth when you throw away doctrine when throwing away captive while throwing away traditions of men and look at the bible itself you know and by the time you have a relationship with the holy spirit and the holy spirit guides you into all truths then you arrive and you'll be moving in the real truth of what christianity is buhari is the primary force of terrorism in nigeria you have to understand that as bad as things may seem this can easily be rectified with people who are serious about getting rid of terrorism which means getting rid of a possibility of jihad

being in power

if obasanjo with all his complaints was in power this would have never reached this level boko haram would have never reached this level even under good luck jonathan

in spite of all the actions that were taken against him and how he was quite frankly not strong enough to sit in that position because a lot of people ignore the fact that politics has its own mafia type word when someone is a politician in a country like nigeria he has to worry about setting mafia type culture within his own party and from other parties and it takes someone who is strong enough to sit in that position it is not enough for people to say oh we want somebody who represent these people or oh these people have never ruled before we want somebody from here to rule is that person strong enough to weather the politics and all the mafia tactics and culture of the politicians and that political class the person may have good ideas and good plans and this is something that you need to understand you know it is not enough to be super intelligent and to have the best most intelligent plans are you strong enough to sit in that position with all the opposition and with all the different games that will be played against you can you get the respect of all the politicians and all the parties and get them to act on your behalf to fall in line and let um none of them fall out of line and really take what you are trying to do of course because nigeria is a country where the politicians like in most other countries you know puts their own ambitions before the well-being of the people they don't mind millions of people dying just so that you will look bad and them when they get into power themselves they expect no position to come their way and them to save the day in other words let us say that the way um to save the people is to build um let us just say infrastructure a when a politician gets into power and is trying to build infrastructure a there are a lot of people who are also politicians who do everything to destroy the efforts and to make sure that infrastructure a is not built in spite of the fact that the each time that you know each second that passes where infrastructure a is not built hundreds or thousands of people within that nation will die

those politicians don't care all they want is let it not be this guy that builds infrastructure e let us destroy all his efforts and turn everybody against him then when we get into power we will build infrastructure e um if it so happens that after their planning and all of that they get into power and they try to build infrastructure a the education of are they capable and competent enough to build it then there's also the issue of what you see is what you reap other politicians do the same thing to try to destroy all their efforts and of course you saw that with um um american president trump you know everything that president trump did you know there was a constant fighting to destroy it even bringing about um trying to create peace between america north korea you know which obama was telling trump that that would be his greatest problem you know even that's what jeopardized they did not mind that this guy had nukes

you know cnn and msnbc and all of that did everything to undermine and try to make president trump look soft and weak which is not the best it is not wise to do you know when you're dealing with somebody like that when you're negotiating with somebody you know like um the leader of north korea or with any such person who you know it's kind of like a shirt to the world and has an authoritative mindset and authoritarian mindset you have to look as strong as possible you know in the out of war sun su said when you are weak you must make your enemies believe you are strong you know there is a power there it's just like standing up to a bully the bully may be able to beat you up but you're making yourself look stronger than you actually are can help to either turn away the bully make the bullet change his mind or decrease the likelihood of you being a candidate for constant bullying because if you stand up to a bully and you are always putting up a fight even if you are losing every time the bully will now go to someone else that is an easy target that is the reality you know it doesn't matter even if the bully can beat you in a few seconds if you always pulled up a fight every single time the bully will soon get tired the bully is we're still not going to like you you know or start respecting you but the bully will have enough respect in the sense of leaving you alone and going to someone else to bully that is the reality so you have to understand these different factors you know now things keep getting um bad and it looks like it's a long time off before um another election for nigeria the muslims are clearly they want um

