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Scriptures Referenced In This Broadcast:

Proverbs 8:11-12 KJV 

For wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it. [12] I wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions. 

1 Corinthians 1:30 KJV

But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption:

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hello everybody you are listening to video creators guild i'm your host alfred the topic of today's broadcast is uploading raw videos for increased content you know when you study the bible you'll see it talks about god giving you ideas you know to create sweaty inventions you know god pouring his wisdom and his inspiration into you and giving you ideas and you know you should always be on dialect for it's you know in old times such things were called a muse you know and of course among the world because keep in mind that even before i gave your life to christ god talked to you for most of you you know and

like for example abraham before you know for god before he gave his he before he committed himself to god god had to talk to him and call him you know understand from whence you came you came from god all humans you know we were originally created by god you know we come from god everything in this world you know originates from god so understand that um in spite of the fact that if you haven't given your life to christ yet you are in darkness and you are preaching in darkness and technically you're a child of darkness therefore a child of you know the devil you are in that position where you are basically a child of the devil you know you have to understand that you are still someone who was created by god and god wants to have that relationship with you you know they are already angels planned and assigned to most people you know there are a lot of people when after you give your life to christ and you look back at your journey you will see different instances where god's hand actually works you know a lot of times people are attributed to crazy things you know just the same way it is with something like cancer you know people rather than people saying that because you know there is fit for different things and apparently the faith to be healed of cancer is very strong and that started with the church and fit and believing you know and as a result of that there are many people who get cancer you know that that recover from it but now instead of giving the credit to god a lot of people now say things like oh you beat cancer you fought cancer you beat cancer what does that mean how can you say that the person beats cancer you know like if it is by their own will and their own fight you know they want they are so determined to not give god credit and that is the word and that is how satan has led them but you see um for a lot of people it's the prayers of christians and of course i talked about faith being strong in certain areas people's faith are strong in that area they just like a lot of people um their faith is strong when it comes to receiving eternal life and they call or in believing that jesus christ has saved them and jesus christ have washed away their sins they strongly believe without a shadow of a doubt that they are there since i was doing but in spite of the fact that those same scriptures you know speak of prosperity and said that he became poor that you might become rich they don't believe in that one their faith is not strong in that direction you see but their faith is strong in the direction of them being having their sins whatever and then then being saved down yes they will go to heaven and yes they are sincere history but the fact that their faith is not strong in the area of um finances women they will walk in financial lack just like the world you know they will not move into their inheritance you know why they have moved into their inheritance in the area of salvation you know and freedom and you know having all their sins washed away so you have to um understand this um distinctions you know and it is very important for you to

know god is always there and god is you know has wanted to have that relationship with you you know when you have the holy spirit you are now in a position where you know it'll say don't do you not have that um liberty and african to have that communication and that kind of strong fellowship with the holy spirit and you know you talk to god you know good morning holy spirit you know talk to him like um you would and another um human being or individual around you but that being said you know god pouring ideas into you you know and of course you have to give these ideas out you know freely have received freely give now when it comes to um video creation of the ideas that god has given me up you know this is not something that is actually that new but you know it is not implemented you know is the concept of for increased content for having a lot of content just for blue draw videos you know in a sense this is kind of done by the people who you know have started the trend of staying in a car shooting videos i'm sure you've seen some of those videos by youtubers where they just sit in their car and do a video you know but those kinds of raw video you know without editing it's it's a good strategy for having a large volume of content because for example when you look at people like the kardashians the characters are basically popular for having edited videos of their daily lives made available to the public you know when you look at a lot of youtubers apparently we live in a world where a lot of people have nothing better to do but to sit down and watch videos so why don't you create videos and you know the same thing that will take you to live your life you could record some of the important aspects or basically um plan to like talk about differences you know a lot of people have different interesting conversations with people if you record those conversations and upload it a lot of people will benefit from it and the gospel will be preached if you are um talking about the gospel or if you are doing something that's faithful because for your speech figures figures because we wish it should be so that is one strategy you know just i'm forgetting about editing you just post the video like that you know you record the video and just post it but that is your strategy you know for whatever broadcast stream or style of um online video channel or vlog that you are doing so that is that that being said thank you for listening make sure you check out alfred those vip and subscribe now if you've not given a like to christ click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu when you do that they page your comment i have a process which i'll send out prayer and give your life to jesus christ thank you and god bless you

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