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Twist - Movie Reviews - by Alfred


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{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the movie twists now i just saw the trailer and it is quite interesting it's quite different and it's um is is good you know it's a movie that it seems like something i would actually want to watch you know which is difficult to see about a lot of modern day movies you know but i know i'm not going to go out of my way to watch the movie but if the movie you know stumbles um in my way i would like to see but understand that that is a rare compliment as bad as it may sound it may not sound like a compliment but it is a compliment you know the movie interestingly is described as a modern take on the classic tale of oliver twist interestingly i didn't get that idea from watching the trailer what i saw was basically a story about you know a kid a graffiti artist and it makes one thing so banksy bets this guy is very good and he goes to places where you know he he paints on building some places where nobody can actually get rich you know very few people can reach you know very few gravity as this can reach keep in mind that he's destroying property as well as in his mind beautifying the place but he's also destroying property and of course the police chasing him but you know he gets involved with people who actually like what he's doing what he does and apparently he at one point gets linked to um a guy who is into buying paintings um i don't know whether he owns a legal gallery gallery or an indiegogo gallery or his he owns um a big gallery but also does indica um since i i don't quite get it but since that they are bringing it's um they are saying it's a modern day tale of oliver twist to bring the original story of oliver twist into this picture then i'm going to guess that first of all twist is an often which is something you can't really see because he's not having a pity party he's you know taking advantage of his situation and doing what he loves to do you know but he's still a strict kid and interestingly they didn't choose an african-american for these parts but that is a good sign you know they don't um give in to the wokeness because especially since you are telling the modern detail of river trees in spite of the fact that it is urban you know it it then becomes you know um white you know black washing you know when you now change the wrist of the character you know you so we are having now an african um skinned you know oliver twist which is not um rights you know but that's um as much as that goes you know the entire concept is good it is nice it's very um auburn you know it is the kind of movie that a video game should actually come out of it you know there used to be a time that see thq i believe is the name of the company village company that used to contact movie companies and make games for them and that was the era of the ps2 you know i don't i don't really um keep up to date as much with that perhaps i'll look into that bit you know

this kind of thing should be done and that is just an idea but the idea of you know contacting companies or making video games for um based on the movies because that is already marketing and of course that's crossover you know that is a big market but i'm saying it's not for anyone to take it but you know it's something that i would need to move into but of course i would swish it and make it christian better i'll be making people off as they can't refuse and it's a way to actually um infiltrate and get the gospel out there on a large scale because the marketing for the movie is already done so in movie crossover it's kind of like making bags you know a merchandise of a music album of a movie you know which disney actually used they were actually the pioneers of using that to build an empire you know with mickey mouse mugs and you know mickey mouse paraphernalia which they just went crazy with mickey mouse umbrella all of that in the early days that was way before a lot of you listening were born way before your parents were probably even born you know or probably when your parents were really really young because those were the days of wow disney himself and that is actually how he got the funding for some of the movies that he was that he made like cinderella which um was a big stream and nobody had spent that type of money on a movie later on on an animation you know at that time you know people were not spending that kind of money on animation like while disney was spending when he was alive you know so but in any case the this is um a movie that is a thomas or bet it would have been much better if it was a christian movie naturally and you know they really took the only battery story in a way that you really can't tell that it's oliver twist which is a good thing you know but i guess there are some elements by the time one actually watches it you would see some similarities with the oliver street story how they really took it and you know created something different with that it goes without saying i wonder who owns the rights for the oliver twists you know i know that when it comes to agatha christie's stories you know her estate her descendants profits when people make new peru stories or you know parole video games and all of that her descendants make money i don't know if that same kind of arrangement is available for sherlock holmes and the south conundrum descendants but you know that is a good deal to make when you have a classic walk like that you know the rights of it when you own it you can pass it on to your descendants and as it becomes big they have a constant source of um or a stable source of income based on a classic work of um arts or literature you know i know ed brighton i don't know what her estate looks like you know and the rights of that because most people make the mistake of giving the rights to their publisher and of course it's just now that musicians are knowing the importance of owning their own masters you know and how important that is you know bets in any case this movie would have been better as a christian movie and if you would like to be a part of what we are doing to take over um the movie industry you know reach out to us you know and join the investors club thank you and god bless you remember the website is if you've not given a life to christ click the salvation prayer link in the main menu of alfredo vip and say the salvation prayer day you know to begin your journey with god more instructions are going to be made available to you thank you and god bless you


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