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hello everybody i'm alfred and you're listening to alfred's american movie reviews and for this episode i'd like to talk about the trailer for titans season three now you have to understand that titans the name itself lends itself to mick to greek mythology and you know a lot of the superhero uh movies they have a link backwards and forward into certain concepts that it is not in the best interest for christians for it to be pushed for example the link backwards is to link superheroes and their superpowers to the um myths of gods and you know goddesses that's where worships in times past especially by the greeks you know every society um previous lay you know especially before the um the boom of christianity you know when christianity was actually mixed with um the roman empire and then later on the british empire so two key empires you know favored christianity and that is what um helped actually make it as big as it became you know it wasn't um the true version of christianity in his prayer from that has to do with you know the word of god and what it spiritually is you know that's you know its influence is clearly um what wrote up the blueprint for the civilizations that lasted and that got us to where we are but you know most of these key organizations are shifting allegiances the roman catholic church you can see with the pope you know he's pushing for every leftist agenda you know you see him washing the feet of muslims and all those kinds of things he's pushing for a one world government you see the british empire first of all the empire has been dismantled but um its replacement is organizations like the un which is also based in you know that european aspect of the world and that is from where they govern the world so basically they just changed their name and changed who is doing the government but it's still the same um area that is doing all that governing you know so those folks also are for the one world government and they're also for you know them ruling and a one-way government will mean a one-world religion so you can see that shifting of allegiance which is um interesting but also you can see superheroes you know you can it can be linked to idols and goats of gold and looking for they can be linked to two different things there is the nephilim which is the product of angels fallen angels which is demons taking on um human form and reproducing with human women you know creating abominations and understand that the abominations that they create can also sleep with human women or even sleep with themselves and create a different um type of creature and a different species of abominations you know many of whom can't take human form or or already appear to be in human form you know which is a big problem because we now have we'll have people sleeping with such people and this is why um you must not be promiscuous and you must not be um somebody who has no control over your emotions and your desires yours your sexual desires and all that when you really study the book of proverbs it emphasizes a lot about you know um staying away from the house of the hell of the world the health and all of that you know understanding you know righteousness and and not being into adultery you know just now defined adultery as you know lost after a woman in your heart so if you look at the woman and you lost after in your heart you have committed to adultery and that also means that it is possible for you to live your life without being seduced without finding anybody sexually attractive you know because the sexual attraction is a choice there's a difference between funny thinking someone is beautiful you know in a holy you know in a pure manner you know you have no idea this person is beautiful but when it gets to you your mind is not taking it to a sexual place you know it's now getting sensual you know that is a choice and apparently with man it is impossible and just emphasize that but we got these things are possible you know a possible say that it is better for you to marry than to born but some people have the grace and you can ask for that grace to abide without burning and that means you're actually because of your prayers and your faith you know those desires are not there you know they are kept under wraps that ability is actually between you if you have the holy ghost because it is god you know who works in you but to win and to dwell his good pleasure you know but you have to believe and connect to it you know that is the law of believing and connecting you know the law of faith and connection so you have to believe and connect to it you know so um when believe and connect to that scripture you live your life that way especially now where we live in a world where most of the people who look female are not even female they were born me meal but thanks to numerous surgeries and hormonal drugs and supplements that they have taken they now look female so when you look at them and you are thinking ah this person is attractive in a sexual way you're actually looking at a man so that is there there is a problem you know so you have to understand the the importance of abiding by the word and being called sometimes god may not give you the full picture of why you have to obey this but when he gives you the instruction you know that is from him it's best for you to you know obey it so of course moving forward you know when it comes to titans and you know superheroes i've talked about the nephilim um which most of them would have somewhat superpowers because they are not pure human they have demons in the it's a product of demons and humans reproducing then there's the other side of um merging technology with humans you know so we are now it's now a creation of a cyborg type thing you know a a a trans human so to speak imagine of robot a man imagine of machine a man of course these things keep on going we are already in a stage where um we have cell phones that we cannot be apart from then it has moved to variables technology smart washes and smart you know that regulates our temperature blood pressure and all those kinds of things and then the next step is to actually put those machines within us and that is one of the key things that a 666 is you know it is going to the 666 is actually the mention of technology with the human is is a creation of a trans humor you know you are now linked to every other human on the planet you no longer need a computer and a laptop and all of that you know to be connected to the web you're now connected to if you are not connected directly to every other human being so it's a creation of a one you know um a universal oneness of humanity that is plainly satanic you know because that is not god's will for everybody to be of one mind that is not the mind of christ we are to be of woman which is the mind of christ you know based on free will not based on technology and you know not technology uniting all minds into the minds of the devil which is basically what um the 666

mark of the beast basically is you know so these are things you have to keep in mind and understand recreations right now we still have a lot of time to um make movies but the time is shot before um the rapture so we have to be on our best and move very fast and do all these things you know but since that's um we have not done for tens of years or since that would have taken 10 years or 20 years or a hundred days we need to do our best to pull it off in one year you know so that being said remember to check out alfred.vip and you know if you want to be a part of making movies you know we are looking forward to hearing from you thank you and god bless you