to take over all of nigeria by force the europas you know announcing urban nation the evils were saying biafra before now a lot of evils especially those who saw or witnessed the first biafra don't want it a lot of young people today are ignorant they don't know what war is and they don't know how bad it is and they don't know that nobody will benefit a lot of people are going in a direction where it is going to be disastrous for anybody for everybody involved you know at this point you know nigeria is at a place where nigerians need to make up their mind and people need to um sell nigerians themselves on the right way forward on how is nigeria going to split into nothing nigeria and southern asia or is nigeria going to be won but understand this emo street tree can two work together unless they agree if all of nigeria cannot agree then these problems will always exist and it is best for nigeria to split this um constant drama is very sad you know recently the nigerian government made a proposal for um actually passed into law i believe that anybody who pays ransom is going to be put in jail and now that is a good preventive measure to stop kidnapping because now there is no incentive for someone to kidnap another person but you will have to understand something kidnapping aside even though kidnapping stops there is also the bid for the nation you know boko haram did not start as an organization for kidnapping you know and as a matter of fact some of the people who are doing the kidnapping now are not even necessarily boko haram keep in mind that boko haram is an ideology and it's about jihad you see so even if you stop kidnapping these problems will not stop but at least the kidnapping own has stopped but the issue is would not will the nigerian government be faithful to it and will people understand because it is easy to um from an intelligent point of view to say yes if you criminalize pay ransom that means nobody will want to pay ransom so why will anybody want to kidnap somebody and get ransom because they are not going to get a ransom because you know who is going to be in that position and i've explained the problem with that some people will be willing to spend their life in jail for their children to be free some people will be even willing to die in place of their children so if you kidnap somebody's child you know and ask for ransom let's say the government says anybody who pays ransom will not just be put in jail but be killed there are a lot of people who would prefer to be killed and then for their child to die so there is that aspect of it there is also the aspect of what will be international communities look at its when it comes to human rights somebody say is a victim their children have been kidnapped or they have their relatives have been kidnapped and then you want to put them in jail for paying ransom what do the international communities say about it and how fair is that so from a when it comes to a military move i can understand the criminalization of um pay ransom but when the person who is to pay ransom is also the government that is also a a completely different matter if the government's going to allow that you know if um this rule is maintained you know

it seems like it could stop or at least seriously decrease kidnapping as a whole but the problem is the implementation and the consideration and understanding that there are people who still if if someone is willing to die for their child then why wouldn't they be willing to spend 10 years in jail or 8 years or 15 years in jail for their child after paying ransom so that means that kidnapping would still continue so that is one factor that you did not consider you know does a father puts himself spending 15 years in jail as something that is is not what the value of his child that he has been that he has loved and he has fed for how long you see so these are things that you have to understand and of course the blame and the anger that these people who are victims we feel is towards the administration and you know the more resentment towards the administration the more the likelihood of coups and you know um assassination attempts and of course after coups it's normally a military government that goes into power you know and this is one thing that people don't understand emperor napoleon once said that when a ruler cuts off heads at random it is his own neck that is at the highest risk you see just because you are a leader doesn't mean you can do anything you know so when you have built up such resentment towards an administration you are building up a situation where a coup comes next you know it is very easy now for a coup because there are a lot of people who are against the administration um and the reality of the matter is that there is no coup that's in human history that after the coup somebody came to power that was peaceful normally after a coup when things are bad you know and there's a coup the person who comes after is actually worse than the first person the person who comes after us often was the only person that was there before so this kind of situation you know and understand that there are now several nigerians who have lost everything they have lost their homes their land everything and there is now a a push outside of nigeria understand that during the first crisis that obama and hillary clinton created when they killed gaddafi it created a leak and a problem in africa a migration crisis where a lot of people you know ended up trying to swim and you know they got doing all kinds of things across the channel and doing all kinds of things to move from africa to europe illegally and a lot of them on their journey found themselves being um put into slavery now understand that this kind of things will create that kind of situation for a lot of nigerians where they will start moving illegally into all the different countries around nigeria understand the population of nigeria is very high and to those of you in other nations who are in africa but you know ignore this problem within nigeria understand that nigeria is still the heart of africa and even if it is taken over by boko haram that just puts a lot of money in the hands of tourists that are linked to iran and you know iraq you know and you know a lot of different tourist organizations you know because isis you know is not linked to one of the there's actually another um terrorist jihadist group that is now preaching in northern nigeria so the boko haram elements and the news around it is attracting such people is attracting jihadist stories from different places you see and the fact that these people can come and also their guns moving in and all of that you have to know that they are it is obviously because of these shifts where there are a lot of people in politics who actually believe in jihad so of course they would favor boko haram because boko haram are doing something that they want to see happen they want to see all of nigeria islamists as a matter of fact they want to see all of africa islamized as a matter of fact they want to see the whole world islamized that is what they want to see so for people who are not um strangers to the use of force this is what they want and this is what they will go for now when it comes to the solutions you know there has to be a transition of power and there has to be an undoing of everything this administration has done there also has to be a a rethinking and a recharge of the cbn the central bank of nigeria the current leaders and the previous leader are both fools and that is the best way to put it you see they have made a series of idiotic decisions that has led to the constant degrading of the nigerian currency and they don't care they don't care the reality of the matter is that then the naira is based upon the dollar and the dollar loses value every year why would you base your belt on something that loses value every day and in addition to that there are other problems that makes the naira lose money faster it is like stan sas it is like building a house or trying to build a house on quicksand you cannot even stand on quicksand without sinking then you want to build a house on quicksand how stupid is that that is what the nigerian era is doing it number one it should not be based on the dollar and number two the factors affecting inflation primarily this mass borrowing of money and also importation being higher than exports is crazy nigeria can easily turn into china by that i mean start putting money into building of factories stop looking at stupid things like oh dubai has this kind of fancy foods and let us also have it here oh this nation has a large resource one so let us have it here you see this madness and to make matters worse a lot of the people in government have never built anything these are people who are not captains of industry so they don't know how to build a successfully anything none of them know how to build a successful business they don't even know how to turn a kiosk into a more then how can they be given the reigns of the nation for them to turn a nation that is grappling with being a terrible country into being a festival country in a competitive world

if you cannot turn a simple kiosk into a mall why would somebody give you a nation to turn into a a an advanced national a better nation how much more complex is that you know so there has to be an undoing of everything that buhari has done the the placing of jihadists in different positions of power all around nigeria needs to stop the administration needs to get away the cbn government and their strategies need to end they there needs to be a move for the building of factories carbon importation you know and it is not enough to say oh we are placing embargo on importing this i am not creating an alternative for nigerians to build it they are just making things difficult for nigerians you cannot say oh um we are going to put this um tariff and this tariff and this tariff on importing this good and this good and this good but nobody is making it in nigeria people are still going to need it in nigeria and all you have done is increase the price and have made nigerians poorer and has actually made the the naira drop more these are common senses then this madness of constantly brewing money barriers going again to brew money money you borrow is not

free you know money you borrow is not free money you borrow is actually a pizza because now you have to pay back the money plus interest you know um and you know all this money that is being brought is a string on the naira you cannot spend more than you make and expect your finances to be okay nigeria is a nation that has been spending more than it makes it needs to concentrate on making it needs to concentrate on encouraging entrepreneurship that when it comes to churches and crusades that is big because understand something all these chaos started after churches were shut down there are a lot of foolish people who don't see the link people are not holding crusades understand something about christianity tastes like christianity buddhism you know there are certain kinds of belief systems that pacify people and you know it makes people calm down and it makes people think of higher things you know it makes people they wouldn't mind suffering

they will choose to do the right thing when you decrease the influence of christianity especially among the youths you know why would somebody a young person who sees no future or for himself in nigeria why would he choose not to go into kidnapping when his friends are going into kidnapping it is only because of christian beliefs it is only because oh god it is wrong it is like if there's a riot and people are running into a store people are running into stores and they'll they're taking everything they can what will stop somebody from doing that when you know that they are they are not going to be repercussions there is only belief systems when that person is a christian christian believes oh it is wrong god is watching you because you know that you are going to get away with it so now in nigeria it looks like the rewards for criminal activity the rewards for kidnapping the rewards for banditry is very high compared to the risk and if someone gets caught understand that nigeria is a country where every policeman has taken bribe or at least it looks that way so what makes you think that if someone kidnaps somebody and he doesn't and if he pays enough bribe he won't get away with his what makes you think so what makes you think that kidnappers are not paying bribe to police when the police are so happy they will allow to be collecting 20 naira 200 500 naira bribe then is it when somebody has been kidnapped and then let's say he pays a hundred million or one billion naira is it then that the police will say no i choose to be honest let us put the person in prison and then give the owner of the money back his money no what makes you think that the police does not take their own course

you see so these are things that you have to understand these are things you have to think about also where do these criminals get their guns from you know where are they getting their ammunitions the bullets from a lot of times even when um a man called evans was caught for kidnapping in lagos when he was caught they found out that a policeman you know a actually a military man was one of his team you see a lot of these people who are actually career kidnappers they have security as in the police or the military as members of their team there are many bank robbers who have been caught that it was revealed that one of their members was a policeman or an or a military man that was posted to protect that bank you see and that is another thing because in nigeria in addition to the fact that um

police are not paid enough military are not paid enough you know a taxi driver makes more than a policeman legally the only way a policeman can make more than a taxi driver is if he collects bribe and extorts people so when that is done anytime you see a policeman that is that has failed it did not come from his salary anytime you see a military man that is well fed it did not come from his salary because we know that these people are not are hardly paid when it comes to the legal legal payments so their payment is is from um other nocturnal and nefarious activities that is where the money is you know it is just like nba players where their salary is this but the majority of the money comes from endorsements and other things you know all musicians today where um they make music but since their music is distributed for free they the money really comes from going on tour or from endorsement or selling mesh and other kinds of things so it is the same way um with um the police and the military their main money is not coming from their salary it is coming from the other chance so when the salary is that low which needs to be addressed you know that is a an important factor also there is also the matter of the young people which goes back to christianity thanks to the lockdowns you know look at the places where all these riots are and all these um unrest are it is places where there is clamp down on christianity you can look at the problems in protocols vk is happily saying oh people should not gather more than 20 or more than 50 in churches and all of that and everybody should practice social distancing in churches but people are allowed to mingle as they want in market places a month in other organizations and businesses and everywhere else there have not been any max mandates publicly given about mosques i don't see anybody saying that not more than 20 people could should enter mosques but you see they have restricted christianity important and you see the drama there look at emo states the restricting of how many preachers have been there you know all the the churches and the preachers and you know all of that because when you are preaching that kind of message it pacifies people

it also creates a situation where um politics can take advantage of that politicians can take advantage of that and the people are suffering in silence but the thing is that it pacifies people the people are no longer pacified and they have been given reason to to be angry so the young people the future generations as they see no hope in front of them and they are told that is part of the fact that money can still be made in nigeria but you know in a situation where many people don't believe it so and many people believe in fossum many people um are going to the um direction of crime it makes sense very difficult and it creates a mass exodus of people from nigeria you know so you you have to go through the solutions that i've given the administration leaving the elimination of all the jihadists in government you know the the appropriate going after of boko haram and you know all different tourist um jihadist organization i'm calling the speed speed you know there are a lot of um people who are in the muslim world and the fulani who want to protect them and that is what is actually making matters worse you know that has to um end you know there needs to be appropriate going after and they have to believe persecution and you know justice needs to be carried out not granting them amnesty you know so those are just a few things that need to be done to um really stop this matter and of course i will do all i can to end it you know and you know this thing is a result of prayer when you pray god speaks prayer is not just telling god what you want him to do and then him doing it matter of fact that is not prayer at all and you you miss so much about christianity when you believe that way and you think that we that god exists as a tool for you to use to get what you want and when he doesn't get what's where you don't get what you want you blame him or you say that oh it is proof that he doesn't listen he doesn't care he doesn't exist that is madness on your part you know so these um suggestions are steps given after prayer you know also when god gives an instruction it's up to you to obey if you do not obey it the consequences will be the consequences and you have yourself to blame you know that being said thank you and god bless you bless you bless you bless you bless you

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